Dinosaur Fight Spinosaurus vs T-Rex Toy Dinosaur Video for Kids + Play-Doh Lava Volcanos

Dinosaur Fight Spinosaurus vs T-Rex Toy Dinosaur Video for Kids + Play-Doh Lava Volcanos

Hi Kids, Welcome to ToyPals.tv.
Today we a dinosaur fight with some a Play Doh volcano lava surprise at the end. In the red corner weighing in at 12 tons is
Spinosaurus. and in the blue corner weight 10 tons is Tyrannosaurus
Rex, T Rex. Ding Ding, Fight Spinosaurus goes for Trex’s arm and OOO
slams him down on the ground. Trex climbs up on a volcano and jumps on Spinosaurus..
O that had to hurt. Trex now has the upper hand and is biting
his neck. But Spinosaurus slips out and slams Trex again
and start stomping his head. Wait, Trex’s brother climbed up on the rock
and OH no! He slammed Spinosaurus! Now the Trex brothers and biting on Spino
together.. This isn’t fair! Look out, Velociraptor is fighting off the
Trexes, But Stegosaurus hits the velociraptor. It’s a free for all now with everyone fighting. Pandamonium has broken out here and this fight is totally out of hand. I don’t know if there is much we can do to get it back under control. But Spino and Trex are left squaring off again, continuing their fight. Spinosaurus with another takedown.. and Trex
turns to his tail and starts. And another body slam by Spinosaurus and this
match is over. 1-2-3 Spinosaurus wins!! Wow after that great dinosaur fight let’s
launch play-doh lava balls from this volcano at the dinosaurs. Well thanks for watching kids and remember
to like and subscribe to ToyPals.tv.

Randy Schultz

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22 thoughts on “Dinosaur Fight Spinosaurus vs T-Rex Toy Dinosaur Video for Kids + Play-Doh Lava Volcanos

  1. Rich Hardman says:

    Cool fight!!  I like the battle royal feel.

  2. Jurassiccraft101 says:


  3. muff2the2ndpower says:


  4. Hugo Santos says:

    T-rex is stronger than spinosaurs so t-rex wins

  5. Emilys_ Unoriginal says:


  6. Emilys_ Unoriginal says:


  7. Nick Menendez says:

    Love it lol

  8. Autobot Ratchet says:

    I got the same T Rex toy but my T Rex toys back is black

  9. ritesh macwan says:


  10. George Clayton says:

    olden time

  11. George Clayton says:

    I hate this cuz you made the ugly spino win boooooo 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 what a ripoff

  12. Hugo Santos says:

    What a lie

  13. Marient Molina says:

    HI! can you tell me where can I buy that kind of dinosaur? I mean those that look like gel? my son loves them! Thanks

  14. Mark Greenlief says:


  15. cyoung lee says:

    What's that toy called

  16. Primal Studio says:

    information time!!!!(this might be annoying) wtf stego lived in a different time period raptor was WAY SMALLER trex did hunt in packs spino is a lot more croc then dinosaur and stego wouldn't jump and attack it attacks for defence

  17. bi nq says:

    It's a BRUTALITY!

  18. giganotsaurus gaming tremain says:

    plzzz t rex plzzzzz t rex win

  19. Cheryl Ankrah-Newton says:


  20. Harrycraft03 says:

    U jerk it was not a great fight

  21. ItzMike says:

    I through up when I saw the inro

  22. Darrell Williams says:

    I have that Trex but it's red

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