Close call with the Florida softshell turtle

Close call with the Florida softshell turtle

Turtle! I’m Emilio Pazmino and this is the florida softshell turtle Florida softshell turtle is the largest freshwater turtle in North America not including the snapping turtles of course the reason it’s called a softshell turtle is because has a smooth shell on the back malleable here you can see you can see how how much it bends over here it’s a little harder though unlike most turtles they don’t have scutes on their shells these guys are predators pretty much anything they can find underwater will hunt fish and invertebrates and occasionally they’ll go for something like a duckling they’re highly specialized for living almost completely in water as you can see they’re flip the flippers they also have very long necks that they use to stick out of the water to breathe they also have this like nostrils like I like to call them which they will use like a snorkel the only time you’ll see them out of the water is when they’re either basking or it’s a female this one who in May and June come to lay their eggs on shore which is on that sand dune over there they lay their eggs each season the female lays between two and seven clutches and can produce a total of more than 200 eggs in order to lay their eggs oftentimes they’ll have to leave the water and they end up crossing roads and that’s when cars get them what I like to do is that I like to cross them to the other side of the road to make sure they don’t get squashed by a car when you’re trying to make a turtle across the road you always want to be very careful that mouth it can do some serious damage so you want to grab kind of towards the back you want to lift it like that also if you find a turtle always take it in a direction in which it’s pointing because if you take it back there the other way it’s just going to come back and try to cross again that watch out for your fingers and take it where wants to go she’s getting very feisty I’m gonna put it back in the sand area so she can nest easy good girl time to let her go back your eggs till next time

Randy Schultz

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9 thoughts on “Close call with the Florida softshell turtle

  1. Sindy Prieto says:

    Awesome Emilio, you rock

  2. IGUANA MAN says:

    Good footage bro

  3. Danny Fenty says:

    Wow that was close 😅 he would of latched on and not let go! That would of been very painful

  4. Tércio Araújo says:

    Eu nuca vier um desse amigo kkkk

  5. Temoreo says:

    Yo absolutely great content!

  6. burro romo says:


  7. Danny J says:

    I'd recommend not putting your fingers near that ladies mouth. She seemed pretty upset you weren't letting her leave. Nice video!

  8. The.0nly.alyssa22 says:

    I have a baby one I caught her an she loves the water

  9. Heather Franklin says:

    Very good video! I live in Ohio. I would love to get a Florida soft shell.

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