Deliverance From Tiger🐯, Cobra🐍 And Mermaid Spirit🧜🏾!!!

Deliverance From Tiger🐯, Cobra🐍 And Mermaid Spirit🧜🏾!!!

Randy Schultz

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65 thoughts on “Deliverance From Tiger🐯, Cobra🐍 And Mermaid Spirit🧜🏾!!!


    Glory be to God. in Jesus name Amen.

  2. Popi Dialina says:


  3. Nomkhosi Vilakazi says:

    Amen glory to almaghty god🙏

  4. I met JESUS says:

    The disciples in the crowd should pray more participate to help like in Nigeria.

  5. Freshco Freshco says:

    Shalom Wiseman Harry,fredism from INDONESIA Love to bless ye with JESUS'LOVE. fredism. It's been long time no see yr i am happy you appear on YouTube again.


    God is very powerful great. Ugandan watching from Oman

  7. CHARLIE says:

    We thank God for her deliverance. With God all things are possible👍

  8. Mayunda Njovu says:

    BLESSED be God

  9. rita phillip says:


  10. Lee young young says:

    Praise the Lord God Almighty King of King Jesuse Of Nazareth Bless my soul oh my God.Amen

  11. Em G. says:

    Thank u wise man Harry. Should be great to have the translation in English

  12. Isis Cristine Lima says:


  13. Μάνος MUSIC says:

    Η Γοργόνα να μείνει !!!

  14. Ivy Hoffman says:

    Am I the only one who was crying😭😭😭❤❤❤❤❤ Glory to God!

  15. Linda Atieno says:

    WOW 😮 ! Glory be to God. We all need deliverance. Thank you Jesus for the grace each day. She actually looks good natural with no artificial hair and make up.

  16. AM BLESSED. AMEN says:

    Thank you JESUS CHRIST 🙏 🙏

  17. Bolanle D'attis says:

    Thank you Jesus

  18. dibha abed says:

    Thank you Jesus

  19. Arsene levy says:

    Wow, mind blowing.

  20. Arsene levy says:

    I shall go there to witness the Mighty Works of God

  21. Sophia Simule says:

    Thank you Jesus Christ

  22. honestly speaking says:

    What I dnt understand is how some who is saved can easily be possessed by demons? What shd we do as Christians? Do we get possessed again even when we were delivered once and our lives belong to Jesus?

  23. Peter Munkondya says:

    Jesus Christ is alive!

  24. Grace Amanyo says:

    Thank you Jesus for delivering her through ur servant wise man Harry

  25. Boyd Phiri says:

    Thanks be to God Almighty for the deliverance

  26. Israel Aviles says:

    In Spanish please cc captions

  27. Peter Agbodza says:

    I am grateful, for your life

  28. Joel Palaskar says:

    I Serve The Same LORD JESUS CHRIST…Halleluyah..!

  29. Jeannine Muavitha God i need you always says:

    English plz

  30. Armstrong Ikpeme says:

    Man of God please pray for me for my deliverance,document,healing marriage,breakthrough,opendoor, nightmares i always found myself in the village all the times.Thanks and God bless you.🙏🙏🙏

  31. Ayanda. G243 says:

    🤗Glory be to Jesus🙌🏿indeed the enemy has been put to shame, Thank You King of Glory for loving us so much, Thank You Man of God for allowing God to use you in such a mighty way – Jesus saves! Stay blessed my sister& keep on walking with our Lord Jesus Christ , Trust in him always,Continue to serve him all tge days of your life,He loves you dearly❤Hallelujah Victory belongs to Jesus💜❤From South Africa

  32. Kenneth Joseph says:

    😕please guys is this true ?

  33. Jimony Amore says:

    God bless senior profect tb Joshua and wise man Harry in Jesus name

  34. lollyta Sitta says:

    Just astonished!!!!😱😱

  35. felix essoh says:

    Thank you Jesus for this ministry, glory be to you, amen.

  36. Vic Kev says:

    glory to God


    Is this a branch of TB JOSHUA?

  38. Johanna Barrìa says:

    En español por favor..

  39. Joyce Wafula says:

    Thank you Jesus Christ for deliverence

  40. Joy bishen says:

    Thank God for her deliverance she is pretty

  41. Joyce Wafula says:

    Wiseman Harry please can you speak English?

  42. confident miriam says:

    English interpreter please or caption

  43. Doreen Esther says:


  44. Trey Pierce says:

    Jesus is Lord.

  45. georges Tchianga says:

    Take acting class next time lol Making a real fool of Christ

  46. ECGR TV says:

    interpret the man of God as well please. thank you

  47. reeco Linton says:

    Thank God for using the man of God to do God acts of deliverance to the young girl. Am glad that she is delivered in jesus Christ name Amen. you hear.

  48. Tyler says:

    Thank you Jesus Christ..amen

  49. Nicolas De Carvalho says:

    There are two kinds of people, and two kinds of churches : Those who know the word of God, And Those who know the God of the Word, because of his word! Wise man Harry knows the word of god, the sword of the spirit, and the Spirit of the sword!! All glory be to Jesus, the nazarene, his is alive, and his hands are our hands, wich delivers, saves, heals, and blesses!!! GLORY GLORY POWER

  50. Kemar Shawn Anderson says:

    We need the services to be captioned for those who speak English, Emmanuel!!🙏🙏🙏🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲

  51. Samuel Gomez says:

    Please which country is this, thanks u Lord for what we're seeing

  52. margaret tami says:

    To God be the glory for her deliverance Emmanuel

  53. Milcah Adhiambo says:

    Waaah is this wise man Harry

  54. Sonnie Precious says:

    Wise man Harry… Emanuel… Thank God for this deliverance..

  55. Carole St. louis says:

    What Faith is that ? What language Is that ?

  56. Mariafe Dumdum says:

    It's wise man Harry.. To God be the glory Amen

  57. Bronika Nice says:

    Waisting God time by stupit demon really

  58. Magret Morake says:

    Margaret morake Botswana I receive healin blessings breakthrough in the mighty name of jesus

  59. Joy Mukhanji says:

    Ameeeen hallelujah. God is great

  60. mercy chukwuka says:

    Amen Piz man Of god help me and my children will need money for food and my children

  61. Adil Yaqub says:

    Jesus Glorified

  62. simon mnango says:

    Please put English subtitles for some of us that don't understand the language you're speaking

  63. Winnie Goafitha says:

    Thank you Jesus for doing it again through Wiseman Harry.

  64. 0121 says:

    The devil is it

  65. Georges Pierre says:

    We thank God for her life

  66. Elisabeth Esayas says:

    Jesus son of God, I thank you, you're worthy, awesome…I love you father.

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