Christmas Dinosaurs for Kids! Santa Claus Holiday Special at T-Rex Ranch with Mystery Dinosaur

Christmas Dinosaurs for Kids! Santa Claus Holiday Special at T-Rex Ranch with Mystery Dinosaur

(bell ringing) (gasps) – The first ornament of Christmas! – Awesome, the second
ornament of Christmas! There we go, cool dude! – Yeah! – Hey you know what this reminds me of? – What? – Remember the first year we had Christmas at the new Dino HQ at T-Rex Ranch? – Oh yeah! – And we decorated the tree all
up out there and everything. It was so cool man. – Wait, wasn’t that raptor
chasing me in the snow? – Oh yeah, I remember that, yeah. (harp playing) – Come in park ranger Aaron! – Oh man this is going
to be such an awesome Christmas tree here in our new Dino HQ. Ranger LB’s going to love it. – Park ranger Aaron! Park ranger Aaron! – I wonder where park ranger LB is anyway. He’ll be here anytime, I’m sure. – The raptor’s getting closer. (beeping) HQ! (merry music) (merry music) (merry music) (chuckles) – Such an awesome tree
for the new Dino HQ. Park ranger LB’s going to be so impressed. – Park ranger Aaron, I called
you but you didn’t answer! And I saw you inside! (beeping) Aha, the doorknob! Aha, the doorknob! – Ooh, it’s the prezzi! Park ranger LB is going to love what I got him for Christmas! There we go, right there. – Park ranger Aaron! – Park ranger LB! Hey man you made it! Check out the Christmas tree
here at the new Dino HQ! – Yeah but there was a
raptor chasing me outside! – A raptor? Aw man, there’s no raptors, everything’s clearly
locked up over there– oh wait a minute. (gasps) There’s a paddock open! – Yeah I know! – There’s a raptor out! – Yeah I know! – You were running from the raptor? – Yeah it was chasing me! – Good thing that you
made it in here, huh? – Yeah, what are you doing anyway? – Ohh I was decorating
our first Christmas tree here in the new Dino HQ! – Yeah! – I even got one of these for
you here, right over here. Check this bad boy out, here right there, now you’ll be all ready for Christmas, with this bad boy right there, take it. (laughs)
– Yeah. – All right, so now you’re all ready for Santa to come here tonight, huh? – Yeah, what about the raptor? – Ooh yeah, that’s a good point. Maybe we shouldn’t wait
for Santa out here, because Santa could get
eaten by that raptor! – Yeah, I’ve got an idea: maybe
we can go to the old park. – We need to leave a note
for Santa, tell him to go to the old Dino HQ, and
we’ll meet him there, okay? – Yeah! – Okay, let’s go get some paper and a marker, and we’ll make a note. – Okay. – You ready to make a
sign for Santa Clause? – Yeah! – Okay what are you going to say? – Santa, go back to the old
Dino HQ, from park ranger LB. – Santa, go back to the old
Dino HQ, from park ranger LB. – Okay, go for it! Park ranger LB there, there you go. There, that way he knows
which way the old Dino HQ is! – Yeah! – Okay so we need to
tape this up to something let’s see, where do you
think he would come in? Maybe the garage door? – Yeah! – Okay, let me just get
my flashlight and be– Oh wait a minute, that
raptor’s still out there, dude. – I got an idea, we can put
this sign in the window! – Oh yeah that’s great, because Santa’s going to see our Christmas
tree, so of course he’ll come through the window, right? – Yeah! – Okay, you go ahead and do that, here, I’ll get my stuff out of your way there. Okay go ahead and tape
it in the window, dude. – Okay! (humming) There we go, all done! – Okay, yeah, you’ve got
enough tape on it now. Santa’s going to see that, so we’re ready to go back to Dino HQ, okay? – Yeah!
– Let’s go! – But what about the raptor? – Oh the raptor, that’s right, it’s still out there somewhere, isn’t it? It could get us when we’re
running for the truck. We’re going to have to make
a mad dash for it, okay? – Okay, but I wish we had
a sleepy dart blaster. – Well since you mention it,
I was going to save this for tomorrow, you know, when
it’s Christmas day and all, but I’ve got a present
for you over here dude, check this out man. – Okay. – Okay, Merry Christmas! – Aw thanks park ranger Aaron! – Go ahead and open it up, okay? – Okay, hmmm. – Okay, hmmm. – Come on man, tear into it! (howls) – Cool, it’s a sleepy dart blaster! – That’s just what need right now so if that raptor comes up
to us, you just blast him with some sleepy darts,
and he’ll leave us alone, okay?
– Yeah. – Okay, are you ready to
make a dash for the truck? – Let’s do it! – Okay I guess I won’t do my beanie here, because I got my Santa hat on! Let’s go for it! Okay, why don’t you give that
thing a little test blast right over there before we go
outside, because I don’t want that thing to like, malfunction
when the raptors come, okay? – Yeah. – Okay go for it. Hey, that was a good one! Okay, let’s go for it.
– Yeah. You know what, you go first. – No, no, no, I think you can go. – No, you.
– No, no, no, it’s fine. – No you. – You know, it’s Christmas,
I’ll be nice to you, I’ll let you go first. – No, no, you. – Okay, I don’t see anything out there. You got your sleepy dart blaster ready? – Yeah. – Get it there, okay. Ooh, I see the truck, okay, you ready? – Yeah. – Okay, I’ll go first. Wait a minute, you’ve got the blaster. You cover me, okay?
– Okay. – What’s that? Okay, I’ve got the keys. – Got the keys. (playful music) – Come on man, have that thing ready! (playful music) – Truck’s right there! (playful music) Look, look. – I’ve got that, sorry. Okay, are you ready to
make a run for the truck? – Yeah.
– Okay. Ooh, look at that tree over there, man. Okay, on the count of three,
you run around to your side, and I’ll run around to my side, okay? Okay: one, two– Okay: one, two– – Three! – No wait, wait, on three. It’s one, two, then you go, okay? – Okay. – Okay, one, two, three, go! – Wait for me! (humming Jingle Bells) (festive music) – Okay LB, it’s time
to go to bed now, okay? – Okay. – Are you excited that it’s Christmas Eve? – Yeah! – Tomorrow’s going to
be Christmas morning! – Yay!
