Cold, stunned iguanas are falling from trees in Florida

Cold, stunned iguanas are falling from trees in Florida

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “Cold, stunned iguanas are falling from trees in Florida

  1. James Chessman says:

    Dude can you imagine if you were yawning at the same exact moment so the cold slimy iguana was suddenly squirming in your mouth?!

  2. Ej Icon says:

    This happened last year. People were collecting Iguana and putting them in their back seats by the truck load and were getting attacked when their body temperatures were at operating levels. I live in the West Coast and I remember that. Sheesh. 🦎

  3. Dream Wolf says:

    Experts advising people to leave them be…they are an invasive species…take the chance to catch them…

  4. Terrence Thomas says:

    It’s obvious those lizards are trapped in a Genjutsu.

  5. torresalism says:

    What happened to global warming.

  6. Michael Woodard says:

    Man, thats cold blooded! Ya dig?

  7. James Acheson says:

    Jeez!!!! This global warming is freezing iguanas?

  8. Josh Lachman says:

    All they needed was a smidge of warmth…. they were probably all alive

  9. Ken B says:


  10. Epicurean Mir says:

    OH MA GAWD, becky, look at her butt…😂😂😂😂😂

  11. Skuzzle Butt says:

    This is too funny. tree chickens fallin from the sky.

  12. gio s says:

    Pokémon 101 : dragon types are weak against ice types

  13. IWashMyOwnBrain says:


  14. erika xo says:

    what if someone thought one was dead and BURIED it

  15. Dina Hendrix says:

    Leave them alone damn

  16. Zachary Drummond says:

    Poor little guys…

  17. RiceFarmer says:

    free food!

  18. Icey Brice says:


  19. meowmix808 says:

    I moved to FL for a year from Hawaii a decade ago. I remember the news channel telling residents to put trash bags over their plants one night to prevent them from dying from the cold. Freaked me out. Never seen iguanas on the ground though XD

  20. Jadden says:

    Those are invasive species anyway right?

  21. Nick C. Lanides says:

    Isn't this a good thing for Florida?

  22. kkknotcool says:

    Sounds like you could make a good amount of money by walking around and picking up iguanas.
    Just fill a garbage bag full of a few hundred of them, heat em up and sell them online for 20 bucks each.
    That's what? $6k? For what, a Saturday of collecting and a week fulfilling orders part time.

  23. Caroline Weimann says:

    I can't believe that people live in a place like Florida and didn't know that iguanas will get cold and fall from trees!
    Then I find out and make a big deal out of it.

  24. Ryan Austin says:

    Where you at greta? 😂🤷‍♂️

  25. Mykhal Hughes says:

    But Mah global warming!!!

  26. lxr says:

    Me: Dude, imagine being cold blooded haha
    Also me: muahahahaha 😈
    Iguana: 🧊

  27. Eliseo Guadarrama says:

    Ice Age part 2.. I hope you know how to make an igloo, the world will freeze with ice again… dam global warming

  28. scotty77 says:

    Invasive species falls to the ground immobile, seams like a missed opportunity.

  29. 帥哥 says:

    It is so disgusting that there are still so many climate change deniers.

  30. Schism Circle says:

    The only lizards around here wear boots and mini skirts

  31. Robert Rodgers says:

    I hope that the psychopathic woman in the start of the video gets burned to death in a horrible car crash, sending her back to Hell… where she belongs. Scumbags who are that evil should be removed from society in the most painful ways possible.

  32. Dede Vaughn says:

    I didn't see nary a lizard fall from a tree, so why the title? Clickbait?

  33. alfred baxter says:

    They not dead I would of made big money collecting them sale them for pets

  34. Bob Smith says:

    They must have read The Post🙃

  35. Kevin Bell says:

    Not news.

  36. and d says:

    Poor things

  37. loko skull says:

    They are no dead bring them inside to a warmer place and they will wake up

  38. Lawney Malbrough says:

    This is why iguanas are not native to Florida. They make easy meals for predators in the winter.

  39. David Lee says:

    Global warming is the cause of the weird weather.

  40. Chief Ryback says:

    Florida is a giant Ghetto in a jungle.

  41. Ricky Perry says:

    Those tree chickens taste good!!

  42. Ricky Perry says:

    feed the poor

  43. Mr. Patch Plays says:

    Show this to your "Climate change is a hoax!" friends lol

  44. fucian j says:

    Are these people stupid or something? Picking up the wildlife and moving them around.

  45. 5KindsOfSmoke says:

    This is proof our lizard overloads are engineering climate change. And people thought it was the pollution…

  46. I'm Cheech says:

    Take a moment while they're immobilized and put a 22 in their head then toss them in the trash… They are an invasive species and need eradicated like the boa's and pythons in the Everglades…

  47. Petere Poet says:

    Global warming at its best, I thought the planet was burning up? Oh well I guess Al Gore and Greta have it all wrong. Silly narrative humans!

  48. Tseleng Botlhole says:

    If only one could fall on Trump's head and stay there……..

