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  1. Ackage says:

    RJ is probably being so ornery because he has all them teeth and no way to brush them

  2. victor saloum says:

    jay needs to do a segment on his camera gear it looks like he has some serious glass.

  3. TONY says:

    I hate to moan about this but I Dont agree with you stressing out the tarantula and practically destroying its enclosure just for a few pictures, next time just takes pics while it's in the enclosure.

  4. Peter Gregory says:

    Poecilotheria Metallica’s get such a bad reputation, they aren’t such nasty tarantulas like people make out, look at how much it doesn’t threat posture at Bruce!

  5. Shane Garvin says:

    I had a question about a baby snapping turle that was near my house where would I go to contact you

  6. Shelly B says:

    Salt and pepper are so beautiful!! What's up with Rj's teeth do they file his teeth down and all that black around them they dont look normal at all they have no point to them they almost look more like human round teeth on the bottom maybe he cant chew his food properly and is having intestinal pains like she said!!!

  7. J P says:

    Maybe he’s getting more mature and meaning more hormones making him more territorial

  8. Vivi Z. says:

    ❤ Savannah!!!

  9. Cascade Critters says:

    That picture….holyyyyyy

  10. Sincere Ramano says:

    That would be a good video on how they react to noises an things an how the best way to train them to react to your noise an things like that I love them they are awesome

  11. khandi mo says:

    Awe man no sound

  12. Barbara Gibson says:

    I want more rj 🐊💚

  13. RangerScorpio RAC says:


  14. amcoop says:

    I actually thought you used the same toothbrush🤮lol

  15. reece smith says:

    I think rj’s just in a bad mood “brian get that damn camera out my face” haha but for real hope you get to the bottom of his problem maybe change in the weather and have you seen the series on Netflix called the zoo when all the animals go bad and start attacking humans

  16. Yaya's Playhouse says:

    Maybe RJ needs to get out of the water gators love to bask on land and they seem to get more aggressive when people that own them leave them only in a “pool” where they can’t get out on thief own just to bask. I hate to say it but maybe you could change his habitat buy building a small “pool” to where it either comes up to a bank so he can bask. You can either cut the floor out and make a “pool” area then he can hop up to the land area or but more concrete to raise one side of the area coming out of the water but that bench is not cutting it for him you can tell. And he needs more active stuff like tires or something he can chew on or he will want to “play” with u lol

  17. M Pdaugherty says:

    Your too funny Brian. I just love watching

  18. Angela Conley says:

    Loved seeing Savannah.

  19. Aimee Oldham says:

    Bruce did a great job catching that crazy spider! My heart was pounding there for a bit as well.
    Love seeing savannah back at the reptarium.
    RJ is being a major cranky butt…hope you all can figure out what he needs!

  20. Soulless Honky says:

    Great video as always. Having Savanna on is always a plus! RJ is sure grumpy. Space?

  21. Stay at Home Dad says:

    Has Rj has grown Maybe he needs some more space for stimulation now.

  22. indigogoldfish says:

    10:30 loris face towards Noah 🤣

  23. Philip Mead says:

    Interesting vlog! That photo of the Tarantula is absolutely stunning! Salt and Pepper are looking awesome and RJ is interesting to see with his changing moods.

  24. Patricia Hawkinson says:

    You did mess with him daily and then you didn't. Probably just doesn't like people getting in his space anymore; especially you. Friends don't desert friends. Same with Bella and Luci.

  25. Alexander Hagerup says:

    Damn almost gave me a heart attack with that toothbrush ahaha

  26. steve w says:

    very nice spider Brian. nice colours! damn you're lucky to work with such animals. it sucks i live in nova scotia canada. too far away to visit. i'm sad about that. bummer for me.

  27. Chris D says:

    My jaw dropped when you stuck that toothbrush in your mouth! 😂😂

  28. Chance Stetson says:

    That raises a good question.
    Is it time to find RJ a girlfriend? Or is he too young?

  29. Jolfer 13 says:

    U always pull out salt but almost never pepper

  30. Lee Mason says:

    Maybe rj wants a bigger pool now,don't know maybe hormones,lol just a thought, great baby gator noise from savannah as well👍👍

  31. Chris-Tina Moore Designs says:

    Do you giveaways ps4

  32. Catherine Kamoen says:

    Was Eric working when the spider got out?

  33. Aryana colon says:

    that spider was beautiful! 🙂
    wish i had something like that

  34. AuroraSinclair says:

    Are the new Tshirts for sale yet? Or am I blind and completely missing the link? Thanks!

