David Icke: Conspiracy of the Lizard Illuminati (Part 1/2)

David Icke: Conspiracy of the Lizard Illuminati (Part 1/2)

NARRATOR: For as long as I can
remember, I’ve had an interest in what some people
condescendingly term conspiracy theory. You see, I was born November 22,
the anniversary of John F Kennedy’s assassination. And every year on my birthday
there’s been televised specials on practically every
channel talking about magic bullets, grassy knolls, other
shooters, as well as CIA, FBI, and mafia involvement. Even by the age of 10
this spoke to me. And, of course, there were UFOs,
the Illuminati, occult Nazis, organized satanic
networks, faked moon landings and CIA mind control programs. Hell, even if this is
all bullshit, it was fun to read about. It was in 2000 that I first
discovered David Icke’s book, “The Biggest Secret.” In it
he writes about a global conspiracy. A hidden hand manipulating
humanity’s destiny through the shadows using those who
seem to be in power. And the goal of these
shadow people? Nothing less than an Orwellian
global super state with total control at the hands of
an ancient reptilian shapeshifting race. So we took a ferry to the Isle
of Wight to spend the day with David Icke, Britain’s leading
conspiracy evangelist, and the one man standing between us
and total enslavement. NARRATOR: Hey! DAVID ICKE: Ah. NARRATOR: Mr. Icke. DAVID ICKE: Kev, nice
to meet you. NARRATOR: Nice to meet you. DAVID ICKE: Good trip? NARRATOR: Yes. Yes. It was. DAVID ICKE: Welcome
to my abode. There’s not much to see,
but I like it. NARRATOR: What have
we got here? DAVID ICKE: Well, this is things
that I’ve collected over the years. This is fantastic. Someone in Hawaii actually
painted this. This is what the painting is. This is the original of the
front cover of my last book, “Human Race Get Off Your Knees:
The Lion Sleeps No More.” And I asked my great
friend, an artist called Neil Hague, to paint this picture
for me with, particularly, those eyes. And that’s humanity
saying, no more. Enough. No more little me. We’re not having it anymore. NARRATOR: In 1991 David Icke
didn’t believe in secret shapeshifting lizard fascists. He was a television celebrity. After arthritis had ended a
promising career in football, he’d become a broadcaster. But that all ended in one
remarkable appearance on the Terry Wogan show. -David Icke. NARRATOR: In a turquoise
tracksuit he’d announced that he was the son of God. And the world would be
ending that year. It didn’t, and Icke seemed
destined to disappear beneath a typhoon of public laughter. -It’s quite funny really. 2000 years ago had a guy called
Jesus sat here and said these same things, you would
still be laughing. It’s really, really funny that
we’ve not really moved on that much. -They’re laughing at you. They’re not laughing with you. -Fine. NARRATOR: But Icke wouldn’t
disappear. He began to write. And over a series of
increasingly successful books, he began to outline
his philosophy. Humankind was not in charge
of its destiny. It was the unwitting prisoner
of a race of shapeshifting lizards who occupied
the roles in the highest echelons of society. From presidents to royal
families, all trusted public figures were secretly part of a
reptilian satanist pedophile group who had been on this
planet for centuries. People began to take notice of
Icke, and today he spends most of his year preaching to
amphitheaters full of fans. He’s still making startling
revelations, and recently he declared the moon to be a
hollowed out planetoid space station from which our
minds are controlled. The lizard’s very
own Death Star. Don’t mention the reptiles,
chapter two. DAVID ICKE: Don’t mention
the reptiles, yeah. Because people– when they
started to come in people were kind of into my stuff
up to that point. Which was kind of regular– well it was a bit strange. It was all the way the world was
manipulated by few people, but it was all kind
of regular stuff. And then I came across with this
stuff and it was like– NARRATOR: Get it
out of the way. DAVID ICKE: –don’t mention
the reptiles. They’ll just laugh
at you again. I said, I know. But I’ve seen enough
and heard enough to believe that it’s real. And so I say it. I don’t care about the
consequences for me. Are you frightened? No. I’m not. I don’t care. Because the consequences for the
world and my children, and my grandchildren, and everyone
else’s, of humans not intervening in this process
that’s going on now ever more quickly, are that we are
condemning our children and grandchildren– indeed ourselves, it’s
that close– to a world that George Orwell
so massively understated. NARRATOR: Can we have a look at
where the work gets done? DAVID ICKE: Yes. NARRATOR: Where it
all happens. DAVID ICKE: This is where
it all happens. As you can see it’s
really small. NARRATOR: It is really small. DAVID ICKE: Because I look at
my life and I don’t see my life as a life anymore. I haven’t for a while. I see it as a job. NARRATOR: So this
is the new one. In German? DAVID ICKE: Yeah. This is the German version,
isn’t it? Look at the size of that. NARRATOR: Jeez, yeah. DAVID ICKE: 250,000 words. That, in one book, is the scale
of information that has come into my life about
these things. See, that is not a theory. That is evidence supporting
a fact. NARRATOR: What was the first
book that really struck you? Because, I know, there
was a couple for me. Are you familiar with
Robert Anton Wilson? DAVID ICKE: Yeah. Yeah. NARRATOR: And I just liked it
because it was funny and it tied a lot of points of
interest together. And he sort of pointed me
in different directions. Even though he wasn’t really a
conspiracy theorist trying to say anything. He put things together
I never saw. DAVID ICKE: Right. NARRATOR: He’d connect dots that
had never occurred to me. Which turned me to “Holy, Blood,
Holy Grail,” and some of these other things. DAVID ICKE: You’ve just hit the
nail right on the head of my work and what you need
to do to understand what’s going on. Connect the dots. See, there are dots, like
banking, government, all these different things, 9/11, which
in and of themselves are interesting. And you can see that something’s
not right. But when you connect the dots
between apparently unconnected people and situations and
organizations, that’s when the tapestry appears. And you go, whoa. So that’s what’s happening. NARRATOR: David had told us
that his first moment of enlightenment had occurred when
a voice entered his head while shopping with his
son on the sea front. DAVID ICKE: This is the news
agent I told you about where, basically, it all started. I was walking along here and I
walked in this door and turned to where Gareth was reading
his Spin Train books. And this is where it happened. Just the other side
of this door. Where I’m like, what’s
going on? Go and look at the books
on the far side. What? What? And that’s where it started. 1990. March, 1990. And I never thought it was going
to lead where it has. But it has. Yeah. NARRATOR: Well, it was
a great beginning. Platform Fun. DAVID ICKE: In simple terms,
there is a predator race which take a reptilian form. They’re feeding off humanity. They’ve turned humanity
into a slave race. They demand human sacrifice. That’s where satanism
comes in. They feed off human energy,
particularly feed off the energy of children. NARRATOR: David’s latest
revelations have been about the moon. Far from a lump of benign rock
orbiting us, it is in fact an artificial construct, a gigantic
spacecraft, probably a hollowed out planetoid. It is from the moon that the
nefarious Illuminati manipulate the collective
human mind. Warping our perception
of reality. DAVID ICKE: I’m saying it’s
broadcasting something. That it acts as a blocking
frequency that stops us seeing and perceiving things that we
would normally perceive. That is creating what I call the
moon matrix, or the satin moon matrix. And it’s basically having the
effective of the fake reality in “The Matrix” movies. NARRATOR: I guess that makes
David the Isle of Wight’s very own Neo.

