Did Dinosaurs Ever Live Alongside Humans?

Did Dinosaurs Ever Live Alongside Humans?

Stated Clearly presents: Did Dinosaurs Ever Live Alongside Humans? Before digging in it’s probably worth noting that for the same reason scientists consider humans to be mammals, they also consider birds to be dinosaurs. Birds are currently placed within the dinosaur clade. With this in mind, the answer to our question is: Yes Just look around outside and you’ll probably spot a dinosaur in less than a minute. That said, here we want to know about the big ones. Dinosaurs like T. rex Triceratops and Stegosaurus. We even want to know about some of their non-dinosaur comrades, creatures like pterosaurs and plesiosaurs. In the 1933 Film King Kong, an island is found, filled with dinosaurs and other magnificent beasts. The movie, of course, was just fiction but today there are enthusiasts who claim that dinosaurs are either still alive in remote regions of the world, or that they recently went extinct and that ancient people once lived alongside them. Could this really be? Well, according to what we know about biology and evolution it is technically possible. Coelacanths and crocodiles for example have been around since the time of the dinosaurs and modern forms do still exist. Coelacanths were even thought to have died out with the dinosaurs until a living population was recently found. Even though it may be possible, as of now there is no solid scientific evidence that dinosaurs ever lived at the same time as humans. Science can be described as the collection and documentation of observable facts, and an ongoing discussion about how those facts can be best linked together into explanations. This means that if you want to make a scientific claim, first you need evidence! What kind of evidence would qualify? Well… Photos and eyewitness accounts might help get individual researchers interested, but these things are not convincing to the scientific community at large. Photographs are just too easily faked and eyewitness accounts are often well-meaning but inaccurate. If you really want to be convincing, what you would want to find are things like human and dinosaur bones fossilized in the same rock layer, better yet a fresh dinosaur carcass (though please don’t kill a dinosaur if you ever find one, they’re very rare) best of all, capturing a live specimen! Unfortunately so far, all claims of human and dinosaur fossils alongside each other have either proven to be hoaxes or misinterpretations. The same is true of rotting corpses thought to belong to dinosaurs or plesiosaurs (the one on the left here is actually a beach killer whale, on the right here is a basking shark with it gills and jaw rotted away) the same is true of ancient human artwork claimed to be depictions of dinosaurs. So far as we know, with the exception of birds, the only place to find a dinosaur is in the fossil record. So what does the fossil record tell us? As volcanoes form mountains the erode into dust ,and as ecosystems grow and then die, layers of sediment slowly build up on the face of the earth eventually becoming sedimentary rock. As a result of this normally slow sediment build-up, different sets of rock layers represent different time periods in Earth’s history. The further down you go the further back in history you travel. Plants and animals that died and were buried in these sediments are sometimes preserved as fossils. Using multiple lines of evidence: chemical composition, radiometric dating, the orientation of magnetic particles, and the presence of certain well study fossils, scientists have been able to create geological maps showing which layers of rock in one region or continent correlate with specific layers of rock in other regions or continents. These maps now allow us to look at fossils all around the globe and study the history of life in chronological order. In these studies dinosaurs appeared to have evolved from an early group of reptiles called archosaurs. This happened during an antient time period known as the Triassic. Moving up through the layers, dinosaurs evolved into many forms during the Jurassic, and dominated the earth until the end of a period called the Cretaceous. Many species of primitive mammals also evolved alongside dinosaurs at this time but no apes and not a single human fossil has ever been confirmed in rock layers nearly as old as the Cretaceous. Throughout the history of life, five major extinction events can be clearly seen in the fossil record. These are time periods were almost all life-forms abruptly disappear, leaving only a few surviving groups to evolve and repopulate the planet. One such event is found at the end of the Cretaceous and marks the demise of all non-bird dinosaurs. Changing sea levels and intense volcanic activity seem to have weakened dinosaur populations leading up to the extinction, and then catastrophe! At the top of the Cretaceous is a distinct line known as the K-Pg boundary. Chemical analysis suggests that one or more massive space rocks struck the earth at this time, producing a global dust cloud that devastated life on our planet! Recently, the discovery of a 110 mile wide crater, now buried under sediments in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, confirmed this idea, and tells us that the comet or asteroid could have been over six miles in diameter! While a few dinosaur populations may have survived a short while after, it was only groups of smaller animals that managed to hang on long enough to repopulate the Earth. Among the mammals that survived one group eventually gave rise to apes, and finally, in the set of rock layers known as a Pleistocene, fossils representing modern humans can be found! So to sum things up, did dinosaurs ever live alongside humans? While it is hypothetically possible, all verifiable evidence that we know of, tells us that the answer is no. With the exception of birds, dinosaurs died out in a catastrophe near the end of the Cretaceous. According to radiometric dating, the time gap between the extinction of the dinosaurs and the evolution of modern humans is nearly 66 million years. I’m Jon Perry and that’s what we currently know about the extinction of the dinosaurs Stated Clearly. This animation was partly based on two of Dr. Darren Naish’s books: ‘Dinosaurs How they lived and evolved’, and ‘Hunting Monsters’ both of which I highly recommend. If you’d like to see more about the claims of humans living alongside dinosaurs, check out our video on the discovery of soft tissue found inside dinosaur bones. I also recommend the work of fellow youtuber Trey The Explainer: Hello there guys, Trey the Explainer here, on my channel you can learn about the many corpses people have mistaken for dinosaurs, plesiosaurs, and other monsters; impressions once claimed to be human footprints among Dino tracks; a proposed Stegosaurus carving in an ancient Cambodian temple; and other fascinating claims! This animation was paid for by our viewers. If you’d like to see more consider supporting us at patreon.com/statedclearly so long for now, stay curious!

