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  1. Jon Crye says:

    I'm amazed by how comments Brian likes! Keep doing whatcha doin ?

  2. 70s Baby says:

    I used to watch you ever morning, wayyyy before you had zoo, well i think im gonna get into watching you❤

  3. Kobi Ward-Brown says:

    Love you

  4. Maurice Miller says:

    Loved the talking points!

  5. Rich Corbett says:

    Good morning Brian nice job see you tomorrow

  6. Lisa Adolf says:

    The white cobra was stunningly beautiful, and the rattler too! Always good to see Salt and Ben and Jerry! Great vid!? Arno and Heidi were great!

  7. Sheyenne Peterson says:

    Hi Brian I thought you were dead meat Lol !!! ??

  8. Ra ph says:

    You are amazing

  9. hotwolfgang gang says:

    Best YouTuber in the world

  10. Donna Stillwell says:

    Thank you Brian for having us really love your video’s and your place you are one top notch person???

  11. SilentMorras_YT says:

    Such a great video

  12. Conna Sean says:

    Hey Brian, I'm also from South Africa and can confirm that everyone of us is crazy

  13. Dame Lewis says:

    Another species falling victim to the “mythical climate change” that big money denies vehemently. Reptiles are a significant part of ecology….to realize the impact of humanity; truly causes my heart to clench.????? I weep for Mother…..

  14. Tanya Brown says:

    I always feel scared when I see people handling venomous snakes esp when they are distracted by others with them. I kept thinking it was going to get Brian's hand

  15. Mel Hawk says:

    Yes sirree Brian, hikers get hammered, but not too often. Slate Lick PA used to have an area along the creek that was great fishing, but worth your arse in summer, because there was a BIG den area near. Perfect habitat.

  16. amcoop says:

    I was cringing every time that cobra was getting closer to his hand

  17. PaigeR says:

    I live in North Alabama. I've seen my share of copperheads and water moccasins. I've never seen a rattle snake in the wild. Some of my friends have seen rattlesnakes while hiking.

  18. Challan Boggs says:

    My cousin got bit two years ago by a timber in Georgia. It was in his chicken coop. He took two bites in the hand both bites found a vein. He made it 60 feet and hit the ground he was dead for 28 minutes. He was in a coma for two weeks. But some how he made a full recovery besides a slight discoloration and thermal regulation at the tips of his fingers when it's cold. I think he said he received the third highest dose of antivenin in u.s. history.

  19. John Ortiz says:

    If only takes one mistake and bye bye ??

  20. Mario Lowe says:

    I took a pic wit Jordan at Tinley. Cool guy offered me help and tips also.

  21. Bianca Spanoyannis says:

    South Africa all the way

  22. Marian Pizeno says:

    A) BEAUTIFUL Timber Rattlesnake!!! 2) from someone that has lived in the SE coast my entire life, people who don't think climate change isn't happening are idiots!!!

  23. Theadore John says:

    Brian, have you got any lizards snakes?

  24. Delance Lantze says:

    Yeah… We South African people are crazy

  25. jacob march says:

    Hey Brian, I was just wondering if you could give me some advice? I've got a feisty about 2 month old bearded dragon, he loves to bite and is afraid every time I try to touch him or take him out. Do you have any advice for how to make him calmer?

  26. Johnson says:

    Thank you for sharing this video the information in this vid is amazing probably one of my favorite yet keep up the fantastic work

  27. Karen Mcisaac says:

    Love the braid Brian looks awesome

  28. Steven Miller says:

    Burt Reynolds? I live in his childhood home………..Wow, what a great Vlog today!!! love all the visitors!!!

  29. John Phillips says:

    Brian is the best animal ambassador he tells it how it is . Awesome man and family much loved ✊

  30. Delance Lantze says:

    Does NERD have a page? If they are anything as good as you, I'd love to follow them and see their videos

  31. Eddie Vega says:

    Your BEST videos are those with VENOMOUS in the title. By far.