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “David Icke: Conspiracy of the Lizard Illuminati (Part 1/2)

  1. Karen Miller says:

    This man is delusional

  2. Paul Kenny says:

    Poor David he is more insane than trump!

  3. BILLY ROACH says:

    Traverlers Insurance Workers Compensation 09/09/2009 666 Bedstuy DO or Die SmurfVillage Claiim # A4k7885 Reptilians. Ppl so stuck on Robots and dont even have a clue what else is out there lol! That is why there are dying.

  4. HowItDrew says:

    Vice would not upload this type of content, specifically Alex Jones/David Ickeโ€™s conspiracies. Strange

  5. Carson 1219 says:

    "The greatest trick the Devil ever pulledย was convincing the world he didn't exist."

  6. David Watters says:

    It appear the trade war between Trump & President Xi of China could be a hoax as Xi in Roman numerals equates to 6 (pyramid on keyboard), and in Hollywood, 6 usually represents an individual who rebels as explained below:

    "Movies often depict a subliminal theme of a rebellious hero who is always associated with the number 6…This hero resists the totalitarian control of an Eye. In this video, we'll see WHY this theme exists in many movies where you may never have noticed it before:

    "A CLOCKWORK ORANGE – Alex is the rebellious character who is turned into a 'clockwork orange' by a mind-control treatment that destroys his freewill and forces him to be good. One Eye Symbolism dominates the film to indicate that this 'treatment' is really the All Seeing Eye. Alex is identified as '6' as he walks to the right of a policeman with the number 665 (making Alex 666)."

