Crocodile Man ‘Shazam!’ Behind The Scenes

Crocodile Man ‘Shazam!’ Behind The Scenes

[Sandberg] Today,
I’m taking molds of my body so I can be a crocodile man
for 30 seconds in the movie. During a production meeting,
it was like, “Well, who’s gonna
play the crocodile man?” And Peter was like, “Well, David should play
the crocodile guy.” And everyone was like,
“Yeah, that’s a great idea!” I feel like a piece of toast
being buttered. [man snickers] You know, I also had to be
like this throughout the whole thing, because that’s how
the crocodile head worked. [man snickering] It’s loud. There’s these motors
to control the mouth and the eyes, so you don’t hear anything. -David, can you see?
-[Sandberg] Huh? [all laughing] [man 1] Okay, we’re set. And action. [laughing] Chill out, man. -Yeah. [laughs]
-[man 2] You lost a tooth, buddy. [Sandberg] I’m glad I did it,
but I don’t want to do it again. -[all laughing]
-[applause] [man] Bravo!

Randy Schultz

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