Crocodile Attack! – Hunters-Wildlife Predators, #03, 악어, 몰래가서 급습하라

Crocodile Attack! – Hunters-Wildlife Predators, #03, 악어, 몰래가서 급습하라

The second strategist surviving
in the wild is the crocodile. The Grumeti and Mara Rivers
flow north of the Serengeti. The Nile crocodiles
have been here a while. They are the most violent among
the 23 species of crocodiles worldwide. The expressionless crocodile
is an expert at concealment. They reveal their true selves
when the prairie enters a dry period. The temperature is almost 40°C. The vast land has heated up. At the end of the cliff,
there is water, and there is the crocodile. The crocodile slightly peaks out
and secretly approaches. They calculate the exact location
of their prey before making a move. No one could predict the upcoming kill. When their sudden attack succeeds,
they drown their prey in deep water. The way crocodiles eat is called
the spin of death. They can’t chew because of
the structure of their mouth, so they spin around to extract the meat,
and swallow it whole. It’s only natural to be cautious
of crocodiles near the water. Even baby crocodiles
under 40cm in length, are scary creatures. They are hands-down,
the kings of the river. The only animal that
crocodiles are afraid of are the hippos. If a crocodile gets squished
under a 3 ton hippo, it would be bad news. They seem tame
when they’re eating grass, but in reality, they have foul tempers. They’re territorial and will kill
any intruders in their territory. The reason why hippos and crocodiles
can survive together is because the crocodile
wisely keeps its distance. The crocodile spends a lot of time
moderating its temperature. They leave the water
and open their mouth to cool off. You can hear the gnu’s cries
from far away. It’s also a signal for the crocodile
that it’s time to hunt again. The hunters choose a target
and then move forward. If they don’t have a clear target,
there’s a good chance they will fail. If they can’t drown their prey right away,
it can become a long battle. The crocodile ran out of patience. The gnu’s strong will to live
has saved its life. It’s a good day for the gnu
when the crocodile goes hungry. The crocodile is threatened
when a herd of gnu splash around with their hooves
as they cross the river. The crocodile doesn’t attack right away
because it has abundant prey. Instead, he chooses a target
that has fallen behind. After firmly biting its prey, it goes to a secluded area
to celebrate its kill. The gnu cross the land annually. Hundreds of thousands of gnu
cross the river. And about 1% falls prey
to the crocodile or drowns. They die just before
they reach the green prairies. The gnu that fall behind depart the world
by falling prey to the crocodile. The 99% that have survived arrive
at their final destination. They can enjoy abundant greens
for the next four months. There is only serenity at the river
after the herbivores move. It is time for the river hunters
to take a break. They won’t be able to taste
fresh gnu meat for a while.

Randy Schultz

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29 thoughts on “Crocodile Attack! – Hunters-Wildlife Predators, #03, 악어, 몰래가서 급습하라

  1. 이종일 says:

    하마는 잡식인가요? 초식인가요?

  2. 김재웅 says:

    잡종에 1표

  3. Steve Man says:

    head snap at 11:52

  4. 엄세훈 says:

    저기다 수류탄 확 던져버리고 싶다.

  5. 오유리 says:

    리카온보다 악어사냥방식이 훨씬

  6. 오유리 says:

    적어도 죽은채로 먹히니까

  7. Retired Early 53 says:

    I'll take a leg , no , I changed my mind, I'll take a wing , please !!!!!!!!!!

  8. slikdarelic says:

    damn.. at the 2:25 mark.. Gnu falls off the small cliff on the left.. i dont know if it's dead, wound up with just a few broken bones, or just severe head trauma.. geez..

  9. Karen Eland says:

    I would gladley shoot a crocodile

  10. Cleison torres says:


  11. 환상으로 모두를 위하여!준민 says:

    Is The Resemble To Vector?

  12. SB9P4 says:

    What type camera used?

  13. jon wilson says:

    There's a story about the Gnu that says after God had finished creating all the animals there was a pile of spare body parts left over,and not wanting to waste them, God stuck the spare body parts together & made the Gnu aka Wilderbeast… suspects from the way Gnu's drink next to a visible croc that either the brain from the spare parts was on the small side or there wasnt any spare brains left at all.

  14. Асет Амантаев says:


  15. Rashid Ahmad says:

    Kill crocodile save animals

  16. 김정은 says:

    악어라고 검색했는데 시 ㅡ발 초딩게임 하는 마크비제이 극혐이 뜨냐 차단해도 검색되서 진짜 빡치네 ㅡㅡ

  17. ᄋᄋᄋ says:

    와 근데 악어가 진짜 크다ㄷㄷ

  18. 상규이 says:

    다음날 들깨한테 잡아 먹힙니다

  19. jon wilson says:

    Hippo's kill two tiny antelope because they are the most anti-social, crotchety, miserable, bad tempered animals going lol

  20. Jose Antonio Ortiz Ortiz says:

    Pinches hipopótamos tan pendejos que no saben distinguir

  21. Yudhi Pamungkas says:

    Wildebeest : but we still the huge population in the world 😆

  22. BlackAnvil47 says:

    A form of exec for murderers

  23. Michael Wilson says:

    3:30 could you imagine being that thirsty

  24. 제점수는요 says:

    다리뼈가 그대로 들어가네.. 후쟝 안찢어지나?? 대단하노…..

  25. Oh선이 says:

    이 세상에 강한 것도 약한 것도 없다
    다만 각자 본능에 맞게 살아갈 뿐이다

  26. Dread Macklemore says:

    It's fucked up that the one cautious gnu is the one who got taken at 3:36

  27. 김승제 says:

    누우 때나 얼룩말 먹히는거 이젠 불쌍하지도 않다. 악어들은 1년에 사냥성공이 몇번 안된다고 알고 있고 그걸 또 나눠먹는..초식동물이 너무 많으면 풀도 안 자라고 척박해진다고 한다.

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