    "THX-1138 – This character's name is pronounced 'Thicks' which identifies him as Number 6. He sits next to a computer therapist as we see him say, "Please forgive me" to the therapist's ONE EYE."

    "BLADE RUNNER – Roy Baty is a Nexus 6 which identifies him as Number 6…One Eye Symbolism dominates the film."

    "ROLLERBALL – The character Jonathan wears number 6 and rebels against a totalitarian system controlled by John Housemen – who is identified as the 'Eye' subliminally as the camera quickly covers his face in shadows leaving only one eye showing."

    "THE PRISONER – The character is directly called Number 6 and he directly rebels against an Eye. Not much interpretation needed."

    "U.F.O. – Commander Straker is identified as Number 6 as he runs across a lawn and a huge hand is seen making the '666' hand sign. A studio executive is associated with the 'Eye' by a poster right behind him. He also rubs his eye and makes a One Eye Symbolism."

  7. Cecille Chan says:

    David Icke is a brilliant and really awake man. I read five hours of everyday, averaging 70 books a year, for a few decades now. It was a decision I made after realizing there was something very wrong about the world we lived in. I read with total abandon, never discriminating against any source because my objective was to find out the truth. I had all this information, and once I got to David Icke's information, all the dots connected seamlessly. Those people that make fun of him should spend some time researching, reading instead of criticizing him (as if they know everything) because the objective is to find out the truth. The religious, especially, with their tunnel vision, need to find out the real foundation of their control system because that is all religion is. Spirituality has nothing to do with religion. My biggest concern is thst society has been so dumbed down that people cannot even see the blatant scam. A few decades ago, reading John Stossel's well researched book I read that 80 percent of the American high school graduates are functional illiterates. Now, that was an earth rending information, but it explained a lot of things. And this was by design. Society didn't become stupid and easy to control by accident. I hope for the day when we all become wiser instead of becoming more violent and more idiotic. Everyone should read the Protocols of Zion. We have become exactly like the Goyims that they've plotted to make us into. Our physicality is a construct built to strengthen the control system. We need to awaken our higher consciousness or we are doomed.

  8. Captin John says:

    "To the future or to the past,
    To a time when thought is free,
    When men are different from one another, and do not live alone.
    To a time when truth exists,
    and what is done can not be undone.
    From the age of uniformity,
    from the age of solitude,
    from the age of Big Brother,
    from the age of doublethink,
    — Greetings !"

  9. Sandra O says:

    They're demons

  10. Will Mart says:

    Most of everything he says is true. Vice news are not neutral

  11. Superholligan 7.76m says:

    Well vice doesn't upload shit stuffs, Somewhere, someplace, somebody surely knows about what we all dont know. People laugh at them when they speak truth cause everyone is obbessed with the thing that 'they are right' so the scientists, researchers they all know the truth but they dont expose it cause you all braindead wont believe the truth, afterall its not important for you to feel what they feel so stop spreading bullshits and enjoy the content.
    Fuck off

  12. Dylan Downright says:

    Wonder if hes referring to what's in the allies of humanity briefings?

  13. Elaine Cochrane says:

    I have his dvds and books and every time I see the wogan interview I cringe because..hahahahaaaa..he was RIGHT!!

  14. Rann Rann says:

    WWG1WGA TRUMP USA Q He's so so mothafkn RIGHT he's telling the TRUTH!!!! Illuminati runs our country and world!!! Wake up we are all slaves and pawns in their sick game look what's going on now Trump and U.S. military are trying take them down!!!! God WINS Lord has we the decent people's backs

  15. Anthony 198877 says:

    David Icke is the biggest retard of the modern age. Stop believing this absolute rubbish!!!!

  16. Anthony 198877 says:

    If there was any truth in any of this, dont you think david icke would disappear very quickly? Absolutely pathetic in every way shape and form.

  17. Fossil Diver says:

    Stacy Keach is a lizard person and there is video evidence to prove it. Hollyweird is full of them.

  18. Chris R says:

    Icke is a good blagger. I've met many men like him. His ego is enormous and he downplays it but he never even shows the slightest interest in the interviewer as a peer. Instead he turns everything into melodrama and conspiracies that he's typically rehashed from other people's work. This is why around the 6 minute mark, he doesn't linger on other people's work. A plagiarist on top of everything else. He makes me laugh if nothing else!

