Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba EP 19 Ending Full『Kamado Tanjiro no Uta』

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba EP 19 Ending Full『Kamado Tanjiro no Uta』

Translation: Mustafa Çakıroğlu. Sorry for any possible mistake(s)! Close your eyes, and remember that passing voice. I can’t return, I can’t go back. There is only deep darkness. I can’t return, I can’t go back. There is only deep darkness. A gentle sound that makes you cry. No matter how painful it is, Move forward! (move forward!) Keep going! (keep going!) Cut off that despair. Even if you lose, even if you fail, You have no choice but to keep on living. No matter how beaten you are, There is something you have to protect. Even if you lose, even if you fail, You have no choice but to keep on living. No matter how beaten you are, There is something you have to protect. This is the path you chose, Get ready to face destiny. Covered in mud and scratched your feet, Look at that thin thread you can’t see by eye. You hear a gentle sound that makes you cry. No matter how painful it is, Move forward! (move forward!) Head forward! (head forward!) Cut off that despair. Even if it hurts, even if you are in pain, You have no choice but to stand up. No matter how beaten you are, There is something you have to protect. There is something you have to protect. Translation: Mustafa Çakıroğlu. Again, sorry for any possible mistake(s)! I did my best, and compared my translation with others. Hope you enjoyed! Have a nice day 🙂

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba EP 19 Ending Full『Kamado Tanjiro no Uta』

  1. Melodic Star says:

    Kimetsu no Yaiba EP 19 Ending / Insert song ''Kamado Tanjiro no Uta'' by Go Shiina featuring Nami Nakagawa on vocals is now available on digital stores.
    Illustration by ''riooo''

  2. Night Zerez says:

    Anyone know some more songs like this?

  3. Sento Kaiba says:

    Việt Nam verry love film

  4. BenHakurei says:


  5. Joaquin Romero victorica says:

    This episode reminds so much to Ruroni Kenshin Lost&betrayal Tomoe Memories . Just amazing

  6. To Da says:

    Ufotable's been doing a great job!!! ep 19 gives me goosebumps!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. robert bala says:

    i’m literally crying rn

  8. Sandra wahyudi says:


  9. Ruther Jimenez says:

    why is it unplayable in Spotify?

  10. Monkey Dragon says:

    Why are the fucking idiot didnt like this song?

  11. Aris Finaldi says:

    The best song and make me cry

  12. xLightlessx says:

    A beautiful song, and a beautiful scene. Im glad I didn’t ignore this anime

  13. Isabele Venti says:


  14. LERIY says:

    какой приятный эндинг

  15. Hai Nguyen says:

    Việt nam điểm danh

  16. Kethiro says:

    I, Tanjiro Kamado, have a dream.

  17. jhon doe says:

    Someone : touch nezuko
    Tanjiro. : HINOKAMI KAGURA!!!

  18. André Panting says:

    Es una canción tan bella, tan perfecta. Da calma y nostalgia a la vez y esa sensación de recordar a esas personas por las que haríamos todo, incluso dar la vida.

  19. random hackers says:

    Haven't heard of calm boss music before!!!

  20. KEN OFFICIAL says:


  21. Comrade Ma YS says:

    This gonna play when Nezeko dies 🙁

  22. d- manz says:

    Muzan: why do I hear main character boss battle music in the distance?

  23. EcoKiller TheGamer says:

    This episode is fucking great, and this song is also fucking great

  24. Jendol Tng says:


  25. Rm . 25 says:

    It's prefecttt

  26. xTRIGUNx EYANZ says:

    So beatiful this song….love it

  27. Lala Nurlaela says:

    this song so sad kimetsu is the best

  28. Josh Wardono says:

    after listen to this, suddenly i breath fire

  29. Jenny Perreira says:

    Is this a cover? The beginning throws me off

  30. Coolio1212 says:

    3:42 still the best part of this song (in my opinion)

  31. 赵光耀 says:


  32. Husnul Fikri says:

    Please concert to Indonesia 🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩

  33. Hahah Hihih says:

    It's so beautiful . I can't 😭

  34. Matsuta MSF says:

    :Thank gods

  35. 蘆克思莉雅Lukexia says:

    This song is literally called Kamari Tanjiro’s song

  36. LetzV3rox says:

    Tanjiro can breath underwater 100%%%%%%%%%%55555

  37. Quentin Bièvre says:

    Ushinattemo !!! Ushinattemo !!! 3:15

  38. 조민재 says:

    I love this song thank you!!

  39. Lee Renji says:

    Huhuhu sad song TwT but I very like YwY

  40. Ankush Sabharwal says:

    2:49 “Nezuko..Nezuko wake up Nezuko” ;-;

  41. Kaua Castro says:

    Ta de parabéns pra quem fez essa música merece um Nobel!

  42. JellyandJam says:

    Oh my word!!!!!! Wow!!!

  43. skairik 712 says:

    i think is the best video i hear

  44. Miguesrt Salazar Rodriguez says:

    I've repeated this song more than 20000 times when I'm studying, I never get tired of listening to it

  45. word of games says:

    Wey que pedo por que me gusta tanto

  46. Mr Trancy says:


    wait… Why do I still hear boss music?