Randy Schultz

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  1. Stated Clearly says:

    Many are asking about carbon dating on a triceratops that put its bones at just 30,000 years old. Here's a video I made for ya on the topic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eNY8xC3raDY

  2. Martin Price says:

    For carbon dating to be accurate. How are we sure the process of carbonation has always remained consistent?

  3. OtherWorlds AllWorlds says:

    The answer is yes. Humans have always lived alongside dinosaurs, and still do to this day.

  4. Aayush Patel says:


  5. Aayush Patel says:

    Birds are dinosaurs, and they are living with us right now!

  6. Jason Clark says:

    I love science

  7. manusiabumi says:

    answer: yes
    proof: birds

  8. NVS Beatbox says:

    Yep, for that dinosaur pictures and figures and carvings are found in Africa and south america.

  9. NVS Beatbox says:

    2:53 how these south american carvings and paintings can be misinterpreted?!

  10. Jamie J says:

    Why the Victorinox?

  11. Charlie Shaw says:

    No. They did not.

  12. Trevor H says:

    Clearly you've never read Pliny the Elder's "Naturalis Historia." Or The Writings of Josephus.

    By the Way, I contest your "Geological Science" And present to you an "Electric Universe."

  13. dragongirl7978 says:

    I still kind of wonder about plesiosaurs and the like, though… I mean, while the land on earth has been pretty thoroughly explored, oceans are so enormous, and house a number of other living fossils, I'm guessing because ocean conditions tend to be more stable than land conditions. Not saying I believe they are still alive, just saying I wouldn't be hugely surprised if we found them (which, incidentally, is also my thought on sentient extraterrestrial life).

  14. Josef Wassermann says:

    Man. I love your videos.

  15. AppleRain says:

    No. Fucking dumbass. Next.

  16. Zach Ryder says:

    Top Ten Questions CAN Answer

  17. P_R_O FAN says:

    Answer: YES!!!

    You're Welcome

  18. dilophosaurus sk says:


  19. keecefly says:

    My cousin Barney the dinosaur approves this message. 😶

  20. The Elite says:

    nah.. humans been around for max 60,000 years.

    ancient dino over 1 million years

  21. The Elite says:

    How can spiderman be human if the earth is a plastic bottle

  22. Friend Zoned says:

    Ken ham disliked this video 280 times

  23. nahshon says:

    These guys take a few questionable bits of supposed evidence from creationists and cleverly strike them down. Why don't they address the actual observable and testable evidence?

    Cause they can't refute the actual evidence of dinos and humans. Or better yet, why don't they debate the creationists for all to see?
    Let me answer, because they will lose.