  19. Ted Kerz says:

    David Icke looks more like a lizard then anyone I know.

  20. Ted Kerz says:

    David Icke is a media feasting giant. This procedure is called, "swallow them whole", which is what they do once they are spotted. The idea is that once you know the truth they come out as the leaders of the opposition against themselves to redirect your aim and to get you hanging under their strings

  21. Kohlenstoffisotop12 says:

    Yeah, sure, lizard people, go fuck yourself lol. Mixing the rational with the absurd to discredit the rational; seriously, go fuck yourself. xD

    "I have seen enough, and I have heard enough, to BELIEVE it was real.", he says – There you go, believe what you want, but stop the insinuating of people for who-, or whatever the fucks sake.

  22. lion of juda says:

    David really get a grip u tool.๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜›๐Ÿ˜›

  23. aubrianna J says:

    Yall need to wake up, this shit is real, the longer you stay sleep, the harder it will be for you to wake up

  24. Lord Glo says:

    This is all bullshit

  25. Walt Langdon says:

    How do u block the scrambling frequency from the moon per the claim that the moon is keeping us from seeing a true perception of this reality. I'm truly curious if there's been any comments on that.

  26. Meesha LaDawn says:

    Icke is one of the few I put faith in.. I've heard of the Bell theory of the moon and it's believable

  27. d mar says:

    I attended 100s of Grateful Dead shows and nope no shapeshifters here!!! South Carolina is still and well

  28. rastabarwell says:

    If anything that icke's saying was true, he would have committed suicide by now, mysteriously.

  29. Deno Keller says:

    People will say anything to make money ๐Ÿ’ฐ these days and will always making their Ignorance undeniable !!!

  30. Adam says:

    Why is it that the guy preaching about lizard people looks like a lizard himself? ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  31. lagaman11 says:

    Charlatan, plain and simple.

  32. The Boogeyman says:

    I was cleaning out my flower bed yesterday and a lizard ran out….I think it was Tom Cruise

  33. Lucinda Randolph says:

    This guy is out of touch and prehistoric. Potentially even controlled opposition too! For a truth speaker, he's 'got a lot of PR yet still alive, unlike Bill Cooper, Andrew Breitbart and sooo many other truth speakers. Something is OFF.

    Interviewed BY Vice, a CABAL outfit. Come on!!

    Icke disses Trump and is OBVLIVIOUS re QAnon. What a tool!

  34. Yurhan Vandersnatch says:

    The Clintonโ€™s are absolutely reptilian beings, disguised in human flesh…Hilary Clinton skinned those poor sex traffic girls alive after bill raped them, on Epsteinโ€™s island. The fbi is actively looking for the bodies… killary wears the skin of those girls, to obtain her human form…it will all come out soon

  35. T G1128 says:

    Omgoodness he was praying in a pentagram .19 seconds

  36. Reptilian alien says:

    Good day everyone, how are you?

  37. Skyliee Chase says:

    Ive experienced seeing and what this entity is capable of…put me in post-traumatic stress..due to what I saw and what this entity could do… concerning mind control and extreme deception..if it wasnt for the Grace of God and his protection. I think i would have been complete prey. I believe they are demons…but can shape-shift into humans…because ive seen it .

  38. Muhd Zikri Danial Bin Sazali says:

    Princemeed bought me here

  39. lolly loving says:

    We are food. The strong will eat and the weak are meat.I will not go willingly, as most are. If you can't get your head around this , you are the weak. I know it is difficult to swallow, but you must …….WAKE UP…………We are in a nightmare and if you refuse to wake up you will continue to feed the evil machine that you are a prisoner of, and just waking is not enough. Knowing that love is a weapon, that we can create our own reality right here on Earth,and that there is a war raging in the 4th dimension where this reality is created and this danger is threatening our existence.This is a great start . Thanks to David for rattling the cages of us all.lolly

  40. Melvin says:

    someone please tell me what's wrong with his hands?

  41. P Inzunza says:

    Woooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwww ๐Ÿ˜น๐Ÿ˜น๐Ÿ˜น๐Ÿ˜น๐Ÿ˜น๐Ÿ˜น๐Ÿ˜น๐Ÿ˜น

  42. Bennie Brunink says:

    We are all sons of god ..

  43. codename loveone says:

    its not a conspiracy theory. humans are the genetic manipulation of the annunaki…arriving here 500,000 years ago…..you have been lied to . BY EVERYONE.