– It’ll be so cool. – I just wish I could see
Santa tonight when he comes. – You’re not supposed to see Santa. – Oh I know, but I’ve been
waiting my whole life, and I’ve never seen him, I
just wanted to see him once. – Okay, once. – Anyway, if he sees you awake,
he’s not going to leave any presents for us, so you need
to go to sleep right now, okay? Okay, good night! – Good night! (groaning) – That hurt, that hurt. (groaning) These chimneys get smaller every year. Oh that’s a pretty tree. (crash) (light and merry music) – Santa! – Shh, nobody’s supposed
to see me, not even you. – But my dad really wants to see you! – No, nobody must see me. If your dad sees me, he
doesn’t get a present. – Quick come hide in my room! – Okay. (light and merry music) – What was that noise? Santa? Oh man, I guess I don’t get to see Santa. You know, I’d better go check
on LB, make sure he’s asleep. (driving music) – Your dad heard something,
and I’m sure he’s going to come in here and check on you. You need to hide me. – Under the bed! – Under the bed? Quickly, okay. (grunting) Help me, a little help. – Run under, roll under. – Okay, quickly. Climb on top of me. (driving music) (light and playful music) – Huh, I guess it wasn’t LB. I might ought to get
a snack then, I guess. – Will you help me out? (grunting) I’m going to see if he’s still there. (gentle festive music) – Let’s see what I’ve got. Don’t want to wake anybody up here. Popcorn. – No presents for you, young man, you’ve made me very late
for all my deliveries. I should be in South America by now. You have to help me get out of
here without your dad seeing. – Well then will you give
me my present please? – Okay, let’s go out. – Okay. (mellow music) (popcorn popping) – Shhhhh! – Okay, wait here, I’m
going to get my bags first. – Okay. (playful music, popcorn popping) – Is somebody down there? My popcorn. – I told you to wait over there. Now he’s heard us. You’re not getting a
present if he sees me. – I have an idea! If you give me one of your
bells, and I go over there, I can move it and I’ll distract my dad, and you can run out there
with all the presents, and deliver them with the children. – Okay. (faint jingling) – Aah, ooh yeah, nice fresh popcorn here, look at that, oh yeah. (jingling) (exclaiming) – It’s Santa Clause! It’s Santa Clause! Santa Clause, it’s Santa Clause! I’m finally going to
get to see Santa Clause! – Got ya! – Oh man, LB, why’d you do that? – I’m getting out of bed so I can see all the presents Santa left. – You came out here to see
how many presents Santa left? – Yeah! – That’s not any good, because
Santa hasn’t been here yet, and if he comes while you’re
out here, and he knows that you are here, and he
sees you, he’s not going to leave any presents for
us, and we don’t want him to skip our house because I’ve
been wanting to see Santa, oh wait, I guess that means
I can’t see him either, well, but anyway, you know, we’ve
been really good this year, and we want to make sure that
Santa doesn’t skip our house, but you know what, actually,
it doesn’t really matter. Christmas isn’t really just
about gifts, it’s about so many other things, and come on, we
just need to go back to bed. – Oh let’s get to bed! – Okay, come on, let’s go, okay. – Follow me to the popcorn. – Yeah I had a little accident there with the popcorn, now didn’t I? (alarm blaring) (alarm blaring) (alarm blaring) – Aaah, the bell from the Polar Express, I remember it like it was yesterday. – Oh yeah, I remember when
we rode the Polar Express, that was a really fun trip, wasn’t it? – Yeah, oh we had hot chocolate! – And cookies! – Oh, and they read the story! – Yeah man, it was so cool! (merry music) – Whoa, the Polar Express round
trip, and it says “Believe!” – Whoa, the Polar Express round
trip, and it says “Believe!” Man, park ranger LB is
going to love this place! We’re going to take the Polar
Express to the North Pole! I can’t wait, I wonder
where park ranger LB is… Dude man, when are you getting here? I gave you the directions. Oh, I think I see him over
there, I’m going to go find him. Park ranger LB? Man, I thought I saw him, where did he go? Speaking of where are
things, where’s the train? I thought the Polar Express
was supposed to be here by now. Sure to be here any minute. I hope it gets here, and
I hope park ranger LB gets here in time, it’s
starting to snow now. This is awesome, we’re going
to the North Pole tonight! (train whistle blows) Oh there’s park ranger
LB, I’ll go get him. Here comes the train, too! – You coming? – Where? – To the North Pole via the Polar Express. – The North Pole? – Is this you? – Yeah. – It says here, no picture
with a department store Santa, no letter to Santa this year, and you made your sister put out the
milk and cookies for Santa? Boy this sounds like
you’re partially here, if I were you I’d think
about getting on board. Come on, come on, I’ve
got a schedule to keep! Anybody else want to go to the North Pole? – I do! (crowd cheering) – All aboard! – Okay, LB, you can open your eyes now! – Whoa, what is that? – It’s the Polar Express! – Where is it going? – Why the North Pole, of course! – Well I think I shouldn’t get on. – Well I think you should,
because you know what, I think you might be doubting
a little bit this year, because I noticed you
didn’t write a letter to Santa Clause this
Christmas, so if I were you, I would think about
getting on board the train. – Okay, if you say so. – Here you go, you excited?
– Yeah. – Let me see your ticket, sir. Welcome aboard the Polar Express. – Thank you. – Your ticket please. – Looking forward to going
to the North Pole today! – Yes sir, welcome aboard.
– Thank you. Nope, that’s not it, that’s
not it, we’re in ten, okay? This is it right here, okay?
