clemson tigers $2 bill tradition – spending 2 dollar bills at clemson football games

clemson tigers $2 bill tradition – spending 2 dollar bills at clemson football games

Go Tigers! Fans and alumni of Clemson University
have been contributing to demand by stamping Tiger paws on their $2 bills
and spreading them all over the city hosting their college football bowl game. When Clemson was chosen to play in
Miami’s Orange Bowl in 2014, it meant that South Beach was about to be
inundated with a unique brand of twos. I’ll get a couple hundred. I ordered $400
worth. Sister’s got $300, I got about $200. Brought close to 500. I’ve got only $200
worth. We hope to get some more and stamp some more. From taxi cabs to restaurant
tabs, it was hard to go anywhere without seeing how the Tigers marked their territory. Well the message is, we support our
team and we support whatever venue we’re at, and we want to make sure they
understand the economic impact of us coming. The $2 bill at Clemson University has become a very cherished and much
appreciated tradition. It’s a calling card that Clemson people have come to
use to signal their presence, to let folks understand and feel the impact
that the Clemson spirit… the tiger paw makes it specifically unique and adds an
extra layer of excitement, of energy, the $2 bill says to one and all, “Hey, Clemson
folks have been here!”

Randy Schultz

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9 thoughts on “clemson tigers $2 bill tradition – spending 2 dollar bills at clemson football games

  1. Alexander Alekhine says:

    I love getting the currency out there, and understand the point, but I don't like stamping the bills with things, I feel it depreciates the beauty. It's a very interesting idea to use the bill to show the Economic impact and to get there team out there though

  2. Liam Motes says:

    Clemson is the shit

  3. froglick28 says:

    I thought it was illegal to deface money

  4. joey b! says:

    Gooooooo tigers ?

  5. Sparkleanddance says:


  6. Robby says:

    I got one today at work in Tallahassee!! They’re cool and super unique

  7. Brian LaFeve says:

    It started when Georgia Tech decided to stop scheduling Clemson to visit Atlanta for football and instead scheduled William & Mary. The $2 was to signify the economic impact that Clemson fans brought to the area.

  8. silver watcher says:

    I live in Arizona and collect 2$ I have some and for years have asked people and no one knew, thank you so much for letting my mind at ease. I subbed and rang the bell. Please visit my channel to see my 2$ bills but I don’t think I have as many as you.

  9. choppa gunna says:

    Go lions … Oops wrong video.

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