Dinosaur Chase with Park Rangers in Giant Box Fort Cardboard House

Dinosaur Chase with Park Rangers in Giant Box Fort Cardboard House

(intense music) (Park Ranger Aaron breathing heavily) – Oh, storm’s almost here! (Park Ranger Aaron breathing heavily) I hope Park Ranger LB
is up at the building! (Park Ranger LB making car noises) (intense music) I better call him. Oh, no. (toy car engine roaring) Come in, Park Ranger LB. – Yeah, go ahead Park Ranger Aaron. – Yeah, dude, are you
back at the new dino HQ to meet up like I asked? – No, not yet, I forgot! I was driving my new RC car
that I got for Christmas. I’ll be there in a minute. – Okay, well hurry up
with your RC car, man. I’ll meet you there in just a minute. We gotta get this food
distributed to the dinosaurs ’cause there’s a big winter storm coming! Come on, dude, let’s go! Ooh, it’s windy, it’s cold too! (intense music) – There we go. (Park Ranger Aaron breathing heavily) – Whew, it’s gettin’ windy! It’s gonna be snowing
any second here, I think. These dinosaurs are not
gonna be happy about this. Oh, so cold, ooh! It’s the new dino HQ! I think I see Park Ranger LB over there! (Park Ranger Aaron laughs) Hey, Park Ranger LB! Hey, you made it dude!
– Yeah! – Good timing, okay? There’s a big winter storm
coming, and there’s gonna be snow and wind and ice, and it’s gonna be terrible
for the dinosaurs! – Yeah.
– Okay, and we gotta get the food in this ice
chest out and distributed to the dinosaurs before it gets here so they don’t starve to death, okay? – Yeah.
– Okay. Wait a minute. The door’s open. Did you leave the door open, dude? – No! – How did it get open? – I don’t know! – Okay, it’s probably
okay though, let’s go in. Let’s check it out, okay? Be careful though. Slow and steady. I’ll check back here, okay? Dude, we need to close the door! – Come on. – You see anything? – No, not yet. – Well it’s hot in here, though. – Yeah.
– Well, I’ll tell you what, let’s take off some of
this winter gear, okay? – Yeah.
– Whew. Now, let’s check it out and see if we see anything in here, okay? – Okay. – What’s that, dude? – That’s my box fort I
built just the other day when I was playing! – Your box fort?
– Yeah! – Hey, that’s pretty cool. Wait a minute, the other day, did you leave the back door open, dude? – Nah. – Okay well that’s a pretty
cool lookin’ box fort, there, you know if– (creature chittering) It moved! – Yeah, I saw it too! (creature chittering) – What? Oh, it moved again! I think there’s something in there! I think there could be
a dinosaur in there. Okay, we’re gonna have to go in there and see if we can find it. We better gear up first. Let’s come over here and get some sleeper dart blasters, okay? – Okay, let’s go!
– Let’s go. Okay, check out this new
gear table I set up here at the new dino HQ! – Yeah! – Okay, why don’t you pick
yourself a sleeper dart blaster, oh, you’re gonna go for that one? – Yeah.
– Okay, I think I’m gonna take this one that you got for Christmas, okay? – Okay. – Let’s get that bad boy
all ready to go there. And let’s see, do we, nah we don’t need our boots. Wait a minute. One, two, three. Why are there three pairs of boots? – Well it’s for the new
Park Ranger I hired! – New Park Ranger?! – Yeah!
– What are you talkin’ about, man? (creature chittering) It moved again! – Yeah! – Okay, we gotta go
deal with this dinosaur, you can tell me about the
Park Ranger later, okay? – Yeah. – Quick, grab a headlight and let’s go find this dinosaur, okay? – Okay. This one I’m gonna… – Ow! (Park Ranger LB laughs) (mischievous music) (Park Ranger LB hums) (Park Ranger LB laughs) What’s taking you so long? – Okay, okay. Okay, you ready?
– Cool. Yeah! – Let’s go for it, you take
that end, I’ll take that end! – Yeah! (creature chittering) – Okay, Park Ranger
LB, you go in that end, I’ll go in this end, we’ll
catch it in the middle, okay? – Okay.
– Here we go. It’s tight in here, whew! Okay– – [Park Ranger LB] Hey,
there it is, right there! What?
Oh man! Don’t blast me with one of
your sleepy dart blasters, it was me okay? – [Park Ranger LB] I’m sorry! – Okay, you come this way, and I will come up and meet you and we’ll catch it in the middle, okay? – [Park Ranger LB] Okay.
– Okay. Now I know what a tv dinner feels like. (Park Ranger LB groans) (Park Ranger LB sighs) (loud clicking noise) (Park Ranger LB sighs) Whew, uh oh, lost my light there. Okay, here we go. Okay, we’re gonna catch
it in the middle, okay? (Park Ranger LB grunting) I don’t see it down there. (Park Ranger Aaron laughs) We’re gonna get this thing, I’m getting my second wind now. – Is it– – Not that way. Must be this way. Okay, this is it, I know it’s out here. (Park Ranger Aaron laughs) – [Park Ranger LB] Hey, it’s right there! (Park Ranger LB shoots blaster) – Oh, man! Park Ranger LB, you shot me in
the leg with a sleeper dart. Okay, we must have passed
it somewhere inside. Why don’t you go back in that end and I’ll go back in that end, okay? – Okay.
