Dino Battle Showdown! Learn Dinosaur Names for Kids! Fun Toy Video!

Dino Battle Showdown! Learn Dinosaur Names for Kids! Fun Toy Video!

Today on Racetoytime we bring you total dinosaur
destruction! Get ready to see dinosaurs, giant apes, anacondas,
huge spiders battle all the way to the end to see who’s the best of the best in this
total dinosaur meltdown. Welcome to Racetoytime! Welcome to Racetoytime everybody! Contestants are now approaching the arena
and getting ready for the first fight. In each bout the winner will advance to the
next round until there is only one winner left Blue triceratops. Tyrannosaurus Rex. Fight! Tyrannosaurus Rex. Giant velociraptor. Fight! (dinosaurs roaring) Giant Velociraptor Mega-Rex. Fight! (dinosaurs roaring) Mega-Rex Triceratops II Fight! Triceratops II. Giant Ape. Fight! (dinosaurs roaring) Triceratops II. Spinosaurus. Fight! stegosaurus. styracosaurus. “son-of-triceratops”. Spinosaurus. Fight! (dinosaurs roaring) Woolly Mammoth. Giant crocodile. Giant Spider Mega Anaconda Giant Centipede Fight! (dinosaurs roaring) (merry music playing) Mega spinosaurus. Fight! (dinosaurs roaring) Mega Spinosaurus KING KONG! Fight! WINNER!! Alright everybody thanks for watching our
show today. Be sure to subscribe, like and share our videos,
and if you’d like to watch some more videos, click on any of these right here or go to
Racetoytime on Youtube.com. Thank you and thanks for watching. Bye bye!

Randy Schultz

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