Crocodile Rescue 01, Crocodile vs Humans

Crocodile Rescue 01, Crocodile vs Humans

Randy Schultz

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31 thoughts on “Crocodile Rescue 01, Crocodile vs Humans

  1. Arturo Santoy says:

    Damn I would be scared as hell if that was me.

  2. 6AXIS says:

    wait a crocodile in florida? O.o

  3. Michael says:

    Man that snap sounds brutal

  4. ojatro says:

    @Sons0fHelghan Yes, this are american crocodiles. South Florida is the only place in the world where crocodiles and alligator share the same habitat.

  5. Sam Vidler says:

    great video once again ojatro. keep it up!

  6. ojatro says:

    @LifeIsSleepin No worries. There will be plenty more videos posted soon. Thanks for watching.

  7. 3dkiller says:

    what did you give him with the needle ? extra viagra ?

  8. nick0wnsu says:

    Great vid ojatro!

  9. ojatro says:

    @nick0wnsu Thanx.

  10. ojatro says:

    @3dkiller The biologist took biometric data and implanted a microchip into the crocodile before releasing it into the wild. Thanks for watching.

  11. ojatro says:

    @Itankndspank Thank you. I still need to finish "Black Mambas" and hope to get the vids posted next month before moving on with a new wildlife documentary for the international film festivals. Still, there will be plenty of material posted on YouTube. Just to give all of you heads up. Thanks for watching.

  12. DARKALUCARD12 says:

    Exelent video ojatro, and nice work of those men helping the crocodile. =)

  13. ojatro says:

    @DARKALUCARD12 Yes, the wildlife officials secured the crocodile in no time and handled this dangerous situation well. Thanks for watching.

  14. ojatro says:

    @007feedback Many people don't know about American Crocodiles but they do live in South Florida.

  15. Sam Vidler says:

    @ojatro :]

  16. Thomas Ritt says:

    @007feedback well thats only half as badass as the amount of cows in my country.

  17. ojatro says:

    @Kingsirdj1996 Thanks. I'll try my best.

  18. ojatro says:

    @Cartman5101 Yes. I was born and raised in former East Germany.

  19. ojatro says:

    @walk4trot2canter3 Thanks and thanks to the rescue team.

  20. jesus chainz says:

    keep up the good work!

  21. ojatro says:

    @joetohotoa Thanx.

  22. ojatro says:

    @uhelp06 Thank you. More videos will be posted soon.

  23. J Ore says:

    Great Job on video and catching the Croc

  24. ojatro says:

    @123ore Thank you.

  25. Ann Bat says:

    What brave men! Really cool! Thank you for your salvation!
    Well done, that such things took off!

  26. ojatro says:

    @MyContemplator Yes, those wildlife officials did well. No one got harmed and the crocodile was released save into a new location (and I went home and got some sleep). Thanks for watching.

  27. Giovanny Fonseca says:


  28. Mohamed Al-shibani says:

    one word …. BALLS !!

  29. Eren Reina says:

    Oh!, i love the Jaw Snap =)

  30. atotheg1991 says:

    the crocodile is gonna wake up not knowin' what happened… THE HANG OVER PART 3?

  31. Mahdi akbari says:

    that pheeeeeeeeesht noise scares me lol

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