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100 thoughts on “DEADLY WHAT’S IN THE BOX CHALLENGE! **Live Animals**

  1. Naomi Reyes says:

    18:13 someone knows the name song?

  2. Jessica Reynoso says:

    He said "good thing i put my head on his hand" when he was post to say "good thing i put my hand on his head" at 11:07 –11:09

  3. Jessica Reynoso says:

    I mean 11:03–11:06

  4. Kaitlyn smith says:



    A RAT

  5. Thomas Roper says:

    He's not naked you can see him in his boxers in the mirror

  6. Bubble boo Who says:

    I see that miror down the hall way u in YOUR BOXERS

  7. Godgames1958 says:

    If you excuse me I’m going to get bit by a snapping turtle 🐢

  8. Drew Walden says:

    10:20 funniest part🤣🤣🤣

  9. BigR Dabs says:

    12:53 who girl in da back???

  10. Emily Metoyer says:

    Woah he’s the one with the snake Lucy the yellow one

  11. Preston Mull says:


  12. Landon Huff says:

    2:36 when she gets a peak.

  13. Brenden Holleran says:

    You can see his boxers on in the background in the f$$$ I don't know how to spell mioor in the mioor like

  14. p2 is the name says:

    Mi hero

  15. Hudson Nelson says:

    "good thing i put my head on his hand"♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

  16. Zariyah Jones says:

    I see his boxers in the mirror ha

  17. Noam Dar says:

    I actually watch Bryan’s videos with his reptiles

  18. A relevant person says:


  19. Malvey Polanco says:

    2:34 look at the mirror at the back he's not really naked

  20. Laura-White James says:

    I saw you wearing black boxers under neither that black censor u lied you fool😑😝😒

  21. Ryan Hudson says:

    You can see no the mirror he is still in his underwear all the way in the back

  22. LIFE AS JAYJAY says:

    FUCCKKKK @ 10:23 I jumped so hard 😂😂😂

  23. benjamin canez says:

    2+2 =4. boi

  24. Mackenzie Alexander says:

    Kong’s reaction to the blue tongue was hilarious

  25. Zarie says:

    that man spit on his car And if it was mine I will kick his ass

  26. Brett Mauldin says:

    Your not naked there's a mirror behind you I'm still in logang though

  27. XxgachagirlxX XOXO says:

    In 2:36 you can see in the mirror behind him he is still in his boxers

  28. sv sajad says:

    Fuck you logan
    And logan mom

  29. Ana Ari Padilla says:

    awwww kong, he was sooo cute, i miss him

  30. Ana Ari Padilla says:

    did you see the cockroach fall out of the bowl

  31. Isa Cibrian says:

    Logan: good thing I put my head on his hand! 😆

    Me: don’t you mean hand on his head.

    That guys spit went in the car too.

  32. Ophir Ben Eliezer says:

    Logan you are not naked as seen in the mirror way in the way back

  33. OWEN MISOLES says:


  34. Maritza Mendez says:


  35. Patryk Zimny says:

    I am totally Logan when it’s mealworms

  36. Nathan Olbrich says:

    LOGAN: ahhhhhh "runs into wall"

    ME: OMG

  37. XIANO WORLD says:

    It's my birth date 🤘🤘💓

  38. iampatrick stormes says:

    Im kinda dissapointed that you didnt throw hands with the guy who spin on your car

  39. Flower the fallen angel says:

    10:11 my best part XD

  40. Reece Gobin #savage# says:

    Logan we could see you wasn't naked cause there was a mirror behind you bro (you good bro)🤣🤣 love you logan

  41. Kendall Tolbert says:

    I like how you said "I'm butt naked" But in the mirror you were in your boxers🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐

  42. John Smith says:

    0:24 on 0.25 speed Greg fucking kissed Ayla’s tits!!!!

  43. Teddystrix Trana says:

    Is it only me that ses swedish text on the title on english videos?

  44. seth poo says:

    we can see in the mirror that your boxes are on

  45. Seanmerk Montoya says:

    "Yo i dont know what my problem is, but i just like drama"

    Yeah, me too😁

    My brother:

    R U GUD BRO!

