– Hey! Good morning everybody, and welcome to the vlog. You may be asking why I’m carrying these two snakes around, well the fact is today is the big day! This is a pastel leopard clown, this is a pastel lesser clown. These two got together a few months back, and had some eggs. So for the last couple of months I have been
waiting for this day. I’m hoping with any luck that we’re going to produce a super
pastel lesser leopard clown. This gorgeous male here is the pastel leopard clown ball python. Now clown ball python’s are a recessive mutation, super cool, they have that like dorsal striping,
really crazy head pattern and they’re on of the more popular animals in the ball python trade,
and then the leopard is actually a co-dominant
mutation along with the pastel. Making for just an
absolutely gorgeous snake, but it’s a really great building block for something bigger and better. In similarly this is the pastel
lesser clown ball python. Again pastel lesser are co-dominant, and the clown are a recessive ball python. When you can start mixing these animals, and getting different
genes and layering genes they can really make for
some stunning animals. I really do think that
clown mutations are some of the most stunning and
unbelievable mutations of all ball pythons,
and today we get to see if the magic is right. You gotta remember when you
start mixing and layering there’s a lot of odds right? Yeah, we know that because
they’re both recessive clowns everything is gonna be clown, but we got the pastel in there, we got the lesser, we got the leopard, are they gonna layer or are we gonna miss the odds, are they gonna be normals, are they gonna be super pastel’s,
are they gonna be crazy? We don’t know! It’s
definitely been something, that for the last two
months has been on my mind. I’ve been dying for this day, and I cannot wait to get
into some egg cutting, and seeing if those odds
goshs are in our favor. To kinda break things down, this is a clown ball python, and this
is a pastel ball python. Now, with this particular
pairing we could get clowns, we could get pastel clowns, we could get the super pastel clowns, which is the (mumbles) clowns, we could get lesser clowns, we could get pastel lesser clowns, super pastel lesser clowns, super pastel leopard clowns, we could even get the super pastel lesser leopard clown, which is what we’re really searching for. But this guy is fired up! I mean, what is wrong with you? Someone woke up on the wrong
side of the tub this morning, but regardless, it’s
definitely a long shot to hit that all gene animal, but with any luck, at least with eight eggs. We’ll get at least one of the super pastel lesser
leopard clown ball pythons. It’s gonna be amazing,
but first I actually have to do a quick tour, it’s a busy day we got three tours today,
gonna hit that tour, and then we’re gonna go ahead and cut this ball python clutch. My tour is in the house. How ya doin’? What’s your names? – Raphael – [Brian] Raphael! – Alina – [Brian] It’s so good to meet you, where you guys from? – Massachusetts – [Brian] Massachusetts! Oh my gosh, well thank you so much for comin’ we’re gonna have a good time lookin’ at a whole bunch of animals right? Ready? Let’s get it going! (upbeat music) The thing that’s so nice about this clutch is that the worst animal I can possibly produce, is a clown ball python, and of course with all the combinations, we should have some really cool stuff. I was definitely excited from the day this clutch was laid so
let’s just jump into it. Hopefully, I’ll be able to make sense of what’s going on here. It’s gonna be absolutely incredible, so first egg here, what do we have it’s already a very light animal, I can see that for sure. Ouh, wow, that’s crazy light. Oh my gosh, just gonna move this around just a little tiny bit,
so this is definitely, oh my gosh that thing is beautiful, this is definitely a super pastel, so a killer clown, it’s
definitely a lesser clown, so it’s a super pastel lesser clown, possibly a leopard. It’s gonna be really hard to see what the leopard is to be honest with you, cause in the egg, you have to really look at the pattern. Leopard’s gonna make more of a striping and a little bit of dotting on the side, and you can’t tell completely,
but I think there’s a good chance that right off the rip, we might have hit the all gene animal. Nevertheless we know that these eggs are gonna be ridiculous, wow I can’t even believe that. All right I’m going to
jump into egg number two, I’m not sure we can top that one guys. I don’t know again, but you never know what we’re gonna be producing here, so every egg is gonna be a complete and utter surprise. Ouh, again, are you kidding me right now? Now this one I am almost positive, is the super pastel leopard lesser clown. I am like 99.9% sure
