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probably heard of easy mile if you haven’t they are one of the industry
leaders in the field of driverless mobility they launched their
revolutionary easy 10 self-driving people mover in 2015 putting the shuttle
to work in a Californian Business Park and a park in Singapore they have since
gone on to deploy more than 230 driverless projects that have
transported over 380,000 passengers more than 600,000 kilometers or over 370
thousand miles since their launch described as an autonomous and
environmentally friendly public transport in the Baltic countries the EZ
mile driverless shuttle can carry up to 15 people while driving at speeds of up
to 25 km/h its odometry system collects information about the surroundings
allowing the bus to detect obstacles and avoid accidents while its environmental
friendliness make it the first choice for any individual or group interested
in saving our planet iguana X 100 the iguana X 100 is an
innovative amphibious vehicle that takes all the fear from sea travel designed to
be a rigid inflatable boat that works as well on land as it does on water the
Iguana x100 moves with the aid of a caterpillar system just like the ones
used in tanks it has been demonstrated to be capable
of overcoming slopes of up to 45 degrees and has made the entry into and exit out
of water extremely easy in water it works with the aid of two additional
motors which helps drive it to speeds of up to 90 kilometers per hour AAB spot if you’re a selfie lover you’ve
probably noticed that a large portion of modern cameras have a major drawback
when it comes for taking selfies I’m talking about the way you have to
constantly keep looking at your image in the camera to make sure you’re still in
the frame in the end you come off as overly self-conscious the exact opposite
effect you wanted well the Chinese startup off spot offers two products
that can take filming to a whole new level the first of these is a compact
portable camera known as tail this camera comes equipped with an advanced
AI that helps it recognize objects so as soon as it recognizes that it should
take a picture it actually rotates its lens to keep the subjects in free tail works even in the most crowded
areas and has the capacity to isolate the subject from other moving objects
and stay focused on it no matter what distractions it may encounter it sounds
great right it gets even better the tail is also capable of shooting 4k video at
60 frames per second the second product turtle works as a
special trolley that can be used in combination with tail to give you a
truly amazing photo session it has been described as being able to track and
follow the subject to be photographed just to give you the perfect headshot RT 3700 imagine this you just live your
life as always and all is quite normal and then you learn about one thing and
understand that you need it very much all this time this is the type of gadget
that we’re going to show you today we are all used to the fact that while
working with a decent tape you always have to face him
inconveniences people come up with various tricks to make work more
comfortable however it turns out that you can avoid any problems by buying the
RT 3700 this miracle will cost you approximately three hundred dollars it
doesn’t do anything special in particular and it’s not incredibly smart
it just divides a sticky tape and pieces of the identical size and then gives
them to the person the invention allows you to forget about the torments of
finding the place where the tape and the roll ended it will greatly speed up and
simplify any business no matter where you leave the adhesive tape and also it
will save you a lot of nerve cells the length of the pieces as well as their
number of course are regulated and it takes only a few seconds to prepare for
work Dremel versa the next gadget in our list
is designed to keep your home clean Dremel versa takes cleaning to a whole
new level but at the same time reduces the effort typically the most effective
way to remove dirt is to wipe the surface this is how Dremel Versa works
this compact device that fits in your hand could be useful for a variety of
jobs removable attachments greatly enhance your cleaning options for
example the Dremel Versailles can handle both grease on the grill and wash your
bathroom until it shines the gadget will also be useful in the kitchen you can
use it for both washing up and for hard to remove dirt such as burning on the
back of a pot Dremel versa can even clean your shoes and one of the
attachments can be used for polishing also there are no wires the Dremel Versa
battery lasts for two hours of continuous use and the price is $50 Iko sober the eco-silver will change the
way you get clean eco sober changes the cleaning it and it will never be the
same again for years getting clean was all about barson but bar soap can get so
messy goopy and icky wet soap left in the soap dish for a long time turn south
which causes an unpleasant smell liquid soap is a convenient but not too
environmentally friendly alternative plastic bottles are not empty to the
ends and once used turned into waste harmful to the planet Iko Soper is a special dispenser for
hard soaps the device grinds the bar into small flakes this is a more
efficient format of using soap also these flakes turn into lush foam much
faster the ego sober is equipped with a sensor
that reacts to hand movements a person also spreads to your microbes around by
not touching the eco Soper with dirty hands its price is just $35 tenfold house.the tenfold house sounds
like something out of a fairy tale this exciting new innovation can unfold from
a cube in minutes don’t worry it isn’t magic
it actually works with a centuries-old idea in building construction design by
United Kingdom based firm tenfold engineering it is a modular
self-deploying structure that can transform from a truck sized block to a
fully functioning building in less than 10 minutes well if that’s not magic then how does
it work it uses a patented lever system that controls counterbalance folding
linkages this helps it automate what would otherwise have been a long and
effort intensive process the ten fold house may be the solution to housing
problems all over the world and could be used in the speedy construction of
mobile medical clinics refugee camps and other educational facilities snake robot the snake robot is the
latest iteration of articulated locomotive robots which are all the rage
in robotics at the moment the snake robot is the subject of an ongoing
research project in the robotics Institute bio robotics lab it features a
repeating structure of the same element as each module has a single rotational
degree of freedom then when chained together form the snake robot when you
can control the position of each module you give these robots the ability to
move in an unprecedented manner the snake robot can climb inside and outside
of pipes up and down trees and can glide over any terrain no matter how rough or
difficult there you have it folks a list of the eight most insane inventions from
all over the world which of these inventions that you think were the most
useful tell us in the comments section below don’t forget to subscribe and
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Randy Schultz

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