    Eugenie Scott warned evolutionist scientists not to debate creationist because they always lose.

    The point is this is a video of cherry picked supposed evidence from creationists. Then they knock the straw man evidence down.

    There are a lot of written stories, along with drawings, etchings, and carvings, of known dinosaurs from hundreds of years ago. Do these cons attempt to debunk that evidence? No. They go for the weakest of the evidences that were given up decades ago.

    Do they mention the carbon dating of dino bones? No, that wouldn't help their argument. (C-14 dating is only good to 60k years).
    Do they mention the real issue of dinosaur soft tissue? That, according to laboratory science, it cannot last even one million years, let alone 68 million years. And now we have soft tissue from 1.5 billion years old.
    In fact scientists can now go into the museum and crack open a dino bone on the shelf, and guess what they might find? Soft tissue.

    And it just gets worse and worse the more we know about the past.

    These guys are frauds. I watched their video on how life began, What a bunch of nonsense. Pure lies from start to finish. There was not a single piece of actual science in the whole video! None!
    Supposition upon supposition.

    Are these guys even scientists?
    I can't wait to see the video on the fossil record.That should be a hoot.

    5 extinction events? Nonsense. There was only one. The flood that left an average of a mile of sediment on all the worlds continents. And that flood left billions of dead things, in sediments, laid down by water, all over the Earth.

  24. Red Dog UK says:

    I love the way you put subjects access. Facts are a rare thing in these times on political landscapes. I just wish these SJW feelings before facts would have been shown such ways of thinking. I did rubbish at school but I've learned so much off my own back through pure intrest just pity I wasn't pointed in the right direction with certain subjects as maybe life could have gone in another direction. That being said I have two sons and I never not answer any questions and try my best to stoke their curious minds we've owned telescopes and microscopes from their early ages gone out in the forests catching butterflies and bugs doing my best to explain the world and universe around us. When they are old enough to understand I'll be pointing them in the direction of these videos and other such. Thank you is all I can say. Great work you should be proud.

  25. Greg Johnson says:

    I’m so glad that I have a mind with the capacity to think for myself. Therefore, I am the one to determine a misinterpretation or correct interpretation. The “scientific community” is some fictional entity drawn up by individuals with an agenda to manipulate simple minds. This entity has no more a monopoly on science than the Roman Church has on salvation: none. Science can come out of those who are non-members of the fictional “scientific community.” It can still be (or not be)science even if this entity (whatever it may be) decides to not accept it. The “scientific community”,although not religious, operates much like religious institutions such as the Later Day Saints or the Roman Catholic Church.

  26. Christopher O'Neal says:

    If a catastrophe happened supposedly 65 mya, why was it just…the dinosaurs?

  27. Tom 4y5s says:

    Dragons aka : Dinosurs

  28. Aaron E says:

    Of course there is: have you not seen my mother-in-law? Bud- dump-bump!

  29. joosep paarnamets says:

    Stupit question off course they didint

  30. trombone7 says:

    I would love a video like this I could send
    young earthers that is just seven minutes of the
    word :

  31. Justwantahover says:

    Dinosaurs evolved into birds way before the extinction (and dinosaurs lived alongside birds when the meteor struck). Birds survived maybe cos they could fly, and insects and seed survived probably cos they are small. You should have mentioned this, cos creationists might say "How did birds instantly evolve from dinosaurs, just as the meteor " "struck" "? ".

  32. Frank says:

    Well thanks Jon for wasting 7 mins of my life and stating the COMPLETELY OBVIOUS!!! 🙂

  33. First Last says:

    started in the Pleistocene now we here

  34. Cool Kid95 says:

    So if birds are dinosaurs and dinosaurs are reptiles
    Does that mean that birds are reptiles

  35. Cool Kid95 says:

    Now triceratops having a beak makes more sense

  36. Salkafar says:

    This needs to be said? 😥

  37. nahshon says:

    These guys take a few questionable bits of supposed evidence from creationists and cleverly strike them down. Why don't they address the actual observable and testable evidence?

    Cause they can't refute the actual evidence of dinos and humans. Or better yet, why don't they debate the creationists for all to see?
    Let me answer, because they will lose.