– Ah, ten. – Okay, look at this LB,
it says “the Polar Express, hot, hot, hot fresh hot chocolate.” I think we’re going to get hot
chocolate on this trip, okay? – Yeah. – And we’re going to the North Pole! – Cool. – Who do you think we’re going
to see at the North Pole? – Santa. – Santa, yeah, cool. We’re leaving, we’re
going to the North Pole! – Yeah. (train engine, crew clapping) (cheering) – We’re going to the North Pole! (clapping, music) Gotta wave to everybody. (clapping, music) (train whistle) (clapping) (cheering) – Hot chocolate! We need some hot chocolate! – Oh we got it
– Oh we got it – So we got it
– So we got it – Oh there they go with the hot chocolate. – Thank you. – Thank you. Is it hot? All right, we got our cookie
and our hot chocolate! – Yeah. – Here we go! Whooooeee that’s hot! (festive music) – Okay, we’re going to read the Polar Express book now, okay LB? Okay, I’m going to have
a bite of cookie first. You’ve got to have some of yours. – Yeah, I’m drinking my hot chocolate. – [Narrator] I breathe
slowly and silently. – Can you read it?
– Yeah. – [Narrator] Hissing
steam and scorching metal, I did hear sounds, though
not of ringing bells. – You have your ticket? Check your pocket. – It’s right there. – Check your other pocket. – [Narrator] The white-tailed rabbits hid from our train as it thundered
through the quiet wilderness. – There you go, buddy. – Thank you. I got a dot! – You got a dot? Too bad he didn’t spell out LB, huh? I thought you normally rode
on the roof of this rattler? – Oh no, I can ride anywhere I want to. – Anywhere you want to, okay. So you got an autograph book, Hobo Joe. So you got an autograph book, Hobo Joe. Thank you, Hobo Joe. I think we’re getting close
to the North Pole, okay? (music, chattering) It’s the North Pole! LB, look, elves! LB, look, elves! Santa! – Wait, where’s Santa going? Bye bye, Santa. – We’re here at the North Pole. – Yay! – I think Santa’s going
to get on the train, okay? – Okay. – That’s where we’re stopping, Santa’s going to get on the train, okay? (clapping) – Merry Christmas! (cheering, clapping) – I have the first gift of Christmas. Hi, hey! – Hi. Merry Christmas! – Thank you. – You’re very welcome. Say goodbye, I’ve got to
put them back to work. Say goodbye, I’ve got to
put them back to work. (bright music, overlapping chatter) – Merry Christmas, everyone! – Merry Christmas, Santa! (cheering, overlapping
chatter, bright music) (Christmas music, jingling) – Okay LB, so that’s what
Santa Clause gave you? – Yeah! – Okay, have you listened to it yet? – No. – Give it a try. – I can’t hear it. – You can’t hear it? Okay, close your eyes, and
believe really hard, okay? And then try again,
hold it up to your ear. – I believe, I believe! I can hear it! (bell ringing) – You can hear it?
– Yeah! – All right, that means Santa’s
still around for you, okay? That was cool getting to
see Santa Clause, wasn’t it? Okay, I think you should
put that someplace safe. – Okay. – Where are you going to put it, you can put it in your pocket.
– Yeah. – Okay, put it in your, in your
little jacket pocket there. Okay, we’re headed back home now, okay? Let’s have some more hot chocolate. – Yeah. (passengers singing) – You know all the words,
it’s a lot of words it’s– – ♪ Five golden rings! ♪
– ♪ Five golden rings! ♪ – ♪ Four calling birds, three
french hens, two turtle doves, ♪ and, I think he’s coming
back for number five again. (festive music) – ♪ Wish you a merry Christmas, ♪ ♪ And a happy new year. ♪ – They went slower than we did there. (train whistle) – Okay LB, we’re here,
let’s get off the train, go home, and see what Santa
brought us for Christmas, okay? – Yup! (gentle festive music) (train whistle) – Bye bye!
– Bye. – Bye, have fun at the North Pole! See you at the North Pole one day! – Wait, I lost my bell! – Your bell! – It’s still on the train! – It’s on the train! (train whistle) – I’m sorry LB, you left your
bell on the train, all right? Well hey, you know what, it’s just a bell. – Yeah. – And the real spirit of
Christmas is in your heart, it’s not in a bell, okay? – Yeah, there’s always next year. – There’s always next year, too, but you know what, we haven’t even seen what we’ve gotten from
Santa for this year! – Oh yeah, let’s go! – Let’s go, find out! Let’s go home to see
what Santa brought us! Yay! – Hey, it’s Santa! – Whoo, look at that man,
it’s a cool ornament there. – Wait a minute,
– What? – Santa’s a night light! – Yeah that’s not an ornament,
that’s a night light, dude. You’ve got to go plug that in over there, you can’t put that on the tree. Only ornaments for the tree, okay? – Hey, remember when I saw Santa leaving presents for the
dinosaurs at T-Rex ranch? – Oh yeah, that does
remind me of that time, and you got to see Santa and I didn’t, man I never get to see Santa.