  44. Ahmed Haljeta says:

    God bless you David Icke!

  45. Rajat Bishnoi PCM says:

    You can say them reptiles , Nagas(serpent like creatures) from ancient world , alien's or you can call them demons they all exist or have existed on this planet.but if you hear voices then you are either possesed or your mental health is not good.

  46. Tuto Rial says:

    What a satanic subliminal Sequenz? 0:46 WATCH WITH 0,25% SPEED!

  47. peter8488 says:

    And here's why this is nonsense, any beings capable of interstellar travel, hollowing out a body as big as the moon can enslave us by pure force.

    Sometimes I get a voice that says "take the other route" and I don't I might end up in traffic, devine intervention or intuition or experience with traffic pattern, people will see what they want based upon superficial appearances and often they never considered life experiences as a factor because we want to believe WE are special in some way.

  48. Pardeep Parmar says:

    Wogan was the real Lizard

  49. Bolo Taulepa says:

    Reveal them all.

  50. Jeff Payne says:

    Conspiracy theorists are now called TRUTHERS

  51. Doesn't Matter says:

    He has just one
    life line on hand, just look – 6:50

  52. Anthony Beck says:

    Lizard= Jew

  53. Egils Kauls says:

    There are no reptilians..greed just manifests in people making them look twisted..but thats in other dimensions i guess wheres true nature is shown.

  54. young truth says:

    Reptilian on camera https://youtu.be/k19uMnf13yw

  55. Keith Callaway says:

    How would Angelina Jolie and the elites and Britney Spears and Kim Kardashian an kanye west feel about this guy telling the truth?

  56. sumpeoplesuck says:

    Is that DJ Skrillex?

  57. Craig Bigelow says:

    FUCKIN cephalopods!๐Ÿ‘น

  58. ilumint Nibiru says:

    David .. peru y in yo ufo ovni yo lo ami tambien me pasa lo mismo q aqti nose donde acudir .. lo veo todo lo se todo..

  59. Pixel Coloring says:

    When the young white man leaves the old man takes his skin off and is a lizard

  60. Ken Calfee says:

    Watch War Castle overview on yt channel watch to the end

  61. Shmueli says:

    So if you become successful then youโ€™re immediately a reptilian?

  62. Majk Bone says:


  63. Cernunnos Wild says:

    So he never learned from his public appearance in 1991? Tracksuit be damned.

  64. Hassan Raza says:

    The man looks scared of iluminati himself Scared to explain in detail.๐Ÿค”

  65. Hassan Raza says:

    We are humans an a big powerfull advanced out civilization atm . We should get prepared and ready as soon as we can. For whats coming and should do anything to protect us and defeat them . All we have is each other . We should be wise enough and help each other and get out of the trap they want us to fall in and overcome theyre fake knowledge and fake stuff we have learned till now that what we have believed is all fake knowledge. It has been spreaded to us and. Thery's
    Soo much more that we dont even know about.
    What we should be doing is to unite the world together start making a plans to bring the demons down that want to destroy us. And instead of fighting and bein mean and keeping our ego attitude up that we've got buy the currently spreading knowledge to the public my the ilumnati . Iluminati is not what you think it is its not something soo easy to understand its actually soo hard and unbelievable that even if they try to ecolain you how they work, exists, do things . Even you wont believe it by hearing it by them.


  66. sidgdansk says:

    the human race should be on their knees!.. he is another politician with an agenda for the Jesuit Order!! MASON DEVIL WORSHIPPER!! people are soooo dumbed down!!

  67. Amirul Islam says:

    Secret revels

  68. HBKTheMan says:

    Vice was more open minded back in 2012, can you imagine they doing this doc nowadays?

  69. nanceicecream sunnyday says:

    That guys is smart enough to have make a whole life out of trolling

  70. St1cky GreeN says:

    when u spend too much time with conspiracy theories you go fking crazy…
    ive witnessed it, and in the end i believed in chemtrails and lizard shit…
    and i was like fuck man its too much for me so that was when i stopped.
    i watched tons of science videos about planes, the sky and the climate and thats when i stopped believing in chemtrails cuz its just a bunch of bullshit.people that believe in this shit just dont have enough knowledge about science and physics

    he was totally right about the pedophile circle tho

  71. tim3854 says:

    Surprisingly open-minded comment section, pity the targeted individual video doesn't have the same level of awareness

  72. raw lity says:

    David Icke is controled oposition, the templars rule the world, they serve the elohim, the old egiption gods and goddess that serve satan, the heart of evil is in switzerland, space, garvity and globe are all hoaxes, same and evolution, is all lies.
    Earth is no more then 6000 years old.
    Iluminati is not a secret society, it is a philosophy, that is about the false light of satan, satan used the code, source of creation to create his own world made of sins, deceptions, duality.

