Country Fire evacuees tell their story in El Dorado County

Country Fire evacuees tell their story in El Dorado County

I feel like it was about 1:00 or 2:00 where my associate Pastor
kind of ran in my office. He lives up country and he said, there’s a fire I’m going to run
to see how my house is doing. And so
we just assumed that we would get called. So we just turned all the air conditioning
units, just got everything ready. Then the county called a few minutes
later and said can we come out and get things set up? And they got her, we opened up, and
families started arriving immediately. I do know that two
Garden Valley Fire Department firefighters were injured in a burn over. But they’re okay. So I think they were maybe
life flighted or mini-vacs. And I think that they’re going home
today so it’s not life threatening. We’ll stay up as late as they need us, but
they’re thinking maybe a few more hours. Yeah, this It sounds like they
feel like they’re getting a handle on the on the fire.>>Yeah, we have our dog,
our cat and a bearded dragon here, and then they each
grabbed an overnight bag. So the streets were blocked off
I could not get to my house. And so I was in constant communication
with my neighbor who met us at the Holiday Market where
the roads were closed. I’m not concerned about the structures, what concerns me to be honest with
you are the hotspots like afterwards. And going home to sleep tonight. And like you know that
kind of stuff scares me. If we go back tonight I’ll drive home and
see what it looks like. And then decide whether or
not I want to stay or if we want to go stay with friends or
something. And one of the biggest reliefs to me was
not even joking this morning when I left. Because I knew they were gonna
be homeless today by themselves. I said what is our fire evacuation plan? They both told me what it was. And when I called to check in on them,
they were both really calm. And they just did exactly
what they were told to do. And waited until the sheriff came down
the street and said you have to get out. And then they went to the neighbors and
the neighbor took them out. So that was amazing to me. I can’t, I don’t know why I said that. I actually came back into the house and
said, what is our evacuation plan in case
of a fire, and they both told me. [BLANK_AUDIO]

Randy Schultz

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