– Yeah, you try every year! – Maybe I will this year. – Apatosaurus, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, – Apatosaurus, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, hey I’m almost done. I’m going to go, I’m going
to call park ranger Aaron. – Okay, time to feed Spike,
I wonder where he is. – Okay, time to feed Spike,
I wonder where he is. Spike, if you’re here
man, it’s feeding time! Spike, if you’re here
man, it’s feeding time! – Come in park ranger Aaron. – Park ranger LB. Yeah, go ahead park ranger LB. – I have only a few more dinosaurs until I’m finished doing my dino
headcount for the day. – Oh cool man, that’s awesome. Hey are you going to the Christmas party? What are you going to be wearing? – Yep, I’m going, and
I’m going to be wearing my dino Christmas sweater,
and also my cool party hat I’ve got to put on later. – Cool, that’s awesome man, I’m going in my Christmas dinosaur sweater too. Are you almost done? – Yeah, I’ve just got to
check two more things, that dinosaur over there, and
that fellow in the red suit. Wait, fellow in the red suit? What, let me see. – Oh ho ho, let’s see
what we have here now. (gasps) – It’s Santa! – Santa? – Yeah! – Okay, park ranger LB, dude
you’ve got to stay on him, man, don’t let him get
away, I’ll be right there. – I’ll go! – I’m going to see Santa! Okay, see, here, I’ll
tell you what, Spike, here’s your food, wherever you are dude, you just come and feed yourself, okay? I’m going to leave the lid
off, okay, there you go. Okay Spike, I’m just going to run! Good luck Spike. I’m going to see Santa! (rock and roll music) – Okay, now what do we have? (chuckling) (chuckling) There you go! Oh ho ho, now what’s in here? Ooh! (chuckling) Ooh, over here, oh, there we go. (distant roaring) Oh I’d better hurry! (chuckles) This way (squish) uh-oh, oh here we go, Christmas tree, I’ll leave this one here! Oh there we go, there we go. (distant roaring) – A present, what’s that? Hey it says it’s for a raptor. Oh now I get it. – Man, nothing, I don’t
see Santa or LB anywhere. – Come in park ranger Aaron. – Ooh, LB. Yeah go ahead, park ranger LB! – So Santa’s leaving out all these presents for all the dinosaurs! – Oh wow, I wasn’t expecting
that, that’s awesome, though. Hey you know what though,
I think we’d better collect all those presents, because
the dinosaurs aren’t going to know what to do with them,
they can’t open them up. – Hey, maybe we could bring them back to Dino HQ and open them up! – Okay, you grab all the
presents, I’ll be right there, and I’ll meet you in just a minute. – Oh, heavy, heavy. I think I see another one. – Oh, whoa, uh-oh, don’t
want to leave that behind. – Oh, whoa, uh-oh, don’t
want to leave that behind. How about right here? – Where’s Santa, man, I
don’t see him anywhere. It’s Tiny, the Apatosaurus. Hey Tiny, I’ll get your
food in a little bit, man, just don’t eat Spike’s
food over there, okay? Yeah, yeah, yeah, just stay
there, I’ll be right back, I’ve got to go find Santa Clause, okay? Okay, yeah, I can make a break for it now! – Get it on here, wait, I
can only carry two at a time. I’ll come back for the rest. Ooh, heavy. (groaning) – Whoa, look at the size
of this Christmas tree! – Whoa, look at the size
of this Christmas tree! (chuckles) Perfect, there we go ho ho! – Where are you Santa? Saint Nick? Park ranger LB, somebody? Where are you guys? Oh man, I think I missed them both. They’re not here, and
there’s no presents anywhere. – Ooh, I got the presents! Put that down, better
call park ranger Aaron. Come in park ranger Aaron! – Yeah go ahead, park ranger LB. – Yeah, I’m back at Dino
HQ with the presents! – Okay, so I missed Santa, but you’ve got the presents there, so
okay, I’ll head on back to Dino HQ, and we’ll put
out the presents, okay? – Ten four! (squeals) I can’t wait to open the presents! Ooh, my hat. – I missed Santa again, oh darn it, oh well, there’s presents at least. (whooping) – Aw, man, look at the
presents that you found, dude! – Yeah, they look so cool! – This is awesome, hey, but remember: these presents from Santa are
actually for the dinosaurs. – Yeah, and these are Santa’s favorite picks for the year, too. – Oh yeah, I think you’re
right, it’s like he made a list of the best presents
for this Christmas season, huh? – Yep! – Okay are you ready to
dive in and open them up? – Can’t wait! – All right, let’s go for it, dude! Oh, you do that one first! – Whoa!
– Wow! – What is this? Oh let’s flip this over. Let’s keep velociraptor on there, it doesn’t look like a velociraptor. Hey man, let me see what it is. – Whoa, it’s a giant RC! – It’s velociraptor six by six. – Whoa. (car driving) – Whoa, whoa, whoa,
uh-oh, whoa, hey hey hey, you know what, I think we need more space. – Yeah. – Let’s go take it outside and try it out. – Yeah, woohoo! – Okay, park ranger, LB,
let’s try this raptor, RC truck out here. – Okay yeah.
– Put it in sound mode. – Yeah.
– Okay. (car driving) – Whoo, oh no! – Wow, did you see that thing jump? – Yeah! (car driving, gentle music) – Whoo, whoa! – That one already has a hole in it, I think maybe one of
the dinosaurs got to it. – Oh yeah. Whoa! – Oh wow! – It’s Untamed! – Untamed?
– Yeah! – Ooh, infrared, the T-Rex
is ready to come out, huh? – Okay. – Okay, are we going to bust him out? – Yeah. – All right, so you turn
that little handle there, and ohhh he busted out! – Yeah! – Infrared busted through the cage, oh there’s a T-Rex on the loose! So do you remember how to do all the different modes
with the Untamed T-Rex? – Yep! – Okay, now I remember, if you touch his back, he roars, right? (faint roaring) – Yeah!
– Ooh yeah. And remember, hang him upside down, and he gets cross, right? – He doesn’t like that. – He doesn’t like to be upside down. Oh, remember when you
put him, laid him down and he goes to sleep, right?
– Oh yeah! – Oh he closed his eyes!
– Oh yeah, he’s sleeping! – I hear him snoring, cool. – Ohhh.
– Oh, stinky! – He ripped a big one there!
– Yeah! – Cool, he’s just like the
other Untamed T-Rexes we had, that’s pretty awesome, with the cage, huh? Okay, you ready to see what else we got? Wait a minute, that’s all the presents! – Oh, maybe there’s more! – Oh, you want to go back out and look and see if Santa left
more for the dinosaurs? – Yeah!
– Okay! Let’s get our walkie-talkies
and get our gear and go! – Okay, woohoo! – Hey look, there’s
another one right there! – Yeah! – Oh look, there’s another one
there, too, let’s go for it. Whoa man, Santa was nice to
the dinosaurs this year, huh? They must have been good, huh? – I see another one. – I see more over there!
– Yeah. – Look out.
– There it is! – All right, man where’s
the other one we saw? There it is, shiny green over there. – Man, look at that one!
– You want to get that one? – Okay. – Yeah okay, look out for
the tree limb there, okay. I see one more! There we go.