    Eugenie Scott warned evolutionist scientists not to debate creationist because they always lose.

    The point is this is a video of cherry picked supposed evidence from creationists. Then they knock the straw man evidence down.

    There are a lot of written stories, along with drawings, etchings, and carvings, of known dinosaurs from hundreds of years ago. Do these cons attempt to debunk that evidence? No. They go for the weakest of the evidences that were given up decades ago.

    Do they mention the carbon dating of dino bones? No, that wouldn't help their argument. (C-14 dating is only good to 60k years).
    Do they mention the real issue of dinosaur soft tissue? That, according to laboratory science, it cannot last even one million years, let alone 68 million years. And now we have soft tissue from 1.5 billion years old.
    In fact scientists can now go into the museum and crack open a dino bone on the shelf, and guess what they might find? Soft tissue.

    And it just gets worse and worse the more we know about the past.

    These guys are frauds. I watched their video on how life began, What a bunch of nonsense. Pure lies from start to finish. There was not a single piece of actual science in the whole video! None!
    Supposition upon supposition.

    Are these guys even scientists?
    I can't wait to see the video on the fossil record.That should be a hoot.

    5 extinction events? Nonsense. There was only one. The flood that left an average of a mile of sediment on all the worlds continents. And that flood left billions of dead things, in sediments, laid down by water, all over the Earth.

  38. The Elite says:

    No. Next question

  39. Ender Acrocanthosaurus says:

    Dinosaurs do live today. Birds are a type of theropod dinosaur.

  40. L says:

    2:21 FYI scientists have found a lot of soft tissue samples from dinosaurs: https://www-m.cnn.com/2017/02/03/world/dinosaur-rib-195-million-year-old-collagen-history/

  41. Joe Jackson says:

    I love your videos, man. ´Nuff said.

  42. wienerdogman paul says:

    How accurate is carbon dating? And how do we know that the decay rate has always been steady?

  43. Rafael Nistor says:

    1 rock vs ALL dinosaurs

    Well, let's call it The Rock at this point

  44. Kristoff Taylovoski says:

    So…? No Brontosaurus burgers anytime soon, is that what your crazy science is telling us???

  45. José González Núñez says:


  46. np 1993 says:

    Yes and they still live they're called birds

  47. Happy Goat says:

    But what about the cave drawings? I'm taking a short study on evolution but I don't get how they found human (or ape) drawings of dino looking animals..?

  48. Ryan Welke says:

    This video is laughable. It says that “science is the collection and documentation of observable facts and ongoing discussion about how those facts can be best linked together into explanations . “ then they try to make evolution fit this. There is no evidence that any living thing is related to a living thing that is not the same kind of plant or animal 🦒. All we have evidence for is, for example is birds producing birds , dogs producing dogs, roses producing. Roses, etc. we don’t have any evidence that any one living thing produced a different living thing. I used to think we did for at least ten years but after a lot of study I realized there’s no evidence for it.

  49. Xenosaurian says:

    Short answer: Yes.

    Long answer: Since dinosaurs are terrestrial animals, they would have been created by God on the sixth day of Creation Week, which is the same day God created mankind, and nearly 1,700 years later the dinosaurs which existed at this point were wiped out by the Global Flood cataclysm, with representatives of each different basic group of dinosaurs being preserved on Noah's Ark, before being released to populate the Earth once more following the cataclysm, and during the last 4,000 years dinosaurs and man will have encountered each other countless times, and mankind would no doubt have driven most of them to extinction as they killed them for food, resources, medicine, fame, and entertainment, much like mankind have done to many other species and are still doing today, leaving them to become remembered only in countless dragon legends and artworks, with perhaps very few populations possibly surviving in remote locations such as Congo in Africa.

  50. Nudedragon says:

    I eat dinosaur eggs for breakfast

  51. Jude Njilah says:

    When apophis strikes the earth in 2029 and humans go extinct, the cockroaches that survive will evolve and one day ask the question, "did birds ever lived alongside humans?"

  52. caaaaaaaaaz says:

    do someone really need a video about this topic?

