Color-Copying Chameleon Lamp matches anything you set it upon.

Color-Copying Chameleon Lamp matches anything you set it upon.

Say hello to Huey, the
Color-Copying Chameleon Lamp. Huey, like hue-e. Get it? Hue, as in color? Ahem, Anyway, Huey
changes his color to match the hue of the
surface he’s placed on. He can match plenty
of different colors in all sorts of places
on all sorts of surfaces. But please, be considerate. An illuminated optical
sensor on his belly enables Huey’s LEDs
to instantly mimic the hue of most
colored surfaces. Note that Huey can’t sample
black, grey, or white surfaces, since they don’t have a hue. Huey also has a color
cycle mode so he can shift through
the color spectrum regardless of what
he’s resting on. Huey is powered by
three AAA batteries, and you can also plug him in
with the included AC adapter. A soft squeeze
above his back legs will keep him that color,
even when you move him. And a second pinch will allow
him to sample colors again. Huey’s flexible
vinyl skin is safe, and his gentle glow makes
an excellent nightlight. Adopt a Huey Color-Copying
Chameleon now at

Randy Schultz

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99 thoughts on “Color-Copying Chameleon Lamp matches anything you set it upon.

  1. LemonJuice says:

    That's so frickin cool

  2. Sara Saiti says:

    Why exactly do we need this?

  3. boye er says:

    I don't get the point besides changing colors by surface

  4. ajques says:

    If anyone wants this regardless of the discontinuation, you can still get it at ThinkGeek.

  5. N.J Gaming says:

    Video says it can't copy white, gray, or black then right after it (0:39) shows the chameleon white or gray what ever you want to call it

  6. It's Elaine GAMING CHANNEL says:

    So When You Put It In Your Skin And You Are Black… Then…😂😂😂

  7. GD Migraine says:

    You copy-chameleon!

  8. IEatDahPie 3.14 says:

    Well thats useless if u live in the WHITE house

  9. Livvy Loves Star says:

    What about the dress and the bag

  10. MiaBadia says:

    That’s actually really cool.
    Though i think it’s discontinued now…

  11. ELLO ISH MEH says:

    Am i the only one that thinks huey is adorable?

  12. Eliana Mora says:

    Me: ooh I'm gonna buy this!
    *clicks description
    " sorry this product is out of production."


  13. erick Iribe says:

    Huey? Metal gear? Shadow moses? LIQUIDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Mono 324 says:

    I want this so bad. Too bad it is discontinued

  15. tsundere chan aka loard of the underworld says:

    You should make this again

  16. R B says:

    vat 19 is the best👍👍

  17. Orange Peel says:

    Im so glad I bought this before it discounted

  18. da Frog says:


  19. lance baruela says:

    What about water

  20. Noah Richardson says:


  21. Andrew Huey says:

    I wanna buy because huey my last name but it's discontinued

  22. Diego Productions says:

    He looks a little bit like a computer mouse honestly. XD

  23. Vadaslothhead :3 says:

    It’s 2018 my dudes

  24. Alma Vasquez says:

    I want this so much dude

  25. Peter Schouten says:

    So sad you guys didnt completed it

  26. Tanooki 2317 says:


  27. bayu ocean says:

    He can make a pich colour

  28. Jacob Redwood says:

    Why did this suddenly come up in my recommended?

  29. Trapper Boyer says:


  30. Evan Dinosaur says:

    hey vat19 what if you made a tiny little chameleon plush that changes color when you touch it you know like if it get changed by heat or something PLEASE I SWEAR IT'S REALLY GOOD YOU COULD MAKE IT INTO A STRESS PLUSH OR SOMETHING sorry left the capslock on accident

  31. 劉香伶 says:


  32. A Buoy says:


  33. DJ Eye says:

    Awww cute,cool,and amazing

  34. kylee guy says:


  35. Sara Stark says:

    I'm i the only one who look at that jar jelly beans and now I want jelly beans lol

  36. Taylor Leger says:

    Ordered for less on Amazon

  37. Isabella Carlson says:

    Put him on a red vibrator.

