Cavemail Episode 5  (Trying and failing to speak u guys’ languages)

Cavemail Episode 5 (Trying and failing to speak u guys’ languages)

– There’s a lot of stuff on my table, and I don’t feel like moving
it, so I’m not going to. Which is why I mean, it doesn’t matter. Let’s just open some mail. Today I’ve got a big fat bag
of mail, of gifts and treats. It’s like a pick and mix bag. It’s like a special surprise gift bag. You never know what you’re gonna get. Right, first one. This, got it. Oh, I think I might know what this is, ’cause it says on the front,
crackers quantity two. Unless you’ve sent me some white people, I think I know what is inside. Eyy, that’s what I’m talking (laughs) Oh, oh, can you? (crackers shaking) Can you hear that? It sounds like crumbs to me. (coughs) Mostly just kinda crushed. Still tastes very good. Thanks for the top merch. Got a Noctowl, Braviary, Regirock, Dialga, Raikou, oh that’s
pretty nice, look at that. It’s a reverse Raikou,
he’s got a mustache. Infernape, Zoroark, Claydol, Lucario. I’ve heard of like the three quarter art, kinda memes before. But I didn’t know they came in reverse. So that’s pretty cool. Houndoom, Mega Houndoom,
yeah it’s very cool. Yo, look at that! That’s a nice shiny boy. And a mega Sceptile EX,
very nice shiny boy. Beautiful. Look at that beast, boy wildin’! We got a, some funky, shiny Sableye and it’s like the three quarter art. Seismitoad, Bronzong, Drapion. Oh and a holo-Xerneas. I love me a good Xerneas. That’s why I got Pokemon X
and I got a Xerneas in it and it was very cool and very nice, very good friend, 10 out of six. Awesome, thanks so much for these! Follow your dream. Hope I haven’t missed any out. Oh no I missed a card out, look at that, I got, got another Pokemon card. Dear Cavetown I just realized that I did not endote, sorry anyways. My name is Jack and I wanted
to send fan mail for a while. I’m 13 years old. Also, how do I listen to all your music? Like all of your albums? You can check out my music on Bandcamp., and if you want to listen to the more like consecutively rather than just having to click on each album and stuff, you can download them you
either buy them or I don’t mind if you like rip them from the
website and download them. I don’t know if I can get
in trouble for saying that I don’t mind you doing that, but, yeah,
I didn’t say anything. Gift one, a piece of confetti that I got from a Twenty One Pilots concert. Oh hey, look at that! Thank you so much for the
Cheez-its, Cheez-it crumbs. They’re pretty tasty
I’m gonna enjoy those. And thank you for this big
fat stack of Pokemon goodness. Check out Jack on Instagram and Twitter. Thank you Jack! Next one out of the mystery bag, I wonder what we get this time. Wow! (laughs) It’s in a plastic solid case
so you know it is a good one. Professor Caspo, Sip Drips, this attack releases a series
of violent tongue thrusts. That’s the best thing I’ve ever seen! The internet’s favorite super villain. Uh another one of the most
famous favorite super villain. Temporary tattoo of Canidice
from Phineas and Ferb. Oh hell yeah, dinosaur tattoo! Desert animals and a
whole load of doggies! I’ll stick one on my laptop right now. What a good boy. Time to apply a tat, a sick tat. I want a dinosaur one, slap it on. Or just place it. Get some drips. Ah! (water splashing) Ee, oh. The, I got a bit of, a
bit came off on it’s tail and the neck is a bit
crinkled but I think. (blowing air) Everyone’s gonna be so scared of me, I look so freakin’ tough, look at that. My name is Cassidy and
I am a straight female. Thank you for creating as well as covering many beautiful songs. Your music is inspiring and creative and I absolutely love your
channel and everything you do. Thank you so much Cassidy! (bag crinkling) Got em, ha deez nuts, am I right guys? Am I right, nothing like a good. Oh my gosh! Spider Goob, Bat Goob, Super
Goob and Incredible Goob. Somebody make a tv series
comic series or whatever. Please focus on my face,
thank you very much. Someone make a comic series of
Caspar the superhero Caspas. The super hero goobs. Dear cave dad, that’s not
me, cave dad is my dad. I’m cave boy. This is my second letter but I saw this card and thought you would like it. Also, did you pronounce my name right? Which isn’t a very common
occurrence, it’s a Jewish name. I remember your letter Hadessah Max? That’s how I said it, I
hope I pronounced it right. Good luck in your competition, I really want to go but I can’t make it. Looking forward to taking
care of things being released. I love your live version. Thanks so much dude, that’s
the best thing I’ve ever seen! Ladybug stickers, I’m put one of those on my laptop right now. I like this one of the funky
bug like shaking his booty. Thanks again Hadessah Max. Next one I get I go got him. Oh my god I can’t believe I’m
gonna be a millionare today. Oh my god! That’s a groovy doodle of cham boy and I’m sitting on the
