So… I was looking for adventure, action, epic quests and… … a rolling simulator ? With Aellyx we decided to load Dark Souls The beauty and the background of this game are as deep as the hole he’ll dig into you. And the worst is that you gonna ask for more. What should I’ll choose to begin ? I dunno ! So let’s the chance chose for me… …The chance as chose for me… So I’ll be Sir Rhion, a mighty, but fair cleric. The roughness of his lore would reflect in his face. a man blessed by the gods who will fight for justice In the glory of the name of the light ! Or a blue guy with an improbable bowl haircut, randomly created by some sadistic gods The story tells us that everything begin in London or in Bretagne (the french one), hard to say, with a world occupied by dragon made in stone and the first Humans were born in the world Tree’s vagina by the first flame There is also the four bosses of this place : Nito, cool, but disgusting, the stereotypical “witch thingy” who created fire with her daughters, the great “king-of-the-light-guy”, with his knights, Who is obviously born very old and exhausted, and a… … a Pokemon GO player ? Thanks to the souls of the lords founded in the bonfire, the four fellow decided to come out and show there dissatisfaction to the dragons. A little treason and… Congratulations ! Your civilisation reached the Age of fire ! Joy, happiness, jubilation… Until the fire weakens. The Humans got the dark mark and gradually became some “dry and dry” living-deads Congratulations ! Your civilisation will reach the Age of darkness ! And this is at this point that everything begin. dive into the asylum of the undead, probably more because of his design than his undead status, Sir Rhion get free thanks to a stranger obviously shocked by his design. Motivated by this glimmer of hope, Sir Rhion rushed to the exit, convinced that in the deep of his misery his Gods had not leave him alone. Convinced that his Gods would give him the might and the courage to … Fuck… … The courage to flee by the left door. A strange fog blocked some passages, this same fog that only my blazing bowl haircut could dispel. Discovering a secret passage in the wall, Sir Rhion meet his savior again, obviously in recovery position after his meeting with the asylum’s demon He had a request, but he also had the key to open the next door ! …we will just say he was a heretic… And some heal flasks ! With all of this, and an old rag to make miracles, it was time to take control, to face evil. The vengeful hand of the champion of ash will destroy… Fuck… When he mastered the ancestral art of the roll, the time as come to literally kick his ass. Sir Rhion, proud of his victory, praised his Gods. Testing the local transportation method that was a giant crow, Sir Rhion went to Lordran at the Firelink shrine the starting point of new suffering… …starting point of new adventures. If we are going blue skinned and red headed, better go blue and red headed but less dead by becoming human again thanks to the fire. Much better. A native informed me that I wasn’t the only fool… I wasn’t the only “chosen one” to pass by. To continue, I had to ring two bells, one up top and the other one down. A bit further was a clerk brother. Recognizable by his bowl haircut, This one invited Rhion to go fuck off. While exploring a bit, our clerk found some skeletons, impious creatures that needed to be killed. After all, what could be possibly go w… Oh okay, a parry, bastard… But full of courage, sir Rhion went for the bottom bell, by taking an elevator. The place was gloomy but no darknesses could be stronger than the light of a clerc ! Word of Rhion ! No demons could deal with his faith, not even invincible ghosts. Let’s try the bell up top. Rushed to spread the light with a holy hammer. Sir Rhion, leaded by his courage and his blazing hair he arrived to the living dead’s village which… Fuck… Living dead’s village which was invaded by a bunch of scum who attacked six versus one in order to steal his clothes, or his cellphone… This humble merchant seems to be able to help us in the noble quest that was given to us. He could be understanding and adapted his prices to a champion of … This seller was a heretic. And it’s with great sadness that we left him and took the time to take the OVERPRICED key of this poor seller. Let’s pray for his