Citrus Dutch Baby Pancake

Citrus Dutch Baby Pancake

Why put too much pressure on Valentine’s Day? Let’s make it brunch-y and let’s make it at home. Dutch babies seriously are so easy. You just throw everything into a blender: some eggs, some milk, some flour, whip it all up. I’m adding orange just for a little pop of flavor. Pour it right into a preheated pan with some butter that’s melted into it. It puffs up in the oven. And to make it even better, forget the maple syrup. We’re makin’ a raspberry blueberry coulis. Just some simple fruits mixed together with some sugar heated up, pressed through a sieve, and you have an amazing sauce and the perfect item for your Dutch baby pancake. All this is coming up on today’s Wyse Guide! Ok, I’ve told you before: Valentine’s Day isn’t really that special to me. Ok, yeah, it’s probably because I’m not really seeing anyone special, so… that probably doesn’t help. But also, I mean, I don’t know. It’s Valentine’s Day. I think there is just way too much pressure put on it, you have to have everything perfect, you wanna go out, you wanna go to this amazing place… No. Since I have already declared it the year of brunching at home, I think we’re gonna make it simple and we are gonna make a little bit of a delicious brunch at home and you know what? It’s gonna be a Dutch baby pancake. I know they kinda look like they’re extra special because they puff up and come around the sides and make this big, crater-like thing. But, you know what? It’s extremely easy. You make it all into a blender, you throw everything in, you blend it a little bit, you pour it in the pan, and it does all the work for you. To make this extra special, I decided, why just have maple syrup? Just mix together some raspberries, some blueberries, a little bit of sugar, some orange juice, and you have a great sauce. This couldn’t get any better so we better get started so you know what you’re doin’ for Valentine’s. To start, you just wanna crack some eggs right into your blender. After the eggs, just add some milk. Now, you’re probably thinkin’: “oh, what if I don’t have just milk on hand?” Or “what if I have heavy cream?” That’s what I thought at first. So I’m like “oh, I’ll just add some heavy cream,” not thinking about how, literally, heavy it was gonna be. Yeah, so the Dutch baby pancake did not come out very Dutch baby-esque. It just came out kinda like raised, puffy, weird, not like what you want! So let’s not substitute here and let’s use skim milk. To flavor it, I’m adding some orange zest. The zest really gets that oil in there. And orange juice. The juice just adds that nice tang. It’s the perfect way to add an extra oomph of flavor. You need just a little bit of sugar. You’re not making this overly sweet ’cause that’s gonna come from that sauce later, but just enough to kinda balance it out. A little bit of salt because, hello… And just a little bit of flour. Yeah, this isn’t too much. You’re not making a cake. You’re not making a normal pancake. It’s gonna be like… different. It’s gonna be like a Dutch baby pancake. Yeah. Put the blender on high, let it really mix together, incorporate some air into it. That’s why I don’t have the top on my blender. I like to keep that hole open. And just let it mix for awhile. Once it is mixed for about a minute, just turn it off and let it sit. While that is just sitting there, kinda hanging out, which is totally fine, you can just make your coulis. Coulis is extremely simple and I know you’re thinkin’: “I hate when you use these words that I don’t know what they are.” Coulis is pretty much just a fruit sauce that is strained so it doesn’t have any solids in it. Yeah, I know. So we’ll just call it a fruit sauce or if you wanna sound really cool and impress your date on Valentine’s, you’ll be like: “I’m making this coulis.” And they’re gonna be like: “wow…” Yeah. Right into a small pan, you can just add your raspberries, blueberries, some orange juice. You could use another citrus juice if you want to, but I’m using oranges in the Dutch baby pancake so might as well use ’em here too. and some sugar. Yeah, it’s that easy. Put it on the stove, stir it around, let it come up to a simmer and simmer it until it all breaks down. It just takes a few minutes and it’s pretty simple. Once all those blueberries have popped, all the raspberries are just kinda liquid pull it off from the stove and then put it right into a strainer over, like, a measuring cup or a bowl. Press it through with a spatula. Just kinda work it through really well and make sure all that fruit is broken down and you’re really gonna get some of that good, thick sauce out of it. Just set that aside and it can kinda keep dripping a little bit. And now you can just get your Dutch baby ready. About twenty minutes before you wanna bake it, you wanna have your skillet in the oven. So obviously, you need a heat-proof skillet. Don’t do anything with a plastic handle. Don’t do a nonstick skillet. I know mine looks nonstick, but it’s not. It can go to a higher heat. You wanna make sure it can go at least 450 degrees ’cause that’s how hot the oven is. You don’t wanna ruin your pan while you’re trying to make a delicious meal for your special someone. Or just yourself ’cause that’s probably what I’ll be doin’. When it’s been in there and really preheated, pull it out and just put in some butter. It should melt extremely quickly. Swirl it around and make sure it gets all over the pan and then pour in your prepared batter. Once that batter’s in there, just throw it right back into the oven and now the oven’s just gonna do the work for you. That Dutch baby’s gonna climb up the sides, it’s gonna get really tall but it’s gonna stay soft and almost custardy in the middle. I know, your mouth is watering. So is mine. When you Dutch baby has risen and gotten golden brown all around the edges, kinda gotten bumpy down that middle, but is still custardy, pull it out from the oven. Let it cool slightly. Pour that sauce that we prepared into something else just so you can serve it with it and then serve it up right away. You don’t wanna just let this sit because it can fall slightly, kinda like a soufflé. Pour that sauce on top, some fresh berries, a little powdered sugar… If you really wanna go the lover way, you guys can just both eat out of the same pan all Lady and the Tramp style. Your significant other is gonna be so impressed and they’re gonna think you’re amazing. That’s right. Brunch is the new way to say “I love you.” If you agree, make sure to like, share subscribe. For this amazing recipe, go to the description box. And for more great recipes, make sure to check out Until next time, have an awesome Valentine’s Day.