  73. raw lity says:

    David Icke is controled oposition, the templars rule the world, they serve the elohim, the old egiption gods and goddess that serve satan, the heart of evil is in switzerland, space, garvity and globe are all hoaxes, same and evolution, is all lies.

    Earth is no more then 6000 years old.

    Iluminati is not a secret society, it is a philosophy, that is about the false light of satan, satan used the code, source of creation to create his own world made of sins, deceptions, duality.

  74. raw lity says:

    David Icke is controled oposition, the templars rule the world, they serve the elohim, the old egiption gods and goddess that serve satan, the heart of evil is in switzerland, space, garvity and globe are all hoaxes, same and evolution, is all lies.

    Earth is no more then 6000 years old.

    Iluminati is not a secret society, it is a philosophy, that is about the false light of satan, satan used the code, source of creation to create his own world made of sins, deceptions, duality.

  75. raw lity says:

    David Icke is controled oposition, the templars rule the world, they serve the elohim, the old egiption gods and goddess that serve satan, the heart of evil is in switzerland, space, garvity and globe are all hoaxes, same and evolution, is all lies.

    Earth is no more then 6000 years old.

    Iluminati is not a secret society, it is a philosophy, that is about the false light of satan, satan used the code, source of creation to create his own world made of sins, deceptions, duality.

  76. Christ Dowell says:

    I become a member of the brotherhood illuminati through Thomas Johnson in usa and today I got the whole word in my pams contact them through calls/text WhatsApp +18323040561

  77. young truth says:

    David is a reptilian disinformation specialist

  78. Roy says:

    (((Lizard People)))

  79. Muddy Witch says:

    David Icke has been right about a lot of shady stuff. The lizard thing though? No I don't buy that.

  80. The Snowman says:

    I bet that's why Han Solo fried poor Greedo.

  81. Lee A Heron says:

    Me too…22/11 & is what always got me thinking.

  82. Jen JustJen says:

    Sounds like demons to me…

  83. girthy mammoth says:

    I believe all this ngl

  84. Y.R99 Gaming says:

    Visit my channel to know what the one eye triangle means. Sub and wait for upload

  85. jorge louis says:

    If i came from other planet i would skipp this planet with those strange creatures called humans eating their own and nearly everything they get their hands on. ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”

  86. jorge louis says:

    Can someone explain all dragon and snake symbolism. Those dragonians searching some new planets to live their starsystem is gone or will be gone by a hypernova.

  87. titlewave says:

    lol, the size of a book doesn't make what you're reading/writing about any more true…

  88. Balbuk Bridia says:

    does he still say that he's the son of God?

  89. King Tut says:

    Someone's has an adress to the closest mental hospital for David ike? Please send it quick for he will believe we are all shift shaping walking hairy cocks!!!

  90. Max Hideki says:

    Lizard and not aliens . Lizard are nefelims .

  91. Brent Ellison says:

    I have seen a split second "vision" of large reptilian eyes on person. You could say I was in satan's house. Bath room stall.. Written satan' name is sally.

  92. carpe diem says:

    I was born on 22.Nov as well ๐Ÿ™‚

  93. Sevlija Blazevic says:

    THIS is same talk as scientology dude. Pretty much same stuff, only spieces are diferent ! I think he is mad ! Yes there are pedofilie much much, more we all ( no pedo's.) could imagine ! Yes theres satanisam but in diferent form, they dont kill people ! Yes there animisme and lost of stuff but lizards ! THATS mad !

  94. elm st says:

    The royal family brought me here

  95. mrjo2thec says:

    Heโ€™s one of them narcissistic story tellers who knows there are always idiots out there who will believe anything.

  96. Captain Nemo says:

    David ickes is full of shit. Reptilians are unchristians.

  97. Dick Cheney says:

    Is it true that the aliens are fighting the reptiles here on earth?

  98. El Villano De La Pelicula says:

    1:38 The Poor brother of Donald Trump. Nobody knew

  99. Hannoverfist says:

    So was it the futbol that freed him from the mind control overlords?

  100. Oliveira Muti says:

    How do I trust David's information after he lied that World was going to end in 1991 and we still here.?

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