soul. The gods are nice since they brought us a new bonfire to save and restore us. And restore all of the monsters in the zone. Dude… seriously ? To steal our cellphone, the natives definitly won’t give up they are tough, but the more our cleric fight the more he become toughen. Becoming aware of his new power, it was time to show who is the leader here. Forgive me Lord, because I’ve sinned… Thanks to this experiance , the time as come to… …take the situation back in hand. However the natives all agreed to fuck us really hard, and in packs. Seriously, I’ll give some bells… However we couldn’t surrend ! The challenges were way to … Hey… Obviously those people didn’t understand politeness. We had to teach them politeness but with a little bit MORE conviction. A powerful enemy was on the way of Sir Rhion… But no matter what opponent, I’ll… Fuck… Thanks to my past experiences, I had to move back in order to jump, witch somehow annoyed the creature. I tried to reason him. My goal was just to cross this bridge. After all I did not have anything to do against a giant bull demon. He made me understand that he denied my request. Annoyed, and crushed by this refusal, we now had to insist helped by an electric mace. And the message was understood way better. The victorious clerk prayed for his beloved Gods. A strange person coated by a bucket was waiting for us. The guy was sympathetic and said that he was looking for the sun. It’s right there buddy. You’re welcome. Good-bye. He proposed to joined our cause. Joy ! He certainly could useful into time, unless he burns his eyes until next time… After some disappointments with the dragon from earlier who decided to play like in the Holy Grail, The rest of the bridge was accessible. The time as come to spread the light with more conviction. After all, the bigger it is, the better it goes. May they be frighten, the enemies of the Light ! May they never cross the path of a man that… Nah, I guess working for the light rely hurts ass If the black knight could not be beaten, maybe it would be different for the armored boar from hell… Nope, certainty not Guided in the fog by the holy bowl haircut, the time has come to give a couple of well placed hits of faith. On his way, Sir Rhion found André, A bearded blacksmith who’s hobby was to hit on the same sword for days. Not wanting to disturb the old man in his job, the best would be to move on… …The other way. The bell was on top of this building ! If my enemies wanted to stop me from getting here, it would be in their interest to use all they could against me. Yea, that kind… after getting rid of this knight That fought, literally, with the DOOR of the church, it was time to go back and rest at Lige-feu… To better be prepared for god knows what dangers like the dancing wizard that could control corpses [Fucking hell…] Having not learned the arcane of dance, it was painful. What kind of abomination could put the world in this state, create such monstrosities or put people in pots ? No time to think about it ! We now had to free a new companion. That would probably make a good sidekick and didn’t seem mean. He thanked me and announced me that we will probably meet later. This time, the bell was at hand. It was to late to go back, and Sir Rhion was soon going to show the world that his courage would make the difference, and this, whatever the consternation of a giant armed stone gargoyle. Or maybe two. Okay ! very well ! An adventure barely never ends alone after all. we had to gain back our humanity to go back to the fight, and summon a proud warrior in this quest for the bell. Here it goes for the duo Solar-Rhion. SO ! Here it goes for the trio Solar-Lautrec-Rhion. L’autrec “the nice guy” that would probably be important for what’s happening next. There, now, that’s better. If we wanted to avoid problems with the church it would be best to avoid hitting in it’s face with a halberd. Manifestation of joy ! I told myself at this instant that the hardest part was over. The first bell was at reach. Sir Rhion rely was the chosen one ! On the way back, I found a free hugs dispenser. I proudly told him my exploit and announced him what was coming after didn’t scare me anymore. He informed me on what was going to happen next… Yeah well, the primordial flame, the light, the prophesy and all of that, Fuck it !

