CAUGHT! Scary Lizard Adventure! Will It Bite?! ?

CAUGHT! Scary Lizard Adventure! Will It Bite?! ?

– Well, good morning. We woke up this morning, and I woke up to the nicest surprise. So Tommy is nine months, and he’s probably only slept in my bed like with me for like one or two naps. Like, he sleeps in his crib, it’s not like how I did
my parenting with Calvin where he like slept with us all the time. But last night Tommy woke up and was kinda having a rough night. He ended up sleeping
in between Jared and I and I woke up to the what Jared? – Kisses upon kisses upon kisses. – It was so cute, I was like, “oh my gosh, I woke up to my sweet
baby like kissing me.” You’re so sweet, Oh I love these loves. Also, I grabbed a bunch
of Missy’s fresh eggs from her chickens, and I
steamed up some broccoli so we’re having eggs and broccoli. What’re you having over there? Cereal? – Little breakfast date (laughs) – [Ellie] What are you eating? – Eggs. – [Ellie] Yummy. – Yeah, eggs with ketchup – So between Brian and Missy, Ellie and Jared, Carl and Ginger, – We have eight boys. – [Jared] There are eight boys between us. Can you believe that? – What’s going on? Like boy scout troop. – [Jared] No girls – I never even had any sisters
growing up, so it’s just – Whoa! There’s a lot
of testosterone today. So you girls have fun, enjoy yourself. – We’re taking the kids out – Yep, and the boys are
gonna do some fun stuff too. So we’ll see you guys there,
have a good time, drive safe. – Bye, that was off – [Jared] That was a
weird high five (laughing) – Missy and I drove together, and the other half of the
crew drove with Ginger. She’s holding Calvin. – He’s a sleepy one. – [Ellie] He fell asleep.
Why are you so sweet to me? – [Missy] He fit right here. – Look at how cute he is right now. – [Ellie] Do you wanna sit, Calvin? – [Ginger] He has been so sweet. – [Ellie] Aw. (muffled conversations) Hey Jackson how was your drive? – [Jackson] Good. [Ellie] Sorry Ginger,
thanks for doing that. They’re meerkats! – It’s a meerkat – Mumma is that something we can play on? – [Ellie] Flamingos,
do you like those Cal? Flamingos are cute but he’s
excited to see the gorillas. Whose the most excited
to see the gorillas? – Me! – Oh my gosh that’s the
most noise I’ve heard the whole time we’ve been here. Everyone’s kinda just been like mellow. You know I think the
sun got to us yesterday – Mummy – [Ellie] What? – (chattering) – Yes we are! It starts with animals so we’re at animal’s kingdom. (Upbeat music) – [Ellie] Look, look, look
it’s walking, look at him Jackson is that cool? [Calvin] Why do they need bums? [Ellie] Why do they need bums? [Calvin] Yeh. [Ellie] Because they have to go potty. – Inaudible. (upbeat music) – They’re real life Gorillas. – [Ellie] I know, isn’t that crazy? – [Jackson] When do they do, um? – [Ellie] The Oh Oh Oh? Maybe when they wake up in the mornings. – Why do they do this when they walk? – [Ellie] Because that’s how
they learned to walk around – Why do they do this with their hands? – [Ellie] It helps them
walk, is that cool? – Okay note to self when I travel next or when I’m at the parks this summer to bring our double stroller
not just a single stroller. Calvin does not wanna walk right now. Can you walk and look at this animal? Do you see the big
gorilla? Do you see him? Cheese (laughing) [Carl] How now brown
cow, how now brown cow – Unique, New York – [Carl] Round and Round the rugged rock, the ragged rascal ran – The Fash took out the
deposit at the bank. We’re at Brian’s studio and I have to say the colors look absolutely amazing, like the blue and the brown,
everything looks great. We’re sitting down as this demo comes to more than just a demo, it’s like an actual song now – Right – [Jared] And it’s amazing – We kinda started like a Skeleton and now were adding like
muscle and fat to it – We’re getting the meat, the meat. So far my contribution to
this has been eating red vines and like all of this stuff right here so, and the little ukulele so
look for that in Brian’s song. – He plays a mean air guitar. – And we were talking about like where we plug in the air guitar and – Where would you plug it in? – Well he’s got all the hook ups, I mean look at this board you’ve got here. – [Brian] Plenty of hook
ups for an air guitar. – Exactly. – [Brian] Daniel where do
you put the air guitar? – I’d rather not say. – [Brian] Okay. – It’s a secret, because it’s like a new model and it hasn’t been
released yet, that’s why. – [Missy] Calvin are
you gonna lead the way? (baby crying) Are you gonna lead the way? Are you gonna follow the
map and lead the way for us? – [Ellie] Thanks for sharing Missy – Yeah it’s great – [Ellie] (laughing) She got a treat and she’s like hand feeding all the kids. Make sure to say thank you. (laughing) – Thank you. – You’re welcome. – I wanna hold this. – [Ellie] Okay, hold it up. Can you smile, good job, how cool is that? – [Missy] Ollie is so brave. – [Ellie] Oh my gosh, Missy what? – [Woman] They’re obsessed,
