Cuban anole takes on cars!

Cuban anole takes on cars!

Amelio pass me no and this is the Cuban I don’t know today I’m here with one of the most common invasive lizards that you’re gonna find here in Florida this right here is the Cuban Knight anole now as the name implies they do come from Cuba but they were brought here either in plants that came from the island or as pets however these lizards don’t make very good pets as they can be pretty aggressive as I was getting him down from the tree he got my thumb pretty good you can see that their teeth are pretty sharp look at that they have a tiny little serrated teeth that’s quite a temperament too now this guy is small for a Cuban night and all they can get conservatively bigger than this and I can tell he’s a male because you can see flaring is due lap right there this flap of skin that iguanas will have so will they it’s called a doula and only the male’s have even though these are basic there is for me a nose or they can make sure of different creatures first you see the eyes [Music] see the eyes with their eyes look almost like the eyes of a chameleon that’s why sometimes are called the false chameleons or the American chameleons because they have the eyes that have kind of like these spirals then you have these ridges on the back that you can see right here that are sort of iguana like and also their coloring and size makes them look like a small at one so you got the chameleon and they want and to do that of course you want us also have this delay and then you reach the toes and you have the toe pads and kind of like that of a gecko but they also have claws so you take a lizard that is the amalgamation of different characteristics of other lizards and you get the Cuban Knight on it something I notice about this lizard when I caught it was that its skin is really soft it has very soft almost velvety skin except for one place right here on the top of the head instead of being soft it’s really hard and rigid this is very similar to another Cuban invader the Cuban tree frog that I caught in season one they also have the hard head and the soft skin I wonder if this is a common adaptation found in the reptiles and amphibians who live on that Caribbean island I love the color in this lizard look at that you have the yellow stripe on the shoulder but then you have that bright green color on it along all the body this provides perfect camouflage when they’re up high in the trees there is another reason as to why they are nicknamed chameleons they can also change color this individual remain the same color throughout the video but another one I caught a few days later use this remarkable ability this right here is a perfect example of the anoles ability to change color based on mood when I caught this guy a few minutes ago he was still bright green just a good one in fact you can still see a little bit of scales that are bright green on his leg but just after a few minutes look how he changed color he is now a very dark brown almost black and this head has become yellow let me see if I can get his hand a little bit chicken oh but he’s still just as aggressive as the other one check that out I’m sure I can put him down for a little bit you can see that he’s all puffed up and now he’s going back to green you see the body is changing to green again you can see his tail is now more green and look at that he’s slowly gonna change color if I were to let him go their mouth structure is pretty impressive look at that if you peered down their mouth you can almost see towards the stomach right a lot of the fish you can see that little pink blob right there that’s their tongue which they used to catch their prey their diet includes insects other lizards and in some cases even bird eggs as I mentioned before these guys are an invasive species here in Florida however they’re just one more of the many lizards are invading so they’re not causing that much of a problem however in Hawaii it’s a different story there are no reptiles native to that island only birds so the local birds don’t know how to defend themselves from predatory lizards that are looking for their eggs and they’re actually hurting the native populations on the island Cuban Knight anole is especially in the males are highly territorial they’re gonna fiercely guard their territory they’re gonna extend their dewlap and open their mouth like that not just against predators but against rivals and they’re not like your typical lizard that’s just gonna run away as soon as that sees danger they’re gonna stand their ground I’ve even seen these guys on the side of roads trying to take on cars can you imagine that that’s how aggressive they can be tiny little lizard taking on a car so this right here is yet another anole that I found on the road trying to strike at cars but this poor guy I think he already got hit you can see his tails been pretty damaged and his back legs are turning dark see he’s a little bit emotional he’s still alive but he clearly has difficulty walking support guy probably won’t survive his injuries but we should at least get him off the road give him a chance to recover okay to me yeah there you go buddy can you even hold on I don’t know they’re probably broken Oh nope you won’t make it long unfortunately I don’t wanna switch them out too much so I’m just gonna put them right back in the same tree where I found one Oh muchachos til next time nobody

Randy Schultz

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  1. TJ’S EXOTICS says:

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    The Cuban anole looks awesome. ??? big LIKE from Singapore

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    Yo this video is badass, i love these lizards..

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    Bummer about that last one :/ cool video tho !!

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    Beautiful lizard

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    Very interesting! I liked the comparisons with animals from other videos and the similarities you pointed out. Thx!

  15. Wolpertinger says:

    "And they also can change color like a chameleon"
    Me: Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat! Wooooooow, so cool! No way!  ?
    "But they are also pretty aggressive and they are gonna stand their ground"
    Me: Ok, better not give those lizards a gun… ?

  16. Wolpertinger says:

    I just wonder, why did you let them free at the end? 
    I had this idea in mind that some agency would euthanize all nonnative species that people catch in the wild.

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    I love the longer format of video Emilio, I could watch your videos for hours, especially with such personable subjects as Cuban Knight Anoles! I’ve always thought that they are awesome, but I had no idea that they were so fearless! Great work as always, I think you’ve been doing a great job covering the invasive species of Florida thus far and I look forward to more!
    – Harrison and Evan

  21. Oscar Lin says:

    Very cool

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    Just found this channel but I love how you do these videos. It feels so authentic since I’m assuming you live in Florida and that there is some crazy animals there and you end up making the videos work

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    Saw one at the park with a brown anole in its mouth

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    great video. would be interesting if you also capture on video on how you caught the creature.

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