Coconut Crabs Devour Pig Carcass | Searching For Amelia

Coconut Crabs Devour Pig Carcass | Searching For Amelia

[music playing] NARRATOR: If Amelia did
survive on this island, there would be no avoiding
this formidable creature. Up to three feet across and
weighing in at over nine pounds, coconut crabs
are the largest on earth, and many thousands of them
team over at tiny Nikumaroro. SCIENTIST: They’re just amazing. Their pinchers are so strong
that they can climb trees and grab a bird and kill it. NARRATOR: They are also
voracious scavengers, as demonstrated by Tiger in
2007 with half a pig carcass. TOM KING: This
creature was laid out, and they set time-lapse
cameras in the trees. And the results are
about the most disgusting thing you’ve ever seen. But it is very enlightening. NARRATOR: With help from their
smaller strawberry hermit crab cousins, they devour the
carcass within a week, carrying the bones every
which way into their lairs. The scientists are
now thinking something similar would have happened
to whoever died at the ren. SCIENTIST: So right now
the biggest hypothesis is to see if we can
find a crab burrow with the remains of some
human right at the site. That would be like,
[whistles],, unbelievable. NARRATOR: As they unleash the
dogs to sniff out remains, they’ve already found
some tantalizing clues here over the
decades, suggesting that person was Amelia.

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “Coconut Crabs Devour Pig Carcass | Searching For Amelia

  1. Melanie Tabora says:

    Nature is cool but scary lol

  2. KL Cassidy says:

    Tigers are endangered 🙁

  3. Phoenix Dude says:


    Oops did I just end the video

  4. mark merk says:

    Ummm….any human remains they find could be anybody…kinda a stretch just assuming it's her and not some indigenous person….find the plane…its the only way to know for sure

  5. jack asad says:

    so that is amelia's bone that coco crabs devour? what about tiger?
    i'm still confused the correlation between tiger Carcass and searching for amelia

  6. jenny says:

    U cant just leave the story there 😩 didnt they say pig not tiger… did i hear wrong? also 🤮

  7. Clyde Barrow says:

    Who TF is Amelia

  8. Mahender Andela Yadav says:

    This is devil creature

  9. ssilviu250 says:

    0:50 im more curious what are those red lines on the ground and what's their purpose?

  10. silverio7 says:

    Praise Crom the day they will stop using the imperial system for mesuring

  11. New Message says:

    I just looked at my hermit crab tank, and I think it could use a tighter top….

  12. Beth Anderson says:

    show the crabs eating the tiger you cowards

  13. Augusto Roberto says:

    Poor vídeo.

  14. Animal Bro says:

    Imagine seeing that skitter up your bed post at night

  15. Tiffany Doug says:

    Cool vid but f— you for that click bait title bulls—

  16. Mr. Person Humanson says:

    I'm glad these things aren't pack predators.

  17. Mastermindyoung14 says:

    Amelia=tiger pig.

    Got it

  18. CHAS1422 says:

    The endless quest for Amelia's bones is becoming like a cult.

  19. chud babies says:

    liar, liar…

  20. Mayu Wadekar says:

    Why are you videos so short?

  21. Maria Do Carmo says:


  22. ToBeOrNotToBe says:

    Why bring up Amelia with no definitive proof. It's the same thing you no fact climate change Earth doomers do to kids telling them the world is going to explode in 10 years. Sorry, I don't subscribe to the far left wing nut pseudo science.

  23. EL Plagua says:

    Still searching for the tiger they devoured….

  24. Mj Overocker says:

    Can you eat them like the other crabs?

  25. Jeffrey Beckham says:

    Oh now that's just yucky. XD

  26. sacred squirrel says:

    They look very tasty. Love crab meat.

  27. Shaik Regal says:

    I thought that they will not climb on plants

  28. Adam Arens says:

    Ripley is that you?

  29. Yannick says:

    "… and – you know – kill it."

  30. Joe Schlotthauer says:

    I think I missed something…

  31. Titan tau says:

    best killer plan to hide the body: THE CRABS!

  32. M F says:

    Misleading title. This was a pig not a tiger.

  33. John says:

    That's not a tiger. It has hooves!

  34. read500 says:

    Whoever made the title misheard "setup by tiger, pig carcass" .

  35. NPClown#65853514 says:

    Is that Sigourney Weaver narrating?

  36. Charlotte Schreffler says:

    Wow! Never saw that that before. Really something.😆👍

  37. Ethanotor Oculus says:

    The food chain was a lie.

  38. AdLibby says:

    You mean a pig carcass?

  39. H. S. says:

    Well, I learned something new and so interesting, namely about coconut crabs. The Amelia Earhart and tiger references were not necessary and gratuitous.

  40. mmarlaire says:

    That was a pig carcass not a tiger. Nice job NatGeo

  41. jinger jar says:

    How can u stop there? Very maddening upsetting.
    Really ticked me off!

  42. General Malarky says:

    National Geographic have really been disappointing, with their video content, as of late – advertisements and click-bait.

  43. Jennyfromdablock 17 says:

    Makes me never want eat crab legs again.

  44. The Dynasty Continues says:

    Misleading title. Uploader for NG obviously doesnt have a clue.

  45. Skin Walker says:

    Oh…OH GOD.

