Cheburashka 1: Ghena the crocodile 1969  Krokodil Gena English & ES subs Russian animation

Cheburashka 1: Ghena the crocodile 1969 Krokodil Gena English & ES subs Russian animation

Soyuzmultfilm studio presents Gena the Crocodile Screenplay: E. Uspenski, R. Kachanov Producer: R. Kachanov Producer: L. Shvartsman Operator: I. Golomb Music: M. Ziv
Sound: G. Martynyuk Animators: M. Buzinova, P. Petrov,
K. Malyantovich, M. Portnaya Voiced by: V. Livanov, K. Rumyanova,
V. Rautbart, V. Kenigson, T. Dmitrieva Artwork: A. Gorbachev
Montage: L. Kyaksht Editing: N. Abramova Puppets by: O. Masainov, G. Lyutinski,
L. Lyutinskaya, S. Znamenskaya, et al. Director: N. Bitman – O-ran-ges. – Fell over again, eh? You’re quite a little “cheburashka.” Now, what am I going to do with you? – I don’t know. [Closed. Gone to the zoo.] [City zoo] – Here. – Nope, this one won’t do. A beastie unknown to science. They have no idea where to put ‘im. – I like this critter. He looks kinda like a defective toy. – You can work here, with us. You can sit in the shop window
and attract clients. Got that? – Okay. But where will I live? – Live? Hm… Let’s see… What about right here? We’ll call this your “house,”
so to speak. Okay? – Mm-hmm. In that city lived a crocodile,
named Gena. He was employed at the zoo — as a crocodile. [Zoo closed] – Young… cro… cra… no… cra-co-dile is loo-king for fri-ends. Fullstop. – Young cra-co-dile… – Don’t cry! Here, come with me! – Are you the one looking for friends? – Friends? Yes, that’s me! – I’m Galya.
– I’m Gena. The crocodile. – Have you got any milk?
– Why yes, of course. – Give it to Tobik.
– Hi, Tobik. – I’ll clean up a bit.
It’s such a mess in here. [Gena] – Who’s there? – It’s me, Cheburashka. – Cheburashka? – What are you supposed to be? – I… I don’t know. – Would you happen to be a baby bear? – Could be. I really don’t know. – One moment, we’ll find out! – All right, che… ch… ch… ch… chai… champion… …cheapskate… …Cheboksary. Strange. No such thing as “cheburashka.” – Does that… Does that mean
that you won’t be my friends? – Don’t be silly. Of course we will! I’ll teach you how to knit. – And I’ll show you how to blow bubbles! – Those who are helping others are wasting precious time. You simply can’t get famous by treating people fine. That’s why, to each and all, I say: no use in holding back, be mean and wicked, just like me, old lady Chapeau-Claque! Be mean and wicked, just like me, old lady Chapeau-Claque! Those who are helping others are wasting precious time. You simply can’t get famous by treating people fine. [Crossing] [NOT for sale] [NOT wanted] – Peek-a-boo! – Peek-a-boo!
– Peek-a-boo! – Uh… Aren’t you afraid of rats? – No. – Pff… Peasant. – Lariska, come! – Were you the one who wrote this? – Yes indeed. – That’s good. Good that you’re so green. And… and flat! – Why on earth? – Isn’t that obvious? If you lie down on the lawn nobody will notice you. Then you toss a wallet on a string! A passer-by bends down to pick it up but the wallet runs away! Sweet, huh? – No. That’s NOT sweet. – In fact, it’s just dumb. – What!? Then I’m declaring a war on you! Good day! – Leo. Leo Chandr. – Gena. The crocodile. Please meet my friends. – Nice. Me, I don’t have any friends. – Me! I’ll be your best friend! – Oh, excellent. Now I will no longer be alone. – You know… there are lots of lonely people
in our town. Just like Chandr and Tobik. And nobody is there to help
when they are sad and lonely. – I’d love to help them! – And me! Me too! But how? – I just thought of something! They can all be friends with each-other! And so, they decided to build a house
for those who don’t have any friends. – That’s good! – Up!
– Down! – Off with it!
– Pick up the slack! – Get on with it! – Excuse me. Are you building a house? – We are. – Do you guys need any help? – Of course we do! Join in. And you guys, too. – Help! Thieves! – Phew. He can’t get me up here. Peek-a-boo! Ten days later, the house was ready. [House of Friends] [Greetings from Chapeau-Claque!] – Now, Cheburashka will say a speech. – We built, and we built… …and we finally builded it! Hurray! – And now, we will sign up anyone
who needs a friend. – Why sign up? We’re all
good friends already! – Indeed. We all became good friends
during this construction. – Hang on. Does this mean… that we built, and we built, and all
for nothing? – No, not for nothing!
It was us who made them all friends! And this house can be Cheburashka’s! Since right now he lives in
a phone booth, right? – Right. – No, no, no! Let’s give this house to a daycare. And I can work there as a toy! If they take me, of course,
since nobody knows who or what I am. – What do you mean, “nobody knows?”
Everyone knows! – We’ll give you good recommendation! – And us! We will, too! – Hey, look! – I’ll be good now, I promise.
Signed: Chapeau-Claque. THE END [Subtitles by Mr. Icon]

Randy Schultz

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19 thoughts on “Cheburashka 1: Ghena the crocodile 1969 Krokodil Gena English & ES subs Russian animation

  1. 생각하고?나는 빵을 says:

    I love this cartoon! He is awesome. It's nice to realize that this work is liked by some foreigners!

  2. Lhamu Dukpa says:

    if any animation personifies sweetness….cheburashka would emerge a sure winner!

  3. Noodlekong says:

    Que lindo 3

  4. Vladimir serg says:

    this is my favorite cartoon from my childhood

  5. Heksu77 says:

    Brilliant! How beautiful and well made. When I was kid I knew the Finnish version of crocodile Gena's birthday song and that Gena was a famous character in our fellow neighbor country, but I didn't know what Gena actually looked like. Such a pity this series was never shown in local TV, at least not during my childhood.

  6. Eylence Dunyasi says:

    This is my favourite cartoon from my childhood

  7. Evelina Deleu says:

    numi place

  8. Evelina Deleu says:

    nu este reusit

  9. Hemali Vadalia says:

    Love the rawness of russian animation!
    Any idea how they constructed the puppets?

  10. Argy X says:

    my favorite cartoon

  11. Teyaotlani says:


  12. DecafThunder says:

    LifeOfBoris anyone?

  13. DecafThunder says:

    3:03 That guy looks like Hitler.

  14. Zygimantas Zubrickas says:


  15. Julie Porter says:

    I think that's the same Narrator of the Millionaire Dog cartoon.

    I'm sorry. I just got back from the Nostalgia Critic's commercial specials and when I saw Gena blowing the bubble I kept thinking of "FREAKING BUBBLES!!"" (I substituted freaking for the other word in case someone is introducing this show to their kids ) Who wouldn't want to be that Crocodile's friend? He plays the accordion and has freaking bubbles!

    Gena and Cheburashka remind me a lot of Rocky and Bullwinkle. I guess they are the Russian equivalent.

    I guess we found Lady Elaine Fairchild's Russian cousin Chapeau-Claque.

    Cheburashka is so adorable. I just want to hug him. Actually Gena is adorable too.

  16. 1Sour boi says:

    I like the crocs voice.

  17. Traihx says:

    When i saw this cartoon i had feelings for it❤️🥰🤯😍

  18. Chad Hoskins says:

    Where the hell is the damn English subtitle button

  19. florence says:

    it's like.. stop motion? nice!

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