City Girls – Act Up

City Girls – Act Up

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “City Girls – Act Up

  1. Juan Navarro says:


  2. Isaac Stoor says:

    this is absolute shit

    does anyone actually like this music…?

  3. sco5b says:

    Am I tripping I heard this song in 2009?

  4. King Squid says:

    Hot bounce/twerk/stripper music – make a nigga by King Squid 🔥

  5. heyits_josh says:


  6. гоп попугай ин-на зеркалов ухе says:


  7. Joy Wairima says:

    Who's here after JT's release 🔥🔥

  8. AcE-_-crisphil12 crisphil12 says:

    Rachetess song but really act up n ull get snatched up..the second girl geez my ears

  9. Lacey Murphy says:

    Yass bitch fuck it up sista

  10. Mike Kelly says:

    This bitch is so bad

  11. Jamar XYZ says:

    Don't get none of this hood bitches pregnant

  12. Mike Cambria says:

    Wtf no wonder I still still to the 90 n sum of the newer yrs of 2000 fuckin trashhoes in shit cloths wtf yo

  13. Poly Steve's wife and girlfriend says:

    This song is gonna be vintage someday

  14. Boris Johnson says:

    There voices are so sexy like the sexiest especially miami

  15. Becca W says:

    I go so hard to this song.

  16. Random Video Pot says:

    How many trashy chicks you need in the video?

    All of em

  17. nick kendall says:

    thot anthemm

  18. Rayano_ eilish says:

    Ahhh yes the city girl anthem

  19. yass _lebg says:


  20. Claudet Louture says:

    U dont know how to sing

  21. Lucifer Mctrippy says:

    Good stuff

  22. I AM PePpA PIg LeQuEeen says:

    Your bi_ pepper is here LmaoOOOOO

  23. Brandon Arcadia says:

    So off beat in some parts 😂

  24. Rebecca Sattaur says:

    Did I hear right
    She was off beat

  25. Gabe Wallace says:

    This has to be the most unattractive and ratchet way a woman could act.

  26. Queen Glamour says:

    Yachty is a good actor

  27. Francheska Vargas says:

    yasssssss ! still fire

  28. Jerome Jay says:

    Yung miami sounds horrible..girl stop rapping thru ur nose..🚶🏽‍♂️

  29. Shawnyce Jackson says:

    Yes girl

  30. Jenna Valentine says:


  31. Christopher Tighe says:


  32. Fourty Extendo says:

    when winter come its city boys yall better not be trynna curdle up

  33. Edward Morgan says:

    Love you so much baby

  34. Sam Nad says:

    This song is for them bitches that think it’s gangsta to bleed in them thongs every month and still not change them

  35. chronic _jay says:

    Da boy hard

  36. Mystique says:

    I feel like hot girl summer copied this or its just me

  37. Chasity Ford says:

    They ratchet

  38. Elaina Mitchell says:

    gross 😝😝😝😝😝😝

  39. Amy Northrup-Adcock says:

    oh and they think we don't know who lil yachty is yea we TOTTALY DON't know who he is right

  40. Lillian Piedra says:

    The beat, I'm all for it…… Yet the talent 🤷

  41. Big baby Davus says:

    This is absolutely horrible

  42. Itz _Artly says:


  43. Jacopo D'Orso says:

    Nigga's in my butt hole

  44. Shaki Møøn says:


  45. QUEEN MOYE says:

    JT is such a good and loyal friend because yung miami is horrible in rapping OMG this is a situation when they went to sign for a deal they should have been like sorry we only want JT omg i try my best not to say anything negative about anyone but lord jesus this woman sounds terrible pretty woman tho

  46. ella says:

    ok its pure talent if you can rap off beat and still make it sound good.