cham boy on his tail. He’s a big cham boy. Would you ever befriend or date a fan? And in brackets she wrote I was
dared to ask you to date me. Uh no I’m not gonna date you, sorry. If a friendship happens, it happens. That’s what I always say. You can never force a friendship, so just like if you’re chill I mean, I don’t know man, I don’t know! Yeah thank you Nicole for this. I select this one! This one has been selected. I’m sleeping on Caspar’s back. That would probably be very uncomfortable because he has a spiky dinosaur back. But that is adorable, I love it. Please visit the
Philippines when you tour. You’re also the reason I
found tons of good bands. Hell yeah, I’ll visit the Philippines if I ever tour the world, we’ll see! Making music is my current vent. I don’t make good music
but hope I improve. I don’t think I make good
music, but some people are like hey your music is pretty nice. So it’s all a matter of perspective and if you can’t be critical of your own art, then you’ll never get better. So keep at it Zarviel and you’ll do well. If you love what you do,
that’s all that matters. Zarviel has written a poem for Cavetown. For me, I’m Cavetown. In the midst of dark days, your melody is the one that sways. The darkness and this endless maze that my mind trapped me
in for countless days. I do not have anything in order to repay everything that you’ve
given and done for me. These words aren’t enough to say how much you’ve saved me
in this world of dismay. Thank you Zarviel, that was beautiful. And his, Zarviel’s Twitter
and Instagram, Bandcamp. Ooh what do we got next? This next, this one. Is this microphone really annoying? Like right in the way? This is like the microphone show. Welcome to microphone town. I’m an actress and because of you I started to seriously
consider being a musician. My favorite album of yours is Everything is Made of Clouds or 16/04/16. I have drawn Caspar blowing fire. Yeah that’s right, he’s a dragon. Crew You name is BabyBoy21 so be sure to look out for BabyBoy21 when we hang out next on Crew. Here’s a cool drawing of me and Caspy. Thanks so much Hattie. Ooh stir it up, stir it
up, stir if up in the pot. Stir, oh hey, oh hey! Got a gorgeous envelope,
just oh it’s gosh. Drawing of Caspar. Oh look at his little
face, I love him so much! Picture of a nice leaf on the ground. Cheez-It sticker drawn by them. Caspar sticker, thank you
sticker, little ghost boy. Oh that’s so sweet, dude. I had so many ideas when
I first sat down to write this letter but now all I
can really say is thank you. I’ve been listening to your music for about a year and a half now. And it’s really helping me. Thank you so much for making music and helping me find friends
who I love very much. I also sent you a drawing of Cas and some pictures I took
which are also stickers. Oh whoa! Yo that’s the best thing when something you don’t expect to be
a sticker is a sticker. What the heck! I’m gonna stick this picture of your snake on my laptop if that’s okay. Now I got a snake friend. And this is from Nemo. If your name’s Nemo that’s
the coolest thing ever. So I think these are notes from
Nemo’s friends or something. I got one from Rice
Aysha, love you and Caspar and your shit means you special boy. I am a very special boy. Get me out dis fookin’
glass mate, very true. Natalia things I’m a cool dude, thank you. I think you’re a cool dude too Natalia. And here’s one from Justine. Justine I’m so sorry Justine for calling you Justin in the last video. It was so clearly Justine, I’m so sorry. I’m panther cham fan number
one, thanks from Tina. Tell Scoobs Vanessa loves him. So that’s from Vanessa. Vanessa loves you scoobs,
everybody loves you. I don’t know who couldn’t. Thank you for existing and living your life the way you want,
keep doing what you’re doing because I couldn’t put in words how much you help and
affect everyone around you. Love and support from
Hatterchatters on Twitter. Thank you for making cool tunes and vids. You helped me meet some lovely friends and I love them very
much, love from Rachael @ skull of concrete. And here we have a little poem I think, written by Justine, written by Justin. (drumming) Soft sounds flowing in my ears, my stomach rising up and down
like a breathing mountain. My blurry vision slowly
becoming more steady. It’s you, it’s you who saved me with your lulling sounds
and your soothing touch. It’s you, I’m alive. Cool. Thank you so much Nemo and
thank you all of you guys. Uh. Bitte nicht knicken? Me with Caspy. My name is Stephanie, I’m 24 years old. I live in Bavaria Germany. I also have a YouTube channel where I upload speed drawing videos. I mostly draw people that inspire me and of course I also
made a drawing of you. Hope you like it. Shout out to Stefanie, what a chill gal. Thank you so much Stefanie. Danke, Danke schon. Ah, you see? I know a bit of languages. Danke schon, bitte, ich liebe dich. Um, meine kinder. Next up, I’m the best boy! One time I had a website