Randy Schultz

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  1. Nebo Allen says:

    Ooo looks so yummy!

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    Looks so good!!

  3. Debby Johnson says:

    I am definitely making this for me on Valentine's Day!! Going to buy me some sparking wine and a box of chocolates!! I am a 60 yr old Grammy celebrating my independence!! Many blessings!!

  4. Josie Marie says:

    I love ❤️ Dutch baby pancakes, haven’t made it in a while thanks for reminding me of this easy recipe. FYI married 28 years we don’t celebrate Valentines Day, too much hype.

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    "Valentines Day" is going to be a "Yummy Day" this year!!
    Thank you Kaleb!! Your Amazing!!

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    That's sometime in March right ????
    You are adorable and why someone hasn't snatched you up is beyond me ……your not from Mississippi …..following someone from there and whooooeee there families are odd as socks can be 😳

  7. Sieneke Fischer says:

    I have never made pancakes like this, and I am Dutch

  8. Tanya Whisenant says:

    Oooohhhh….thanks for reminding me about this recipe! I love my dutch baby topped with a little butter, powdered sugar and lemon juice. My husband and I celebrate Valentine's Day…but not on the day…restaurants are too crowded…so usually the 12th or the 15th…still feels special!

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    Kaleb…huny….🥰😘😍👏👏👏👏!!!! Yeasss.

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    I love your recipes♥ this will be great any time 😊 thank you ❤️

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    This is looks so good!😂👍💜💜💜

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    Will it be disgusting to use frozen Berries for the couli?

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    Looks yummy… where. An I buy a skillet like yours/size please? Thanks for sharing

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    I wonder if you can bake them in a pizza oven Outdoors ?

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    NEVER heard of theses

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    Looks delicious!

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    Perfect for a solo Valentine's treat!

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    I get such a kick out of you and love all your videos! You’ve convinced me to try the Dutch Baby….now to buy a proper pan….

  21. George Cancasci says:

    I'm shocked that you're single!!

  22. Happy TX says:

    Oh yes this is perfect for valentine's day. Thanks

  23. Queen Brooksie says:

    I love Dutch Babies with fruit. My favorite topping though is just a sprinkle of powder sugar and squeeze lemon juice over it. YUM.

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    That would be good with mimosas yummy

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    Just saw that…you are Awesome..seriously…love your videos

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    These kinda look like giant Yorkshire puddings which is cool. Do you celebrate 'shrove Tuesday' in the US? If so, is it traditional to eat pancakes like it is in the UK? Because these would have been perfect for that. Alas, i am 2 days too late but there's always next year! 😂😁

  28. rneustel says:

    I love these things! I made my first one in 1992 after having one in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

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