Dinosaur DNA dilemma

Dinosaur DNA dilemma

In 1994 the prestigious journal Science shocked
the scientific world by publishing sequence data from DNA retrieved from dinosaur bone
said to be 80 million years old. DNA is a fragile molecule, and so it breaks
down quickly. Measurements of DNA stability suggest it could last thousands of years,
at best, under the likely conditions. But 80 million years was just too incredible
for other skeptical scientists. Eventually, these skeptics were vindicated—as it became
apparent that the original researchers had sequenced contaminating human DNA, not dinosaur
DNA. However, in 2012 a different group of researchers
published new results supporting the discovery of actual dinosaur DNA. These new results
appear much harder to disprove, with the researchers applying multiple checks against contamination
from non-dinosaur sources. The preservation of dinosaur DNA doesn’t
make sense from an evolutionary perspective. But it fits biblical history, whereby dinosaurs
lived thousands of years ago, not millions of years ago. To find out more from Creation
Ministries International visit our website creation.com

Randy Schultz

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