for a school thing. It could be about anything I wanted. I made an entire page on
why Caspar is the best. I’m not even joking, I don’t regret it. Also I have really really
bad sleep problems. I like to say a little
thank you because your music calms me down and kinda
helps me fall asleep. Banana bread has seen my worse moments. Gotta love him, what a guy. You seem very happy about the old Pokemon and I collect all the cards. So I sent a few of my doubles. All of these I got at a garage sale so I’m not sure if they’re
fake, sorry if they are but, they put that little emojicon guy. Love you from Robin 2.0. Thanks Robin, let me check these out. Tangela on the front from 9568. Dark Weezing, Nidoran, Staryu. (tongue slapping) Vulpix from 2002, Machop, Venonat, Poliwag and a Golem. That’s awesome dude, thank
you so much I appreciate it. I wish you luck with your sleeping. Oh I’ve not throw it out. Oh, got a hat for the Scoob, oh hell yeah. Oh it’s got a little, it’s
gotta a little thing so it’ll, oh my gosh guys. Are you ready for your hat? No he doesn’t like it. I’m sorry, goon. There he is, it’s okay goob
it’s just a stylish new hat. Here’s a laminated meme. I can’t really think of any
creative way to say this but I love you and your music
and your videos so much. Keep up the stellar work, son. Thank you Joe, I’m sorry Caspar
wasn’t too excited about it at the moment but maybe
it can be a ear hat. Maybe it could be a ear hat. Oh nice. Duh little, little, little, little la lan, dum, bam, bam, bam bu bam. What’s it gonna be, what’s it
gonna be, what’s it gonna be? This letter is for a special boy. I’m a special boy. I’m a bit thirsty, I’m thirsty. Doesn’t taste too bad. Oh no, no, it tastes like plastic. Hey Robin it’s Lily the one you made a song about on Cavemail episode four. Ey! I’ve always been picked
on because of my weight. I never really understood
why they would pick on me, but it would always happen. I’m telling you this because
when I watch your videos it makes me so happy
because you’re so funny. I laugh my butt off, it makes me forget about all these meanies. Keep ignoring them, keep
wondering why they do it because it is a mystery, no one knows why the heck people
make fun of each other. It’s ridiculous to be honest, so. Ooh a friendship bracelet! I feel like a pretty little princess. Hell yes, heck yes. (engine revving) Thanks again Lily and keep doing you, keep being you and stay happy. What’s next? This one is. Oh it’s another one
from our friend Dogger. You’re pronouncing my name wrong but that’s okay I love
how you’re saying it. Oh no what am I supposed to say? I’ll call you Dogger anyway. Dogger, it’s like what people
on the internet call dogs. I hope you’re not bored of me. I love sending post cards to you. How are you? I hope you’re great and
Caspar is getting even better. I love him but feeding him with live bugs, um a little terrifying,
but rules of nature huh? Yeah that’s how it’s gotta be. That’s what the boy needs and
I’ll do anything for my boy. Fun fact, the Dogger
means nature in Turkish. So now you know wood what in Turkish. Well I’m saying it wrong so I don’t technically I don’t know the word. And here is a nice scene or like a, looks like a little building
in the middle of a lake. Something like that. Thanks again Dogger for
that, I love receiving your little post cards, it’s very sweet. Warms my heart. Next one! There’s a little children
in need bear bracelet. Mustache. I think you’re supposed to
like pin it on your nose? But I don’t, I don’t know
if you’ve done that already. So I’m not gonna do that. I little treble clef pin, that’s cool! Just put it, put her
there, put her there pal. Looking suave, looking suave. Got just a fire energy, great thanks. Meme stickers. One with a poke ball and
one with Shrek and meme. And another sticker of like my Everything is Made of Stars album cover. That is very beautiful. And this is a letter from
Freya, this is Freya I think unless they just sent me a picture of someone else for some reason. In this letter there is an
energy that my classmate gave me and stickers that I made and
classwork that I don’t want. So they sent me their French homework. (speaking foreign language) That means I don’t understand the shower. No, I don’t have a, no that’s say. (horn honking) I got an A in French. Thanks Freya, thanks for
all these good memes. What’s next in the
mystery bag of mysteries? Cavetown, hug all your friends. I have sinestesia, here are a few of the colors I hear when I listen to this song. Oh that’s really cool! Hello Robin, aw this
letter has lots of colors. That makes a little baby
boy like me very happy. My name’s Sophie Sanderson
and I thought I would send you a letter to tell you I
love your videos and music. There are Sophie’s social