  49. SteveD says:

    I hear they have to many iguanas now is the time to dispose of them.

  50. Lil Vegan says:

    Literally happens every year

  51. LoDDEMOCIDE says:

    Good time to cut down on the population of an invasive species. We all know people and their local government are not smart enough to do this though. They'll go with emotion instead.

  52. smoovechi1 says:

    Why is that funny?!

  53. SmokeThat SkinWagon says:

    People make me sick

  54. Thomas Renfrow says:

    Off with their heads

  55. Tustin2121 says:

    Apparently not enough people have watched the Magic School Bus episode on reptiles and cold-blooded animals. It teaches about how they slow down in the cold like this.

  56. WestSideLeo405 says:


  57. Michael Atkin says:

    Those very invasive. All these idiots trying to save them. Smh

  58. Street Cat says:

    Thanks for the useless news update

  59. Kaitlin Ski says:

    Poor things ☹

  60. michael gagliano says:

    they are living creatures
    who can't create a place to stay warm .as caretakers of this planet. we should make small enclosures for them .

  61. Randy Sanz says:

    Anyone hungry?

  62. George Williams III says:

    Collect then for skin and meat.
    They are invasive and destructive.

  63. bigV Oddball Amateur says:

    Break out the BB gun… I've heard iguana tail is delicious 😋

  64. enforcer78 says:

    Former Minnesotan here. Dogs don't need shirts to go outside. Ever.

  65. marz3335 says:

    I'm sure it appreciates your inane laughter about it's situation.

  66. joey kill says:

    There's a paralyzing demon in all of them

  67. Alvin Rosa says:

    We may be (snow birds) but I got a feeling yall some frosted iguanas tho lol…😆👍

  68. Alvin Rosa says:

    I wonder what Cheech and Chong thinks about this from up in smoke..🦎💨🐲👍

  69. Alvin Rosa says:

    Hey good thing Godzilla wasnt there!!👍😆

  70. Bob Marley says:

    baby aligator do do do

  71. FloridaGreg says:

    they don't die, unless it really is 32 degrees fora length of time, and in south Florida that rarely happens…they are just stunned, like in a coma….once in the sun comes out or the temps get back into the 50's they'll be fine….

  72. Nebula says:

    i saw this was trending dont see how its important

  73. VRStuff says:

    Iguana's are assholes


    Being them inside they'd warn up

  75. Tom Marshall says:

    It's iguana stew for tonight's dinner!

  76. Funky Thor 64 says:

    The same thing happened to me, I was wondering through the streets when I saw Mark Zuckerberg on the floor, I wonder why?

  77. Charleston Charels says:


  78. Quantum Uncertainty Workshop says:

    that's what happens when stupid people don't pay attention in science class… or they'd know that all reptiles are cold blooded… back when hurricane katrina tore through it destroyed the one zoo down there in Louisiana, they figured they'd lost pretty much everything by the time anyone finally got in there only to find that an albino alligator had gone into a state of suspended animation for almost the entire year it took people to get in and check on the animals there. chipmunks do a similar thing when hibernating, they shut down all functions save for a few critical systems that keep blood circulating around the heart…

  79. bbnomoney YYY says:

    an iguana I found was run over by a car 🙁

  80. Joseph Tredwell says:

    Good time to get there numbers down,thier intrusive here in Florida!💀

  81. Alex L says:

    Aint we supposed to be killing them

  82. steel fleet says:

    Poor guys. I'm still waiting for the climate warming, Greta.

  83. Jack O’Neill says:

    Wish the wolves in the U.P of Michigan would do that ,

  84. Daniel Nguyen says:

    Just send them to Australia

  85. MasochisticNarcisist says:

    1:09 Alright good, h e a l i v e .

  86. YugotSwaqedd says:

    Bury me cuz im dead as hell 💀😮😬😵 I could never live among those😰 no way!!!!

  87. jaxsun72 says:

    The only person in Florida that hasn't seen the news.

  88. Donna Mason Davis says:

    Why is she laughing? It's not funny.

  89. J Davenport says:

    Why are they not killing them?

  90. DUBBER LANG says:

    Fk them lizards. Its too many of them. God know what he doing

  91. Martin Green says:

    Just put them in the microwave, I don't know why the lady is making a big deal about it

  92. Keyboard Guru says:

    Roses are red
    I’m the bad guy, duh
    Cold, stunned iguanas are falling from trees in Florida

  93. Elijah Scarboro says:

    I would have took like 3 ,of them and when they wake in the tank I’m gonna laugh my self to sleep and free them in the morning 😭

  94. TameTheDragon94 says:

    An iguana has fallen out of the tree in Southern Florida. Pilot the new rescue helicopter. Hey!

  95. Helen-Lynn Malcolm says:

    Put a heat lamp out for then or those pocket warmers or a hot water bottle

  96. 3/502 INF WIDOWMAKER says:

    So… how's that "global warming" working out greta?

  97. Анна Головина says:


  98. J W says:

    Ahhh the joys of being a warm blooded mammal

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