D&D: The Tavern

D&D: The Tavern

… so then the Guard says: “My God! You’re right! My name IS Greg!” Ah… Welcome travelers! Ey, can we get uh… two ales and… a water, please? The water is for me; I’m a recovering alcoholic. I’ll have my barmaid bring those right out for you. In the meantime, have a seat, enjoy your stay, and uh, don’t mind that weird old man over THERE! [Plot hook] Okay. This seems like an exciting town. Yeah, I don’t know what I’m more looking forward to, learning about it’s detailed history or discovering all the hidden gems of its contemporary culture. Too bad these bartenders have to stay cooped up and inside all day when they could be out exploring such a storied locale. I know what that’s like. I was imprisoned as a child. You’re really sitting on that back story aren’t you? Here you are, two ales, a water… and a little something extra from one of our other patrons…. That guy is, uh… the only one in here. [Plot Hook] Funny you should mention him, he’s looking for some help on a very important quest. Perhaps you three are just the adventurers he needs! I think we’ll pass. We just got in from a long day of traveling, and we like to unwind with a few drinks and nice game of cards. I once lost EVERYTHING in a game of cards! A fan of cards, are you? If you really want to test your luck, you should challenge the master of cards! Five gold says it’s the old man. IT IS the old man, what a coincidence! [Plot hook intensifies] Oh my god fine! We get it! We’ll go talk to him. [Mysterious music] Ah, hello my young friends. You look like the adventuring sort. I used to be the same but, now I’m too old and withered and mysterious, and I am in no shape to go wandering about out in the wildern- Yeah, that’s fascinating. What do you want? In my travels, I came across this ancient map, which leads to a magnificent treasure! It sits at the top of the highest mountain and is guarded by a fearsome beast, with teeth as sharp as swords and breath hotter than the hottest forge- It’s a dragon. We know what dragons are. It’s in the name of the… Hey, you know what? I’ve heard there’s a lot of really dangerous things in this area. We could always fight something a little… less generic, and you guys can come with us! The dragon guards the largest horde in all the land! Other quests are but trifles compared to the riches that await you should you choose to- What do you get from this? Simply return to me, with proof of the dragon’s demise, and that shall be reward enough! I have no need for such extravagant extravagancies- I don’t trust you. But, if it gets you to shut up and move on with your life, Fine, we’ll go. My parents were eaten by a dragon! Good! Yes! All right, so we just wait a couple of weeks, and if they come back, then we kill them and take the treasure. And if they don’t, then we just keep sending people until somebody wins, I gue- Would you prefer to run this? Ta-da. Hey everyone, this video was filmed at Knight Watch Games, It’s a gaming store that is decked out to look like a medieval tavern. This is Paraic, he owns it and runs it with his wife Brenda, and they were very nice and let us film here for a D&D video, and he was in it as the fighter. Please come on by, check out the shop and even if you’re not looking for… purchasing a game, we have a bunch of games that you can rent, or actually use for free. The table space is free, so there’s no excuse not to come by! It’s 16350 Blanco Road, Zip code 78232, hope to meet’cha! So, yeah. That’s basically it. Thanks for letting us film here. Cool! You’re very welcome.

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “D&D: The Tavern

  1. Knight Watch Games LLC says:

    Great job! We'd love to do more if you dream up more medieval scripts. The cinematography, lighting, sound and post production really brought it all together. Love it.

  2. Michael E says:

    I knew they were villains when she had her fingers inside the glasses

  3. ZeroFiveSeven says:

    Nice twist.

  4. Frances Hersey says:

    How has no one in the comments said anything about the old man saying "I used to be an adventurer like you once…."

    Arrow to the knee? Anyone? Just me? Ok ;-;

  5. Alphadog 2064 says:

    The best part is that I came to this video just after finishing the Diplomacy video so it was just kinda weird.

    Edit: I commented to early, WHAT IS THAT MONSTROSITY OF AN ENDING.

  6. Word Bearer says:

    0:48 Her hands are the drinks

  7. Tiax Anderson says:

    The dialogue is so much better when you watch it again with the twist/punch line in mind.

  8. Daniel Ong says:

    That was an unexpected turn …

  9. owen diaram says:

    My dragons were killed by Parents.

  10. Константин Войнов says:

    1:56 was she createdin Oblivion?))

  11. wb wam says:

    Is he on his knees?

  12. The Algorithm says:

    “We’re looking for the nearest Type H treasure. Is there a mysterious old man nearby we can ask?

  13. Fibonochos says:

    Head cannon: this is the future, the old guy is the hobo, and that's why he needed the milk

  14. Frenzal says:

    bruh she stuck her fingers in the ales and the water

  15. CliffJumper gaming says:


  16. INFINITUM says:


  17. DarkFireMonarchy says:

    0:30 second time watching and I just realized that this part was a hint to the twist ending

  18. templeofbone says:

    That was one helluva M. Night Shamalama twist!

  19. Wonder Waffle says:

    Why the fuck dose the elf have such big ears

  20. Schwarzer Ritter says:

    The players deciding to settle down and run a legit business is the ultimate plot derailment.