  38. Ravenclaw_13 says:

    I have it and its SOOOOOOO cool

    I totally recommend it

  39. ricefox25 says:

    Huey was a bucket

  40. Tiger Purple says:


  41. xd DEATHGUY10223 says:

    Put him in a bag of skittles

  42. Irene Vaniredcr says:

    Take a shot everytime he says huey

  43. derking derling says:

    What collor is that dress…guess we can find out now

  44. your every day Asian says:

    Who wants to hear a trick question?

    Vat19 products on the price is right.

  45. Phantøm_Wølf xX says:

    Watches Video
    Wait he said adopt instead of buy Huey

    Buys 3
    Not a lie

  46. Boardy says:

    Huey from paper Mario color Splash!!!!

  47. Nesstalgia says:

    why this discontinued? it looks awesome

  48. Abang Chayang says:

    Aaa it's cute and funny

  49. LEE WENG TAT says:

    What happens if you put huey on a tie dye shirt?

  50. Forrest 12 says:

    Wait can I place it on a pile of shades of color and it will change into a rainbow color?

  51. The Nexxus Studios says:

    Why this chameleon got killed by being Discontinued?

  52. nadira alya says:

    I need this!

  53. Stacy Giese says:

    Ac adapter? More like air conditioner adopter

  54. Charlotte Hage says:

    the person in the skirt was a man!!!! I realized that

  55. Mark Walker says:

    We heard hue way to much in this one XD

  56. Extreme Cat says:

    How do you spell it

  57. Wa wa says:

    Not only black, white or gray only but also colorless(I mean air)

  58. Mixelboy says:

    Can I have that please vat 19

  59. ioan kolev says:

    i never saw huey except at 0:35 to 0:49

  60. Darkstalker Dupuis says:

    3triple A? Nope…

  61. Karma Kills says:

    But this on Sebastian Bails. Will it be orange? Most likely!

  62. Aaron Cruz says:

    Paper Mario referred

  63. Omega Elliot 64 says:


  64. Omega Elliot 64 says:


  65. Emerald Gamer 2000 says:


  66. WTO Finndude says:

    Footage of skynet testing it’s newly found stealth technology against humanity.

  67. Trenton’s Vlogs says:

    What’s. Jellybeans is open

  68. LKS Cryonyx says:

    Wait is that a elusive cross promo QUICK GRAB THE POKEBALLS

  69. Jeff DL says:

    i want to hug him he is soooo cute!

  70. Antton Boi says:

    Put it on a mirror

  71. Destin taylor says:

    I need that in my life!

  72. Destin taylor says:


  73. Doodle dragons Toucans says:


  74. M& Ems says:

    i need that

  75. GG GG says:

    That’s cool! Lemme look on their website!

    30 DoLLaRs??!!

  76. Lukas Hartberg says:

    that is so cool

  77. Mr. Minecraft God says:

    Put it on a mirror

  78. Seyri Garcia says:

    I love this idea but can there be different animals to choose from

  79. Gde Pradnyana says:

    huey the magical fat coloring lizzard

  80. onpreeya natapa says:

    Im not sqy hi

  81. Little lazy Lucy says:


  82. drillenisserne says:


  83. Daniel Schilling says:

    Its so annoying that this product is discontinued i hope they make it again

  84. Kristina Connelly says:

    Huey hue like the color hue -y MmM anyways

  85. Gabriel Vintayen says:

    whats you favorite colour

  86. Spottierfriend says:

    I love how there isn’t an actual link

  87. Master Person says:

    What if you place Huey on a Huey?

  88. Lee Jackson says:

    Dose it stick on the floor

  89. Lee Jackson says:

    I meant does it stick on the wall

  90. AP C says:

    Put it on the sun

  91. Jessica Tropea says:

    Do you guys do any challenges with your toys

  92. Batsu says:

    What if I put it on glass?

  93. felix shadow cat says:

    0:38 albino huey 🏐🦎

  94. Kirsten Ham says:

    3 aaa=2 aaaa 1 a

  95. Kirsten Ham says:

    4 aa 1 a

  96. Kirsten Ham says:

    9 a

  97. The Nexxus Studios says:

    Why it got discontinued?

  98. Mysha says:

    I love hue Vat19!

  99. Phantomwolf115 AJ & More says:

    Vat19 why do you have to discontinue the best products

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