Common Lizards in Britain – Short Documentary

Common Lizards in Britain – Short Documentary

Right, we’re in Bristol and we’re looking
for lizards. So follow me and we’ll see if we can spot
any basking. We’re looking for like common, or otherwise
known as viviparous, lizards. Places like this, you often get them. And you often find them on these kind of wooden
panels. They like somewhere they can get up high. I found a common lizard here. This one’s melanistic. This is pretty much black. It’s got kind of a blue-y tint to it. They’re literally only about the size of your
finger, which is quite amazing. They’re common around Europe. They come in a range of colours. These lizards actually kind of bear live young,
they’re a bit different to some other lizards. They hatch into a kind of an embryo. I find when I’m filming or taking photos of
lizards, you’ve gotta be very careful not to spook them. I try to look for them when they might put
their head up or something like that, it kind of makes a unique shot. This is so near the town, yet you’ll find
reptiles. Over there is all the city and stuff, and
you got a tiny bit of space like this left wild, and it just shows how much we need these
wild spaces because it’s utilized so much. I’ve seen foxes here. I’ve seen endless reptiles. They seem to be thriving, but if spaces like
this are took away, you know, that could be the end of them. So, save our wild spaces.

Randy Schultz

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5 thoughts on “Common Lizards in Britain – Short Documentary

  1. zlyzab says:

    Sorry for the awful audio! I only had my phone and no quality external mic so unfortunately there is a lot of wind and white noise as well as sniffling and breathing sounds ew. I tried fixing it but not much could be done so I just used the "best" parts. I'm also having issues with HitFilm and text, so I wasn't able to add what I wanted. I hope you enjoy anyway. But turn ur audio up lol

    Edit: English subs available!
    Są teraz Polskie napisy! Nizbyt dobre ale robię co mogę hehe

  2. zlyzab says:

    Help save wildlife in Bristol! Please tell Bristol City Council to keep the woodland of Stoke Park

  3. a dog says:

    classic youtube <3

  4. Metal Matt says:

    Glad everyone enjoyed 🙌

  5. Surprised Sniper says:

    Cute! I'd love to take a photo of one.

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