  21. Cynical Cinema says:

    When he said "I used to be the same", I was expecting that he would follow that with, "but then I took an arrow to the knee".

  22. sword & dove Productions says:

    yep when you want a party to do a quest and they just choose not to

  23. lord buss says:

    – My PARENTS were killed by a dragon!
    – Good!

    Really like the warrior guy.

  24. Connection Points says:

    0:52 Her fingers were in my drink, can I have a refund?

  25. rate eightx says:

    That… Was Beautiful!

  26. Girou Dirou says:

    “My parents were eaten by a dragon”

    “G O O D”

  27. Andrew Miller says:

    and it's that song the yogscast used for colony survival and i can never mental unbind from that game, and come to think of it you guys could actualy do wuite alot with colony survival in terms of skits.

  28. coke of cola says:

    a twist to rival shyamalan

  29. ShackledTime says:

    Oh god, I just realized this means that the DM will have to, on his own, have an entire side campaign controlling all the NPCs in this substory that his players will just take advantage of. If this whole PC party isn't evil I don't know what is.

  30. Girou Dirou says:

    0:37 this is a hidden message from the DM controlling this NPC’s. He is trying to force his party to be adventurers again

  31. Little Katipunero says:

    The DM's team should have just attacked the players' team back at that tavern in order to force them to play/fight! XD

  32. Skelzore says:

    I'm playing my first game of D&D in a few hours. The gm is awesome, she and I worked together on an idea I had so that we could allow it in the game.

    I'm a Mind Flayer.

  33. Johnwestens Norris says:

    If I am seeing a person who could be a fighter or paladin I see paladins with shiny plate armor and fighters with leatherish armor. Anybody else?

  34. Eleeth Tahgra says:

    Then…the GM send tarrasque, a vampiric half dragon tarrasque lich


  35. Dave Greenlaw says:

    So THAT'S what the party REALLY does after they get Trollskull Manor in Dragon Heist.

    Seriously, I did NOT see that coming.

  36. Icosiol says:

    OH SNAP! In San Antonio? So glad I moved to Texas. Going to have to stop by next time I'm there.

  37. Steel Bear says:

    Don't know shit about DnD, but I know that whoever plays the role of a waitress is gorgeous

  38. Fabio The Fly says:

    I love this idc how many times I watch it

  39. invaderzam says:

    Did not see that coming. 10/10

  40. ryan alving says:

    Easy fix for that, have the dragon attack the town.

  41. Serin9X says:

    I feel like the adventurers should have been clued in when the barmaid's fingers were literally in their drinks.

  42. BrasilFascista says:

    Que reviravolta

  43. Mira Piet says:

    When the old man said 'I used to be an adventurer'…you can guess what I thought immediately. Something to do with knees, probably.

  44. TheSlick44y says:

    Is no one going to comment how the barmaids hands were right inside the drinks she dispensed?

  45. BlueNinja89 says:

    Well… That was twist I didn't see coming.

  46. Nugget says:

    When you make too many backstories of your character.

  47. King SB says:

    Send those drinks back the barmaid had her fingers in them ?

  48. Zelrius says:

    Need to know whatever that backtrack that starts at 2:37 is!

  49. Lyzan Kayster says:

    Rule 404. No subcontracting dungeon crawls.

  50. Doctor Purple says:

    That ending seriously fucked my mind, and it got me thinking… What if I was actually an NPC this whole time?

  51. osmacar says:

    Tbh I'd be like "yes but have you seen this cult, i kinda need to violently murder them cause of… Information am not going to say, damn lazy crap for crap ancestors"

  52. Italiandanish says:

    just found this channel, amazing work! really consistently high quality

  53. Rafael Brum says:

    Only I think that the barmaid was extremely hot?

  54. Evan van de Steeg says:

    The players are really not that smart when you consider the fact the adventurers will become stronger if they beat the dragon therefore the players are idiots

  55. Dark Arts Dabbler says:

    Great twist

    Also, why is all the cool stuff in California?

  56. Mysteroo says:

    Legit impressed with how you made a convincing half-ling. How'd you do it?

  57. jonrubertas says:

    so ive watched this a few times over they years but never noticed that when she dropped off the drinks her fingers were very much in the drink… haha

  58. ThatGuy says:

    Don't know too much about D&D, but just enough to find these videos awesome and really entertaining!
    Question though; when they say "wait a few weeks", that is weeks that can be fast forwarded in-game, right? Not actually a few real-life weeks? 'Cause I've heard that D&D games can last quite a long time.

  59. Robertson Thirdly says:

    tavern wench must've had her bosom nerfed in a previous patch

  60. siberiusrahl says:

    Dungeons and Dragons and Inception, BWWAAAHHHH!

  61. Ceres Golden Cross - Videojuegos y opinión says:

    Rewatching it very interesting, since you can spot the gm telling the players "go adventure already ffs"

  62. marinescu0511 says:

    Anyone kinda disgusted that she put her fingers in all three drinks?