  35. Bobby M75 says:

    I am a huge fan and this is only my thought on RJ. I think he is totally bored and hasn't had the interaction he use to get with everyone in a long time. If he wasn't planned to be in the Reptarium than you had to know the time with him with be cut down drastically. The only time we really see him is on Noah channel and honestly it almost seems like he is being teased a little with the feedings. This is only what we see and I am sure you do so much more behind the camera that we don't know. I hate to say it because don't know if I would be able to do it but if this continues you have the perfect person in Savanah to take him to the park and take care of him there in a bigger enclosure and you wouldn't have to worry. You raised him this long and got him so strong with his little disability that you did an amazing job, maybe he's just saying he wants to move on and maybe get a girl. I love your whole channel and this is only my suggestion but understand it couldn't be made easily. Good Luck.

  36. Michael Chester says:

    Where is pepper

  37. David Silva says:

    RJ in a bad mood again but he is still a beautiful animal thanks for sharing Brian have a great sunday

  38. Adam Duncan says:

    If I ever make it out to the Reptarium, Salt and Pepper are definitely on my Top 5 list of animals I want to interact with

  39. Gemma Rothery says:

    I think 1= Rj is bored hes sitting immobile for 99% of his time a little enrichment might help?? and most importantly 2= Eric and Noah used to tap the side to feed him and make him come right up by tapping for food response and i noticed that you (Brian) were also tapping the side to say hello well maybe thats getting him wound up because he's coming up for what he thinks is going to be food but theres nothing?? Just a couple of thoughts. All the best! Gem from south west UK.xxxx

  40. andrew fedish says:

    One of the prettiest pokeys😍

  41. KT Sketti says:

    Time to get RJ some toys. All work no play makes RJ a dull boy.

  42. Jong Jong says:

    that jumpscare at the beginning chill rj ahaha

  43. Hunter Holcomb says:

    I saw a yellow and green snake can someone please tell me what kind is it

  44. L M says:

    That P. metallica was awesome looking. SO glad no one got bit, that would have been a definite trip to the hospital. A friend of mine was bit by same genus different species and the morphine they gave him couldn't make the pain go away.

  45. Huh Jeremiah says:

    Thank you so much for getting me into ball pythons

  46. Sherri Pezzica says:

    Hey Brian love your videos ,but have to say GO CAPS …….

  47. jbuburuz says:

    Play gentle hose stream. Let him bite and nip at hose stream. Do it every day. If he does not feel like, try another day. Play . Play … play…
    Btw, the tarantula catch well done to have poky in your arm and stayed calm. I like how you used paper towel to gently persuade T. Nice to watch you stay so calm.

  48. Heather Stanley says:

    Savannah is in the house!!! Love you Savannah

  49. Ashley Mercer says:

    Everyday when I get off work I look forward to watching you been my daily ritual for so long I dont always comment but I remember when you showed Savannah salt and pepper for the first time 🙂

  50. Mel Hawk says:

    You are on RJ's LIST right now, for whatever reason, Brian! Get him something to whack the crap out of, maybe? A tug toy with a swivel on a fixed hook he can grab/pull/ deathroll with and not destroy?

  51. Carissa Morrissette says:


  52. Dave S says:

    I think R.J. needs a girl! He's Sexually frustrated! LOL

  53. Exotic Encounters says:

    Dudes gonna get bit as cocky as he is with those Ts. Once he feels the effects of a bite from a p metallica for a whole month I’m sure he will change his ways

  54. Ryan Ramos says:

    Rj Seems territorial striking at the closer people

  55. Dottie May says:

    I had such a great time meeting Savannah yesterday and watching Crawl with all of you! Thank you for sharing your knowledge of reptiles and helping me overcome the fears I had and find a new love for them. I loved feeding and holding the baby gators!

  56. Chandler Apling -Hobbies- says:

    Amazing video

  57. JOOGSQUAD says:

    Maybe RJ getting mature and wants a lady 😮

  58. Xuan Yi Ng says:

    Hey brian, how do you identify snake's mutation so well?

  59. Crochet Chick says:

    Glad to see RJ he miss us.

  60. RICH SMITH says:

    Where is pepper???

  61. Cowgirl6221 or Txangel### says:

    I definitely think Savannah's suggestion of a ball or toys of some kind would be good for RJ, I'm also thinking it could be he is getting more mature meaning more hormones. Silly question but can you get him fixed so he didn't have all that unnecessary hormones maybe causing him to be testy.

  62. Chris chiancone says:

    Halloween oct 31 and my birthday oct 24

  63. Jonathan Flake says:

    Brian Barczyk could it be the camera in his face because it looks like he is trying to attack the camera not you

  64. marie ryan Love says:

    I think rj wants to be out again i think

  65. Shelbie Jordan says:

    I jumped out of my skin when RJ jumped out of the water lol

  66. truly1676 says:

    Kinda hot when Bruce does dangerous spider stuff. Kinda wanna see him handle his venomous snakes 🐍. Yaaass.

  67. Daniel Bravo says:

    Im watching👁 great vlog!

  68. Inverts & Exotics says:

    Bruce, while I appreciate is good with some animals, really needs to take a look at some of his handling techniques. There really was no reason whatsoever to try have that P metallica walk onto his hand once it was on the front of that enclosure. He had catch cups, he should've used one. I understand it might not make for the best viewing but these old world tarantulas can be very skittish, defensive, and in some cases, just pure aggressive. Taking a hit from one would be no joke.