this what they do all day long. – [Ellie] Guys! Our boys are so fun. Guy’s we have eight
boys between all of us. – That is a lot, that is so many boys. – Is the lizard real? – [Ellie] The lizard is real. – [Jackson] Where’s Ollie? – [Ellie] He’s long gone (laughs) – [Jackson] Did you get it? – Nope. – [Ellie] You wouldn’t want
to put your fingers in, but can you see him? Oh my goodness, look
he’s looking right at us. Hello. – He Kinda looks like,
He kinda looks Like Luna – [Ellie] He looks like Luna? – [Missy] He’s got Luna’s eyes – [Ellie] Jackson come
here and look at this one. – I want one. – That’s a baby goat (Upbeat music) – That only took me a million
years to get outta the house. Sunscreen! Swim diapers! Life Jackets! Now I’m too tired, how are you guys? – Tired for a glass. – Now I’m like you guys look
so cute with your salads. – So do you, come and sit with us. – Okay, I’m gonna sit and
hang out until Tommy’s ready and then I blew up this cute little thing I got off of Amazon and I’ll link that but look how cute that
is so we’ll go swimming, but for now I’m just gonna sit
and talk with my girlfriends. Yes, you’re so cute Tom,
he’s been so good today. He just like, he just like. – I’m like be careful Ellie,
Tommy will make you think that you can have like seven children – Right I know – Because he’s perfect – I know, you’ve just been so happy you guys are so sweet,
they helped me a lot today, kind of at the zoo I’m like, I was a mess, I was the zoo – No you weren’t, you had it covered 100%. – We all helped each other. – Yes, now you’re ready to go swim huh? (Upbeat music) – [Jared] So are you
getting tips from Missy? – Yes, actually Missy and I
were messaging a few weeks ago and she was helping me trying
to find a chicken coop. – Luna’s like give me a taste. – And her dogs are so good, Penny would, that would be in
it’s mouth, if that were Penny – This is snuggles – [Jared] We would train Penny. – Good job. – Snuggles is like the
sweetest chicken ever – [Jared] (Mimics chicken) She just wants to sit
and hang out with you. – [Jared] (Mimics chicken) – Tom, look. What do you think? – Chicken. – He’s just smiling. Look. (Laughing) – [Jared] Don’t use the death
grip on the chicken. Calvin, or Tommy seriously has the
death grip with the nails and – Don’t! – Everything – [Jared] So, is it true, if
you put their head under their wing like that (gestures),
they’ll just like, fall asleep? – Erm, I’ve never done that. (laughs) – [Jared] Oh really? – I think they would
like arch their head back and not want you to do it. Oh it works. – (laughing) – [Jared] Oh, do it again! – It works
– I didn’t know – I think that if a dog gets
it in its mouth it plays dead – I mean, if it falls asleep would it, wouldn’t it just be like
’cause I cut off the oxygen? (laughing) – [Jared] Last time we
put Tommy on the grass, he was a little cry baby. Why are you being such a cry baby? We’re gonna try it now, and
just see what happens. (gasps) – [Missy] Maybe if the puppy… oh okay – [Jared] Give it a second. Luna’s just checking out the
scene. Making sure he’s okay. – What the heck!
– Oh my gosh! – [Ellie] Oh my gosh! – [Jared] Oh my gosh! – That was the cutest thing. – [Missy] I’m sorry – [Jared] It’s okay – [Ellie] He’s okay, he’s used to it. – [Jared] Oh yeah – [Missy] It’s okay, she just loves you. – [Jared] (laughs) – [Ellie] Erm, that was
the cutest baby moment ever – She loves this baby. – [Jared] It was better
than last time though, yeah? You’re just trying to show off now huh? You’re just trying to show
how cute you are, that’s okay. Oh my goodness, he’s crawling! Yeah! Ellie our baby’s crawling. Aww
– I know. That was a good stretch – [Jared] That was. Good job Tommy boy! – Trying to chase after three
little guys today has been an adventure But, we’re all bathed
and… Ah Gina, listen! See? And now they’re not listening, agh! Okay, so we got the
kids on the four-wheeler before they go to bed. Jackson and Calvin really
wanted to ride the ATV so, that is what they’re doing right now. We’re trying to catch up to them so I can keep an eye on them. But it’s hard! They’re so
fast on that little thing. (engine roars) Whew! There’s Kyle! – We’re doing it! [Ellie] You’re doing it! You good Jack? Push it full throttle! – I am! [Ellie] I’ll push you It’s not very strong, so
go back up to the top. It is an adventure here
at the landing house but first I have to show
you how cute Tommy is, playing in the toy basket. Missy just ran through the house, see? It’s an adventure! She just… I’m getting my kids food, and she just ran through the house. She’s like, “Ollie, Lizard!” and they’re like darting
to the chicken coop but, this is like how cute
