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  1. Brian Barczyk says:

    Hey guys.. I’m a bit under the weather here and spent the night in the hospital. Still here awaiting tests. We have a vlog shot for tomorrow and hoping to feel better and hoping not to miss any days. I’d miss you guys too much. Send positive vibes and know how much I’ll miss commenting back today. I’ll try to a bit and hope to revisit the comments throughout the days. Love you guys!! Brian

  2. Ashley Willoughby says:

    The shots were way better this time! Also I love how u show us a pic of the mom and dad b4 u cut the egg open. Bc i have no clue wat they look like just by u saying it. 😂 Loving the new vids!

  3. Gamingwithrockey says:

    i recently purchased a female ball python from your website and it was a very pleasant experience but i have a few questions m,maybe you or other snake owners can answer. i made sure before purchasing i had all the right knowledge for owning one and i believe i am doing very well but what is puzzling me is that she loves to be handled at least i think so when i get home from work she hears me and immediately climbs up the stick waiting for me to take her out and i handle her for about an hour she sometimes likes to explore my room then when i put her back she tries to get out of her cage like she wants back out and i am questioning why this is happening because that contradicts everything all the reptile care websites say such as they don't really like being handled try to limit handling to twice a week and so on i just want to know if this is normal behavior. note habitat is clean and the right temps and humidity.

  4. Saundra says:

    Hey brian! I was wondering if you could explain the genes a bit as you cut eggs, like for example what makes it a womba or why you think it's that one is a certain gene. I'm only asking so I can learn myself, I'm trying to learn more about the breeding of snakes even though when I do go to breed in a few years, I'm going to focus on hognose snakes and maybe a bit of corn snakes. I have so much to learn about snake genes, your channel is one of the better channels, thanks for what you do.

  5. Gavin Satrohan says:

    Im always thinking he might cut a baby 😥

  6. Jason Perez says:

    The egg cutting shots were done much better this time imo. Showing the parents at the start was a good addition but the only thing that feels off is the panning shot that gets put in every now and then. It just looks odd and i think it takes away from the focus of egg cutting.

  7. Alyssa Ruiz says:

    hope you feel better soon and love your blogs. Would love an update on the baby turtle with a hole in it's shell where its heart is.

  8. metrius1512011 says:

    Does cutting the egg help them hatch better?

  9. Mrs. PuppySaver For life says:

    Brian, there are too many camera jumps. It’s actually very distracting. It’s making egg cutting not very exciting to watch. I prefer just seeing the eggs as your cutting and less of you during cutting…LOL. I know that sounds mean, but not meant to be. I love you and the different camera views is great for most things you do but not very good for this.

  10. Aaronv2044 says:

    So I’m quiet admittedly very uneducated on the whole baby snake and egg stuff. But is it not bad for the egg/snake to cut their egg open?

  11. Emi Tsoo says:

    Can we have more longer shots on the eggs please. When u change angle too often its little bit distracting. I wanna see the eggs more. Thank you i definitely love the new set up

  12. Max m says:

    Brian I'm geting a leopard gecko near November what do you recommend me to get for it

  13. undertale gaming101 says:

    Where did your mate get that jurassic park shirt its lit

  14. Rachael Morales says:

    Eric is my spirit animal with all of his Jurassic Park shirts. Yaaaassss

  15. its me Barbie says:

    Roses are reds
    Violets are blue
    I want to touch them
    But I can't too

  16. Kelly doberman says:

    Can the background music please be removed when you are talking , as a suffer of hearing problems I find the music is drowning out the dialogue. Feel better soon Brian

  17. Dave Griffiths says:

    Hope you are feeling better Brian

  18. Animation Till says:

    You definitely should do a pond that people can swim in with Rj

  19. Ashton Grosse says:

    How are the baby rhino iguanas you got?

  20. Tyler Jacob Wolfy says:

    They are so adorable

  21. Tyler Jacob Wolfy says:

    I would stay with RJ for 24 hours

  22. Tyler Jacob Wolfy says:

    I love animals

  23. Brandon Martin says:

    Is kelsea your best snake employee?

  24. Desteny Sebrina Dopke says:

    Good morning Brain…. Are you saying Wilma or warmer? On the snake cutting. By the way I love this video. The camera footage is amazing. Can you give some advice on how you started BHB and the repterrium

  25. OreoShannon says:

    Hey, Brian! Hope you're feeling better. The shots were a bit weird, they jumped too often from cut to cut. Personally I think just a front on camera to your face and a close up of the eggs/snakes suffices. The background music also didn't really fit while you were talking, I think music is just really used in cinematic shots, like if you were showing the snakes up close and not speaking.

  26. Scott Bascom says:

    Love it when you cut eggs definitely should make more videos of you doing it 🤟🏼🤟🏼

  27. Cheryl Eckert says:

    How do your dogs not get under y'all feet and keep it going

  28. Paiiin In The Butt says:

    I liked how you had a shot of Mum and Dad (I assume) before cutting the eggs. Would love to see the parents like that on every egg cutting video ❤️❤️❤️

  29. Water Mouse says:

    YES!!!!! Please continue showing MAMA and DADA before the cutting! This way we know what to expect or please let us know what you are really hoping for so we can live the ride with you!