  32. Michael Ducat says:

    Great video i used to live in Tinley park they have an awesome show for sure thx for the videos keep it up

  33. Kyle Gawron says:

    theres a lot of venomous snakesin africa like bush vipers,spitting cobras,forgot the other cobra there is,then black mamba,green mamba. tho bush vipers look so coool

  34. Ashley Mercer says:

    Be careful Bruce ?

  35. Dustin Coleman says:

    We have timbers in Canada up north in Ontario

  36. Tilwaukee Williams says:

    I like seeing what animals Bruce has. And everyone else there.

  37. Ultimate Exotics Reptiles says:

    Awesome video bud???

  38. MikeGoCrazy says:

    I love the stuff you do

  39. Kyle Gawron says:

    here in massachusetts we have 2 venimous snakes. timber rattlers and northern copper heads

  40. John Miller says:

    Climate change is a touchy thing for me. Yes its happening. It's always happened. Nothing we can do. People want to blame things like electric, fuel ect. Things we can't be by on without anymore. We have to get better on how to adapt and deal with issues. We will never be able to stop global climate change only adapt with it. IMO. Love your vlog and what you all do. Not hating one bit

  41. mythical 44 says:

    You should go to chandler’s place and check out his king cobra

  42. Zach Drehmann says:

    Bro this dude is autistic hes gotta b on the spectrum a little bit

  43. Alisha Simms says:

    They are from my side of Maryland or VA

  44. Rogelio Abergido Jr. says:

    Hai sir can i see jessica in next vlog ??…love your video
    From ????

  45. Dylan Triplett says:

    Hey has anyone seen a snake that’s pretty blue an black looking color an the eyes the same color it the sides is bright orange an the stomach the same color as the top pretty blue an black an the body shape like a rattle snake with out the rattler an the head shape like a python an a triangle arrow on its head with all the colors mixed

  46. Scamp’s Mama says:

    Here in Louisiana we have several different types of snakes. It’s about even between venomous and non-venomous. A saying I hear a lot is, “The only good snake is a dead snake.” That makes me soooooooo angry!!! In my opinion if you leave them alone, they’ll leave you alone. Our snakes here aren’t aggressive. They don’t just randomly attack people. But, to protect themselves they will bite. I so wish people would take the time to actually learn about our native snakes. People who are bitten are usually acting stupid and irritating a snake. After all this I just want people to leave them alone and learn the signs of an irritated snake. And what to do if they encounter one. It’s just not ok for people to kill them just because they’re snakes. Oh, that makes me angry!!! Love from Louisiana ❤️❤️❤️???

  47. Debb C. Millard says:

    This is helping with my fright of certain snakes. Even seeing a viper online makes me get covered in fright goosebumps. Not scared about the big ones just the venomous ones!

  48. llj313 says:

    Tell Bruce that in Minnesota we timber rattlesnakes, along the Mississippi river.

  49. klcpca says:

    I was born & raised in South FL so I'm a "rattlesnake girl"…. Bert Reynolds is stunning!!!! Love how dark he is!!

  50. Figure Six says:

    No on is denying climate change dude. Its more the fact that climate has always been changing, even before humans walked the earth. Earth is always changing, and will keep changing long after we are all dead. Its these dumb ass kids that want to stop ALL fossil fuels, that think that will change things. Yeah lets go back to the dark ages.

  51. Matt Price says:

    I'm never captivated by venomous snake videos. I almost don’t want to click on them, but I want to educate myself. I’m into ball pythons. Just want to share my thoughts.

  52. David McKeown says:

    Great Video Brian! thanks

  53. Lithuanian GLOCK31_NH420 says:

    Well… any of you people that play with venomous snakes then I hope you get bit and die.

  54. Enrique Landveld says:

    I followed you on Instagram

  55. Reese France says:

    Ya know us South Africans have very wierd accents in this case we have the awesome Afrikaans accent I have the South African really English accent ???