– Oh look, it’s broccoli! – It’s a Jurassic size Kit Kat, huh? All right, you ready to go back to Dino HQ and open all this stuff up? My Christmas sweater’s caught, dude. – I know. – You’ve got to get me
unhooked so I can go back. Here, here, I hear a dinosaur, hurry man! Get me unhooked, so I can get out of here! Just break the limb, hurry, let’s go! All right, man, whoa!
– Whoa! Look at these!
– Who knew there were going to be so many presents out there from Santa to the dinosaurs?
– Yeah! – Okay, you ready to go through them? – Yeah!
– See what Santa left. Starting with this Jurassic-size Kit Kat Starting with this Jurassic-size Kit Kat for Spike the stegosaurus, from Santa! – And broccoli! – Oh yeah, that’s right,
Santa left broccoli, because you know you’ve
got to eat your vegetables before you get any treats, right? Okay, even Spike the
stegosaurus does, okay. – Mmm, yummy, smell.
– Mmm, that does smell good. I’ll tell you what, we’ll eat that, no we’re going to let Spike eat that. How about we leave this
over here and we do that. We’ll just eat the broccoli
and the candy later. Okay, which one of these bad
boys you want to open up first? – Okay, let’s go, let’s open that one! – Oooh, I think it’s some
dino-legs, and I see a T-Rex! Look at that, what is that? – Whoa it’s a T-Rex “atomany” kit by Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom! – I think that’s “anatomy kit.” It’s like the insides of a T-Rex. So I think if you take that
DNA key, you put it in her jaw there, and give it a little
turn, let’s see what happens. – Oh, she’s doing the chomp chomp! – Chomp chomp, yeah, T-Rex is bad! (growls) Okay, then if you turn and see
what’s around this side here, you can start taking the
different pieces off. – Ohhh, wow.
– Wow! – Look at that, it’s all
the muscle on T-Rex’s leg! – Oh wait it’s coming off. – Oh no, no, no don’t
take it off yet, okay, T-Rex needs her muscle there. Oh now if you put the DNA key in, now watch this when you turn it. – Ohh, she kicks! – Oh yeah, we see the muscle in action, lifting that leg up there, huh? – Ooh, there goes the muscle. – They say T-Rexes are
related to chickens, it does kind of look like
a chicken bone, doesn’t it? – Oh yeah. – Okay, now let’s see if we
take these other pieces off. Take the side off. Oh wow, look at that, it’s
all the insides of a T-Rex. Ribs, there it goes. – Is that squishy?
– There’s the lungs. – No, it’s not squishy. – And I think that’s the
intestines, so, give it a turn. Oh wow, that is so cool, the lungs work. Looks like she’s working up that big roar! (roaring) – Yeah!
– Give a little turn there. (roaring) – Yeah, she’s working up a big roar! This is so awesome, how you can learn what’s inside of a T-Rex! – Ohhh.
– Oh I see something! Let’s turn it around! – Oh what is it, what is it? – It’s the Flying Bug Attack Blaster. – Hey, from Xshot!
– Yeah! – These things fly up and
you try to blast them. Cool, let’s try this out outside, okay? – Okay. – Okay, you ready to try this out? – Yep! – All right, so how does this work? We put the bug on here?
– Yeah. And now I’m going to stomp that, right? Rev it up really good, there you go. – Oh!
– Oh! That was close, oh you missed both. Oh here, you want to try another one? Oh, that one was close!
– Darn, so close! Oh, you were so close!
– Oh man! (laughs) – On the camera! – I don’t know how you did that. – Are you okay, YouTube? – Oh, wow, it’s another
sleepy dart blaster! We’ll try this one outside too, okay, give it a good test run.
– Yeah! – Come on, let’s go! Why don’t we have a little
target practice, step on it! Aw, we both missed it!
– Aw. – Here, put another one on there, go! Oh, almost had it, go! – Oh I got it!
– You got it, yeah! Cool, okay. (mumbles) – Oh wow, it’s Indoor Snowball Fight! – Oh wow, it’s Indoor Snowball Fight! – Wow, look at that! – Oh wow, there’s like
little snowballs in there! Hey that’s cool, so that means we can have a snowball fight
inside, anytime we want! – Yeah! – Even when it’s not
snowing here in Texas, huh. Okay park ranger LB, you need
to get in position and hurry, I’m going to start launching
snowballs at you, dude. Okay here we go! Oh, I got you! – Okay! – That’s one hit, oh wait, oh you got me! (cheering) – Oh, what is it, two to three? Ooh, oh, you got me, I win the broccoli! Aw man, oh, right in the face.
– Four! – Okay, you can have the broccoli, okay? – Okay. – Hey that was fun,
dude, let’s do it again! – Get that out there. – Hey, look at the
snowman on this one, huh? – Whoa, cool, I got candy canes! – Hey that’s cool, you know
what the snowman reminds me of? – What? – Remember that year that
we wanted to find the most Christmas-y place around, and
we ended up going ice skating? – Oh yeah, I remember that! – Yeah that was so cool, I
wish we could do that again. (fluttery harp music) All right, there we go, the last one! – Hey park ranger Aaron, tree’s looking pretty good this year! – Hey thanks park ranger LB! I wanted to make sure we
had the most Christmas-y Dino HQ in the whole neighborhood. – Cool! – I don’t want Santa to miss us this year because I’m going to see him! – But isn’t there, like,
more Christmas-y places? – But isn’t there, like,
more Christmas-y places? – You could be right, there are a lot of Christmas-y places out there. Maybe we should go check some
others out to get some ideas how to make our place
even more Christmas-y. – Yeah, but are there presents there? – What do you need presents for? – For my secret Santa! – Who’s your secret Santa? – I got T-Bone the T-Rex! – You got T-Bone, you got
him as your secret Santa? (laughs) Okay, well I
guess we’ll have to look for a present for T-Bone, let’s go dude! – They’re getting ready
for Christmas, I see! Stockings and all, but it will never be! No, no, no, because I,
the Grinch, will come back as Santa Clause, and take
all of their Christmas joys. (laughs evilly) – Man, look at Santa!