that’s what this one is. Oh my gosh, I think we might’ve
hit the first two eggs, the all gene animal. Wow! Now I can’t wait
til these guys hatch out, I mean it’s gonna be ridiculous. Let’s just keep on cuttin’. Wow, I tell you what,
this clutch is starting to be one of the best clutches I could have ever imagined, and guess what guys? Are you kidding me right now? This one is 100%, you can see with the little dotting on
it, and the way it is. This one is 100% a super
pastel lesser leopard clown. I think we hit three of
them out of three eggs. Which is ridiculous, I
mean that is crazy odds. With this one you can
really see the pattern, and everything like that. That is ridiculous, oh my
gosh, I’m blown away guys. I mean like legitimately
I was excited about this clutch and now I’m over the moon, so again, you know, I
knew there was gonna be no bad animals in this
clutch, but the fact that we been hittin’ some crazy stuff is just ridiculous. Okay, so what we have here,
we have a killer clown, a super pastel clown. It’s possibly, oh yeah looks
like it’s a leopard too. So this is a super pastel leopard clown. Wow! Man! I tell you what, bonkers! This thing is bonkers for sure. All right, we got three eggs to go. I should stop now, cause
I’ll be honest with you this has just been so
absolutely incredible. What do we have here? What do we have here? Okay, so this on is
actually a pastel clown, possibly a leopard pastel clown. So it’s just the one pastel, this is the first one that wasn’t
a super pastel, anything. I’m pretty sure it’s a
leopard, so I think it’s a pastel leopard clown. I tell you what, the
odds have been ridiculous in this clutch, so let’s go ahead. Two more eggs, let’s
finish this off strong. I mean, gosh! This is crazy
people, absolutely crazy. Ouh, it looks like another
really beautiful snake. Oh my gosh, you kiddin’ me right now? Let’s see if we can just
get it to move around a little bit, again it looks like a super pastel lesser leopard clown. It looks like we got four of those guys, again until they hatch out
we don’t know for sure. That’s just in the egg,
that’s what it looks like. Looks like we have four of them! Then we have, oh my gosh this is crazy. Last egg people, I’m freaking out, because this is so absolutely amazing, I couldn’t in my wildest dreams, wish that this clutch would turn
out any differently. Okay so what do we have here? We have, let’s see, looks
like just a killer clown, but it actually looks
like there’s a good chance it’s a super pastel leopard clown. So a killer leopard clown. Wow guys! I mean I hope that you guys were as blown away at
this clutch as I was, because this may be one
of the coolest clutches that I have ever had,
as far as every egg was absolutely spectacular,
absolutely amazing. I knew it was gonna be great, but I didn’t think in a million years
it was gonna be as good as it turned out. So wow! That was amazing, let me know in the comments what you guys
think, and what animal you’re the most excited on
this clutch to see hatch out. Just a real quick shout to
Jay’s Instagram channel, remember when he actually
gets to five thousand we are going to be giving
away a print of your choosing, that is signed by me and Jay. So go ahead and show him some love over at JayTomsky, right down
here. Link in the description. – [Brian] Now my next tour in the house how are you guys doing? What’s your names? – I’m Alex – [Brian] Alex! – I’m Kimmy – [Brian] Kimmy, all
right where you guys from? – Southern Indiana – [Brian] Southern Indiana all right, well thank you for coming, we’re gonna see a bunch of cool stuff, you ready to go? – Oh yeah! – [Brian] Let’s do it! (upbeat music) – We’re actually getting ready
to pull out chicken strip. I know I told you guys I was gonna try and work with him a little bit more often. So I’m actually going to
try a get him out now, we all know he freaks out, he comes out he just starts running,
he really acts a fool. I’m hoping that if what I’m gonna do, I don’t want to corner him,
I don’t wan to scare him more than he’s already scared. I want to encourage him to come out, maybe tire him out a little bit, work with him a little bit, I’m going to even pull
on his tail a little bit, to hold him where I need him to be, but I’m going to try
and keep to a minimum, and eventually get him on my hands. So let’s go ahead and get right into it, we’re going to actually do that right now. So he’s up on the top
there, which isn’t always the best, but because he likes
to fly at me all the time. We’ll see what happens. Hey bud! You notice I’m smacking