  56. Riceball01 says:

    I wonder, is it theoretically possible to breed a tame venomous snake? Since it seems that most, if not all, wild animals get more tame with every successive generation that's bred in captivity, if someone were to breed say, cobras, would you get, after a few generations or so and regular handling, a puppy dog tame cobra? Something that's as tame as your average corn snake or ball python? I also wonder if it's possible to breed a venomous snake that's less venomous, somehow analyze the venom to find one that has a less toxic venom and breed it another with less toxic venom and so on until it's only mildly venomous.

  57. Pablo Ramos says:

    You should collab wirh Chandlers wild life . He's my main page when it comes to snakes and adventures.

  58. andy w says:

    Only just got the chance to see this today love your uploads your the man and am getting my son really in to your video's might help me be get his mum my partner to give in and finally let us get a snake fingers crossed thank you for the uploads love them

  59. Zach Kopriva says:

    Is that Kevin's sweaty daughter?!?

  60. ShyAnne Matias says:

    You have my dream career Brian!!!!

  61. Laverne Blair says:

    Brian, what an awesome Vlog, As always! I love seeing others coming into the Reparium it just gives me such joy to see others playing with the snakes! and Salt my lands she is just getting so BIG! wow, Great job!!!

  62. Animalistic Ores says:

    This is what I keep mentioning to people on how global warming is actually taking alot of reptiles off the map. An example of that is the biggest tortiose in the USA.

  63. Barbara Weekley says:

    Salty is so cute

  64. Mike Banks says:

    We the people are ruining all good about our earth. To get things we want like gold and electronics fuel. If weren't killing earth the animals would be able to adapt to natural changes they have since who knows when. But with human consumpstion consuming all we want no matter what, is making changes so derastic the animals can't keep up with the change. Human warming not global. It's very sad to watch we need to slow things down not speed everything up. When time comes it's going seem like it all happened so fast thats denial its been going on to long already. I can't believe mining gold off the bottom of the ocean or drilling half way through the earth. How many holes can you drill and how much cooling fluids and minerals can we remove before disaster. Its already here but just keep doing the same stuff and blame the earth because its changing. Not enough space to say what I really want. But we don't listen anyways.

  65. Heidi Pfeifer says:

    Thank you so much for having us over. We enjoyed it so much. Your animals are amazing and in great condition. Love the natural look and feel to the Reptarium. I cannot wait to come visit again!

  66. amit gefen says:


  67. Cassidy s says:

    I love your channel! Over the past 3 or so years, I've grown to love snakes. But cobras trigger something in me that I cant explain. When I see a picture or video of one I get full body chills and feel sick. They are TERRIFYING to me and I dont think that'll ever change lol

  68. Beautysintheflaws Bishhh says:


  69. Amber Jones says:

    Loved this vlog Brian! You get to meet the coolest people?

  70. Jesus Flores says:

    Where are you located in michigan? Im in mount clemens mi i have a Albino tiger retic

  71. TEAM JELLY says:

    That is the most beautiful snake ?

  72. Alana Corey says:

    you should collab with Chandler's wildlife! I'd love to see you two together!!

  73. Haileys channel says:

    Hey Brian sorry I was in school

  74. Haileys channel says:

    Love this video though!!!!

  75. Messiah Smith says:

    I love venomous snakes, and albino crocodiles and alligators, there are my top favorite reptiles in the reptilian world. ???????

  76. Thomas Valverde says:

    My cousin in Michigan said they don’t have any venomous snakes in Michigan???

  77. The Bearded Adventurer says:

    Brian , if you get bit by a venomous snake we are all going to take turns kicking you ?‍♂️?

  78. Candy Lovejoy says:

    We have Timbers here in North Georgia but our concern here are the King Snakes. They are on the decline so the Georgia DNR, Clemson Univ., & Chattahoochee Nature Center are trying to study their survival in urban environments.

