Citrus Harvest  of Oranges and Lemons, 3 Citrus Harvest Readiness Clues & Taste Test! 🍊🍋

Citrus Harvest of Oranges and Lemons, 3 Citrus Harvest Readiness Clues & Taste Test! 🍊🍋

hi everyone well today I’m gonna be
harvesting some citrus now I’m pretty sure I have one or two oranges ready and
the little dwarf orange tree I’ve been growing for a couple of years and
hopefully even a lemon or two let’s check that at the end of the video now I
cannot wait for the taste of fresh juicy citrus that I grew right here in my own
Southern California backyard but citrus could be a little bit of tricky because
it doesn’t ripen off the tree so you really have to make sure it’s ripe
before you harvest it for the best flavor so let’s take a look at the
orange tree and we’ll see how things are looking
well this dwarf orange tree has been growing here for about three years and I
could swear the tag at the nursery said it was a lemon tree the first year
didn’t get any fruit the second year you could imagine my surprise when two
oranges started growing well this year I tried to be more regular with
fertilizing gave it Good Dirt Plant Food and Vermisterra worm castings on a
regular basis so I am really excited to have a few more to harvest this year now
one of the clues that citrus is ready to harvest is when it changes to its true
color and for oranges it means obviously they’ll be orange there won’t be green
left on it so we’re going to check the color in just a second but the second
clue that tells you if citrus is ready to harvest is if it pulls off easily or
if it falls and you can see right here I have got a orange that fell off
no green left on the little top of the orange here now the third clue though is
to do a taste test of one of the oranges and that might be an indication if it’s
ripe if the rest of the oranges are ready to harvest
so let’s go ahead and do a taste test on this one so I’m gonna go ahead and dig
into this one Oh looks so good wow that looks absolutely beautiful let’s cut off
a slice and give it a try I am so excited to try this you guys I
have been looking forward to this for so long and I’m hoping it’s not overripe
because I think it fell off the tree a couple of days ago mmm oh my gosh it is
perfect it is just juicy mmm Wow the flavor is absolutely amazing so if this
is any indication how the rest of the oranges are gonna taste I can’t wait
well the oranges are looking happy and they definitely pass the taste test
let’s check the ones on the tree to see if they pass the color test too so here
you can get a better idea of the size of this little dwarf tree it’s really
perfect to grow in a container if you don’t have a lot of space and I’m sorry
you don’t know what size that container is let’s go in for a closer look
and if there’s no green left around the tops near where the stems are that means
the oranges are ready to harvest so let’s check these three right down here looks like there’s definitely a little
bit of green on that one this one still does have some green tinges as does this
one too so we’re going to actually leave those but keep a really close eye on
them over the next week or so now the oranges up top here are looking
absolutely beautiful no green around the stems the color is
just the most gorgeous color of orange so let’s harvest these today
now when harvesting citrus I like to cut them from the stem rather than pull them
from the stem that way you don’t damage the peel and then they keep longer
although we’ll probably eat these within a couple of days so I don’t think
they’ll last long anyway now there is a little bit of green here at the top but
it’s mostly orange so I’m just gonna give it a little bit of snip oh this
looks absolutely amazing I can’t believe I’m picking citrus from my own backyard
snip that one these are absolutely delicious I think we’re just gonna eat
them fresh just like this well now that I have my delicious orange
harvest let’s go check out the lemon tree the lemon tree is up here on the
side of my house up closer to my kitchen you can see we’ve got the furniture
covered there because of the rain so let’s check it out
so there’s definitely several lemons growing on this tree it’s in like a half
whiskey barrel type container and I’ve had this planted in here for a little
over a year actually got a couple of lemons off it the first year so you can
see there’s several that are actually still pretty green here it’s 1 2 3 4
looks like this one might be a little more promising don’t see any green
around the top so let’s go ahead and harvest this one so we’re just gonna go
ahead and snip it off wow this looks so so beautiful I think I’ll make some
lemon chicken tonight I hope you enjoyed my sunny citrus harvest today especially
if you’re in the dead of winter where you live hopefully this brought some
sunny Southern California warmth your way well I’m still learning about
growing citrus they’ll comment below let me know all your citrus growing and
harvesting tips and make sure you check out my seed and garden shop at thanks for watching see you on the next video

Randy Schultz

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32 thoughts on “Citrus Harvest of Oranges and Lemons, 3 Citrus Harvest Readiness Clues & Taste Test! 🍊🍋

  1. Shivraj Vashishtha says:

    I love your channel

  2. Patricia Mireles says:

    Wow 🤩 they look delicious 😋 🤤 🍊

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  4. Mr.crazycool !!!! says:

    Hi Kim great calming video!!