– Okay. Or we can swap, you can go in that end, and I’ll go in this end. – Okay.
– Okay. (Park Ranger LB laughs) It’s not funny, man! (Park Ranger LB grunting) It’s gotta be this way. We must’ve passed it earlier. Okay, Park Ranger LB, can you see it? (creature chittering) What was that?! – [Park
Ranger LB] On the roof! – The roof’s moving! Okay, well no wonder we can’t
find it in here, it’s outside! – Yeah! – Okay, we gotta go out there and get it. You go down this tunnel
here in the middle, and I’ll follow you and
we’ll catch it outside, okay? – Okay! (intense music) (Park Ranger LB grunts) – Hey man, let me out. Where is it? You see it? – No. (creature chittering) – There it is! – Yeah! It’s a baby raptor! – Yeah, you’re right it is a baby raptor! Okay we gotta find some way to catch it and give it back to its mommy, okay? – Okay. – What can we use? That bucket right there!
– Yeah! – You see that blankie that’s there? – Yeah.
– Okay, we’ll grab that blanket, I’ll run over and grab it, and then I’ll go cover up
the little baby raptor, and then we’ll catch it
and we’ll put it outside! – Yeah, and I’ll guard you. – Okay, you’re gonna guard me, you’re gonna keep me backed up, right? – Okay.
– Okay, on the count of three we’re going over there, okay? Okay, one… Wait, do we go on three? – Yeah.
– Okay. One, two, three! Oh, I got it! – Hey, you got it! – Oh, yeah.
– Yeah! – Yeah it’s fighting me a little bit. – Yeah, you got it! – Okay, whew. Yeah it is a little baby raptor, huh? (Park Ranger Aaron laughs) Check that out, man! – Wow. – Ooh, I don’t know if I’d be putting– (baby raptor growls) (Park Ranger LB screams) Oh, wow. Oh, wow, okay, that’s a
feisty little sucker, huh? Okay, all right so we gotta
figure out what to do with it. Okay, I bet its mommy’s
gotta be nearby, right? – Yeah. – So how about we go put it outside? I’ll go put it in that bucket, okay? Why don’t you go look out the window and see if the mommy raptor’s outside. – Okay, I’ll take your
other Nerf gun just in case. – We don’t know, the raptor’s not nearby so we’ll put it outside so the
mommy doesn’t get mad at us for having its little baby, okay? Okay, I’m gonna go put it in the bucket. – Okay.
– Okay, all right okay. You ready raptor? Okay, let’s go! – Go. (baby raptor chittering and growling) (Park Ranger Aaron laughs) (intense music) (raptor roars) The raptor! (raptor roars) The door, it’s still open! (raptor roars) I gotta go. (raptor growls) Come over here Park Ranger Aaron! I need your help, the
raptor’s trying to get in! – [Park Ranger LB] Come over
here, Park Ranger Aaron! – It’s the mommy raptor! I’m coming, Park Ranger LB! (raptor growls) (Park Ranger Aaron grunts) Oh, lock the door! Whew! I think that raptor’s mad, huh? – Yeah.
– Wow, okay. Obviously that’s the mommy raptor, right? Okay, she’s here looking
for that baby over there. So we gotta figure out a
plan for how to get the baby back to the raptor, and get outta here without getting eaten! – Yeah! – Ow, man, you landed on my foot there. Okay, what are we gonna do?! – I got an idea!
– What? – Maybe, we can take the baby raptor and put him out that door over there, – Okay. – And then run over here,
and make a run for the truck! – Okay, that sounds like a plan. I’ll take the baby, and I’ll go put it on
the back porch, okay? – Okay, I’ll go over there and warn you when the mommy’s coming. – Okay, sounds like a plan. Go for it! Shh. (baby raptor growls and chitters) Okay, looks like the coast is clear. Right here. (raptor hisses) – Park Ranger Aaron, hurry up! She’s coming towards you! – Oh, storm’s almost here! (door slams) Gettin’ outta here! Okay, is she gone?
– Yeah. – Okay, you ready to get our
jackets and get outta here? – Yeah, but what about the
food for the dinosaurs? – Oh man, after this,
dinosaurs can figure it out on their own, okay?
– Yeah. – Let’s get in our jackets and go, man! I think she’s gone.
– Yeah. – Okay, let’s go for it. – Do you have your keys? – Yeah, let me check here. Ooh, it’s starting to snow! – Yeah! – This is gonna be a
doozy of a storm, man. I’m sure the dinosaurs
will be fine though. – Yeah. – Let’s go, shh. (raptor growling) – What was that?! – It’s the dinosaur! She’s coming! Run! – Open up the truck! – [Park Ranger Aaron] There! – Hurry! – [Park Ranger Aaron]
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