Cheburashka and Crocodile Gena | Episode 4 (Rus_Eng Subtitles)

Cheburashka and Crocodile Gena | Episode 4 (Rus_Eng Subtitles)

– Where is Cheburashka?
After all, he had to meet me. Carrier! Pay for four seats. – Sorry, for three.
– What about me? Right. Here. Repairing. – Deceived the fool Ha-ha-ha! Repairing. I do not understand a thing. Hello, Gena. – Hello, hello, Cheburashka.
Why did not you meet me? – ButI did not know that you would come.
– But did you receive my telegram? Of course I did. Here it is, your telegram. – Wait…
– And you swap places. Well done! – Just look, Gena,
how beautiful it is! Have you read it? – No, I waited,
when you come and read. – So you
do not know how to read, Cheburashka? I cannot, Gena. – Well, you’re lucky, Cheburashka!
Tomorrow is the 1st of September! So what? – Exactly that, Cheburashka,
tomorrow is the beginning of the school year. You will go to school
and you will study there! Do you understand? Ah, I understand! It’s great! – Hmm, good Idea! I’m going to school, too.
It’s decided, I’m starting a new life. -… And when I’m done studying, I’ll go to the zoo.
I will work as your deputy. – No, Cheburashka, no, no way!
You can not work for us. – Why?
– Well, “why, why”? They’ll eat you. Look, we forgot
about the school uniform! – What do we do?
– In this store we will buy everything. – I’m listening.
– We need a school uniform. – Er … Your sizes were not delivered.
Never. – He needs a form.
– Oh! They don’t sew clothes his size. – They will not take me to school now.
– They will. Will take for sure! – Hello!
We urgently need a school uniform. – Hello!
For a boy, or for a girl? – Do I look like a boy?
– No, but you don’t look like a girl either. – Well who do I look like?
– Well, rather, a grandmother. Grubby! Darkness! Give me a uniform! Stop-stop! – Hello! Hello! Hello!
Can I speak to the principal? Hello, I’m the principal. – Vera. I’m in charge of a living place.
A is a tortoise and a crow. – I brought Cheburashka to you,
so you teach him how to read. – And write.
– Yes. And to write, of course, too. – We can not teach him anything.
Rapairs are taking place. – How is it – repairs?
Tomorrow is the 1st of September! – Children need to learn:what if
someone will send them a telegram. That’s right! – Repairs?
– Repairs. Lariska, go ahead! Now they’ll jump for me. Lazy and descrictive!
Immediately finish it all! That’s it! All good. Now everything will be ready –
Lariska’s there watching them. – It’s good, but we do not have
teachers for wildlife and labor. – I! I will be a wildlife teacher.
– And I will be a teacher for labor. I’ll teach the guys to do slingshots
and manage all modes of transport. And airplanes too? And airplanes too. If I can get it …

Randy Schultz

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10 thoughts on “Cheburashka and Crocodile Gena | Episode 4 (Rus_Eng Subtitles)

  1. Israel Morales says:

    Класс Федор! Ты самы лучше!

  2. Nellie Janzen says:

    Thank you so much! This show is so cute:) I'm actually comprehending quite a bit and it's very exciting 😀

  3. Jonathan Ortiz says:

    Was this the last episode in what year and what date

  4. NothingSpecial says:

    Cheburashka is so cute!!!!

  5. Denis Belinski says:


  6. Ruby Summer says:

    is Cheburashka гена’s child????

  7. Amoori Amoori says:

    I love Russia .. Thanks for the translation.
    Watching from Iraq …

  8. Eli Go says:

    I’m Russian and I just wanted to look at the shows I watched as a kid. Never realized how much of a treasure it is 😊

  9. yamine sammari says:

    Amazing USSR cartoon

  10. Liz Sophie says:

    ya lyublyu serial

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