  53. AllHaveShadows.com says:

    It is illogical to think ALL dinosaurs became extinct at a particular point in time, because that would make it impossible for us to have the descendants of dinosaurs. . . as if the event cherry picked which "not so dinosaur-like" species would live on, but making sure all the bona fide, poster-child dinosaurs kicked the bucket. Think about that for a minute. OF COURSE some dinosaurs survived that event, and there are still tiny dinosaurs on an island around new Zealand. They are the closest living relatives of dinosaurs and are described as not being lizards, but rather "living fossils" because their species is from 200 million years back. Argue they are not technically dinosaurs or whatever but it doesn't matter because they lived WAY WAY before the extinction event you referred to. They survived so how do you qualify the notion that all dinosaurs were killed during this event? You can't qualify that statement. This species was thought to be extinct until somebody found some of them, so how can you prove all dinosaurs were all dead by a certain period, when men do not even know what lives on this planet? You can't call that a fact if you can't prove it.

  54. Pol Fartin says:

    ALL types of fossils have been found in ALL sedimentary layers.

  55. Mario Piazza` says:

    There is no proof that dinosaurs are birds

  56. The River of Faith says:









    Baby bird:

    Many modern tree fossils:


    Hickory nut:


    Chicken like bird:

    Another one:


    Well preserved dinosaur:

    Well preserved dinosaur:

    Mummified dinosaur:

    Soft dinosaur flesh:

    Study the Bible.

  57. tsimahei says:

    Falsely Stated: So far, you're on a run, batting zero. It helps to know thy enemy. It's obvious you did not think before posting and need to study science, not just suck in all they claim, then deny, then claim something else and you believe that, as well. Yes, most adherents of evo are patsys, and anti-intellectual. 🙂 After all, you people were still denying soft tissues in 2012. And being laughed at. But, paleontologists do make a killing with their stories. Fossil mining was a billion dollar a year business. Was, before Dr. Schweitzer showed the world soft tissues. How old are fossils? You have no way of knowing because you have no reliable dating method. Creationists have a little hobby, see. They get friends who are evos to send rock samples in to evo labs to be dated. Each sample comes back 600,000+ years old. Problem, the last two sent in as a joke were already dated. One, from a 200 year old lava flow in Hawaii. The other was even better, from Mt. St. Helens, and then only 20 years old. So much for your argon hypothesis. Surtsey is a good example of other things, as well. As time flies, Creations are having so much fun debunking evos. So much so,, the price of fossils dropped dramatically, even with all the shrieks of monkey outrage from blind faith believers in evo.

  58. Lex Macdougal says:

    Yeah but we're the dinosaurs now *looks out the window at the yard chickens* mmmm…

  59. nahshon says:

    " 'Dinosaurs – How they lived and evolved'", the book. Did you know that no family of dinos has any ancestor? No one knows how the dinos evolved. Facts makes this book look silly.
    Just thought you should know.
    And the carbon dating of dinos is obvious, isn't it?
    I mean we find blood cells, blood vessels, collagen and even Dna in dino bones. Why would anyone not think that young biological material would not be carbon datable? Of course it is carbon datable.
    If the old Earthers were interested in science they would carbon date the dinos themselves.
    But they don't. Why?

    If dinos are young, which they are, then evolution is false. And there is way too much at stake for evolutionists to let that happen.

    No matter what evidence is found evolution cannot ever let it be known that dinos lived recently, with humans.
    Even though that fact is both observable and testable.
    And that means that science has proven evolution is false.
    And that fact proves a young Earth.
    And that fact proves evolution false. Evolution needs billions of years or the whole thing crumbles.
    That is why evolutionists will fight tooth and nail to not let the obvious evidence of a young earth be known.

    "A young earth is the 100% antidote to atheism."

  60. Abdul Rasyid Dunda says:

    so there is no birds in dinosaur era?

  61. Patrick says:

    They found an unfosilised trex leg bone with blood…. soooooo, I guess there is a way to keep shit fresh for 65million years? Silly cunts.

    (Not a christian) fyi 🖕

  62. POSHFLUX Beats says:

    Convincing content.
    All the things which are included in the videos of you are evidentially correlated ones which increase the weightage of the said words of you with their exact admissibility.☺👍👏🍁
    Thanks for stating clearly.💐
    #PoshFlux 😊

  63. Trevor Kapousis says:


  64. Ace Player says:

    Two things: Since there are 'layers' of earth with different fossil records, does that mean the radius of earth is slowly growing larger and larger? Also, how do we think flightless birds survived the meteorite impact?

