Contrarian Crocodile Gets A Girlfriend?

Contrarian Crocodile Gets A Girlfriend?

(rock music) – Well hello, you big, stupid idiots, it’s me, the Contrarian Crocodile and I’m here to contradict everything you throw my way, and let me tell you, those comments on the last video, ooh, some good stuff to contradict. Let’s get into it. ^Contradict that I wrote this comment. ^We don’t know who wrote this, it could have been your mom ^or your friend or anybody who has access to your computer. If we were friends, I could have written it. I guess that just means we should become friends ^so we can explore this further, please be my friend. ^Moving on. ^Okay, here’s one, I genuinely want to be your friend. ^Wanna hang some time? ^You seem like a cool croc, contradict that. ^You don’t know me at all. ^What could possibly make you think you want to be ^the friend of a complete stranger ^who you only know through short internet videos? ^That’s what I thought, you’ve been contradicted. ^No, no, no, no, no, no, no, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, ^look, if you want to hang out, I think that would ^be totally cool, let’s just move on, that one doesn’t count, that one doesn’t count. ^Here’s one, I wanna be your girlfriend, contradict that. ^Uh, we, uh, you don’t know. ^You don’t know if you want to date me. ^Maybe we should hang out like low-key, ^not like a full-blown date, just like a coffee somewhere. ^You could pick me up, I don’t have a car. Guh, is it hot in this cave or is it just, the con, how hot my contradictions are, baby, let’s move on. ^All right, next up, contradict this. ^Everyone eventually will die. ^Uh, some would say that our legacy always lives on, which really makes you stop and think about the legacy you’re leaving. (groans) what am I doing? Is this my legacy? Is this what I’ll be remembered for, contradicting strangers on the internet? (tender music) Okay, no fun to think about, let’s just uh, let’s just say that this happened, we did it, I contradicted you, moving on. ^Here’s one, contradict this, you are green. ^(scoffs) No I’m not. ^Here, do you want me to calibrate the colors on your monitor ^real quick, because I think they’re messed up. ^(static squeals) ^How’s this, good? ^Oh, there we go, yup, there, see? ^This is what I actually look like. ^That’s what I thought, you’ve been contradicted. Pretty sure I just contradicted the crap out of all of you, but if you think you can stump me, leave a comment here and I’ll deal with it in the next video. (static squeals) Yeah, these colors are different too, your monitor was really messed up. (upbeat music)

Randy Schultz

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21 thoughts on “Contrarian Crocodile Gets A Girlfriend?

  1. juuzou suzuya says:

    I just wanted to say that this is such a cool and involved series. I truly love and really appreciate these episodes. Keep up the good work! 🐊

  2. gc2009able says:

    My color expectations for Contrarian Crocodile have been set. If they don't continue then I can only conclude that all of our devices are conspicuously and constantly contradicting Contrarian Crocodile.

  3. juuzou suzuya says:

    You are an animated character and will never truly be able to experience real life.
    Contradict that.

  4. Tender Sheep says:

    Contradict my comment was in this video!

  5. Serenity Daugherty says:


  6. themikead99 says:

    Existence has meaning, contradict that.

  7. Joester toaster says:

    I will be your friend.

  8. Dark Trainer Z says:

    Contradict the title of the video.

  9. Socially Awkward Diva says:

    1:52 he's having an existential crisis someone call Daniel Howell

  10. abbi bee says:

    this series is so dumb it's just buzzfeed filler and doesn't make sense HHHHH 2:03 THEY DIDN"T EVEN BOTHER ANIMATING HIS WHOLE FUCKING BODY

  11. あしあ says:

    Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell. Contradict that.

  12. Your King says:

    You didn’t contradict me

    Contradict that

  13. Cromwell The Wombat says:

    You are not going to contradict this comment.
    Contradict that

  14. Josie Castafiore says:

    Contradict that you can contradict

  15. Gracie Hart says:

    Contradict that I am alive

  16. Zenia Asad says:

    I love how there are never a lot of comments on these videos

  17. Rel Fle says:

    Contradict your ability to contradict

  18. Reece T says:

    You're really good at contradicting!

  19. Molly Weiss says:

    Contradict life

  20. Undead Animal says:

    Contradict that you have two eyes

  21. Ally Morishita says:

    Contradict your clothes

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