they are. I love it but, – They went to the chicken coop [Ellie] Oh there’s a lizard in there that they’re gonna catch. Can you believe that? – Yeah
– It’s so fun! I am like biting at the chomps
though, biting at the bits. I don’t know what the saying is. No, we’re not doing that right now, I want you to go eat. I just want to get my kids
fed and to bed. (laughs) Jared’s been at the studio today They’ve been hanging out and
Jared’s been able to edit, and Brian is working on some music so we’re super excited for them. I want to see the studio,
I’m excited to see pictures and footage that Jared
can get while he’s there So, kids fed, to bed. That’s my plan. – [Ellie] This is the one
that Ollie was chasing after. So who saw it first you or Ollie? – [Missy] Erm, Ginger did – [Ellie] Wow – [Missy] Ginger was sitting up here (laughs) Ollie stop! – [Ellie] Wowzers! Good job ollie! Ollie has a youtube channel
that he really likes that I think would be fun to let the kids watch a little show tonight its
like Steve Irwin type thing. I don’t even know but its
supposed to be really good. Ollie, what’s the youtube
page you like to watch? – Erm, Coyote Peterson – Coyote Peterson. We need
to watch an episode of that before the kids go to bed. I think the kids would really like that. – We should call Coyote Peterson
right now and have him come over here because we have
a lizard on our hands. – [Ellie] Yes we do. – Coyote Peterson would pick that thing up and let it bite him. (gasping) – Yeah we’re need to watch it. Jackson, look at his
face. He’s like, “Ugh” [Missy] Jackson’s like, “I’ll pass” (laughing) – I wanna touch it! – [Ellie] Not for me. – [Missy] Go for it. – [Ellie] These kids are both
very brave in their own ways. I really like it. – I touched its head. – [Ellie] You touched its head? – [Missy] (laughing) They’re crazy. – [Ellie] Grab it! Do you like how I say
grab it but… (laughs) I know, I know. Jacky caught it again. [Missy] You caught it! – [Ellie] Good job mister. Oh my (bleep) Ollie! – (laughing) – [Ellie] He’s asking to be bit! – He is the Coyote Peterson! Okay – [Ellie] (laughing) This is the show that Ollie really likes. This youtube channel. So, we just put it on so that the kids can see what shows he loves to watch. And we’re gonna watch a
little show before bed. (Baby vocalizes) You ready for bed? (gasps) Oh my goodness (laughs) Tommy! He just stood up! Oh my goodness! He likes you mister (laughs) – Yeah, he’s just a little nervous. – [Ellie] Yeah. This is my kinda party. We’ve got La La Land playing in the back – I put that on just for you. – [Jared] I love it, I
actually really like it. And we’ve got sushi! – Sushi time – [Jared] Okay, who here likes sushi? Do you guys… Everyone. Ellie, how do you feel about sushi? – I guess I’ve never really tried it. – Wait, are you not eating sushi? – [Brian] She’s heating
Top Ramen in the microwave – [Jared] What! – She’s a genius. – Top Ramen’s pretty amazing too – [Jared] So you never knew you could make Top Ramen in the microwave? – No we didn’t know that
– No I never knew – [Ellie] They’re crazy. – It’s really good – I did it today for the
first time it’s very good – [Jared] Yeah. That’s the only way I’ve ever done Top Ramen.
– How long? – [Ellie] Four minutes. – [Brian] Four minutes.Okay. – And then, what about
like the cuppa noodles? That in the microwave. – That is the microwave, yeah. – [Jared] Yeah. – Cuppa noodles is not as good. – Nope
– It’s not as good – It is not as good
– This is good – The noodles are softer and like, – Thicker. I’ve been camping
– All of this looks good. – and just poured the pack out and ate it dry when I was camping. – When I was a kid, I
totally would mix it up and them smash it and then like eat it. – Its not that bad – [Jared] Yeah, or just
like, the chicken ones. – When I was a kid, I’d do the beef ones, and we used to add mayonnaise. – [Everyone] Ugh! – [Missy] To make it creamy – To make it creamy – Eww! – [Jared] Eww! – I loved it when I was a kid. – This story! So embarrassing – We we’re very poor – [Jared] Oh my gosh! – It wasn’t embarrassing. – Its not embarrassing, its just gross. – We did what we had
to do to survive, okay That was our Alfredo. – [Jared] That’s true. That’s true. – That’s french.
– That was our Alfredo! (laughing) – I’m with you Brian, I ate a
powdered doughnut and mustard and liked it. – [Jared] Whoa. Powdered
doughnut and mustard. – I don’t know if we can be friends Niall. – One thing I notice is that we didn’t end the vlog after
that wonderful sushi night and party so I’m going to do it right now. Thank you guys so much for watching. If you enjoyed the video
give it a big thumbs up. Be sure to check out Brian,
Missy, Carl and Ginger. And Coyote Peterson! What
a fun channel that is. Thanks for watching guy and we’ll see you next time. Byebye

Randy Schultz

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