  65. Zenytram Searom says:

    simplifying the video,

    "well yes, but actualy no"

  66. Anthony Williams says:


  67. Lalrinkimi Hrahsel says:

    Ahh….. is this the eric dubay guy .this guy is looney.please actually do a study in the field and go out there do the physicwork before claiming its true.either than googling it or base your claim from Wikipedia. Before somebody wack you with a baseball bat

  68. Lalrinkimi Hrahsel says:

    I m sorry in the beginnings i actually thought he claim dino walk with man

  69. John Orvis says:

    Well, there was Ronald Reagan Sr. who lived among us somehow. 🙂

  70. TheKaijuGamer2003 says:

    I disagree with Creationists, but when it came to Cryptozoology, I personally believe certain Prehistoric Cryptids may exist.

    It's happened before, we didn't have proof of the giant squid and the Okapi. Yet, the local people knew of their ecistence, the pygmy tribes hunted the Okapi, and Mountain Gorilla for food and sailors saw Giant Squids as well as found dead individuals. Until recently they were discovered to be real, so it ain't impossible for such an animal to exist, just saying. Also, it is unknown on how the dinosaurs went extinct.

  71. Pratip Sengupta says:


  72. don26gr says:

    Well I hoped I would see more debunking on the creations claims. It is not just the Ica stones and the stegosaurus depiction, there are plenty more ancient depictions and there are historic quotes from Alexander the Great and others unanswered where the animal they describe resembles best to a dinosaur.

  73. Bomba Deer says:

    How do you reach Trump voters with their alternative facts?

  74. Alexis Jamir Pacasum says:

    Why the stego’s color looks like an okapi color

  75. Jaxxon Balboa says:

    of course they did. didn't you watch the Flintstones?

  76. The Ganymede Hypothesis says:

    How old is the Earth???

    People used to stitch Bible chronologies together to claim that the Earth was around 6000 years old. We actually have the one planet, Venus, which is ballpark for some sort of a 5000 – 10000 year age estimate, but Venus LOOKS like that: 850F surface temperature, 90-bar CO2 atmosphere, massive thermal imbalance, massive upwards ir flux, total lack of regolith etc. etc. All of that, as Dr. Velikovsky noted, is what a new planet looks like.

    Earth and Mars don't look like that at all and thus have to be substantially older than that, but not hundreds of millions or billions of years old. One thing you notice is that the people telling us that the Earth is four billion years old are the same people who tell us that dinosaurs died out 65 million years ago. We have several ways to know that is incorrect, including the recent dinosaur soft tissue finds, actual radiocarbon dates for some of that material, and things like this. I am not a young Earth or young Universe creationist, but these guys are right about this:


  77. The Ganymede Hypothesis says:


  78. The Ganymede Hypothesis says:


  79. The Ganymede Hypothesis says:


  80. The Ganymede Hypothesis says:


  81. The Ganymede Hypothesis says:

    Vine Deloria, dinosaurs in Native American oral traditions:


  82. Solrod says:

    I used to ignore birds when I went out, but know that I've been told that they are dinosaurs I look at them and think "Holy Sh*t it's a dinosaur!"

  83. LeakyButt 89 says:

    What about all the evidence that the scientific community is suppressing. Until they release that evidence, anything that science tells us is nothing but fucking lies.

  84. William Slover says:

    Not to bash the excellent video but I wish there were genuine fossil pictures instead of over half of the animals depicted as images instead of fossils themselves, and some of the fossils provided didn't seem transitional they seemed modern, take the bat or deer for example. I would've preferred a more in depth video when it comes to explaining the evidence we have for transitional fossils.

  85. Nmethyltransferase says:

    Ken Ham's 317 sock accounts disliked this.

  86. Ric Rovey says:

    Yes but not in this Earth age.

  87. Mikael Watts says:

    yes dimetrodon

  88. Dena Redford says:

    Put feathers on them .