  30. Evelyn Rojas says:

    To be honest, I’m not too fond of all the jumping between cameras. Unless you’re specifically pointing out something, there’s no need for so many jumping from cam to cam. Also, yes, there’s a 2nd angle cam, but don’t use this feed unless Brian speaks directly to that camera. It’s something for Bryan to choose to speak to which cam. I much prefer the top overhead cam and the front cam with the extreme closeup (handheld cam?) because otherwise it seems too many feeds to jump between. Especially as cutting with the right hand tends to block the camera on that size. So the smoothness of this video still needs work. Yes, great to have more to choose from but in this case, less is more. Beautiful quality, noticed the lights/colour focus was more uniform which is great. Beautiful quality shots. Really, just limit all the bouncing from cam to cam 😅😅😅

    Swim with RJ? Ahhhh, maybe not.

    Nova’s going to be a daddy~! 💖

  31. kachina hammer says:

    I would swim with RJ

  32. Desteny Sebrina Dopke says:

    I think it would be cool if you do a 24 hours challenge with RJ. Please

  33. agfangirly36 says:

    I will say, I do miss the egg cutting in the incubator. It felt more "real", I'm not sure how to describe it.

  34. Hunter GodFrey says:

    You need a different you tube pic, the one with the yellow snake touching your head is outdated, I know u have some better ones then that

  35. Kaly Junior 000 says:

    I love it

  36. Cleetis691 says:

    This is awesome. Yes, way better cutting shots!

  37. Desiree Grubell says:

    Congratulations on your little baby snakes.

  38. Lois Hiett says:

    Not a good idea. It will stress out RJ

  39. Lois Hiett says:

    Hope you get better very soon Brian. 🙏🏻

  40. Allison Wallace says:

    Always love your videos, please take care of yourself because we need you!!! Feel better soon!

  41. Walead Anwar says:

    Still breeding Spider genes?? was that not forbidden?

  42. Ooshy Bermi says:

    Egg cutting was better but i'm more concerned about you Brian, do what you're told and take it easy till you're feeling 100% again, hope this is just a small issue you're such a great guy x

  43. Killing Orphans says:

    Why are you neutering those ball sacks?

  44. craig brown says:


    What are you launching with VAT19?

  45. Lynnette Cook says:

    Get well soon Brian. Don't worry about the vlog, get well, get a lot of rest! Prayers to you!

  46. Autumn Beard says:

    View is way better

  47. טניא טויטו says:

    ?‏are you doing shipping to israel

  48. BrittleProductions says:

    Great, now the normals are going to have body image issues! Just kidding, just kidding.

  49. Shania Chiasson says:

    the egg cutting shots were so much better!! love it

    edit: those banana spider pythons will be beautiful!!

  50. Ariel Reaper says:

    Hey Brian, been watching you for a while and I was wondering how you remember all your snakes. Eg. "she's never had eggs before" etc. Is it noted on their box, or do you actually know every single one of your snakes?

  51. Katie Pyatt says:

    Liking this snake cutting video version way better. Swimming with RJ seems like a cool idea. I just worry about the potential accidents whether it's by RJ or someone being reckless.

  52. Shanna Perry says:

    This should be the next addition to the reptarium!

  53. Kayla Ressler says:

    I’m new to watching the videos and of familiar to reptiles….but can someone explain to me why cut eggs? Thanks.

  54. KiKi 1000 says:

    I love the close ups of the eggs but the segment was too switchy for my eyes. Switching between the cameras and zooms every few seconds was really disorienting and hard to watch.

  55. Alyssa Heckman says:

    I like that you showed the parents because I never really know what genes are what so it's just nice to see what it's coming from

  56. Samantha Herrod says:

    Shots were definitely better on the egg cuttings! I started watching your videos about a month ago and I was wondering what a beginner snake would be? You made me actually like snakes now. I used to hate snakes. They freaked me out. But now I really want one. Please let me know what a good beginner snake would be! ❤️ I hope you’re feeling better!!!

  57. Jackie Vanhee says:

    Love the new set up. I was wondering why u cut open the eggs??

  58. Kelsie Neer says:

    What kind of snake would you recommend for a fist snake and won’t bite because my dad does not like snakes

  59. Debina Hernandez says:

    Yes you should to the 24 or change

  60. Jamie Greenwood says:

    Great vlog but in my honest opinion, its a good concept with RJ but also a bad one because as tame as you say he is. Having random people jump into a pool with him is just asking for trouble, just because he hasnt done anything yet doesnt mean it will never happen

  61. norma jean says:

    I absolutely love your videos but I love the old way you did your videos instead of the constant switching angles of the camera ❤️

  62. Renae Bepler says:

    I cant, Erik is halarious. He says "We already got they money if simething happens. Its a win win, think about it" Im dead!!! 🙉

  63. Cameron Wilson says:

    Hey Brian I look up to you and what you do and I wanna be just like you and do what you do. It's just that I don't know were to start and what to do. On behalf of the confused people like me can you please make a video on how you started and how your business grew.