– Yeah! – That is so awesome. Okay this is Yesterland
Farm at Christmas time, one of the most Christmas-y places I could possibly think of. Ready
to go check it out, and see what kind of Christmas-y
stuff we can find to do? – Yeah!
– Okay. Let’s go over that way and try that out. – Okay. – Hey look, we found the
Grinch paintball blasting, huh? – Cool! – Ready to go inside so
we can blast the Grinch? – Yep! – Get him for stealing
all those presents, huh? – Uh-huh.
– Okay let’s go dude! Okay so you got your
paintballs all ready, right? Okay, so I think there’s
going to be some grinches, I think they’re hiding out
there, they’re going to pop up and you’re going to blast them
with the paintballs, okay? Splat! There he is, blast him! Aw, you got him in the–
– I got his hat! – You got his hat! There, get that one! – Ooh, almost got him! – That, that one! Oh, right back there! Oh man, you got him in the face! Okay, wait for the next one to pop up. Oh there he goes! – Oh, so, oh! – What happened? There he is up there, by the truck! Yeah get that, oh you got him! Aw, you’re out.
– I’m out. – Okay, you did pretty good
there, my turn now dude, okay? – There’s two! – Oh, I got hm right in the face! – Over there, right there! – Ohh, ohhh man, the Grinch
taking a beating there, huh? Okay, that was fun, wasn’t it dude? – Yeah! – Let’s go see what else we can find here. All right, you want to do the apple canon? – Yeah! – Okay we’ll take one of these then, okay? – Okay. – All right, remember
how to use this thing? – Yep! – Okay you ready?
– Yeah. – Try, there you go, give it another push. (grunting) Is it a green light? – Oh yeah.
– You got a green light? Okay, all right, aim
using that right there. Ooh, you almost had that one. Okay, here goes another one! All right, give it a push. (grunting) – Okay yeah, go for it! Oh, a little low!
– I hit the fence! – Oh that was close, three more left! Oh, almost had that, whatever it was. – Whoa it bounced! – This is your last one, okay, here we go. Now! Oh, you’re still too low,
oh well, you got close. Okay, let’s go find the
Christmas tree dude! Hey is this the donkey here?
– Yep. – Okay you gotta, I don’t
think he’s going to eat a leaf, that’s all you have?
– Yeah! – Aw, we should get better
food than that, see, oh yeah, look, he’s eating the leaf! Aw, you broke your leaf in half there. – I told you!
– Mmm, tasty. Where is he, man? Come on LB, man, where’d you go? Stop hiding in all these
Christmas trees here. (festive music) – BOO! – Aw, man, you scared me dude! Okay, hey you want to go see some, whole field full of Christmas trees? – Yeah!
– Yeah let’s go dude! Okay park ranger LB, check out all these Christmas trees here, huh? – Whoa there’s so many! – Oh yeah, there’s lots
of Christmas trees! Oh, oh, okay yeah, you’re dizzy now. It really just makes you feel
like it’s Christmas, huh? – Yeah, but I think we
need a little bit more ice. – Ice?
– Yeah! – Where are we going to
find ice in Texas, huh? – Ooh I’ve got an idea, follow me! – Oh, okay, I’ll follow you. Wait park ranger LB, come
back, man, I don’t know where you’re going dude, come
back, come back, come back! Whoa, check it out park ranger LB, we’re here at the Gaylord Texan, huh? – Yeah, this place has a lot of lights! – Yeah a lot of lights,
but where’s the ice, huh? – Follow me! – Oh yeah, good thing I got my
jacket and my snow gear, huh? They’ve got an ice rink here! – Yeah! – That’s why they call it ice, I guess. – Oh yeah. – Want to try the ice skating first? – Okay. – Okay, you know I used
to skate in the Olympics. Nah.
– I doubt that. – I’ve never ice skated before,
except for when I was a kid, I’m probably going to
be really bad at this. Let’s go get some ice
skates and try it out! I’m catching up to you dude! Get ready to go over there. Okay here we go, here we go. I can’t get any traction man! We’ve got to go this way, then. – Ooh!
– That hurt, you okay? – Yeah. (triumphant Christmas music) – Hey I did a triple lutz! Okay park ranger LB, I think
I got this thing nailed now. I know how to skate, you ready for a race? – Yep! – Okay let’s go over here
and get started then. Now, the first one back
around to this spot wins. – Okay. – What do you win? – Um, ice cream! – Ice cream, okay! That was just a practice move there. Okay on your mark, get set, go! – Oh! (howls) – Get back here LB, man! (laughing) – Oh you’re going to crash! I win, yeah! – You won, man! You get the ice cream! (whoops) – You’re welcome. – Okay LB, let’s go see what
else they have to do here, because that last fall I took kind of took it out of me, okay? – Oh, okay. – I think they’ve got some fun stuff to try out inside, though, you ready? – Yeah! – Let’s go for it! You ready to go try the snow tubing? – Yep! – Okay let’s go up here and,
wait wait, you want to race? – Yeah! – Well let’s see if we can race and see who can get down faster, okay let’s go! (yelling delightedly) – Oh it’s a tie!
– Yeah! – Okay, here’s the snow throw, wow look at these snowballs, man. Okay, are you ready?
– Yeah! – Let’s see if we can hit this. Ooh, that was bad, that was bad. Ohh!
– You got it! – I hit that, man! Okay, see if you can hit that. Oh, you hit it!
– I hit it! – You hit it dude! – It’s snowing!
– It’s snowing! – Ooh, this is so cold. – Bear!
– Bear! – Hmm, we both missed.
– Oh we both missed. – Oh no, I’m down to my last two! – I’m down to my last one! – Good luck, huh? Oh, I almost had it! Last one, okay, you ready?
What are you going to aim for? – Um, the bear! – Oh, not quite.