  47. FieryShaverdian says:

    I hope nobody sleeps on Go Shiina.

  48. Ricardo souza says:

    5:30 song?

  49. Sushil Kamble says:

    How tf can someone dislike this soundtrack?

  50. Ein Lien says:

    I can't unsee how Nezuko looks like shes chomping on that bamboo with her nose like a beak.

  51. Dani Garcia says:

    im crying <3 like if u too

  52. 로우하이 says:

    오레또 네즈코노 키즈나와 다레데모 히키사케나이!!

  53. Zekis :3 says:

    От этой музыки, вспоминается отрывок, как они сражались, водушивляеет да и мурашки по кожи:)

  54. Guilherme de Souza says:

    E incrível como a música de um anime dá de 10 a 0 em muitas músicas atuais aqui do Brasil

  55. Ackerman 19401 says:

    2:22 is where my whole body instantly react, my eyes suddenly tears up, i got goosebumps all over my skin, it just so GREAT!!

  56. View inside says:


  57. Alvaro Andres Mack Izurieta says:

    Nivel :naruto
    kimetsu no yaiba bienvenido a la family

  58. فارس/ ihia says:

    الاغنيه حكييمه وتنزل دموعك غصب🌚💔

  59. U_ Tan says:

    1:39 shit the volume was high my EARs!!!!

  60. Captain Game says:

    who dislike this video is demon

  61. Ye Boi says:

    Everyone: Ep 19 OST is so good
    Me: yeah so was Zenitsu’s in Ep sevente—

  62. Unconnectable Vluetooth says:

    B R E A T H

  63. Asvtart Kim says:

    Who put onion! 😭😭😭

  64. Rekindling Soul says:

    I can hear this song to much, or i will cry to much, it make me so sad huhuhuuhuhuuh

  65. Carl Anders says:

    Thank you

  66. moncheri 07 says:

    Kimetsu no yaiba will be the TOP 1 ANIME OF 2019.

    No arguement on this.

  67. yoi san says:

    Area 51 death scean song

  68. I'm Naofumi-sama says:

    Des français qui ont laché la larme durant cet épisode 19 ??

  69. Mico Montila says:

    Nezuuuuko 😍😍😍😍

  70. Keyan Putraaji says:

    Selamatkan kakakmu nezuko atau dia akan mati

    *Teknik darah iblis : Ledakan darah

  71. Hasan Al-Sulaimani says:

    one of the best animes to be honest

  72. Miracle says:

    Unpopular opinion;; Jojo bizarre adventure underrated asffff

  73. ans7xd says:

    chill music
    murder intensifies*

  74. Sir Lomin says:

    I can't imagine how emotional the Douma fight is going to be in the anime 😭

  75. AngelaMobas says:

    HASHIRE!! NEZUKO MAMORUNDAA AHHGGHHH epic music intensifies lloro cada vez que veo ese episodio

  76. LaG0S_ 2 says:

    Tanjiro: cuts Rui’s head
    -Why do I still hear boss music?
    Rui: proceeds to showcase villany and defeat Tanjiro
    -Why do I still hear boss music?
    Tomiyoka: Defeats Rui
    -Why do I still hear boss music?
    Muzan: Proceeds to moonwalk
    -Why the fuck am I here?

  77. Who am I? says:

    Why does I feel weird in the inside just by looking at the thumbnail alone…

  78. GoneZalesZ says:

    man…..this song give me old sweet memories

  79. Jhoz Milla says:

    Alguien que hable español 😤

  80. TheMage 101 says:

    Tanjiro:Hey Dad…. how come I have a lot of siblings when ur so frail and weak looking?

    Tanjiro's Dad:It's all about the BREATHING TECHNIQUE son.😂

  81. Aisha Touka says:

    Remind me the courage and kindness of Tanjiro . So beautiful song. Thank you!

  82. Hola j says:

    That is one of the piece of art from Kimetsu no Yaiba

  83. AztoR Faceless says:

    I just can't wait for the fights with upper moons to be animated

  84. Basugou says:

    Blood demon art…

    B A G U E T T E

  85. ViniciusEx360 says:

    And here gentlemen, we have the closing of one of the best episodes of the year

  86. brendon stephen says:

    I just had to type in Episode 19

  87. Gelo says:

    I swear her music has a strong resemblance with God Eater's Music.

  88. Empyreal Denizen says:


  89. AlexMonsta says:

    Episode 19, 1.9M views 👀

  90. Y e s This is me says:

    Ep 19 be like Blood demon art:
    Flowing tears

    ep 19 was a piece of art created by the gods themselves, Koyoharu Gotouge thank you for this anime you blessed us with tears of sadness and joy of hard work you put into this ** cies**

  91. Mohamad Tio says:


  92. Madhumita Koride says:

    For once anime gave real relationship between siblings ,I'm glad!

  93. Blitzer RC says:

    You thought you beheaded me, tanjiro. But it's actually just me DIO!

  94. Alex K says:

    This song literally makes me cry every time I hear it. Gorgeous.

  95. Nicven Virgorius says:

    1:39 : "Hinokami Kagura Enbu"

  96. keylins says:

    I don't know why i set some tears, but the song is just to good 😭

  97. Apster says:

    That goes to my sad playlist…

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