Crocodile on Fire | Spike and Dadda Series 1, Episode 3

Crocodile on Fire | Spike and Dadda Series 1, Episode 3

Spike: “Hello?” Sheldon: “Er… Calling all units, calling all units-“ Sheldon: “I can see a crocodile that’s on fire. Please come straight away. KKSSSHK.” Spike: “KSHK. Now… er… Now the… um… crocodile that’s on fire… Now it’s snapping- KSSHK.” Sheldon: “Ok. If he’s snapping you must tie up his- tie up his mouth- I repeat- tie up his mouth…” Sheldon: “… with some thick string. KSHK.” Spike: “Well, we don’t- KSSHK- we don’t have any string to cover up… um… the mouth…” Spike: “… so… we don’t have any… and KSSHK!” Sheldon: “Ok… umm… KSSHK. Do you have any rope? Over. KSSHK.” Spike: “No… we don’t have any rope either! KSSSHK!” Sheldon: “Ok, ok, alright, try and find a big rock…” Sheldon: “… and put it on top of his head to keep his mouth closed. KSSHK.” Spike: “We can’t find any big rock either! KSSSHK!” Sheldon: “Oh. Well what are you gonna do? KKSSSHK.” Spike: “Oh… KSSHT. We don’t know, and…” Spike: “… and we might get snapped up…” Spike: “… and eaten by the crocodile. KSSSHK.” Sheldon: “Ok. If you get eaten by the crocodile…” Sheldon: “… please call me up…” Sheldon: “… so I can get a new person.” Sheldon: “Are you in the crocodile’s stomach? KSSHT.” Spike: “Yup.” Sheldon: “Do you have a flashlight? KSSHK.” Spike: “Wha…? What? KSSHK.” Sheldon: “KSSHK. Do you have a flashlight?” Sheldon: “KSSHK. Or a torch? KSSHK.” Spike: “Well we don’t, no, we don’t have any torch. KSSHK.” Sheldon: “Ok, well, you just- you need to try and find his bottom.” Sheldon: “So you can go out his bottom.” Sheldon: “When he goes SPLLRRRPPPT you can go out his bottom. KKSSSHK.” Spike: “I’m out now, thank you! KSSHK!” Spike: “And then you get red spots and they get itchy.” Spike: “When you get red spots and you look like a chicken!”

Randy Schultz

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2 thoughts on “Crocodile on Fire | Spike and Dadda Series 1, Episode 3

  1. H Thomson says:

    Where's the thick string when you need it aaaagh!

  2. Pete Baroch says:

    awesome animation Sheldon

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