Check out our five new lace monitor hatchlings!

Check out our five new lace monitor hatchlings!

Hey everyone my name’s Seth and I’m a ectotherm keeper here at Auckland Zoo and today I’m going to tell you a little
bit about our lace monitor hatchlings. I’m looking for them in a
hibernaculum which is basically a box we’ve got hidden underground just to
hold a stable temperature and retain a bit of humidity for them so they can get
in and out of that as they need to. C’mon little dude Here we go So far we have five that have hatched out
here at Auckland Zoo they hatched out of an incubation period of about seven
months. It takes about 7 – 9 months to incubate them and there’s
quite a long incubation period. It’s never a shore thing until the eggs
actually hatch so we’re really happy to have five newborns here at Auckland Zoo. We need to keep them nice and warm basically cause they are ectothermic, so they regulate their body
temperature by using their surroundings, we need to keep them nice and warm.
So at the moment we’re keeping these guys in a smaller enclosure just to make sure that
we get them feeding and doing well to begin with and then we’ll upgrade them to a slightly larger environment. So here we have Alf and Sheila they’re
the uncle and auntie of the hatchlings I just showed you and this is kind of
the full-size they’ll get too and they’re about seven years old now. We’ve got another clutch of lace monitor eggs here I’m just airing them out at the moment. Eggs do actually breathe, there is
respiration that actually happens through the egg shell, so we want to give them
fresh air occasionally. In the next sort of three months or so we should hopefully
get some more hatchlings here. So I don’t think lace monitors have ever been bred in New Zealand before these are the first that have ever been hatched here
at the zoo. So basically with these guys, we are going to
handle them a lot, we’re going to work with them hands on and that means that as
they grow they should be nice and used to people which will lead to a
stress-free life for them and hopefully for us as well and it’s also good fun
for me because I love playing with monitors!

Randy Schultz

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