– So close! – I’m aiming for a present. Here we go. – You got it! – I got it, awesome dude! – Hey park ranger LB,
this place is awesome, you did really good recommending ice, huh? – I knew the snowballs would be fun! – Yeah man, they were
awesome, but you know what? I think we could still find a place that’s just a little
more Christmas-y, okay? I know just the place, too. – Where is it? – I’ll show you, you ready? Okay let’s go this way! No, nope, this way! Check it out park ranger LB, it’s the tallest indoor
Christmas tree in America! – Whoa, it’s so big! – And it’s here at the Dallas Galleria. – Whoa that’s the biggest
tree I’ve ever seen! – I know, man, isn’t it the most Christmas-y Christmas
tree we would ever find? – Yeah, but how is it
going to fit in the truck? – Oh, yeah that’s a pretty good point, I wasn’t thinking about that, let’s see. Yeah, I don’t think that’s
going to fit in the truck. I’ll tell you what, let’s
head back to Dino HQ, and we’ll finish decorating
our tree back there, okay? – Yeah! – Okay let’s go for it, this way! All right, this ought to do it here. Old dino pillow there,
and my dino blanket, where’d this come from? – Hey park ranger Aaron,
what are you doing? – Oh hey park ranger LB, man, just getting ready for Santa Clause, I’m going to be here
waiting for him to show up. What’s that right there, huh? – Oh it’s my secret Santa gift for T-Rex! – Oh, you found a present,
awesome, dude, that’s so cool. Wait a minute, T-Bone
can’t open the present up. – Oh yeah, so we have to open it up! – That’s a great idea dude,
we’ll just sit down right here, we’ll open it up, and
we’ll go give it to T-Bone. – Yeah!
– Cool, let’s go. Come on over here, next
to my milk and cookies that I had for Santa Clause, huh. – Okay. – Okay, you want to see what’s in here? – Uh-huh. (gentle festive music) – Ooh, look at that! What is it? Oh wow, it’s Jurassic
World ’93 Jeep Wrangler! Oh wow, it’s Jurassic
World ’93 Jeep Wrangler! – Yeah! – Well we know that T-Bone
loves chasing a jeep, huh? – Yeah! – Well let’s open this bad boy up, huh? (driving noises) – Hey that’s a pretty cool
Jurassic Park jeep there, huh? – Yeah! – Aw, I bet T-Bone is
going to love chasing that. – Yeah.
– But you know what, I think he’s going to have to wait
until tomorrow because it’s almost time for Santa to get here! – Oh yeah! – So okay you know what,
you need to head off to bed, and I’m going to tuck down
over here on the couch, and be waiting for him when he gets here. – Yeah, you’re probably
not going to see him. – Oh no, I think I am, he’s just coming right down the chimney and I’ll go back and
get my milk and cookies so I’m all ready for him. Let’s head off to bed, we
don’t want him to skip us! – Okay, bye!
– Bye! (snoring) – Oh ho ho, ho ho ho, oh he’s asleep! Ho ho ho! Oh, what a nice tree that is, ho ho. Oh, milk and cookies, don’t mind if I do! Oh, milk and cookies, don’t mind if I do! They need to check the date
on that stuff sometimes. Okay let’s get some presents here, uh-oh, what’s that? uh-oh, what’s that? D-d-d-dinosaur! D-d-d-dinosaur! Oh I’m out of here, forget the presents! (roaring) (groaning) (groaning) Oh ho ho ho, ho ho, he’s
still asleep, ho ho ho! Oh ho ho ho, ho ho, he’s
still asleep, ho ho ho! Oh this is the craziest
thing I’ve ever done, coming back after seeing a dinosaur. But they had a really good year this year, so I’m going to give them this. Oh hey some milk, oh wait
that’s that rotten milk, okay. Oh oh, I almost forgot, ho ho ho ho ho, ho ho ho, ho ho ho. I don’t want another
one of those dinosaurs. Uh-oh, knocked an ornament down, oh boy. (roaring) Oh, ho ho, here we go,
look at this big one here! (chuckling delightedly) Oh there we go, oh boy. Shh, don’t wake up now,
Santa’s almost gone! (chuckling) (snoring) – Ah, he’s still sleeping, I see! So Christmas will no longer be. Let’s see what we have that
we could put in the bag. This present will do nicely! (bang) – Oh, whoa whoa, what was that? Grinch, what are you doing here? – I’m here to steal Christmas!
– He’s trying to steal our presents that Santa brought us! – So take this!
– A sleepy dart blaster, I’ve got to get out of here! Park ranger LB! – Now take some more of this! There you can have your Christmas. – Hey man, the Grinch!
– Park ranger Aaron? – The Grinch!
– The Grinch! – He’s in the living
room, he’s trying to steal the presents that Santa left for us! – Oh no! – Okay we’ve got to come
up with a plan to get him. – I’ll get back to my job
of stealing Christmas now. – Oh I know, I bet Santa left something we can use against him. – Yeah! – Okay let’s go, let’s go. – Okay. – Shhh. – Where is that silly thing? – There’s the Grinch, he must be looking for something over under that chair there. – Yeah. – There! – I bet that top package has
got something in it we can use! – Yeah! – I’ll see if I can get it
before the Grinch spots us. – All these silly
presents, who wants them? – Pull me back, pull me back! It’s not working! (groaning with effort) – Stinky feet! (giggling) – I can’t, I have stinky feet in my face! (loud thud) – Is somebody there? – Shhh, okay, let’s see what’s in here, – Shhh, okay, let’s see what’s in here, and if we can use it to
scare off the Grinch, okay? Be quiet, but you can go
a little faster than that. Hey what is that? – It’s a Dino Bop Bag, cool!
– Yeah it’s pretty cool but how are we going to use
that to get the Grinch? – Oh I know, let’s bop him with it! – Let’s bop him, like ram him?
– Yeah! – Oh yeah, like they do in
the movies where they go and bust down the gates, we
can knock down the Grinch, huh? Okay let’s open it up. – There’s the bop bag! (blowing, inflating) – I’ll take their ornaments, every one. – Ah, got it.