  46. Azur Hadžić says:

    Okay let's now see a trillion of these crabs vs the Sun.

  47. Juanri Tanjaya says:

    Where is the tiger?

  48. Shia_ roon says:

    It's so delicious. I have tried it in kadatua island. There they just pest

  49. manikdj123 says:

    Are they edible?

  50. أمور مهمة says:

    سبحان الله العظيم

  51. Eddy127 says:

    First of all who is Amelia

  52. Brothers Of Inspirations says:

    Me : Pinched by a crab is enough

    Daredevil : Choose the Coconut crab


    please make a video on how you actualy film these? please and thank you!

  54. Koala Bear says:

    Crabs climb trees? Wow. I could never climb one.

  55. Sam Home says:

    You could have at least painted the pig orange with black stripes.

  56. Jayson Davis says:

    Crabs (licking their claws) “Amelia? That was a while back but we remember her. Nice girl. Not a bad looker. Tasted like chicken”

  57. Maximilian Owen Hermanto says:

    I made up a new animal based off of the coconut crab name: brawler crab habitat: in beaches with palm trees eats: mostly coconuts,sometimes eggs they have a stronger pinch than coconut crabs but they mostly punch

  58. Maximilian Owen Hermanto says:

    Closest relative: coconut crab

  59. selgi e says:

    who on earth is Amelia?

  60. Bacon Lord says:

    I feel like we're missing some important context in this clip

  61. Danis Raditya says:

    Who is Amelia?

  62. Ready ready says:

    I'd say get rid of them forever

  63. Raven says:

    Wait.. Who's looking for me? My name is actually Amelia.. I felt slightly concerned when I saw YouTube suggesting me this video😅

  64. Luke says:

    Why does Nat Geo have to clickbait of all channels. Have some integrity.

  65. Isuru Egalahewa says:

    Whose Amelia?? Whom are they referring to???

  66. I am Bloor, dictator of Uranus says:

    Who is Amelia?
    Where is the tiger being eaten?
    Can we eat those crabs?
    So many questions… so little time.

  67. Thongminlien Kuki says:

    Im hanging here midway..
    It ended so abruptly..

  68. Christopher Osberg says:

    That title is very misleading. It's a pig carcass from a tiger kill.

  69. Larry Whittington says:

    On the other hand our
    Planet enclosed of air and, water covering 2 thirds of earth 🌏
    Without this
    Not a living thing would
    Survive Godspeed to your research and thanks for sharing
    Sincerely From LarryWhittington 😁👍

  70. Kevin Sanchez says:

    Coconut crabs or armored spiders? 😰

  71. kotan80 says:

    Who the fuq is Amelia?

  72. 21'st Century Digital Boy says:

    I use to want to eat a coconut crab. Now, not so much. One eating only coconut sounded delicious.

  73. James Magick says:

    so do you guys know the difference between a pig and a tiger?

  74. Negativitron Prime says:

    Fascinating but positively disgusting

  75. TyeOchen says:

    I think it’s weird I have a phobia of spiders but I don’t find this crab scary at all

  76. National Geographic says:

    On the search for Amelia Earhart, researchers come across coconut crabs, which have pinchers so strong that they can climb trees and grab birds. Watch the full documentary special airing October 20, only on National Geographic.

  77. DriftaholiC says:

    Click bait!

  78. ASISH RANJAN DAS says:


  79. Blind Kid says:

    Are they edible?

  80. mr potato says:

    0:15 the largest land crab in the world**

  81. Baba Booie says:

    Who cares 🙄

  82. Jerome Danner says:

    I thought it was a huge spider in the picture. That is crazy that a crab can do all of this.

  83. Miguel liberato Aguilar says:

    No entendí ni mergas no hablo inglés

  84. Bill Scurry says:

    Excellent snippet, but why is Alison Janney's credit not splashed prominently?

  85. j.r.d.l says:

    I thought this was about crabs at first

  86. dumpster says:

    Ohh.. Noo..

  87. PresidentialWinner says:

    Craaaab Peeoooople Craaab Peeooople

  88. jason4275 says:

    If I was stuck on that Island the coconut crabs would be eaten to the point where it would go extinct.

  89. Graeme Lastname says:

    Half a pig carcass? So pigs have eight legs? Doesn't anyone ever even look at this stuff before they publish it?

  90. Bug Finder says:

    They’re faster than I thought.

  91. good Lord Love 11 says:

    Are these crabs eatable by humans?

  92. Thor Odinson says:

    Did u guys mean Amelia Earhart?

  93. Adipati Edy says:

    Indonesia, Philipine habitats

  94. 이시온 says:

    What a strange creature!! I think there are many creatures that we don't know in the world.

  95. yc L says:

    I would love to eat crab stir fried in mongolian sauce!!!😋😋😋

  96. Rüdiger Hartmann • HIDDEN BIOLOGICAL EVENTS says:

    Great video👍

  97. Link says:

    Why does it say searching for Amelia

  98. OG Loc says:

    Bruh if I was trapped on an island I'd be eating those mf's

  99. Timmy Morgan says:

    "I'll take a leg and a wing… she flew in, RIGHT?"

  100. Screww Googlle says:

    Who in the F do these Fools think they are BULLSHITTING ?

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