common gecko singing from small cycle life habits hemidactylus white egg hunting baby eats nature wo

common gecko singing from small cycle life habits hemidactylus white egg hunting baby eats nature wo

He gives me kilos or how common an animal is known for his songs mainly in nocturnal ones that usually last a couple of hours these songs are aimed attract couple in the case of a male and protect the territory [Music] the hollow that with more force sing is the which has more territorial space as for females they also perform this act to keep the line of your territory [Music] the force with which the sound emanates depends on your lung capacity between bigger your lungs will sing with more strength is why dry with a larger ribcage have a greater territorial extension and are those who dispute their territory with other males is why the segments Smaller in size tend to be less loitering space [Music] the white hole is easy to recognize due to its white color almost transparent and his bulging eyes and tabby their mating period is usually all year when they consider it most appropriate these creatures place around three eggs that are almost completely round around half a centimeter wide this species of gecko does not use saliva or any secretion to open your eggs they only put them in one place cozy and the eggshell dries immediately and slightly adhered to any surface at instant after this the mother abandon their eggs but they are laid to the limit of the perimeter of its territory and is only trying to get away from anyone who tries to approach their space but if you don’t realize any other creature can devour those even if it is a hollow of the same species [Music] their young at birth will try to look where here I go in anything that consider safe in your first weeks of life will be company of everything around you including insects that are larger than them when the gecko has just been born will feed ants and insects very small since it will measure just three maximum centimeters and is completely vulnerable to all your outside but despite this it will strive to stay alive though it will be almost all the time hidden and will spend a few minutes a day to eat something at this stage of your life you it will be very difficult to get water but after much effort you will find a single drop of water with which will hold for several hours geckos use their language a lot to keep your eyes clean and initialed habit they perform very often due that they don’t have eyelids that keep clean [Music] these animals may change slightly colored to camouflage but only of some marked sections of your body also feeling very threatened detach their tail where they store nutrients for periods of shortage and after a while it will grow back when an old man loses up to 60% of a member these can be regenerated by complete but this will not be possible if loses the full extent of its member Still you can live alone with three legs without any problem [Music] the entire lower part of your body is covered by a group of scales specials that allow you to adhere to very slippery surfaces its main predators are birds hens cats and snakes this hollow in particular it has some degree of toxicity on your skin but not on contact but only when ingested only by humans while animals do not accept anything this type of toxicity [Music] natural softness par excellence is a humid and tropical environment between orchards of banana or banana but currently due to climate change they have chosen as your favorite environment the human constructions this creature has been an excellent ally to fight pests at home like cockroaches spiders ticks between other crawlers being necessary only a pair of gaps to finish completely with a large group of harmful insects for the human being [Music] they have excellent vision both during the day as at night because of this they are very good hunters to this you add your ability to adhere to surfaces very slippery like glass and porcelain they are also able to jump a length of up to 30 centimeters and launch up to two and a half meters without suffer damage by opening to another vertical surface not to fall horizontally and thereby not receive full force of impact [Music] this animal has expanded its territory to almost everyone because of their versatility to adapt to almost any weather this gets avoiding as much as possible that your body is affected by the external temperature for example when it’s very cold a gecko will look for a warm place to stay and if it does very hot will opt for a cool place and is able to modify their habits depending on the climate of the place where find so in some places carries out its guide activities and in others at night [Music] they are incredibly agile more than any other kind of gap and also impact resistant can reach measure up to 15 centimeters as the most animals can swim instinctively throwing himself on the water and float heading with their legs and tail with a movement or snakes that they are even able to dive for some few seconds but despite their amazing skills do not like swim but if you like to receive a slight water spray when they get ready to fight either for territory or by a female these animals sing loudly while move their heads to different addresses once they approach one will try to throw the other by taking it by the neck is it may take a piece of his body but the battle ends when one of the two streets where find it can also happen that one try to run away when you realize that you don’t can fight against his adversary the geckos just like the chameleons they use their sticky tongue to hunt they hunt stalking their prey or just wait for the victim pass in front of them your favorite food it’s cockroaches flies and moths they are one of the few animals that can hunt insects both day and night [Music] each that flakes a unique engraving on its skin some tend to look with marks darker than others but that depends from the environment where they grew up still may change color slightly your tendons and muscle tissue them allows you to perform all kinds of movements which they find very useful to get into difficult places access their very thin claws help them scratching to get rid of your look and it also serves to hold on with much more security on surfaces where possible [Music] and the body of the old because it is composed of enough water can become a driver of electricity that is why if your body the gap interferes in a circuit could become the union between two cables causing immediate death the most recommended would be to insulate and seal very well the outlets and appliances to prevent damage to the animal globally almost 75% of the total population knows or has seen a hollow of any of its classes what demonstrates the territorial versatility of the species [Music] today ah

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