medias, go check it, go check that, boy. Thank you Sophie, that’s
really interesting. That sinestesia thing. ♪ Duh duh duh duh duh
litda duh duh duduh ♪ Hey Robin I just wanted you to know that I really like your videos. Your songs are a 12 out of 10 and I am jealous of how
cool your friends are. I wrote this letter in green because I don’t know what your favorite color is but you seem like the kind
person who likes green. Yeah I like green, I’m
wearing green right now. Here’s a seal that’s slapping it’s stomach from your last video. Oh yeah, you guys remember that seal? That slapping seal? Nothing like a good slap. Anyway I thought I would
write something before your channel gets too big and
you’re overwhelmed with mail. I have a feeling that’s gonna happen. That’s why I only have
it open for six months, ’cause I’m scared of that as well. Stay cool, from Elizabeth. Thanks Elizabeth, I love
your little seal drawing. Okay next one is this one. I like nice tape like that. I like interesting tape. I don’t ask for much in life, I just like colors and nice tape. To a special boy, aw you guys! From Mikey boy, oh yeah I
thought I recognized that tape. You used that tape last
time, didn’t you buddy? Dear boy, I was gonna say boy
but then I said buddy also. So it came out boy-dy. In your latest video you
said you were kind of tired of seeing your face drawn
so much, so I drew you, I drew Tom and Tom, or should
I say oyster and turtle. I’ve been inspired by you
to start a YouTube channel. Go check out Mike, the real goggleboi, it’s the next pewdiepie, guys. And there are my boys,
turtle and oyster boy! I’m gonna send that to someone, I’m gonna show them right now. I’ll let you know what they say. Got another legend one, I
looked it up and it’s like, you collect, you’ve
gotta collect two of them and they’ll like join
up to make the Pokemon. So yeah we got half of a Lugia here. We have a reply from turtle boy already. Yooo, aaha that’s tight,
where are my lefs. Wait what, you got approval
from turtle and oyster boy. Thanks Mikey! Oh this is an interesting one. Look at this, this is crazy. Kind of overkill with the tape. There’s a lot of gifts in
here, oh my goodness gracious. Best buddies Canada. Stickers of wildlife. A piece of something. Five cents Canadian Tire. Redeemable only at Canadian Tire Stores. Have fun with this flip book
I made in 2014 during class. It’s just like pictures of a person getting progressively sadder
and then they’re a potato. Dora the Explorer stickers. (laughs) Ah Toy Story stickers! I just wanted to say that I love you, your music and Caspar. And this is from the friend, the friend of the person who
sent this is called Justine. And the person who sent this is Ezirel. I hope I’m pronouncing that right. Ya’ll have really weird names. I got another coloring sheet. You guys, I know in that
one video I said I was 12. How old are you? – Oh I’m like 16, I’ll be 17 in August. – I’m 12. I was joking, I’m not actually 12. Regardless, thanks for all the
stickers and coloring sheets I will definitely be
putting them to good use. And then there’s a painting. Oh okay so this goes with this. It’s like a snow tiger, a white tiger. And it stands in it, oh yes, there you go! Is that a Kinder Egg toy? I hope so, very nice. TechRex here back again
with another food review. Um. We also got a Meowth,
Litleo and Chimchar, yeah! Thanks very much Zirel and thank you to your friend Justine also. I’m so tired, I don’t
know what’s wrong with me. I’m gonna go and sleep, my
camera is running out of battery. I’ll see you later, it’ll
feel like one second to you because I’ll just stop the
camera and start it again. But I’m gonna, the. I’m back, let’s get going, let’s get back on the road boys and girls. Very nice cool one, as it’s got like a nice gradient of colors. I love good gradient. Look at this boy! Thank you for always being someone I can rely on to make my days better. You’re extremely talented
and you send such positive messages in to the world and
Caspar is a very handsome boy. My name is Fatima, I’m 15 years old and sophomore, is that how
you say it, softmore? Soft morsel? Soft. Those are her social media’s along the bottom, go check ’em out! Thanks Fatima I love this, I love this, my favorite animals are
chams, raccoons and possums. Next one has a lot of numbers in the back. Looks like it’s drawn by a six year old. I don’t understand what’s going on, says like a drawing of a girl holding a Minecraft person. There’s some legible writing and then some like felt tip child writing. Very cool, I think this is a child. I think this is
legitimately a small child. This is so illegible I’m sorry! I’m gonna try though. Dear Am 33 I would lie to mickey Youtube videos with you on Minecraft. I would like to make YouTube
videos with you on Minecraft. Seed 15, so they’ve given me a seed. I’m a big supporter of Minecraft. It’s a fun and wholesome game. Amy Lee, I think that’s