  79. Sandy Hagstrom says:

    Scoot back Brian!! You were about to give me a damn heart attach!!

  80. Jeremy Stillwell says:

    Our brilliant president thinks climate change is a hoax lol We really need to elect some leaders that care and know about the environment!!!

  81. She Flys says:

    I lived in New England til I was 18. never saw anything more than a garter snake. my papa used to tell me about these rattlesnakes.. I called BS, moved out to AZ and now i'm hearing more about them than when I lived in Maine LOL..

  82. MadeYaLookC says:

    I love the nerd crew! I like how pretty much everyone was holding they're own part of an animal ?

  83. Rudó Engelbrecht says:

    Happy to see my fellow South Africans contribute to the world of reptiles

  84. cory suter says:

    The Massasauga rattler is defiantly moving south up here in Canada personally I think it's just stepping into the spot the Niagara rattlesnakes used to be but not one has been seen in years the massasauga is a very beautiful snake and over the years now I have found it further south then it once was

  85. Sonia Hanley says:

    What a awesome vlog u really have some awesome friends Brian 🙂

  86. Scott Lucidi says:

    Why i hate the word amazing.

    When everything that happens and you see is called "amazing", you are misusing the word. Amazing means you are amazed. If something makes you feel good, it is EXCITING. A ball python morph is NOT amazing. A ball python with 7 heads is amazing.

    You are going to have a GREAT day.
    You are going to see some EXCITING reptiles.
    We will be talking to CAPTIVATING people.

    Get a thesaurus, please. Its hard to listen to you narrate with amazing as your only adjective.

  87. Royal Designer Reptiles says:

    I have been to Tinley 3 x now and the first time I met Brain back in 2014. What a great show. 2020 I must come back and visit you.

  88. l KillSwitch Vl says:

    Brian and Chandlers wildlife should do a collaboration… Like if u agree

  89. Brett Van Der Byl says:


  90. My Future Is Bright says:

    You should do a collab with Chandlers Widlife!!!!

  91. Brett says:

    I can vouch for timber rattlers being in Virginia. I’ve lived in southwest Virginia and now in central Virginia and we have them in both places. Not sure if we have the biggest population but they’re everywhere and incredibly beautiful

  92. Philip Mead says:

    Interesting vlog. Some beautiful Animals. I love the Timber Rattlesnake.

  93. Quillas says:

    Brian u should get a cobra

  94. Hanna Kin says:

    I love ya and I love most reptiles but I can't watch the deadly venomous snake vlogs, sorry. Maybe you could post the timestamp for what point it happens so I can skip that part, lol. I'll go re-watch one of your older Vlogs to give you the same view time you would have gotten from me. It was so sad when that young reptile handler passed away recently from a venomous snake bite. It makes me too nervous to watch venomous snake handling now. It seems reckless and unnecessary. You're a husband and father, you run a business you have employees, I wish you wouldn't mess with venomous snakes at all. Yeah that's right I'm mom'n you even though I'm an anonymous stranger. Lol Be safe. Poor Lori ? I don't know how she does it sometimes, she obviously really loves you!

  95. Willie Van Rensburg says:

    Arno Naude specialize in snake bites and give snake handling courses in South Africa. Great, down to earth person. I enjoyed this show. Thanks.

  96. Bobby BoiTx says:

    Lmao I thought this was a big ass snake

  97. James Sparks says:

    5:05 I did not know that you are in Michigan. Is there any way you could tell me what town you and the reptarium are in? I would LOVE to come some day.

  98. Rob Cline jr says:

    I live in new Hampshire and I used to see one every year in the wild I didn't know about the fungus that explains why I haven't seen one in 3 or 4 years

  99. Anika Bowen says:

    My 4 year old daughter is obsessed with your reptiles and considering we live in JAMAICA! our worst fear is snakes she's never seen or held a real one before but hopefully next summer I can take her to see your reptiles
    Keep up the good work brian.

  100. KickTheFire says:

    Your dog looks weird

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