Dino Squad | Official Stikbot Movie

Dino Squad | Official Stikbot Movie

Look at that another dinosaur in the backyard Seriously?! That’s the third one this week, I’ll call the Dino-Squad. Woah Buster! You ready for your first catch, little bro? *Umph* I was… born ready. I’ll take the lead, you flank the right side. Cool Dilophosaurus. I remember that one from Jurassic Park. Don’t let the movie fool you. It doesn’t spit poison. Sis, I’d love to sit here and chat all day. We gotta take care of this thing. Cole, when I tell you, hit it with a dart. Okay FIRE! Dinosaur? more like sore dino. You really need to come to come up with some new lines. Hey Cole don’t take it too hard. We all mess up on our first catch. Yeah, I guess Alright, Cole. With the release, you gotta move quick, because he’s only going to be a sleep for another 15 minutes or so. You don’t want any part of what’s on the other side of this chute. The jungle of the dead? That’s right. Take this Dino here and multiply it by a thousand. In there, we’re talking teams… Packs! Mega Dinos! No one’s ever made it out alive hence the name. The Jungle of the dead. Woah. If only it were called the Jungle of the bread… cause I am hungry. Am I right? For me the most important part of the catch is the barbecue afterwards. Heads up! That’s weird. Aww, man. What’s that smell? Oh, I am so glad you’re here! Hey Mayor Gerard, Dr. Demelo. What’s with the masks? You don’t know yet? No A fart cloud is threatening our island! Uh… a fart cloud? A fart cloud! *mumbled laughter* This is no laughing matter *fart sounds* This is very serious. *fart sounds continue* It’s a virus that causes constant uncontrollable farting and it’s infecting the whole island. We need your help. The only known cure comes from the petals of the purple stank-a-Whoo! -Whoo! flower. I’m sorry. What’s that? The purple stank-a-Woo!-Woo! flower. It’s only found on the northern tip of the island. Through the Jungle of the Dead? That’s an impossible task. But you’re the only ones on the island that can handle dinosaurs. If we don’t get that plant. The cloud will completely overtake the sun our island days are numbered. We better leave soon. Oh, I am so relieved. Here is what the purple stank-a-Woo!-Woo! flower looks like. It’s roots are bright purple, you can’t miss it. Let’s load up. Best of luck! You think we have a shot? We? You’re staying back here with Buster. What? That’s crazy. I can help you. Not up for discussion. So lame. If we’re not back in two days go to the Chapmans house next door. Hey… close up the tailgate, would ya? Hm.. Come on, Buster. Here goes nothing. Ladies first. Um…no. Fine. I’ll go down the slide first. I wanted to anyway. THIS IS SWEET! WOAHHHHH!!! Tia with some real distance on that one. You’re the worst. Stegosaurus? That’s right. See, I learned something in school. Can’t really turn back now, man it’s hard to see how long it is. *screams* Ow! I missed you, too. We must have been separated a whole five seconds. Run! And then I think if we head over th- *distant Cole screaming* That sounds like… COLE! Parasaurolophus, I’ll take the right. That’s a new one. What do we do now? This way! *Vicious growls* Luckily Buster and I spotted those two dinos first or they would have ambushed you guys for sure. You’ve got to be the most delusional little brother in the world. Hm.. Where do you think he get that from? Oh, I’ve been wanting to tell you guys something, but I was worried to say it. What? well….. *squeaky fart* Wait, have you been hiding the virus from us? Gotcha! Ugh. Hehehe. Coast is clear. The bridge shouldn’t be too far away. This was part of your plan? Brilliant. The old tribes people built this, I’m sure it’s rock solid. Or not. *loud growl in the distance* I’m sure it’s fine. Yep! Works for me. Definitely pterodactyls. Just focus on crossing the bridge. Oh sure. Just focus on the bridge. Yeah, no problem. AHH Just keep moving. Woah! Cole! Come on! I’m trying Cole! Push his head up! *snores* Sometimes you just gotta wing it. Get it? Pterodactyl? Wing it? It’s a brontosaurus it doesn’t eat meat. I’ve never seen one up close Uh oh. Quick Sand! Grab on! I can’t reach it! I got an idea. Hey! Over here, grab the tail. HEY! Good thinking Cole. I have my moments. According to the map, the purple stank-a-Whoo!-Whoo! flower should be right in front of us. Wait what’s it called? I’m not saying it again. Jackpot! The cloud is growing, we better get back quickly. Velociraptors? Seriously? I think it’s best if we split up I’ll get them to follow me. No argument here. That’s ice cold bro. Heyyyy. Great out of darts. Yep, that’s another clean getaway for Joe.. Ugh, can’t you guys be stupid for once. Look you don’t want me I haven’t bathed in days. Hey fellas. I hate to interrupt this precious moment of yours, but we’ve got to go! Totally could have handled that. Is that what I think it is? MEGA DINO! RUN! Split up! I hope it works out better this time. SLIDE! We gotta find a way to up the chute. Too easy. You’ve had a grappling hook, this WHOLE TIME? MOVE IT! Hm.. I guess they can be stupid after all. Hurry! We don’t have much time. Doctor we’ve got the plant. Excellent. *farts loudly* We’ll try it out on me. *crunching* *farts continues* *mumbled laughter* *few squeaky farts* It’s a success we’ll cut the rest of this up and administer to the town at once. I knew we could do it. Oh right. Is it ready yet? ALMOST! Is what ready? THIS! Is that for me? Sure is. Awesome! Welcome to the team. I can’t wait to try it on. Dino-Squad it’s me Gerard! We have a Raptor loose at City Hall we need your help immediately. To the truck!

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “Dino Squad | Official Stikbot Movie

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    Awesome!!!! Liked all of the characters….?

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    Is it about people hunting dinos?

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    Make a Dino planet crossover

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    Cool movie ????????️

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    Great vid

  6. Bernie Ryder says:

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    Parasaurolophuses are not that aggressive,they're herbivores

  21. Mattias Balce says:

    One like for the dog⬇

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    Was this a replay of Jurassic park but a bit less action but funny?

  23. Mattias Balce says:

    Oh yeah

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    I liked how normally peaceful parasaurolophus are attacking them

  25. Puppypoof6 And Shadecutiepie101 says:

    Great job!

  26. DiamondGhost123 says:

    Herbivores don’t attack humans, Unless they are Armored.

  27. Theo Butler says:

    Erick. Hahaha

  28. Slithering Studios says:

    This is amazing just plain out amazing you guys are the ultimate best!!!!!!!!!

  29. selena caraballo says:

    I don't like how the name was copied from a old beloved kid show.

  30. Fredy Rodriguez says:

    Stickbot Central
    Some of the dinosaurs Flee instead of attack

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    I loved it! So smooth.

    And also I like it because it is hard to take a giant fart cloud seriously. ?

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