the name of this person. And I guess that’s her with
her little Minecraft people. And this is a drawing of May,
someone called May I think. I don’t understand I think
it’s from two different people. One of which is a small child. Thank you May or Amy Lee, and or. Send me your username on
Minecraft, let’s make a, let’s play together. Oh wow, that’s amazing, I like that! Your videos have made me laugh,
inspired me and helped me to grow in art, music and
as a person in general. Thanks so much. Thank you so much for watching and doing you. Also I drew a picture of Caspar, I couldn’t find the colors I needed until I had finished
so he’s pink and blue. That’s amazing, you got like
the shape of him perfect. That’s exactly how he looks. It smells like weed. Thanks Kezia. Reading Rainbow, whoa! That is dope, that is cool. Thanks so much for your music
and never stop, from Ray. Thank you Ray, big ups. Oh wow! I think that’s like the
Chameleon from Tangled isn’t it? You’re on in chameleon! Your magical, thank you, wait. Thank you for sharing your
magical music with the world. It’s so refreshing to listen to and actually quiet comforting. You seem like an all
around awesome dude too. My best wishes, Peggy Sue. Guys check out Peggy-Sue on YouTube. Go check out that, some of that musics. Thanks Peggy, thank you
for the painting also. This envelope’s been
water colored the heck up. My name is Isa and I’m
almost 15 years old. I find you very inspiring and my dad also enjoys your music very much. I hope you’re having a good day
and Caspar is staying moist. Here’s a few Swedish words for you. Hej means hello. Kameleont means chameleon. Felix Kjellberg means Pewdiepie. Question, what is something
new you want to learn? I’d like to learn how to do a sick ollie. There’s Isa’s Instagram. Thank you so much Isa, this is so sweet. Check out that cham. My name is Ashton, I
just wanted to thank you for inspiring me to proceed
in my musical career. I may be young but I’m planning on either studying marine
biology or making music. My birthday is coming up
May 24th, Happy Birthday! Thank you Ashton! Next start say eu Francias. Letter. (speaking in foreign language) Oh hell yeah I got some French cards! Ecremeuh, Moutillion, Hericendre. (speaking in foreign language) Did I, did I get it, did I pass? I’m, I’m bilingual. Another adorable doodle. Hugs from France, Alice. And here’s Alice giving me a baguette. Thank you Alice! – Hello my name I Jasey and I am a 17 year old musician from Toronto. Your music is one of my main
influences when it comes to my own sound and I listen
to your songs on the daily. Also I’m not very good at drawing so I’ve included some pictures of my dogs. As you can see they are very beautiful. Rocky is a schnoodle and
Ellie is a corgi-poo. Alright, have a nice day from Jasey Rose. Thank you very much Jasey
I love your doggies, give them a, give them a big
kiss on the lips from me. The next one is from Portugal. Oh wow! Take a look at that one, fellas! That’s awesome! And we got a Portugal sticker. Thank you Jay, your English was perfecto. Perfecto patronum. And your art is phenonemal. Phenon, phenonemal. Phenomenal, that’s the one. Ooh, g’day sir. Honestly I’ve been in a really
bad place due to a breakup I’d put all my eggs in one basket and once it was gone I
felt like I had no purpose. Make sure to spread your eggs out, you gotta get lots of eggs and put them, hide them everywhere,
fill your house with eggs. I play with acoustic and electric guitar now as well as uke. I also write my own music. I used to make really bad roasting videos and you have inspired me
to make nicer content. Go subscribe to
TurnAroundIDarYou, give him, give him a big thumbs
up, donate to Patreon. Thank you to TurnAroundIDareYou. (creepy music) This one has some lumpy bumps in it. Oh yeah. Five cents, a quarter, also five cents, a dime and then two cents. (energetic music) So this is from Hannah, Sarah and Abigail. It’s a joint package. I just wanted to tell you that
I love your music and covers. I discovered you through Hannah. She sent me your cover of the
Judge by Twenty One Pilots and I fell in love with your voice. From Sarah, Hannah’s BFF. My name is Hannah, I’m from Kansas City. I’ve been listening to
your music on Bandcamp and I try to join your live
streams whenever I can. I was listening to your music
and got inspired to draw. So here you go. And here’s a drawing of my,
or Cavetown with some lyrics. More lyrics and more lyrics, again. Your videos are really good in my opinion. My favorite songs of yours is Devil Town or Ghost Boys and my favorite
cover is Love Yourself. Oh yes, the drawing it’s just
some art I did of Jacks song. I’m not great at drawing but (bag rustling) Jesus freaking, it’s just a