  63. Phil Smiles says:

    Ok that was an awesome twist

  64. Pinbag Xperia says:

    How to derail a campagn 101

  65. Aaron Watkins says:

    did anyone else see that the barmaid had her fingers in the drinks at 00:50

  66. Saltlake Seattelite says:


  67. psovegeta says:

    What a twist!

  68. Purple Penguin says:

    when the student becomes the DM 2:37

  69. Guan Disimo says:

    i'm going to do this in the next campaign

  70. Trent Lindsey says:

    "So then the guard says, 'My god, my name is Greg!'" perfect reference.

  71. HailSisyphus says:

    0:49 why in god's name is the barmaid holding the drinks like that

  72. Kyle Hoffman says:

    That girl was cute

  73. mittri1990 says:

    Face Palms. This is the reason I do a sandbox campaign. The character can literally do whatever they want. Having the main story of the campaign as an optional quest and talking with players about their characters making quests for them specifically based on it. Ruin who is from the land of Scandia that is at the moment in war with a tyrant and occasionally lures him on adventures of information as he used to work as a spy and informant and scholar. (Wow that was easy.) An Aladrian High Elf that tends to flatter and get as laid as much as he drinks. (Actions have consequences buddy and it turns out you have a lot of bastards half-elves that wants to cash in on that money and too much to build on I can't fit in here.) Tiefling that has ties to a demon. (He basically made his own quest I just had to pull the rug over him a few times and add some plot twists.

  74. El Guapo says:

    What a twist!

  75. alex bluestein says:

    0:51  her fingers are in the ale, thats not good waiting practice.

  76. The Reprehensible says:

    TFW I know the story of "Greg".

  77. The Reprehensible says:

    That twist ending tho'.

  78. Grimm Wald says:

    Cool tavern.

  79. Chlo Carlston says:

    the moral of the story: listen to your DM ?

  80. Subscribe to FluffyEnderPug says:

    Another half elf ranger? My cousin said that's rare and weird that's what I chose

  81. Sparrow Hawk says:

    The twist was amazing

  82. Cem Dinçarslan says:

    Good one. Yet I'm still disturbed of the fingers inside the drinks..

  83. Arelak says:

    Oh gods that ending!!! AHHAHA!

  84. Totally a Furret says:

    You guys should get a new DM…

  85. Blarg6306 says:

    Hilarious! As a brand new DM, I'm now concerned my players will do this to me. I think I'm NOT showing this to my wife (one of my players). It's something she would do.
    Also, I thought I recognized Knight Watch. Place is awesome!

  86. Insideadee says:

    I’m still laughing… genius!

  87. AvangionQ says:

    Any adventurers capable of killing a dragon will likely wipe the floor with the PCs … their plan will backfire upon them quite badly.

  88. Rockspoon says:

    Is no one else wanting to murder the her for carrying the drinks like that?

  89. Gojira Fan says:

    I just realized, in all my campaigns, I have never come across a dragon. Huh

  90. 리사 says:

    Omg this was great! It would honestly have killed me if every npc was played by the same dude/dudette tho

  91. Ajjerio says:

    The obligatory tavern, where all the PCs always meet and form a group. I'm looking at you, DMs.

  92. Meme_lord_kek says:

    No one gonna mention the bar maids fingers in their drinks? No? Just me then? Ok

  93. Sweet Seduction says:

    2:38 YAY! Exasperated Ian!!! He's so frustrated and it brings me such joy 😀

  94. JameZ B says:

    That reference to a different episode at the start was a nice touch

  95. Jomo says:

    When your trying to stop your players from being sidetracked.

  96. Coding Ant says:

    I bet the human fighter is the only one that lives and comes back to the tavern empty-handed which leads the group into their next quest, whatever that turns out to be. HuFi would turn out to be a friendly NPC or a major villain, both of which would force the group into doing some actual adventuring (although the former would take some extra work to reach that outcome.)

    I just came up with this on the spot and my own "creativity" makes me want to play more D&D. I should get around to that.

  97. Ombreloup says:

    "Quand même, c’est classe les vieux. Ils arrivent, c’est hyper mystérieux.

    – Les vieux, c’est mystérieux ? Attendez, vous vous foutez de moi ? "

  98. Awelbeckk says:

    As a GM I put that on my players once :
    They were evil, and their master put them in charge of a tavern when adventurers comes because of rumors of great treasures.
    Rumors was fake, just a bait to attract adventurers in a trap so the master got material to experiment on. The tavern was here to give the hook and general direction.
    So the poor players has to deal with heroes randomly searching the kitchen, harrassing them to tell them the local lore, digging holes in the tavern's cave, bargaining for hours to get the room at 14GP instead of 15GP, trying to bang the waitress in very unsubtle ways … Well every obnoxious things any PC does, for once they where on the bad side of the stick … good times …

  99. Християн лазаров says:

    Outsourcing at its best

  100. AutoFox1 says:

    …oh man I should totally propose something like this to my DM.

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