  46. Abigail Fyffe says:

    how old is your mom

  47. Bray Witherspoon904 says:

    Logan u weren't butt naked at 2:40 i saw the mirror in the back

  48. King Kal says:

    I just realized that logan wasnt naked there was a mirror in the back and he had his boxers on…..and Rip Kong, THOSE DAMN CYOTES

  49. Jam I says:

    Are You good bro

  50. The Beast says:

    15:30 They didnt blur his license plate

  51. AaronP11 says:

    RIP Maverick

  52. Shreader says:

    It’s nice to see kong

  53. Gunnar Pitz says:

    Rest easy mav..

  54. SCYTHE Clan says:

    2:40 you can see his underwear

  55. Fat Man says:

    Logan: I was bored so I'm butt ass naked now
    Background mirror at right says your in boxers

  56. Awesome ninja says:

    He wasnt naked cause at 2:35 yiu can see the mirror in the backround and he still has on his boxers.

  57. James Cathie says:

    He’s not but naked he can see his boxes in the mirror at the end of the hall

  58. sydney stander says:


  59. DelFinnigin says:

    awww shit the merch aint available…

  60. Miguel Angel Trujillo Arellano says:

    RIP maverick 😥

  61. Sasuke Uchiha says:

    2:35 XD bro you can see his boxers in the mirror in the background 😂

  62. torrin da savage Krahe says:

    RIP kong and maverick

  63. Kyles Presentations says:

    Logan to kong: yo! He's not dinner!
    Ginger licks lips
    Rip maverick😞

  64. Raphael Joe Suede says:

    U hit 19 mil

  65. Kyrah Shipley says:

    No. It's 19 million subs

  66. Dark Sailer says:

    Logan said it’s a good thing that I put my “Head” on it’s “hand”

  67. Brayden Harley Vids says:

    2:37 he’s not actually naked, look in the mirror behind him

  68. Flame_Fairly says:


    “GoOd ThInG I pUt My HeAd On HiS hAnD”

  69. Riley Kennedy says:


  70. Noah Sotelo says:

    you should make Korn merch

  71. Soren Power says:

    You are warning your boxers in the mirror

  72. Rebekah Shanahan says:

    Lol if u look at 2:40 in the mirror when he is supposed to be naked he actually has his underwear lol

  73. Heidi Newell says:

    2:37 look in the mirror he’s wearing boxers

  74. Laedyn Bailey Vlogs says:

    You crazy

  75. Emma Curry says:

    It’s sad that Kong and maverick won’t be in any more videos.😭😭😭😭

  76. AzureDoges says:

    7:48 this man lol

  77. sass lol says:

    U should make a sing called*I don't wanna die~*

  78. David Alvarado says:

    there is a mirror in the back when he was in the store

  79. Vasuki Sivaharan says:

    2:35 he aint butt naked cos there's a mirror in the background wearing his underwear

  80. Hannes Göppl says:


  81. Dylan Butts says:

    Lmao that was a good flex. Guy said trying to make a living, meanwhile fans are surrounding him trying to get pictures. Then the guy left 😂

  82. Alex Gittins says:

    I'm still wondering if he was actually naked

  83. Podcast Of Wisdom says:

    2:37 logan gets exposes. in the background

  84. john batista says:

    2:34 I'm butt naked look at the mirror behind him

  85. K SI says:

    He wasn't naked I saw in a mirror he was in his boxers

  86. Shlok Gala says:

    He is not dinner 😂😂😂👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

  87. REDNECK 007 says:

    have passport will travel… then only 199 million to go… I'm down and I'm good brooooooooo….

  88. Y S K says:

    We can see your underwear in the mirror

  89. Samita Salian says:

    When logan said am naked in the mirror behind u can see his boxers still on

  90. Highvibes says:

    He was right ab the views

  91. Victor Figueroa says:


  92. Badmaarag Gursed says:

    Butt naked you say mmmmm
    3:38 look at the mirror

  93. Sofia Cordeiro says:

    Logan: look, a snake, I'm gonna go put my face in front of its head, that seems like a good idea

  94. Creeper Yt says:

    He was wearing boxers look in the mirror behind him

  95. Romeo Israel Salamanca says:

    Logan has a long dick like a snake

  96. Fluffy Da Muff says:

    O. O y do you keep screaming and slapind the box around..

    And starting fights with people wth

  97. Devendra Prasad says:

    at 2:38 look at the back ground mirror in the lobby

  98. h maldaner says:

    its the tung wars between kong and that lizard

  99. Markelian Cani says:

    Dude if you see in the mirror he is wearing pants

  100. *The Lonely Wolf* says:

    *Live Animals*
    Phew! Its not DEAD Animals… ;-; :C

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