Crazy Candy eating Challenge.  Gross candy snakes, lizards, and frogs.

Crazy Candy eating Challenge. Gross candy snakes, lizards, and frogs.

Hi, My name is Ethan My name is Cole So today we have creatures in a jar. In gummy liquid candy. That’s disgusting! Umm. We are going to eat them, because they are candy… They look like toys, but there not. This is going to be awesome. There is one. It is not open. Look how many colors there are. Like easter eggs. Yea. A spider. Green, Yellow Purple A lizard. A spider A snake Or a frog Alright, which one are you guys going to pick? I’m going to take… purple Its a hard decision between the snake and the spider how about this one. I’m going to take snake I’m going to get frog. Look at his head. Goo. OK, here we go! Ewww! Goooo Ewww. Ohhh. The Gooo! You can eat that stuff. Try it. Put it in your mouth. OK I can’t describe it. It’s good. I can’t describe it though. I want to eat the lizard. Eww. It’s covered in goo Coley, It’s ok if you get your hands gooey Can someone get me a napkin. Look at this. Eat it. Just stick your hand in it. Bite it. You know one of those gummy packs? It tastes like a giant gummy. It’s like a giant gummy worm. Are you going to taste him? No! No? I’m going to play with him. You can’t play with it. It’s gummy. But it’s cool to play with. Do you want to try yours? No I can get it out for you Coley. I don’t like it. It’s a foggy. It’s all sticky. Ewww It’s sticky Taste it. No This is a mess. Thanks for watching guys. Did you eat that whole lizard? Yea.

Randy Schultz

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