Citrus Dressing | Volunteer Gardener

Citrus Dressing | Volunteer Gardener

– Light, citrus dressings
are a great thing to utilize in the
wintertime when citrus fruit is so inexpensive. So go ahead and stock up
on oranges and grapefruit, and of course, lemons
and limes, and keep those in your refrigerator. Just remember to pull them
out of the refrigerator about 30 minutes before you get ready to juice them, so you’ll get more fruit. Then roll it on the countertop,
and you’re ready to juice. Okay, so we’re gonna make these dressings with two different juices
and two different herbs, but the basic recipe is the same. So I’m gonna start with a little bit of orange juice for this particular one, and I’m gonna use some fresh oregano that I’m just going to
bruise just a little bit with the scissors, so I don’t want it completely chopped; I want it just kind of coarsely chopped, so to speak. So I’m gonna add that to my jar, and then your recipe of salt
and pepper stays the same, so I’m just gonna add the
salt and pepper to that. I’m going to add a tablespoon
of white wine vinegar, ’cause that just kind of freshens the whole thing up a little bit. I’m gonna add some minced shallots to it. Again, you can add as many or
as few as you want to that. And then I’m going to add some olive oil. And then the reason I like to do this in canning jars is because
it makes it so easy when you get ready to emulsify it. So just gonna shake it
really easily, like that, and your dressing is ready to use. I’m gonna do the exact
same thing with lemon, except for this time, I’m
gonna use thyme that’s dried. So if you don’t have fresh
herbs in your garden, you can still utilize the same recipe. Just utilize the dried thyme to that, and you’re gonna cut it down by one-third. Again, I’m gonna add the salt and pepper and the shallots, and
again, the same basic recipe with one tablespoon of white wine vinegar and the same amount of olive oil to that. So the same thing with a
completely different flavor. You can go ahead and make these up. Keep them in your refrigerator
and use them in about a week. – [Voiceover] For inspiring
garden tours, growing tips, and garden projects, visit our website at or on YouTube at the Volunteer Gardener channel. And like us on Facebook. (bright music with guitars)

Randy Schultz

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