– Got it. I think the Grinch might have gotten all of our stuff by now,
but this will work, okay? Okay let’s look and see, ooh yeah, he’s still over there
trying to get our presents. You ready to go in for the attack? – Mhmm. – Grab the dino and let’s go! – Stop right there, Grinch! – Yeah stop right there! Ooh yeah, get him right in the,
ooh yeah right in the head! (grunting, yelling) Ha ha, you got rid of the Grinch! – Woohoo, we did it! – Awesome dude, high five me there, huh? Ooh man, not so hard.
– You too. – Hey, good work with the
inflatable dinosaur, there. Okay cool, all right, you want to see what Santa left for us
here, with presents? – Ooh yeah. – Okay let’s start with this one. We’ll take it in there
and open it up, okay? – Okay. – Let’s go dude! – Woohoo, let’s open this bad boy up! – Okay!
– Ow! – All right, here we go, go for it, dude! – Whoo! – Oh what is that? – Some type of dino toy. – Oh wow.
– Whoa! It’s Dinomundi! – Is it “dinomoondi” or “dinomundi?” – “Dinomundi,” I mean “moondi.” – Who cares, let’s open it up!
– Yeah! – What are these cards for? – They’re for your phone,
so you can scan them, and then the dinosaurs come to real life! – So we need a phone!
– Yeah! – Oh, there’s the Grinch
running the camera, okay no we don’t want to
scan the Grinch there. Oh yeah, see, the Grinch is waving. Oh, and then okay, that’s
because I scanned this card here, what’s going to come out? – Whoa!
– Whoa, a dinosaur! – Okay, that’s a
Brachiosaurus, there, huh? – Yeah! – That’s pretty cool,
hey little, and you can stick your hand in there,
hey little Brachiosaurus! Okay, all right, let’s see what other cards we’ve got over here. – We have raindrops. – Those are raindrops,
oh I see the raindrops! And they’re hitting all over the place! – Ooh, lightning!
– Lightning! That’s pretty cool, okay,
let’s come over here. – The tree.
– Oh wow. That’s pretty cool,
there’s a little like a, off-road vehicle over here,
so what is that doing for us? You have to turn it on. – So yeah, it’s spinning. – Oh so it goes around this track, huh? Oh okay.
– Oh a T-Rex! – Oh yeah so every time
the off-road vehicle goes under T-Rex, it makes another noise. Okay, so that’s how you go on
the adventure with the Jeep, and while you’re on the adventure, you see T-Rex!
– T-Rex! – Coming out of the boulder
like that, whoo, there’s T- Rex! That is so cool, okay
are you ready to go out and see what else that Santa left for us? – Yep! – Okay let’s go, man! We can come back and play
this one more later, okay? – Yeah. – Okay, time for the big one, huh? – Yep! – I wonder what Santa left in here? – Hmm, I don’t know! – Okay, do you think we can carry it? – Yep! – Okay. (groaning with effort) – Ooh yeah, oh man this thing’s heavy. Okay let’s go take it and
open it up dude, yep okay. Oh you’re getting a little
red in the face there, man. Oh this thing is huge!
– Yeah, no kidding! – What on earth did Santa get us, huh? – I don’t know, this thing is huge! – Okay are you ready to open it up, then? – Yep! – Here we go, take a
corner and tear into it! Oh wow! – It’s Mech!
– Mech? Wait, which side is up? RC Mech, mechanized extreme combat heroes. Oh wow, I see it’s kind of
like a robotic Nerf blaster! – Yeah! – Except it’s not Nerf,
though, but it uses the same little balls,
Santa must have known we needed something like this! – Yeah! – Let’s open it up, it’s got
a laser assist where is that? – Right there! – And then, oh up here,
that’s where you put all the little Nerf balls in there, huh? – Yeah! – Man this will be awesome, huh? – Uh-huh! – Wait, do you hear that? – Christmas ornaments! – The Grinch is back! Let’s show the Grinch what
we got from Santa, huh? – Yeah! – Oh, he’s trying to get
our presents, come on, let’s grab it and get out of
here, and go get the Grinch. Stop right there, Grinch! You’re not taking our Christmas
or our Christmas trees or our presents from Santa! – You’ll never stop me
from stealing Christmas. – Fire it up, park ranger LB. Oh the Grinch has got a blaster! We’ve got to blast the Grinch! Here, I’m going to shield myself, drive it around and try
to blast the Grinch! – Here, oh take this! – Ah, the Grinch has gotten me again! – Yeah, take that, take that! – Here, let me try that thing,
here you hide behind this. Take that, Grinch! Fire, fire, fire, take this Grinch, yeah! Ah that’s not going to work, that’s not going to shield you Grinch! – Ow, oh, oh, oh I’m out of here, forget this Christmas thing.
– We got rid of the Grinch! (cheering) Hey look, the Grinch
left behind a Santa bag. – Yeah! – Hey, what’s in here? Hey, the Grinch had one of our presents! – Yeah! – Hey, yeah that’s all,
and some more ornaments. Let’s go see what’s inside,
see what Santa left us, huh? – Yeah!
– Come on, let’s go dude! – The Grinch really did a
number on this wrapping paper. – Oh yeah he sure did, okay, well we can do a bigger number on it, let’s tear into it, man! Oh wow! – It’s a Stegosaurus from
Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom! – Cool, just like Spike
the Stegosaurus, huh? – Yeah! – Let’s get him out of here, huh? Get her out of here. What happens when you
press the spike there? It does the swipe!
– Yeah! Just like Spike does when
I forget to feed him, huh? – Yeah. – Okay, cool man, that’s
a really awesome dinosaur action figure from
Jurassic World there, huh? Wait a minute, I think
the Grinch is coming back. I tell you what: let’s
take our Stegosaurus and let’s go give the Grinch
something to run from, okay? – Yeah! – Come on, let’s take
a swipe at the Grinch! – And let’s bring Mech! Hey park rangers, if you liked this video, please subscribe to our channel, and give us a big thumbs up!
and give us a big thumbs up! (festive techno music)

Randy Schultz

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