Courage The Cowardly Dog | Freaky Fred Part 2 – Blue Crocodile

Courage The Cowardly Dog | Freaky Fred Part 2 – Blue Crocodile

Thanks you very much! My fuzzy friend is what he was this darling And such buzz it does Demond Looked at me his fetching eyes and fetching fur did And that’s when I got You shouldn’t play in the toilet don’t worry boys Eustace should be at the hardware store by now This dripping hair is Trudy curl And fell sweet memories With tresses own they’d twist and twirl and tempt me to be naughty Barbara my love was named and her fair hair our main untamed Until one evening. I’m ashamed. I got a little naughty For my young love face was sweet lace But in this case I realized she needed Space I Never more was naughty well Maybe not Just Can’t wait for those pancakes Kenya You disobey back any moment now Oh hungry will Bilker your fur and fleece remind of nothing found in humankind but for one fellow who did find me to be in a circle Into my shop, he walked one day with Bush above and beard bouquet That’s no toupee. I play no way I could help but be Justic trimmed banner, I’d never seen such hair before he Fans they sang His met it better Eyebrows armpits all were reckoned soon. I figured prophetic and guess who I was

Randy Schultz

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