bag that fell on the ground. P.S. Caspar is a beautiful dog. And there’s the Good Jack song lyrics. Thank you guys. Ooh something soft, what is this? It’s like a sewn felt thing with a cactus, a planet, a ukulele or a
guitar and a chameleon. My name is B and I am
an aspiring musician. I really love your music and you’re such an inspiration to me. I’d just like to say thank you. I was wondering if you had any tips on how to get yourself out
there and stuff like that. It would be cool to hear
some advice from someone whose young and already
an amazing musician. First of all, thank you,
thank you that’s very kind. Second, I’ll answer your question. Social media of course, is
the big cheese nowadays. That’s the big thing,
that’s what you gotta do. Gotta get yourself out
there on social media. Share whatever you create
online, get it across the globe. Send it to your local radio station. Ask hey are you interested
in playing my song? I made it, will you play it please? Hi it’s Cavetown from the future whose editing this video right now. This hadn’t happened when I filmed it, but I was on the radio a couple days ago so check it out. – [Radio Host] Okay it’s time
to run whose to be crowned this weeks pick of the
upload on BBC introducing. Now if you don’t know
what the uploader is, it is a fantastic online
device that allows oncoming musicians to get their
music into BBC introducing. All you have to do is
search any major internet search engine for BBC
introducing uploader. Full links, uploading music
crowd profile, loads and tracks. And if we like ’em you get played on this and other BBC introducing shows very soon. And this week’s pick comes and actually he’s really kinda come out of nowhere in the process of making big waves on the back of his successful run to the final of this years Bandcamp competition. And this week uploaded a
track to his hit which is really captured us with
it’s raw yet delicate touch. This is why this weeks
pick of the uploader comes from 18 year old
singer, songwriter Cavetown with his track Night Knuckles, enjoy. – Don’t wait for stuff to come to you. Go out there and find venues. Find uh studios if you want a record deal. Find record labels and say hey, I’ve made this stuff,
do you wanna sign me? I don’t know if that’s how it works, I haven’t been signed or anything, but take every opportunity, even if it’s uh, even if you don’t get any money from it, just take every opportunity
to get experience to play live, to learn new things. Just search, search for opportunities. And eventually once
you’ve searched enough. Eventually it will start coming to you because people will notice you. Bit of a snowball effect. Also feel free to send me links to your music or whatever and
I’ll share it for you. I think this is a picture of
their beardie, bearded dragon. Thank you very much B and best of luck with your musical endeavors. Next up, a bit of a Cavetown, Caspar doing a blep. Caspar doing a blep on my head. What is this? Wha du ha ha ha, woo. Look at that, guys. Oh my god that’s the coolest
card I’ve ever gotten. It’s from 1995, there’s
a regular Mew from 95. I think it’s supposed to be a mew. But um, oh my god I’ve recognized this, I’ve seen this like online somewhere. I’ll have to look into it again. But that is so cool! And then we also have a Charizard EX. What the hell, I’m so
freakin’ stoked about this. Thank you for making music and
doing advice videos because those both help with my
anxieties so freakin’ much. From Stella. How do you edit your videos so awesomely? They always make me laugh and smile, no matter how sucky my day has been. With a lot of patience,
it takes a long time. Especially these videos. ‘Cause I mean if I
didn’t edit it awesomely it would just be me sitting
in front of a camera and it would be kind of boring. So I gotta do all these zooms and I’m gonna make editing
hard for myself right now. Zoom, zoom, zoom, zoom. It takes forever and I hate it,
but it’s worth it at the end ’cause it ends up being a cool video. Very cool letter and I love
all the stickers as well. Thank you Stella and a big
thank you for this gem, I love it I’m gonna sleeve it right up. I hope you’re having a stellar day, if you know what I mean. Got another drawing of your boy Cavetown throwing up a peace sign, hell yeah. I have a leopard gecko named Willow and I like to show her videos of Caspar. She appreciates Caspar and your music, so there’s some lizard approval. That’s my target
demographic, lizards only. Stop watching this right
now if you’re not a lizard. From Kylia, 12 years old. And here’s another letter
from Kylia’s friend Bailey. Your videos fill me with so much joy, you’re so positive so thank you and I drew you a nice little picture, I hope you like it! I think this is by Bailey. Thank you Bailey and Kylia. Here’s one from Australia. Put another shrimp on the barbie. Cavetown brand peanut
butter, cam approved! And a Cavetown banner thing. And then there’s me with
