Nomads plunging into the vast abyss Unattached, fleeting through the chasm Naked in pure darkness
Embracing the new dawn We are gods here for the taking Yield to the dragon’s embrace We are wolves and snakes Yield to the dragon’s embrace As pawns in this secret game No one knows nothing (nothing) Yet, in the realm of sacred play Everyone knows everything A winged and secret flame Leaving this paradigm A dimension we are set to flee A winged and secret flame Leaving this paradigm A dimension we are set to flee We are gods in the making We are here for the taking Yield to the dragon’s embrace We are of transcendence We are wolves and snakes A winged and secret flame Leaving this paradigm A dimension we are set to flee The arrival is in the departure (departure!) We are sculpted into life By the hands of death We are gods here for the taking We are wolves and snakes Yield to the dragon’s embrace

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “DIMMU BORGIR – Council Of Wolves And Snakes (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

  1. Lexweights says:

    This song sounds ways better with 10 more BPM

  2. Antti Silvast says:

    Best song of the new album! Great Atmosphere..

  3. humam148 says:

    the best song of the album, dark and pure <3

  4. sandesh honde says:

    4:01 melody button

  5. Edouard LEENAERT says:

    "TOP" SONG !

  6. 3dstream says:

    i would have loved if the chorus part was sung by ICS Vortex

  7. w13d0w says:

    Shagrath is still the best voice in black metal. I just hope they dial back on the melodic a bit for the next album and bring back more blast beat heavy stuff. Saw them perform live in munich last friday and it was awesome

  8. mojtaba cleaver says:


  9. Bruce Swain says:

    e non na hurry – lol

  10. Luis-Alberto Gáldamez says:


  11. Alexander Bjerkvik says:

    Why are Dimmu music videos either awesome or amateurish?

  12. Bluestyle GD says:


  13. queen of the sky says:

    أدمنت هذي الاغنيه 😍❤❤❤

  14. bonehead 13 says:

    not really sure if i like the new album but this song is good

  15. Перезагрузка Тела says:

    Как сделать посветлей???

  16. Carlos Gsa says:

    Thank you guys, you were meant to be here in this time on earth, the light that shines forevermore. Love you

  17. 2 07 says:

    is that a comedy movie or something like?

  18. Urgaal Xai says:

    greatly approved ,appreciated and supported with blood and soul

  19. VeliusSuilev says:

    RIP old Dimmu. Yet further proof that Mustis was the main driver of the melodies we knew and loved. The main riff here is a simplistic tremolo picking/arpeggio that a beginner could have made up through trial and error – i.e., without any musical training. It's clear Silenoz/Shagrath/Galder are not good composers. And relying on a symphony orchestra creates a dichotomy that doesn't match the genre. Mustis knew how to integrate thematic symphonic elements properly into this kind of music. The disconnect isn't so bad on this track, but elsewhere on the album (Interdimensional Summit, say) it's glaringly obvious. Please Dimmu. Stop using an orchestra, get a keyboardist with a background in black metal worth their salt who knows composition and is classically trained. And this isn't even talking about the loss of Vortex. His clean vocals just can't be replaced. Getting rid of those two was a steep cost to pay for Shagrath's ego and unwillingness to give Mustis even the bare minimum credit for composing the bulk of songs during his time with them. It's a shame, really.

  20. b3hzad Persian says:

    Just one word … Fantstic

  21. Seliet says:

    Thought I was about to fight Bowser when this started.

  22. aKa SoaP says:

    Epic Band. Epic Song!!!

  23. YouTube Person says:

    0:00–5:21 is the best part…

    of life

  24. LSFAZ19 89 says:

    We are God’s here for the taking

  25. Benjamin Wylie says:

    best metal song ive heard in ages

  26. Bruce Swain says:

    Great friggin song

  27. Tyhjät Patterit says:

    Work of Art

  28. Safwan Badiuzaman says:


  29. Privilegius says:

    Dimmu Borgir are back with new way of BM m/

  30. Marius Scheijgrond says:

    Wat is .this.song. about? Seems very illuminatie musicindustry. like

  31. Marius Scheijgrond says:

    Its an awesome song.very cool guitarrifs

  32. Jack Wareing Films says:

    Very cool video! DIMMU BORGIR is amazing! Even from all the way back from 'For All Tid' to 'Abrahadabra' to 'Eonian' they have always continued to progress in their music, but at the same time always maintaining their original unique dark symphonic black metal style.

  33. Shane Scalise says:

    So what exactly makes a band Black Metal? Every genre has a characteristic that defines it, but I see the Black Metal label thrown on a lot of stuff. Is it more about the lyrical content? Or is it the dissonance and the atmosphere created with the instrumentals?

  34. Will Killit says:

    The thing about Satanic Black Metal, is you Learn Secrets about The Lord Almighty God's, enemies…

  35. ravenwda007 says:

    Wintersun – Eternal Darkness

    Is still the best atmospheric symphonic black metal I’ve heard.

    I like this one too. Such a brilliant experiment with a dark, calm, and soothing middle part.

  36. Clinton Miller says:

    New music

  37. Clinton Miller says:

    Real music right here

  38. Jedne słowo Kocham says:

    Poczciwie ❤️ ale czemu tak mało wyświetleń

  39. Luis dias says:

    Spectacular music and great video clip band DIMMU BORGIR!