  5. Mr.crazycool !!!! says:


  6. Emiline Bellé says:

    I think you can grow lemons in Mississippi. But dunno if we can grow oranges. 🤔 would be cute though! I’d love to grow both!

  7. Sharon Godbout says:

    Looking delicious! Now that's a happy face!! 🙂

  8. My_backyard Gourds says:

    No joke, I am eating a store bought orange while You’re are eating one right off your very own tree. I have never had the pleasure

  9. Rainbee's Plant & Germinating says:

    oh wow those oranges look so beautiful and so does the lemon, oranges are my top 2nd favourite fruit plus a fact about me is that i can take a big amount of sourness in my mouth, i really hope you enjoy those citruses with your family

  10. Cliff Warren says:

    Next year you will have several dozen on each plant. Looking good!

  11. Leah Carpenter says:

    Can I grow a dwarf citrus 🍊 plant(s) in my apartment in Michigan 🍋? Yes we’re in winter ❄️ 💨 😬 here 🧤 ⛄️

  12. Me and You Hello says:

    Cut off fruit for the first year or two for new margarine trees 👍 Thanks for sharing

  13. James Ireland says:

    I honestly never seen someone cut an orange like a lemon and eat it

  14. RSS diamond says:

    I would LOVE to grow oranges and bananas but I'm in Indiana! 😭 I gotta get out of here!!

  15. Garden love says:

    Hi Kelly, I'm so excited to see your beautiful harvest!

  16. Life with Tyler vlogs says:

    I can't wait till I can start my vegetable seeds and plant them outside and get my first tomato 🍅

  17. Ken Riccio poems says:

    Pretty Cali Kim, i grew oranges a couple of years ago at a friends backyard because i did not have the room, and your right there is nothing like the taste of a freshly grown orange as it puts a super market orange to shame.. thanks for this video Kimy.. respectfully ken

  18. Rona Chubbs says:

    Wow beautiful citrus harvest 🤗😍

  19. اشرف غالي says:


  20. Steven Dowden says:

    it would great to grow these things here in wales

  21. Beauty by Greg says:

    I’ve had a dwarf Meyer lemon on my back yard patio for 24 years. They’re great for making lemon tarts, using in smoothies, and i make chicken with the lemons and fresh rosemary, thyme, and garlic. 😋

  22. Traveling Grandma says:

    I have two orange trees loaded with oranges the tasted delicious

  23. Ellen Kuang says:

    I've heard from an orange orchard grower say that the color change actually only happens because of cold nights below a certain temperature and isn't an indication of ripeness. Oranges grown in the tropics are permanently green even when perfectly ripe. You have to taste to know if they're ready

  24. Celine Bridges says:

    Hey Calikim 🤗
    What beautiful oranges 🍊 and lemons 🍋.. they look delicious..
    Here in Texas we ‘re bless with tons of citrus fruits .. and we enjoy them .
    So happy for you to have your own fruits trees ..
    Great job …🤗
    Oh I have got your organic garden book .. and I love love it ..
    Reading it for the third time..
    Your daughter did a fantastic job on the pictures… and you did a great job on the book ..
    Oh and the rest of your family..great job .. oh we not forgetting cameraman…🤗🤗
    My hubby making me some more raised beds.. and we are following the drip system in your book.. ( chapter 6)..
    We enjoying your book ..
    Thanks guys for such an awesome book well done..

  25. Wran Ther says:

    Oooo just look at you out there in that California Sun Kim! Here I could see clear sky off towards the west most all late morning and afternoon. No sun at all, but to sample that nice fresh orange must be an absolute treat for you two this evening! Happy Gardening! -Bob…

  26. shashakeeleh says:

    Hi Kim! What is your Lemon fertilozing schedule and using what products. Also, we have a major problem with ants here. Forget Neem, it just doesn't work. Any other suggestions? Thanks!

  27. Mary Pruett says:

    I also harvested my first lemon just a week ago-now I'm addicted to growing citrus and want an orange and lime tree too. Thank you so much for all your helpful gardening tips, I love watching your videos!

  28. Jackie Horsley says:

    Kim your lemon and orange harvest was amazing enjoy

  29. SantaAnaRoadWildman says:

    ahh! I planted a dwarf improved Meyer near my south fence 2 years ago & it finally has golf ball size green lemons that have been green for months. Those dwarves seem to do great in containers! But I learned not to pick if they still have green in them!

  30. Shivani Kalra says:

    Well you have inspired me to again work with my orange tree after it didn't gave me any signs of producing since two years I will surely fertilize it and share when it will bear fruits loved your video

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    I love watching your videos. They're so satisfying👏🏻👍🏻

  32. Rajish Maharaj says:

    Your oranges are lovely. Weirdly enough our oranges in trinidad atleast from what i see ripe when the skins are yellow. Sometimes even retaining some of the green on it as well.

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