  89. Raw Matt says:

    Wrong, we have evidence of humans with dinosaurs. https://youtu.be/7ly6gL4Up7Q You can read about it as well in the documented journals from the Academy of Natural Sciences by Professor of geology and paleontology FS Holmes

  90. Ant Satch says:

    Bro. The word dinosaur which means terrible lizard, didn't come into existence until the 1800s. Through out all human history they were called dragons and yes humans hunted them.

  91. KingMeatballs says:

    Short answer no

  92. Elias says:

    Perhaps the purpose of dinosaurs was to create balance on earth in the beginning. They would have been the top predators and lived alongside humans and all other creatures you see in the world today. For example the T-rex may have fed on elephants or a bear or other dinosaurs etc.
    It's likely that people living in those times didn't just walk around by themselves for a stroll, but people would have had to be cautious and aware of their surroundings, knowing that large predators like dinosaurs were out there and could kill them. I can imagine like 10 or 20 men taking down a large dinosaur with spears and ropes and knives and rocks, whatever it is that they did.
    In the days where both people and dinosaurs lived on the earth, maybe some went their whole lives without seeing a large scary dinosaur because of their geographical location. But they would have heard stories of huge monster-like creatures out there, using this knowledge to educate themselves on the importance of human numbers and fighting for survival.
    Dinosaurs were probably hunted, yet still existed until the time of the great flood. There was a mass extinction event and it was caused by the flood. It's likely that some dinosaurs were saved on the ark, but also that many of them were on their last days, dinosaurs had fulfilled their purpose to create balance on earth and they're time was up.
    All over the earth there is a wealth of evidence for the flood, its the actual reason we have such intact specimens of fossilized dinosaur bones. It's ironic because the one thing that has the most physical evidence to support its own theory is also the one thing that's most widely rejected. It's rejected not because it doesn't hold up with science, rather the main reason is because it upholds a part of history that supports the fact that God is real. Since the scientific community at large is unwilling to entertain even the thought that God could be real, they rejected the evidence of the flood altogether. Not just fossilized dinosaur bones but also marine life can be found on mountain tops in various places in the world of which I have seen with my own eyes. It's an enormous testament to the stubbornness of humans, where if something doesn't go along the lines of how we want it, we as people will make up any conclusion to the point of actual lies to disprove it for the sake of petty ego and arrogance.
    Even after the flood dinosaurs were alive, dinosaurs like megalodon that lived in the ocean wouldn't have been affected by the flood, and the common saying is that we know more about the surface of Mars then we do about our ocean floors. With the advances of modern biological science that exist in the world today, its actually unfathomable what the scientific community is doing on the level of hypocrisy and blatantly covering up evidence if it doesn't support a certain narrative.
    Shouldn't science be used as a tool to uncover the truth? Of course… Then why are we using it to cover up the truth and make up our own version of history. Scientists in theory should be intelligent, but I guess it just goes to show that all the knowledge and wisdom out there isn't enough in the face of stubbornness and pride.

  93. Mad Joe Mak says:

    Great video! Very clearly stated. I should probably stop reading all the other comments on this video lol

  94. Tomáš Hromník says:

    If all human bodies were cremated after death, how could they find a human corpse along with dinosaur? That's the problem with science – it's just based on observable "facts" and do not take in account something else and thus the scientific deductions can be wrong and should not be considered as the truth.

  95. Solrod says:

    Wouldn't it be great if we found a non-avian dinosaur above the K-Pg boundary? Let alone a living one?

  96. Ultra Beastiary says:

    Well yes, but actually no.

  97. Raul Salazar says:

    The negros came before the dinosaurs!

  98. michaelangelopeters says:

    Why did the eruption of Mt St Helen's in 1980 sort layers of strata and produce petrified trees in merely a few decades? Also, around the 2:20 mark you say that a fresh dinosaur carcass is something you would want to find. Soft tissue been found in dinosaur bones. Is this not scientific evidence?

  99. Nicklas Pikhoved says:

    This has to be the most dumbed down video on the subject… okay? Så the indian carving is not a dinosaur? And you just skipped by that like “ misintepret” ?? What? Who said that?

  100. [AP-STUDENT] Hans Christian Kyle Ballarta says:

    that irrational explanation there literally ancient people draw them means they live with human

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