Randy Schultz

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  1. V orange says:

    Need backups tu mérite
    34 millions d'abonnés

  2. Stéphane Gallinato contino says:

    4:26 j'ai pris le décision de remettre le prix Nobel de la meilleure réplique de forgerons "mange mon marteau catin" heureusement que sa cible soit une épée….. (Mais si c'était une véritable catin sur laquelle il frappait on aurait obtenue quoi comme objet, vous avez obtenue la potion: "bouillies de catin" sa seule vu vous fais gerber et vous soigne de n'importe quelle poison) …………… Je crois que je suis aller un peu loin dans mon délire xD

  3. Syd972 says:

    je vous ait decouvert avec cette video moi j'adore le concept

  4. Flo De Sousa says:

    C'est quoi la musique religieuse svp ALED NEED THIS MUSIC RIGHT NOW.

  5. Lil Trama says:

    Super contenu je m abonne 🙂

  6. Ramiel says:

    Je viens de me faire les 8 à la suite. C'est génial.
    Pourriez-vous faire une video avec les 5 épisodes à la suite svp ?

  7. hammerhead says:

    Je voulais savoir quel est la musique du sorcier dansant, Merci.

  8. LONGCHAMP says:

    HION ! xD

  9. Jobanne Teh Osu! Legends says:

    Pour ceux qui se demande d'où viens le "Rhion", ça viens de cette vidéo à partir de 1:10 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UxcFuAjeEeA

  10. Add Identity says:

    Énorme !

  11. Alban says:

    PTDDRRR !!! oh la lumiere, tous ca ! niqué vous ! instant désinsta' MDRRR

  12. EclairCat | Gaming Fun says:


  13. Xanor Y.T says:

    À Londres où en Bretagne HAHA putain

  14. SOUTHGREG says:

    Fan de la serie bhé putain tu m a bien fait rire en plus tu resumes vraiment bien ce jeu pas facile a pigé bon job mec et bonne continuation 👍

  15. rage face says:

    il nous manque le ser RHION

  16. Tom B says:

    Putain je suis mort a chaque « Rhion » .

  17. Asmorod Feld says:

    Je découvre, j'ai finis le jeux bien 10 fois en NG+++++ et j'adore putain :') abonnement direct

  18. zeffi ross says:

    J'ai vue tout les épisode sur ds1 slp refait en une sur ds3 jetait mort de rire

  19. bouig walker says:

    1:00 Attention, elle fuit très vite 😉

  20. Fradth says:

    Bordel, j'entends des "fions fions fions fions fions" partout !

  21. Ka Pharnaüm says:

    C'est bien la première fois que je ne regrette pas de m'être perdu sur YT…
    Première vidéo que je regarde et j'en ai eu les larmes aux yeux ^^
    Le montage et les vannes sont excellents ! même si je pense que tu aurais pu parler un peu plus vite ^^

  22. Mistersoso78130 says:

    Mec ce que tu fais cest magique continue franchement

  23. Regelegorila says:

    Tellement l'expérience Dark Souls hahaha

  24. funkyfunkyfunk1 says:

    RHION !

  25. TeaZR says:

    j'ai tellement rigolé j'ai cru que j'allais en mourrir. Vraiment.

  26. Philipe Pétain says:


  27. L'indie Gamer says:

    Bordel j'ai rarement autant ris devant une vidéo. Excellent travail, j'en pleure encore de rire.

  28. Pierro Ptidoigts says:

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  29. KrahzyKrahne says:

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    Ça monte vite en popularité. Félicitations !

  31. fatal gaming 91 says:

    Super vidéo sir you

  32. bastien lamy says:

    pk je découvre cette chaine QUE maintenant c'est du pur génie !

  33. Calysmow bAsS says:

    ils avaient intérêt a utiliser les gros moyen BAAM ! ouais voila dans se genre la.. comment tu m'as tué mec xD

  34. PPC Shadock says:

    PTDRRR énorme !

  35. Phœnix says:

    trop lourd putain xd

  36. Alix Magna says:

    C'est quoi la musique épique avec les vocals qui revient par instants?

  37. Eol says:

    Je viens de découvrir cette petite série, je suis juste trop fan 😀

  38. Exiël says:

    Très bonne vidéo j'ai découvert cette chaîne par hasard et j'adore le concept, l'humour est présent et c'est drôle avec tous les petits montages, super vidéo.

  39. galaxio says:

    franchement excellent

  40. impliqued says:

    qui regarde sa en 2018 et pensse que elix est u nfurry?

  41. nippon19 says:

    J'ai mal au bide tellement j'ai ris, moi qui cherchais un playthrough, j'ai trouvé bien mieux XDDDDDD

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    Putain c'est tellement drôle😂😂😂

  43. Eki Crawz says:

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  45. Un Lennonien says:

    J'étais là

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    Je découvre votre chaine grâce a une amie, et quelle belle découverte !
    Cette vidéo est excellente, j'ai beaucoup ris !

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    Haha vraiment des barres. Bien ouej pour le montage et l'écriture

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    Ginger does not have souls rigole stp

  55. Thomas Bleuse says:

    AH AH je l'ai vu, à 1:01 le curseur de la souris qui s'est tapé l'incruste. Merci pour la video les gars, vous faites vraiment un boulot monstre. J'ai du voir votre série dark soul au moins 10 fois.

  56. S Filip says:

    Le 1er épisode reste mon préféré 🙂 GG

  57. Distony Ngimbi says:

    La meilleure description de dark soul

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    Vraiment excellent !!! Beaucoup d'humour et de, hemmm, fraîcheur…ça fait du bien de voir ça 😉

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