my Scoobs and a mumen. Very colorful letter, I like that. Cam approves of that one. I am a dork named after a bird who has been to a lot of schools. I started a new high school this year and it looks like this will be my last. And that makes me very
happy because my family has finally found a place
where we can belong. Watching your videos helps me stay myself so I’d like to thank you for that. I know it’s not forever but in the moment little things can seem
massive and it’s nice having something or someone there to bring me back down to earth. From Tooey. P.S. I write lyrics and here are some. If you maybe wanna take a little peek. It’s a little scary because
poison ivy’s climbing this white picket fence, blinded
by the whites of your eyes, my privilege sick of innocence, wanting to forget what she said. Scratch it out like a pocket
knife to a bark framed wall. And everything is clean and
white, bright just like before. Sounds a bit racist. Thank you Tooey and thank you
for your drawings as well. Best of luck on your new school and I hope you settle in nicely. Blue envelope. There’s the boy! Cavetown, my name is Ezmae Zone. I live in New York City. I have a question, how did Caspar’s name come to be, I’m quite curious. I have a dog named tater and I think she would quite like Caspar. Does he like dogs? Anyway, thank you Rob,
Cavetown, whatever you prefer. And stay cool, from Ezmae. I can’t really remember
how we decided on Caspar. I think my dad chose the name Caspar because I originally
wanted to call him Milo and I think he was looking just looking for names that started
with C like chameleon. So we could be like Caspar chameleon or Cameron chameleon. Cat in the Hat chameleon. I don’t think Caspar would
like dogs I’m afraid. I think he would get
pretty scared of them. I don’t know, maybe. He is a dog himself after
all, he’s a scaly dog. His her lyrics. I’m killing myself from the inside out. Okay that’s enough. Oh and we got a super
shiny quarter, very nice. Thank you very much Ezmae. They’ve taped the heck out of it. Screw you, frick you. Jokes on you Ashley, I love
struggling with things. Oh heck yes! Got a pretty groovy plectrum there. Pretty groovy plectrum. Lil Rob. Hey friend, firstly thank you. By listening to your music
I got inspired to write a similar style of song for
my JCC music composition. Which I think I got an A
in, my highest grade yet! Congratulations! Your songs also help me to appreciate a ton of things more than I did before. Like my friends, family
and things at school. I’ve enclosed one of my three
lucky pics for you to keep. I love you very much, thank you from Jody. Thank you Jody, I’ll use this. I’m gonna use this for my next gig. This is super cool, it’s got like trees and then on the back
there’s a moon in the sky. Ooh today’s a bit of felt theme. We got a felt egg. My name is Oliver, I’m
from the USA, Maine. I love watching your videos and got super excited when I
heard about your PO box. Every time you post a
video my day is made. Sincerely, Oliver. Thanks Oliver. There’s Oliver’s social
medias and some water color. And I love your painting look
at that, that’s so sweet! And he made this egg patch and I can sew it onto whatever I want. Thank you Oliver. Another one we’ve got it from Germany. Guten tag! That means thank you in German. I love it there’s a
panther chameleon sticker! And a wombat, and a
unicorn, nice and sparkly. And there’s a llama. And there’s a sweet picture
of her and her best friend. I just want you to know that I love your music and your chameleon. One of my all time favorites
is Hug all your Friends. I almost always cry when I listen to it because it reminds me of all
my beautiful great friends especially my best friend who lives about 350 kilometers away. That’s because when I heard the song I immediately sent it to
her and five minutes later she called me and we sat
there just happily crying because it’s such a beautiful song and I wanted to thank you for that. From Antonia, aw thank you Antonia. (energetic music) Thank you Antonia, thanks so much. Next one is from Royal Mail,
Cambridge delivery office. Sender did not pay full postage. (sighing) Oh, oh we got another one from our fan Royal Cambridge Delivery
Office, thank you. Some sweet paintings. My name is Vicky, you’ve
probably heard this a million times but I’m
in love with your music. I learned Jacks song on
the guitar and have sang it so many times my family’s getting annoyed. I’m hoping to become an artist one day. Sometimes I feel like I can’t draw, and you inspire me to keep
going, thank you for that. Sometimes I feel like I
can’t write music, but, look at all this mail I’m
getting saying everyone loves it so just keep going. And there’s a really sweet
drawing of me and Caspy. Thank you so much, Vickie. Ooh, here’s a super cool
like Cavetown logo thing. Yo, you mind if I, ya’ll mind if I. (laughing) Scan this and use it for something? ‘Cause that would look cool on like an album cover or something. And I got a whole load
