Crocodile And Lions Clash Over Buffalo Carcass

Crocodile And Lions Clash Over Buffalo Carcass

COMM: Kruger National Park in the dead of night. Two of nature’s most fearsome predators
are about to square up. Over a square meal. 00:22
DAVIDE: It’s the crocodile. And the lion. 00:31
COMM: Davide Chiossi was on safari in South Africa, when he spotted an estimated 14ft
900lb crocodile. Guarding a buffalo carcass. Two male lions had a serious case of food
envy. 00:45
COMM: The big cats, which weighed around 400lbs each decided to tuck in. 00:51
COMM: But the croc didn’t take too kindly to sharing it’s meal. 01:08
DAVIDE: Crocodile almost ripped his head off. 01:15
COMM: It’s believed that during the scuffle a lion’s claw became embedded in the crocodile’s
head. 01:21
COMM: Eventually the croc backed down, to let the lions get their fill.

Randy Schultz

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90 thoughts on “Crocodile And Lions Clash Over Buffalo Carcass

  1. Reality Lives says:


  2. Udoby Break says:

    Such a cute cat! >.<

  3. Daniel says:

    So early!

  4. Lidl Derp says:


  5. Adrian Gamez says:

    It is early

  6. Alucard says:

    I love predator match ups but the problem with this one is that the lions have the advantage on land so they are expected to win. If the lions were in the water the croc would be expected to win. However crocs rely on ambush far more than lions. At night, with the crocs cold blood I don't think it could have taken the lion.

  7. Forensic says:


    Crocodile = Best ambusher

  8. Barcroft TV says:
    A hungry crocodile clashes with two angry lions over a late night snack.

  9. amber chloe says:


  10. Earl Ollsen says:

    so lions are fiercer than crocs

  11. Henrik Larsson says:

    If that Lion had been caught in Those jaws it would have been torn apart

  12. LisaDawnn says:

    I'm sure the Jeep— with humans —-shinning a bright spot light on the situation added to the stress. That poor Croc probably felt extremely invaded on all sides.

    IDK, although it's somewhat interesting,  humans need to leave the wilderness to the animals (to think we bitch about CC cameras and drones invading our privacy? Pffffft)

  13. Sean Armstrong says:

    i like how the croc just sit there while lions get the food.

  14. Jax Nean says:

    Sorry reptiles you have your shot 65 million years ago , now it's a mammals world!

  15. ButTheToes says:

    i would break my nail for food any day

  16. That Guy says:

    i hate it when your trying to watch something and the video is 4 seconds of footage played in random unorganized chunks spread over 2 mins, just like the old days of tv where you keep seeing the same bit over and over again, who watches tv nowadays lol

  17. 007wetz says:

    Return of the king, Mgtow.

  18. StephanieSalvatore says:

    If that crocodile was persistent than one bite and that male lion would be injured

  19. Beautifully Bree says:

    The over-editing is really annoying.

  20. Zuri Robles says:

    Nature best scenes

  21. Millie M8 says:

    my nan wears crocs whilst gardening

  22. Peace Dweller says:

    Crocs usually outmuscle every other predator in Africa apart from the Lion,on land it's just too risky for a Croc to go toe to toe with a Lion.

  23. Rammsteinmaiky1 says:

    Big corporations, bankers, the church, zionists, strong governments, etc. etc, they are the big HUMAN BEASTS fighting for the enormous herd formed by millions of common humans. Sometimes they get agreements, and sometimes they just betray each other.

  24. nintendokings says:

    Who needs Batman v Superman

  25. Abdullah Unal says:

    And what happend after?

  26. Man of Water says:

    what an exhilirating experience !

  27. HendrixUntilDeath says:


  28. Matheus Moreira says:

    Yeah, sharing is caring.

  29. Chad Allon says:

    That alligator was more like wtf is going on

  30. T.O Tha P says:

    Crocodile is a beast wasnt scared at all

  31. abdi libaax says:

    The most aggressive lion is the lion with dark full mane, meaning scar would dominate simba in real life kids. these are nomdic lions they take kills off anyone or force you to watch them eat what's yours. Lion: "you ant gonna do shit, you got my claw stuck in your head"

  32. john hamlet says:

    it is me the only one who now wants to eat a big juicy stake? mmmmmh

  33. the ultra wave animations says:

    i dont get this how is this a clash XD

  34. Mr. T/Kinky Tail Mapogo says:

    Poor croc! They went and stole it from him, lol.

  35. Mr. T/Kinky Tail Mapogo says:

    Croc didn't made the kill but he found it first.

  36. Tonetare says:

    Way to show the whole thing. This video was complete garbage, skipping shit and repeating the same scene up to 100 times. Thumbs down from me.

  37. Napoleone says:

    this looks and sounds like the TMZ of the wilderness.

  38. Mr. T/Kinky Tail Mapogo says:

    That claw he left in the croc's face reminds me of when my dad used to tell me to not give him cause to leave the imprint of his five fingers in my face, lol.

  39. mexico ttt says:

    lions are bullys there just don't give a fuck there show no respect to other animals except there own LONG LIVE THE KING OF THE JUNGLE

  40. Monty Burns says:

    1:25 "why must I cry?" (crocodile tears)

  41. SupremeSanda says:

    Lion came, lion see, lion conquers, business as usual, those 2 male lion acted as if those 2 crocs are status

  42. SupremeSanda says:

    Lion came, lion see, lion conquers, business as usual, those 2 male lion acted as if those 2 crocs are status

  43. HoveringAboveMyself says:

    Why the people that take this kind of videos always suck so much at estimating size? does that crocodile really look bigger than the two lions combined? 14ft 900lbs my ass, pause the video at 36 seconds, similar head-body lengths between the lion and the croc, I say no bigger than 12ft and 600lbs.