  40. Roselee Lauper says:


  41. Luzbellangeles Ángeles says:


  42. Bos says:

    Love this♥♥♥

  43. Ela Thagano says:

    Favourite Symphonic Black Metal Band!🤘🏻🖤

  44. Travis A Brummett says:

    At 2:30 you hear gods voice say "yeah baby".

  45. janiana lazaro says:

    🧙‍♀️perfect band 🙃🤘

  46. Jonathan Cain says:

    Love the track

  47. Renato Moreira LAB says:

    This is so damn good i cant stop !!!!

  48. Mountains Man says:

    Shaman Metal

  49. CluelessGmer says:

    ….as an old dimmu fan, this is just sad.

  50. Boris Konstantinov says:

    thumb up for norwegian sites and chorus

  51. Damon Jurgens says:


  52. Darkwing Duck says:

    Its Kind of psychedelic

  53. Виталий Дорошенко says:

    Блять,какие же они охуенные!

  54. Littie Comittie says:

    4:42 the porkchop THE PORKCHOP

  55. raihanita madira says:

    Currently in love. 🙂

  56. Baghonksuck says:

    I love u vortex

  57. RED TERROR says:

    Belenos – Lidkherz 🙂

  58. Felipe Feitoza says:

    This sound likes Sepultura

  59. Lorewalker Theo says:

    Goddamn this is so good!

  60. Cleiton Santana says:

    Simplesmente magnífico esse álbum em especial essa música, sensacional.

  61. Chris Campbell says:

    Is it just me are does the beginning sound like that ghost song circie a little haha

  62. Zser says:

    One year ago

  63. Gerardo Nieves says:

    Dimmu Going kaiowas on your ass!

  64. Ak Raziel says:

    Эм, котаны, вам было бы интересно увидеть в субтитрах Русский Перевод этой композиции? Ибо я готов…

  65. Tomasz Błaszkiewicz says:

    jakie to jest kurwa zajebiste.

  66. FhrerabedialaH 666 says:

    Dimmu Borgir sempre com trechos mais cadenciados que mais parece música de Natal !!!

  67. thegreathmisanthropist says:

    Love this song and the music video is 10/10

  68. J H says:

    [email protected]! They have mastered their craft.

  69. kerry quinn says:

    gnosticism is alive, if you wish to know more, please look up gnostics, & the nag hammadi, real shit

  70. Federico Mangalavite says:

    What a band and track,

  71. Daniel Silva says:

    I really miss Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia's atmosphere.

  72. Agnostic Nullifidian says:

    the guitar effect at the start reminds me of the same special effect that used on the death or was it the level music used in N64 Mario Brothers

  73. amir rajabi says:


  74. Gabriel de Pinho says:

    2:15 to 2:47 : the only good part of this album

  75. Gurriato says:

    Is this one of those relaxing asmr videos I've heard about?

  76. ArwenStarsong says:


  77. KimKimKaroo says:

    Black Gold 🖤

  78. Константин Ващенко says:


  79. Denner Nogueira says:


  80. Edison Anangono says:

    esta musica no escuchado a los tiempos pero esta muy buena

  81. B. Joe Durst says:

    Remember when Dimmu Borgir used to be good? Pepperidge Farm remembers.

  82. Thiago Barbasa da silva says:


  83. Jarred Gainer says:

    "The arrival is in the pork chop… THE PORK CHOP!" … I love these guys but that's what I hear…4:38

  84. Darian Harabula says:

    Rockstadt 2019??

  85. mr666axl999 says:


  86. Liza Hall says:

    Just gotta ask, is the thumb nail of Shagrath showing him with a broken Illuminati triangle? Lol

  87. Luzbellangeles Ángeles says:


  88. ioNiZ says:

    Крутой трэк, не реально крутой клип с стилизацией. Нет смысла описывать великолепие этой группы, радующая столько лет меня лично и других фанов, хочется от них творчества. Думаю с деньгами нет проблем и теперь вы можете радовать нас своим творчеством чаще. Возможно они не утратят желание играть и создавать шедевры. Вы уже вместе с богами! Так пусть эта мысль даст вам силы создавать и жить долго, а боги будут на вашей стороне и защитят ваших детей, возможно они будут идти по вашим стопам! В добрый путь!

  89. paperclip says:

    great song! Im old school dimmu borgir but some of the newer stuff is very good

  90. Harold Stiles says:


  91. Franklin Nicolás Zambrano Rojas says:

    brutal… excelente video y sonido

  92. Alex Andru says:

    Is it wrong that I actually like this New Dimmu song?!?! Seriously, it's amazing!!!! I love this !!!!! m/ From Stormblast , Enthrone Darkness, Death Cult Armageddon….. to this… the transition is not bad at all!!!!! I love this dark atmosphere and they have grown! Maybe not the black metal some people want to hear but Dimmu Borgir has always been more than just a simple black metal band!

  93. Igor Stajnko says:

    D.M. DO KONCA.

  94. Jaron Talotta says:

    Omgf, trying to be so edgy and dark, what a bunch of art school drop out emo wannabes….

    Jk. I worship at the alter of these Gods.

  95. Brainy McBoltzmannface says:

    this is Slayer's South of Heaven!!! are you fucking kidding me??

  96. Dimmu Borgir UC U C says:

    My band is very awesome !!!!!!

  97. the Child says:

    Bathory style

  98. wesley says:

    Pop metal

  99. Yolanda Obregon says:

    Does anyone know what is going on with this song in the album? Everytime I try to listen to it it skips to the next song.

  100. pien snijders says:

    i like it,a lot.and i know dimmu a long time.so quit bitching about it and enjoy!

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