Dinosaur in the Dark with Dr Steve Brusatte | The University of Edinburgh

Dinosaur in the Dark with Dr Steve Brusatte | The University of Edinburgh

I’m Steve Brusatte and I’ve been asked
to play dinosaur in the dark I think it’s gonna be fun maybe a little bit
weird let’s see okay hmm alright the first thing I can say this is not
life-sized I can sense a long tail I can sense a pretty long neck kind of arched
upwards tiny little head four legs this thing would have walked on all fours and
it’s got a pretty big God I think it has to be what we call a sauropod dinosaur
like a brontosaurus or a Diplodocus or a Brachiosaurus one of those long necked
big bellied plant-eating dinosaurs okay ooh this is a different type i’m
grabbing on to something it’s like a fin seems to be like a sail like a salad a
sailboat or something and that seems to be along the back of the animal yep
there’s the tail that means that’s the neck that’s the head move tiny little
arms not walking on his arms at all but only walking on his hind legs so this
would have to be a meat-eating dinosaur and it must be one of these things that
we call a spinosaur these meat-eaters fish eaters actually that had these big
cells on their back maybe for display or maybe actually to help them swim a
little bit in the water when they were hunting fish so I’m gonna go with
Spinosaurus on this one ah okay I know what this is right away
because it stabbed me so this is a dinosaur that has a two rows of sharp
plates on its back and each one ends kind of at a point at the top so that
means it has to be a stegosaur so probably stegasaurus itself is you know
one of the most iconic dinosaurs I can tell that the the neck is not very long
the heads pretty small and the heads kind of pointed downwards so that’s a
Stegosaurus and if we go to the tail yeah there’s a bunch of spikes on the
towel so the plates on the back and then these sharp spikes on the tail
those are stegosaur things they’re probably gonna use these spikes on the
tail to defend itself from the the big scary meat-eaters that were always
trying to eat it for lunch oh my god I mean big hind legs small little little
smaller arms and actually decent-sized arms they couldn’t have walked on these
things 1 2 3 4 claws so ooh that’s not gonna be a t-rex here X only had two
claws on his hands it’s not gonna be an Allosaurus that only had three claws
quite a long tail though you know a head with some sharp teeth but feels like a
porcupine or something here so I sense we’re in the realm of movie magic maybe
here I might be wrong because I don’t know my monster movies as well as I
should but I think there’s something a little bit Godzilla Yee about this one
so I’m gonna go with guardzilla and i hope i hope this
doesn’t turn out to be an actual real dinosaur because that would also mean I
think my paleontology credentials need to be revoked well this was all a little bit of fun
I’m just glad I didn’t completely embarrass myself but it was fun but also
I think there’s an educational thing here you know so many classrooms have
toys like this and these are things that although they might look simple it look
even a little bit kitschy its toys and books and films and
television shows this is what gets so many kids into science and so I think we
need to encourage this and I think any classroom where there’s toys like this
where kids have a little bit of time to take these dinosaurs maybe even the
occasional mammal and I’ll forget about the mammal and have these things battle
each other and run around play with each other this is how most of us scientists
believe it or not got started thinking about the mystery of what these things
were like is real animals and envisioning the world hundreds of
millions of years ago when these fantastic beasts actually lived on this
very same planet that we live on now is that right is that Godzilla good nice

Randy Schultz

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2 thoughts on “Dinosaur in the Dark with Dr Steve Brusatte | The University of Edinburgh


    you know i want to become paleontologist like you someday you will be my inspiration thank you i want to know more fossils huh thank you for being there

  2. Chris Poh says:

    Reputation intact!! Fabulous video.

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