the walls and stuff, I’m trying to announce my presence to him, so he knows I’m coming in. (hitting wood) Comin’ in buddy. (thrashing) The key really is
honestly to be really calm with him, you can tell he’s
already freaking out a lot. (hissing) Easy, easy, easy. Well he’s always gonna get this way, he’s always going to freak out, and stress out and try
to go for me like that. I don’t want him too though, so as much fun it is to see me get bit. The more minimum I can
keep this the better. I’m trying to provide
that surface for him. See there he goes. Now look, it didn’t take that much, you just tire him out like this. So like basically what I
want to do at this point, is you see how he’s puffing up, see the neck going, his mouth’s going, the tongues comin’ out real fast, there’s no rolling of that tongue. So what I want to do is I wanna hold him, and eventually I want,
starts to calm down, he starts to roll that
tongue a little slower, the puffing doesn’t happen as often, as soon as that starts going I believe I’m going to actually
put him right back up. I don’t hold him for very long after that, because what to do is I want to keep that positive interaction. Always, always, always leave it that way. I never want to hold
him long enough to where he’s just going to flip out again. All right guys, so we
actually got chicken strip nice and calm, you actually see him now he’s not quite so puffy and stuff. So he’s a little bit
more calm, he’s looking around, he’s a lot more curious that’s for sure, and he’s actually letting me put my hand under his chin without him taking a bite
out of me, and stuff. So like, clearly he’s not
too terribly afraid anymore, he’s just calmed down, like all right how do I get away from this guy? Well chicken strip,
your wish is my command, imma let you go ahead
and go back in buddy. So like I really wanna let him in, and let him sort of go
off my hand on his own. So like he could very well turn around, and run right back out if he wants too, and if that’s what happens, then so be it, and we’re gonna continue to work with him, and he’s gonna continue
to sort of be like this. There you go, good boy. Notice I don’t encourage him to move or anything like that, like he’s just in there hanging out, he’s just gonna go hide back there and get
puffy and scared of everything. He’s a sweetheart. – Last tour of the day is in the house, how are you guys doing? It’s so great to meet you guys, where you from? – Boston – [Brian] Boston! We had someone from Massachusetts earlier today! That’s crazy, how wild is that? Well that’s awesome, well thank
you so much for being here. We’re gonna have a good time right? – Yeah! Thank you! (upbeat music) – All three tours today were absolutely incredible, had a really good time, I love that part of my
job, there’s no doubt about that, but now we
actually have to open up for the reptarium for
the night, to the public. We’re havin’ a great time
here at the reptarium, what’s your name? – Lizzy – [Brian] What’s your name? – Kylie – [Brian] What’s your name? – Danielle – [Brian] And I heard you skipped the birthday party – Yes! – [Brian] To come here,
that’s a good choice yeah? – Yes! – [Brian] All right you guys are awesome, all right thank you guys
for coming all right? Okay so it’s that time where we’re gonna go ahead and feed the
big snakes for everybody let’s hope this works out
well, okay so wish me luck. (crowd muttering) – [Brian] Come on girl Oh-oh Where you going? Where you going? What’s she doin? Oh-oh! – [Crowd Member] Wow! – [Brian] So that’s one! We’re gonna do the next
one, is gonna be one where we toss a rabbit to
a snake, right over there. Then we’re gonna feed two others okay? (crowd muttering) (crowd excitement) – [Brian] This one is a little
more energetic right (laughs) Okay, you guys can stay right here, cause I’m gonna feed
this one down here okay? And finally Daisy, while
actually not finally, we’re gonna try and feed Ivy as well. So Daisy is up right now. Come on Daisy, come on girl. There you go baby, see
she’s pretty gentle. Now the last one’s gonna be harder for people to see, but I’m gonna try to feed this anaconda that’s
tucked up in the corner. There you go! (upbeat music) I tell you what, that
was one insane clutch of clown ball pythons, I
cannot wait til they hatch out. I will certainly share it with you guys, if you guys enjoyed that egg cutting, there’s a video with
another clutch of eggs I cut earlier in the year, there’s an entire playlist
of me egg cutting. Over here you can hit
that subscribe button, while you’re at it can you turn those post notifications on,
have a wonderful day. Remember to be kind to someone, and I promise I’ll see you guys tomorrow.

Randy Schultz

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