of stickers heck yeah! Dear Robin how are you doing today? I hope very well, I’m doing great! My next school lesson is at
20 to two and it’s music tech and I’m excited because
I like that lesson. I’m currently listening to
Glowing Eyes by that young Twenty One Pilots, have
you ever heard of them? No I, no I don’t think so. Lots of love from Iowa, Cat. I wanna put this little octopus
dude on my laptop right now. Thank you, Cat! Yo this is such a cool envelope, dude. Look at that, that’s so good! Hey dude I really like
your videos and your music so I wanted to draw
you a little something. And we got some German cards, oh hell, let me butcher this language too. We’ve got a Vulpix, I
guess that’s the same. Oh my gosh. (speaking in foreign language) Evoli sounds like it’s
some kind of ravioli. And Enivie. (speaking in foreign language) (laughs) Thanks Skyla! I just got three left now, almost done! This is from Poland. Some dope drawings of Caspar there. And there’s one of me as well. What! Look at the detail on that, that’s Caspar in his Haribo raspberry
skin, that is pretty cool. I’m Ada and I’m 14. I’m from Poland, so sorry for my English. I discovered your channel not
so long ago and I love it. Your videos are so calming
and your music is amazing. All your work makes me really happy. I hope you will like my
drawings and stickers. Stickers, wait a second. Wait, where are the stickers? I ain’t got no stickers. I don’t think these are stickers,
I can’t see a peely thing. Well I’m sorry if I’ve lost
some part of your letter Ada, but thank you so much for the
drawings, they’re excellent! Right penultimate letter,
give it up for this one. (clapping) Big round of applause. Did you guys, any of
my English subscribers did you have that, kind of that Christian group that came to your
assemblies in primary school and they were called like
GenR8 spelled like GenR8? They’d be like give a,
give a round of applause. Long wave, microwave, seal of approval. (mimicking seal barking) And they had the puppets and
they’d teach you about Jesus. Anyone remember that? That was the thing. Dear Robin, I’ve been a fan of your channel for about a year now. I love your music so much and
I listen to it all the time. We got some more old cards here guys. Exeggcute from back in the 90’s. Lotad from 2009. Machop from 90’s. Shuppet from 2007. Charmander from the 90’s,
gorgeous, thank you. Thank you so much Ellen! Big love. Last but not least, got
this little itty bitty one. Got a sweet little doodle there. Of me with my, damn it I’m wearing the same flannel shirt again. I need to buy more clothes. Hello, my name is Allison, I’m 13 years old and I live in Illinois. I just wanted to say you
are an amazing human. I’ve been subscribed since
you had a bit less than 25k. Wow, thank you. Caspar is the cutest Cham of them all. Please tell him I said hello
and give him a pat on the head. I love you so much Robin
and I hope you love me too even though you don’t know I exist. I don’t feel comfortable saying that I love people that I don’t
know, but I do appreciate you and I guess that is some form of love. My best friend Tate also loves you very much and they say hello, hello Tate. Thank you very much Allison and we got some cards as well from her brother. Got a Gastly and Machoke,
whoa what the heck! Freakin’ dancin’ in the rain, flexing. Rainbow Energy and a Magikarp. Thank you very much Allison. The bag is empty. I’ll just go inside just to make sure. See you later in another life. Thanks again everyone for
all this, all the mail. PO box link is in the description. It’s only gonna be up and
available to send me mail to, until I think it’s the 27th of July, it says in the description so get all your letters in before it’s too late. After that date, no more letters. You can’t send anymore. Otherwise I’ll probably get in trouble with the mailbox people. Don’t forget to go check
out the cool guy shirts before they, they’re gone forever. I mean I might bring
them back eventually but, I need to go give Caspar a lot of pats, ’cause they’ve been requested,
special request pats. Thanks again my dudes,
thanks again my boys. I forgot to mention in the last video that I’m actually in the new Fox Academy album so go check that out, I’ll put a link in the description for that as well. And it’s a freakin’
banger, the entire album. It’s bangin’. I’m in the song Cop Light Glow, I’m one of the backing voices. You can listen out see
if you can hear your boy. See you next time, buh-bye now. ♪ I’ve been waiting and singing
and still I pick up a ring ♪ ♪ And it’s getting loud can you hear me ♪ ♪ It spins me out on a
feeling I’ve ever had. ♪ ♪ I made invisible scar ♪ ♪ But you see I was shopping
before we got in the car ♪

Randy Schultz

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