  47. Muhammad Facts says:

    A lot of Weaves and STDs in this video. Smh Yall are Wild 🤦🏾‍♂️😫😫😫😫😫😫

  48. Heidy Alvarado says:


  49. Abbie Rae says:

    lil yachty slayin the city gurls game

  50. Zamiya Kelly says:

    Ayyyyyyyy act up you can snatch up

  51. Pokemon master and rotten tomatoes says:


  52. Pokemon master and rotten tomatoes says:

    Act up is the best song ever

  53. GAZA SHEBA MUSIC says:

    I think only one person in the group has real talent🤦‍♀️

  54. Leonni Davinci says:


  55. Leonni Davinci says:


  56. mk adam says:

    INdian Verson better

  57. Kamadi tre'nae says:

    this video ratchet and ghetto as hell this make black women look like they have no morals.

  58. i forgot my name says:

    2:00 don’t ever disrespect melanie adele martinez like that again

  59. Barber Daily says:

    It’s a cold world

  60. DeDe Likes Me says:

    No one

    Not a single soul

    Not even god himself

    Lil Yachty: act up you can get snatched up

  61. shadow knight45 Knight says:

    This is just aids

  62. Moose says:

    Apparently you can make money talkin a bunch of fuckery on a beat… we could do better as black women 😔😔😔😔😕😕😕

  63. Justin Passley says:

    Dirty ass ass you need tobacco! 1:03

  64. Lydia Patterson says:


  65. LSU Tigers says:

    She said the it with a hard R wow lmfao

  66. Anastasiz ZZZ says:

    Какая же у неё афигенная фигура

  67. Acil Assi says:

    Ayeeeeeee I like thisssss😂

  68. Dino Oliveira says:

    I feel sorry for the people reading the comments who actually like this song

  69. sPoOkY bOi says:

    I just realized Lil Yachty low key sounds like he could be a news reporter

  70. Rod Ba says:

    Damm girl lil yachty messed up no hate haha

  71. Your Mother Karen says:

    I can smell the cheeto breath through the screen.

  72. Loz671 says:

    Lil Yachty cracks me up’ he a real “G”

  73. Jacobz3n says:


  74. Tony Martinez says:

    Every bitch in this video look like they smell like literal Shit 💯💯💯

  75. Tony Martinez says:

    That miami bitch is fuckin garbage

  76. Red Rabbit Royal says:

    That got to be the stupidest dumbest line in rap ever you can't get nothing if you broke and if you got money I'm a f*** you too you ain't got none b** you stupid 😎

  77. Biggie Burns says:


  78. Anaiss Dontexist says:

    Lmao. Ratchet ass fuck

  79. Brandon says:

    My ex said this is our song. Lmao

  80. sunn shayn says:

    Larray and twaimz bought me here

  81. Jesus XD says:

    1:19 rice/dissgods flow

  82. Adam Muhamad says:

    Whos here cud Larray?

  83. Joshua Caffee says:

    Where the fun at why so for real

  84. Willow uwu says:

    came from larray's vid

  85. flex jonathan says:

    being super rich the richest

  86. Afro Puff Cousins says:

    My mom always says “back up you can get smacked up” 😂

  87. Rubee Verno says:

    I fuckin love lil yachtys facial expressions so much😂💖

  88. Woah_zion 12 says:

    The only part I didn’t find funny was “pu**y pink breast cancer🙄 that’s nothing to joke about🤦🏽‍♀️

  89. Shadow Gray says:

    Reminds of the 90s badass song tbh this is tight..

  90. Mahogany Petty says:


  91. T 2022 says:

    Now my whole living room smell like hot ass and Cheetos😩after listening to this song!!

  92. Baby Muncher says:

    Fuck you bro

  93. sͨtͧiͭcͥkͤy ♡ says:


  94. YanyanMae _xx says:

    Larry made me find this music👀😁👉👈

  95. Damien Thorne says:


  96. Chris Manor says:

    This is the song for people who wash paper plates.

  97. Sierra Green says:

    A baby glock really?? 😆

  98. Qustin Johnson says:

    New Orleans sound

  99. Nyliah Nelams says:

    Go City girls

  100. Serenity Rules says:

    l a r r a y

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