  64. Tennette Muroyi says:

    Thanks Brian for giving shots of the parent animals,,its making sense now ,,,,

  65. Andrew Barnes says:

    You and Jay are doing a fantastic job! I did not care for the 1st new egg video, but knew you guys would get it right… and you absolutely did. Egg cutting is my fave video type – and you've just made them even better. Great job to you and your crew!

  66. Andrew Barnes says:

    Love that when you explain who the mother and father of the eggs are, that you now also cut to a quick pic or video of what the mom and dad both look like. For those of us who can't keep track of all different genetics and what they look like it is super helpful and again makes my already favorite egg cutting vids even better. Great work!

  67. Snapryan619 # Ryan Lynn says:


  68. Snapryan619 # Ryan Lynn says:


  69. Snapryan619 # Ryan Lynn says:


  70. Rahul Shah says:

    Swimming with rj

  71. Tamara Simpson says:

    Wow I would take the plain banana or pastel 😍

  72. derrick rp says:

    I want one of ur snakes😍😍

  73. Cindy syndie says:

    hi brian hope u feel much better u inspired me to get a snake before i used to be scared of them but when i saw your videos on my computer i wanted all the reptiles! again hope u feel better

  74. Nandus van der Watt says:

    Hi Brian, so you could say im a big fan of yours, you've inspired me so much!
    Im sad i could not meet you at the last SOS Reptile Expo here in S.A. but hay, there's always a next time right!
    Just wanna say keep doing what your doing and always stay this awsome!

  75. Shadow Light says:

    I'm lil worried because I always think that the baby cute Lil snake is going to like die I'm lonely your videos

  76. Kari Marie says:

    I would love the chance to swim with rj. I think as long as it was done in a big enough pool/pond to not stress him out to much it would be awesome and actually very educational for people….. kinda like typhoon lagoon in Florida let’s you swim with smaller sharks

  77. Beatriz Grilo says:

    I'm not the most crazy person about the new vlog style. i think if there were less angles cuts in each scene would make the flow of it a bit better.

  78. darkwolf games says:

    i remember one of the first egg cutting videos i watched was when you bred the scaless snakes.(cant remeber the exact snake)

  79. Tam Plays says:

    I think swimming with RJ is a bit risky. That's just my opinion on it. Do what you think is best!!

  80. Guy Ellis says:


  81. stph88tnkr1 says:

    Looked great !!! Love all the shots in the egg reveal!!! Have a great day !!

  82. Jade Dodds says:

    I love snake cake cutting videos I can’t wait to see the little noodles

  83. Purple Boy says:

    Yes the 24 hour challenge with rj is a great idea, I will be patient and wait.

  84. Rosy And more Rosy says:

    when do you think there will be more ball pythons available on the website?

  85. Dragonrider KE says:

    I like the old way better

  86. Felicia108 says:

    Does he have a video that explains all those different gene types?

  87. Eskie's World says:

    Nope sorry still can't watch because of music I got 45 seconds in before I had to stop shame as I miss your videos you know your videos weren't broken without the music so why fix it 😢

  88. roo lard says:

    how much are banana ball pythons?

  89. LOVE4MJ16 says:

    Yo Brian hit me up and let me know when you'll come to Madison, Wisconsin

  90. Savanna Rose says:

    0:40 Additional lighting for filming would improve the studio quality

  91. Brandi Lopedota says:

    When you cut the eggs I'd love to see a photo of the mom and dad. Can you please do that?!

  92. Zane Liam Delarmente says:

    You're so talkative…… talk toooooooooooo much man…

  93. Amanda'stakeonit says:

    Poor Kelsey looks so despondent as she looks through the bins <3

  94. Pamela Schramke says:

    Swimming with RJ would be AMAZING! I'd do it! Give me the waiver of liability! I'm ready!

  95. Darth Sarkoa says:

    Sorry to hear you got sick I have been off and on to over the past two weeks but i'm better now will pray for you for your health take it easy

  96. onlyjuan100 says:

    I want some bright yellow and orange pies is that possible?

  97. Amanda Raye says:

    Is it possible for their to be 2 fathers for the same clutch of eggs? I know it’s possible to happen with twin humans so I was curious

  98. Jalynn Chandler says:

    I love your snake egg cutting

  99. Erin Casto says:

    Hello from ohio

  100. Tiffany radaker says:

    I absolutely love your egg cutting videos I recently just got half way caught up and I'm sure I'm more out of the loop with your videos than most people but I love the excitement of not knowing and finding out. I definitely wouldn't mind more full videos of nothing but egg cutting and my 9 year old loves watching them too. Hopefully I can get my boys (4yr and 1 yr old) into them as well!

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