Dinosaur Tracks! Dinosaurs for Kids! Nerf Pretend Play Showdown When Baby T-Rex Steals LB’s Candy

Dinosaur Tracks! Dinosaurs for Kids! Nerf Pretend Play Showdown When Baby T-Rex Steals LB’s Candy

– Okay Bob. Halloween’s over, it’s
time to go back inside. Go back out to T.rex ranch now, okay. Let’s get you all sort in here – Oh hey Parker Jared, what are you doing? – Oh hey Park Ranger B! Oh yeah I was just picking up
all the Halloween decorations and ornaments. And putting Bob away not
that Halloween is now over. – Oh yeah! Halloween is over. Wait, speaking of Halloween have you seen my bucket with Halloween candy in it? – No, your candy bucket? – Yeah – The one with all you Halloween candy? – Yeah with all of my Halloween candy. – No I haven’t seen that anywhere. Did you lose it? – Yeah
– You lost it? – Yeah – Oh man that’s no good. Okay well, Hey wait a minute. So what’s up with the camera there, huh? – Oh yeah my camera here. So I am going to make a video
for the Junior park rangers. How to find dinosaurs tracks, and if they do find. What should they do. – Oh that’s a great idea, dude. Yeah like, you know when there is like new park rangers around or whatever, they need to know how to
be a park ranger, right. – Yeah
– Right Okay, that’s a great idea.
– Yup. – Do you need any help with that? – No thanks I’m good. – Okay well, you go make your video. I’ll get Bob taken care of over here. – Okay bye Park Ranger. – Okay Bob let’s go for it, huh. Let’s go put you back inside. – Okay Park Rangers, Step one
is find a dinosaurs track. So let’s look around for dinosaurs tracks. Maybe its under the tire here. (upbeat music) No, over here, no. (upbeat music) No. Got to keep looking. (upbeat music) Wait a minute, you have
to use a magnifying glass. So let me get out my magnifying glass. Opening it up. Like that (upbeat music) Okay, here it is my magnifying glass. This will definitely work. Okay look over here. No that’s not a dinosaur foot print. That is just some dirt. That’s gross. Okay, this is starting
to be strange I can’t find any today. Um there, no. Over there, no. Oh maybe over here. Aha, I found some. Right there, wow! I found some! Yoo-hoo! Wait a minute, now we have
to do Step two Identify. So at again we have to
pull up the back pack. Get out your Handy Dino
Track Pocket Guide. See Okay let’s open it up. Here let’s see what is it. Oh I think it might be T-Rexs. No way. Here let’s compare it. To see what it is. (upbeat music) It has to be a T-rex. But it can’t be because it’s foot print is too small. Clearly its a baby. Oh! I think we finally found it. K put that in there, wait a minute. (bouncy upbeat music) Oh yeah I almost forgot all
about Step Three Park rangers. You need the proper protection. If you are chasing a Dinosaur. Okay so, yup, close it up. Like that. Like that, put on your back pack. Grab your sleepy dart blaster and your, wait a minute only three things. Aha, there we go, put it in my arm pit. Man, hopefully I don’t shoot my sweat out. Wait a minute, oh, wow! Another dinosaur track. Ooh! Wow! Oh another one. Okay, Here comes another one. And another one? No. Not another one? (bouncy upbeat music) Where’s another one? Wait a minute, maybe
they went in the grass. That’s it, yeah, the grass. Let me stand up now. Okay T-rex, you think you’re
so smart running away. I’m going to get you. Cause Park Ranger B is
straight on your tail. So in the tree, no. Oh maybe in the dirt pit here, No. Hmm, man T-rex. Why did
you have to do this to me? No, maybe around here the tree (bouncy upbeat music) No, over here? No not up in the tree. (grunts) Aw it’s just a dead part of the tree. Bye, Bye. Maybe over there. No Oh wait a minute. There is foot print in the backyard. And the gates open too. That only means. Aha! Okay, there is a crack here. Okay. Okay T-rex. I am going to get you now. (gate creaks shut) (bouncy upbeat music) Oh. Wow, man there’s a mother load
of T-Rex’s foot prints here. Wow. Fresh too. I guess I won’t be needing this anymore. (magnifying glass cracks) Okay, that really worked. (bouncy upbeat music) Man, T-rex really did a number on this paper towel rack. Phew, that’s like the
cat except times ten. Wow! Wait a minute. Wait a minute. It leads that way. (upbeat music) Okay T-Rexs, I got you now. (spy melody) (grunts) (spy melody) Okay Park Rangers, this is
the most dangerous part. (sneaky spy melody) Okay, look out. Park Rangers I can just smell T-rexs. No! No! My pizza! Man three days in a row
now, I have to eat PB& J. Man, wow look at all these scratch marks. Wow, I can even stick
my fingers through them. Oh now my finger is stuck. Ah! Got it out. Okay. (sniffing sound) Hmm, I can smell T-rexs close by. (sneaky spy melody) Okay Park Ranger, this is
the most dangerous part. You go first, okay. (sneaky spy melody) K you go first, Park rangers. There’s T-Rex! And he is eating all of
my Halloween candies. Man, T-rex! Let me hide. Man, this isn’t right. I worked so hard for
that Halloween candies. (spooky music)
(kids talking) (spooky music) (grunting) Yee hoo! Hands so cold. (blowing on to hands) Trick or Treat! (spooky music) – Hi (Women Laughing) Hey I didn’t see you there. – Thank you! (spooky music) Wow, cool I got a bunch
of Kit-Kat, Snickers and a… wow! Ah, I thought that was a step there, so. Oh cool look at that. – Look at what? – [Park Ranger B] Laughing (spooky instrumental music) Wow cho-chaca! Wah! We are out of candy! I guess they didn’t want any more people. Well that’s that. Next house. (Spooky instrumental music) Ah ha! Free candy. (Spooky instrumental music) Aha. (Spooky instrumental music) At least its a bit warmer in this porch. – Yeah, but where is the candy? – I don’t know. (door cracks open) Trick or Treat! (dreaming instrument) Okay Park Rangers. I am done day dreaming now. That is what a naughty T-Rex looks like. – (growling) – Okay T-Rex, I think you have been eating enough junk food, now. First the pizza, now the candy. Anyways, I don’t even
eat that much in one day. You know, so you don’t
have to go home now T-Rex. You know that how you do it Park Rangers. Wait a minute, he is not going home. Okay I’ll make him go home. (fire toy gun shots) (slobbering sounds) Oh he is not going yet. Okay one last one. (fire toy gun shots) – (growling) – Yay! I got him! He is walking away. (stomping)
(dinosaur growling) (bouncy music) Woo-hoo! I think we did it Park Rangers, or I did it! Woo-hoo! Yeah! WOO-hoo! ♪ Happy dance Woo-hoo! ♪ Oh I better see if
there’s some candy left. Okay Park Rangers let’s see what’s left. (grunts) Anything… in here, in here? No. Oh looks like his third Tootsie roll. (loud growl) Sounds like the mommy. Wait
a minute it is the mommy! Oh no, I am going to
need backup for this one my Park Rangers. Okay Park Rangers, rule number one. Running and (mumbles) in a doubt, run! Aah. (loud thump sound) Ugh! Ouch! That hurt. (upbeat music) – [Park Ranger B] Hey Park Rangers If you like this video, please
subscribe to our channel and give us a big thumbs up. (upbeat music)

Randy Schultz

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