  44. saleh abdullah says:

    if there was no buffalo lion would go for killing the crocodile…..

  45. Cam M says:

    alot of lion fanboys most animals would run from 2 grown male lions the croc didn't show any fear and kept his head on the carcass while they ate……what might scare off a hyena or two won't intimidate a large crocodile….respect to both animals

  46. jose mecca says:


  47. Damage says:

    get outta here you old dinosaur..

  48. ahmad hanafie says:

    Nothing food/meal is edible to crocodile except battle or clash with king of the jungle lion.

  49. chief brody Robertson says:

    the Croc was intimated that's why it never attacked the lions.if the lions were hungry enough they would of killed the croc.crocs have only minutes of stamina onland

  50. Orange says:

    pussy croc

  51. Marc Bowlen says:

    The croc could die from infection from that claw stuck in its face!

  52. yomofobroski says:

    Outro music please

  53. ahmad hanafie says:

    David chiossi di safari afrika selatan,ia membuat penafsiran buaya dengan panjang 14 kaki dan berat 900 pon sedang menjaga (mendapatkan makanan)bangkai kerbau,dua singa dewasa sungguh-sungguh(serius) menjadi iri ingin makan,kucing besar dengan berat sekitar 400 pon memutuskan untuk mengambil makanan tsb(bangkai),tetapi buaya tidak mau berbagi makanan(daging).so one male lion launch attack with sabertooth as sign war is begin.two lion success get a dinner.congratulation.

  54. Sherbet_Bomb says:

    He stared down 2 lion without fear. What a badass

  55. Pruthvirajsinh Vadher says:

    If there is tiger story would be different

  56. Rome_05 says:

    LMFAO those 2 lions just fucking saw a fresh meal and just took it, without even feeling the least bit restricted by the presence of the crocodile.

  57. shrekislove1289 says:

    At 1:24 the croc staring at the camera like "ehh.. was worth a shot"

  58. qaisar akram says:

    good morning

  59. EzeqDece says:

    lyons be carefull, croc has the stronguest bite in the animal kingdom

  60. Michael says:

    poor buffalos

  61. bboykee says:

    it was never almost. that was not attack whatsoever just warning. never ever heard or seen croc rip off male lion's head especially outside the water.

  62. Yagna Narayana says:

    jst think about u hv no limbs and only hv to fight with powerful jaws, thtz the case with crocodile.. lions hv combination, blessed with powerful limbs and jaws as well

  63. TimG57867 says:

    The crocodile only had itself to blame. It should have pulled the carcass into the water.

  64. ERROR! sans says:

    if that croc would have got a grip on the lions head then I'm pretty sure the lion would might of die if the croc would pull and rip of the lions snout

  65. Jon S says:

    That croc was gonna be meat if he didn't back down from these fearless badboys 😀

  66. Seni Siken says:

    A Tiger would kill the crocodile

  67. Man from the Orient says:

    A tiger is way more aggressive and dominant than a lion and would not have allowed the Croc to stay beside his kill. A Tiger is known be a crocodile killer

  68. khalid AKA K7 says:

    Great Video 👍

  69. Sam Ray says:

    Croc react according to their age. A full grown croc will kill any lion both male or female once the lion is the water. This is fact.

  70. Sam Ray says:

    Tiger or no Tiger. A full grown African Nile croc kills any animal in water even hippo. Use Gustave as example

  71. TheMusicMOA says:

    Alligators are too dumb to see themselves getting into a 2 v 1 fight they can't win

  72. One Bash Man says:

    crocodiles dominate the mammal age.. poor lions

  73. The Magic Twister says:

    Lions=Fearless. No wonder a read a book with a lion named fearless.

  74. matthew mann says:

    Most of the time a fight to the death would not happen but if it did I a pretty sure pound for pound on land a Lion would win just as in water a Croc would win

  75. poussy says:

    i wish one they would eat those bastards humans

  76. Dj Shocks says:

    Still better than Batman vs superman. Tiger would have annialated the croc and the two lions. And walked away with the buffalo like a boss.

  77. 100 subs with 0 vids says:

    Lion will win his reflexes are impeccable.

  78. J J says:

    Know your role, croc

  79. Adolfo Vasquez says:

    Try pulling that stuff on Gustave

  80. james rabbit says:

    Selati male Lions RIP.

  81. Will B says:

    That croc didn’t care one bit. He’s like, you come closer and I’ll eat you as well😂

  82. szaki says:

    LOL! Crock snaps at the lion and it's played over and over again!
    Click bait!

  83. Youngin Amc says:

    He did the smart thing and backed down from the lions

  84. Youngin Amc says:

    Its alot of stupid people in these comments 1. Its on land lions are way to agile evasive and quick second its 2 to one third the croc took its LOSS like the video said

  85. Ingur Lund says:

    They had no interest in real all out fight with each other. They just manouvre and that's it. Mutual respect.

  86. shela Vila says:

    at 01:06 damn that lions only move a bit n give his smile when the crocs want to grab his head?

  87. Walter White says:

    King 👑 of the jungle for a reason

  88. Fitness says:

    That croc 🐊 doesn’t look any where near 900 pounds Croc is only king in the water

  89. The Postal Gril says:

    terrible editing

  90. Almond Tiger says:

    So will the lion grow another claws?

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