    That aside, it was a good video.

  69. Shane Forsythe says:

    that spider looks soo good under that white light, you need to take a pic of purple people eater under those conditions.

  70. Anthony Frederick says:

    Awe salt loves getting scrubbed u can see it when ur holding her and scrubbing her

  71. Linda Goldenbaum says:

    RJ needs some toys or a friend maybe he is lonely,, it is strange he’s acting like that for awhile now ,,

  72. mr. Gabriel fan says:

    That tarantula is a gooty sapphire

  73. Meg Tennant says:

    territorial frustration i think..he is picking up some strong testosterone from you. bet he would like a bigger pond..more room to move around and protect..wear him out

  74. Kinson Cooper says:

    RJ is challenging the alpha… marking his territory.

  75. Tyler Lavoie says:

    Yeah right about the time that tarantula got out I’d be feeling real sick needing to go home

  76. JasmineHelena says:

    I think without being an expert or having zero knowledge about gators that RJ is stir crazy, he's bored and has outgrown his space. He visually can't see anything outside that pond so has next to zero stimulation apart from when you spend time with him, which you said has been lacking lately.

  77. Madelyn Littleton says:

    Honestly because Rj is so intelligent he is probably bored and needs more enrichment. I’d give him toys and spend more time with him

  78. Taevian's World of Reptiles! says:

    Salt has gotten HUGE!!

  79. Kristina Corey says:

    I love lori’s new hair cut!

  80. john rosciolo says:

    If your scared to pick up a small snake after watching this you need a reality check. When I come visit im bringing bruce a wheel barrel for his enormous balls

  81. robin larouche says:

    stop the fontain a bit…???

  82. Bug lover Spider lover says:

    Again with the damn click bait! Really getting tired of it and I see the tarantula enclosures STILL have no hides or proper substrate! Please somebody,call the spca to take these animals away from this idiot.

  83. hailey pearson says:

    Somehow seeing that old world get out didn't stop my dream of working for you brian😂

  84. Pamela noirot says:

    Worried about his hand what about him putting the open end of the cup to his chest?

  85. Pamela Wang says:

    Savannah appreciation club! Love the energy she brings to the vids. I also like the meaner ones 😉

  86. Elizabeth Heth says:

    Salt is so beautiful

  87. sheila tennis says:

    Wow I have never seen RJ act that way before. I know next to nothing about crocodiles at all only what I’ve seen on your channel so I have no advice as far as that goes. But he loves you you can see it he’ll get back to normal. Great video love the spider pictures wow amazing

  88. Susan Romans says:

    RJs going through puberty!

  89. Keith Vaccato says:

    Antithesis… Inconceivable!

  90. Lewis Ives says:

    You shouldn't mess with old world tarantulas. If u wanted to remove it from the tank, u should of put it in the catch cup straight away and not try to handle it.

  91. Stephanie lou says:

    That means iv been watching you for a year Brian!
    Yay, Thankyou for continuous amazing uploads.
    I’m so glad I found your Channel ❤️

  92. Jess Hurt says:

    I got my first tarantula 7yrs ago….a Brazilian black. She helped me over come my fear. I recently got a tattoo of her added to my sleeve. I also had a P Metallica after a few years of working my way up with different species. I was more afraid of their speed then I was their venom, even though I knew how potent it is.

  93. Shavara McIntosh says:

    I'm thrilled to wake up every day to your daily vlogs. The energy you put into what u love every day motivates me @Brian Barcyzk

  94. liono1118 says:

    Brian, I was thinking…was RJ's attitude changed around the last time he was taken to the Reptarium? If so, can you think of anything different that may have caused him some anxiety? rough handling? Different Smells? etc. Could he be saying he doesn't want to go back?
    I was also wondering if he can sense Salt and Pepper on you? If Pepper is getting 'masculine' and musking in anyway (I'm not a crocodilian expert by ANY stretch, so this may be WAY too early), that may be causing behavioral changes in both. I know you work with both Salt and Pepper at the same timeframe, so there may be a correlation, as Pepper is a bit more energetic now too.

  95. Denise Atkins says:

    Eaaaak I am terrified

  96. connor drinkwater says:

    Salt looks soo beautiful and shiny you should have called her pearl!!!

  97. Elardo Fleming says:

    DJ is getting bigger and he could be hitting sexual maturity and starting to exhibit dominance and being territorial might wanna let him walk around more out of the pond

  98. Tracy Bagwell says:

    Brushing your teeth green. Make sense. You should try food coloring.

  99. Tracy Bagwell says:

    He also could be missing his friend, the turtle. He's lonely.

  100. Madeline Garber says:

    Is he big enough to be paired with a female? RJ I mean. Poor guy. Savanah is probably right.

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