CAUTION! A Venomous and Poisonous Snake!

CAUTION! A Venomous and Poisonous Snake!

– Snake!
– Snake? – Snake!
– Wait, wait, wait, wait. – You need to grab it.
– Yeah, yeah. – Is that venomous?
– It is. – Yeah.
– It is venomous. – Watch it, watch it,
use the snake hold. – Wow, that looks just
like a garter snake. Whoa, whoa, whoa,
hold on a second. (dynamic jungle music) – [Coyote] No matter
what location we visit, the Brave Wilderness team
always seems to have success locating its native
snake species. This is partially
due to the fact that our wildlife
biologist, Mario Aldecoa has had a lifelong fascination with these often
feared reptiles. The island country of Japan
was to be no exception and today we are exploring a
remote stretch of wilderness, that has already produced
one of the most common and friendly species,
the four-lined ratsnake. Snake, snake, snake! Mario, what is that? That’s a ratsnake, right?
– Ratsnake. – Got its tail, got its tail.
– Got it? – That is the
four-lined ratsnake, one of the coolest constrictor
species here in Japan and actually one of
the largest snakes, that you’ll find
anywhere here in Japan. In the hours previous,
consistent rain showers had moved through,
saturating the landscape and bringing this mountainous
environment to life. This forest is ancient. Oh no, here comes
the rain again, I thought we were out of it. It is relentless and the
thing about rain like this is if you’re looking
for reptiles, they’re likely hunkered down, if you’re looking for
amphibians, it can be perfect. There are newts in this area, there are also
giant Japanese toads and either of those species
would make a great episode, it’s just a matter of finding
one of those specimens. Alright, keep going. As we continued onward, we
eventually found ourselves in a series of grassy thickets, which we knew would be
perfect for snake activity and sure enough, it was Mario, that made the next
slithering discovery. – [Mario] Ooh, guys, snake!
– Snake? – Snake!
– Wait, wait, wait, wait. – What kind is that?
– Is that a keelback? – Oh, dude, this is a keelback, you need to grab it.
– Yeah, yeah. – Is that venomous?
– It is. – Yeah.
– It is venomous. – Watch it, watch it,
use the snake hold. – Wow, that looks just
like a garter snake. Whoa, whoa, whoa,
hold on a second. – That’s a tiger keelback.
– Outshone, yes, dude, good spotting! Wow, I would have
probably grabbed that and thought it was
a garter snake, it looks just like one. Hold on, let me see
if we can get it to stay completely calm.
– Whoa. – Whoa, okay, alright, hold on, I’m gonna just try to very
gently handle the snake, staying very calm, here we go. Okay.
– Whoa! – [Coyote] There we go. I handled the snake
really gently, they’re
not very strikey. Okay, wow!
– So what would happen if the snake bit you? – It would really have
to latch on and bite down to get that venom into me, so I’m not real, real
worried about that, what I don’t wanna do though
is actually head this snake, because what’s very
unique about this species is not only is it venomous,
it’s also poisonous, they have two glands right
on the back of their neck and what they’ll do sometimes, if they feel threatened
is puff themselves up and these glands will
actually eject poison. Now if something comes in and tries to bite
down on this snake and gets any of that
poison in its mouth, it has a very awful taste,
so similar to a dart frog, dart frogs get their poison from the small
ants that they eat, this snake gets its poison
from the toads that it eats. Now that name,
tiger keelback snake comes from the fact that
they have keeled scales running along the
length of their body and when this snake breathes,
you can actually see the black stripes and
the orange coloration, as we know, that bright
coloration is aposematic, warning any potential
predator, that I am toxic and in this case, both
venomous and poisonous. Whoa, that is a
cool looking snake. Now, if you didn’t
know any better, you look at that snake’s face, it looks just like the
face of a garter snake, which is a completely
harmless species, but there are no
garter snakes in Japan. I am free handling this
snake at this point, I’m trying to be very gentle
with it and very calm, you’re probably
saying to yourselves, “Coyote, you’re free
handling a venomous snake,” but like I said, these
snakes are not very bitey and they’re rear-fanged,
fixed rear fangs, so for this to actually
inject venom into me, it would have to latch
onto my finger and chew, almost the way that a heel
monster chews on its prey to get that venom to
work into its victim. – Okay, quick question.
– Yeah? – [Mark] So what would happen, if you were bitten
by that snake? – That’s a great question,
it is a hemotoxic venom, very similar to the
venom of a boomslang, what that will actually
do is get into your system and it will begin to
haemeroage you, right, so that means you’ll
be bleeding internally, so it is a very, very bad bite, one of the most venomous snakes, that they have here in Japan. Now antivenom is available
for this snakebite, but it’s very hard to come by, because people are hardly ever
bitten by this snake species. So as long as I am very
gentle holding this snake, I should be just fine. Guys, as I often tell you,
never try to handle snakes, it’s always important to
properly identify them first, never ever ever try to
handle a venomous snake the way that I am right here. Such an unassuming looking
snake, so calm, so docile, yet it is one of the most
toxic snakes here in Japan. This was pretty awesome finding our first two
reptiles of the trip, one non-venomous snake
and one venomous, but also poisonous
snake, how cool is that? I’m Coyote Peterson,
be brave, stay wild. We’ll see you on
the next adventure. Man, great find, Mario. Of all the snake
species we have featured on the Brave Wilderness channel, from the non-venomous
to the venomous, the tiger keelback is without
a doubt a true anomaly. Its visual similarity
to the garter snake makes it appear completely
non-threatening, but while they are
noticeably docile, the fact that they are
both venomous and poisonous makes them incredibly toxic. Envenomation is rare, due
to the snake’s calm demeanor and tendency to
ward off predators with its threatening display, however antivenom does exist,
if a bite were to occur. That being said, I
cannot stress enough how important it is to never
handle or interact with snakes, unless you are 100% certain
it is a non-toxic species and like I always
say, when in doubt, the best interactions
can always be had by simply admiring the
animal from a safe distance. If you missed our first
snake encounter from Japan, make sure to go back and watch, as I dive headfirst into
catching the four-lined ratsnake and don’t forget, subscribe, then click the
notification bell, so you can join me and the crew
on our next wild adventure. (light jungle music)

Randy Schultz

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