– So Ollie, what should we
do with this weird pond? – Let’s get my fishing
pole, and go fishing in it! (upbeat, pop music) – Good morning guys, and welcome back to our YouTube channel. If you guys are not
subscribed, be sure to click that subscribe button to join our family because our family is crazy. We’ve always got fun things going on, and we want you to be a part of it. So click that subscribe
button. Click the bell icon next to it to get all of
our videos in your feed. I’m actually out here on
the side of our house. Let’s check out down here.
You guys see down here where we have our Polaris. Over there in the group of
trees is something kinda weird. I was out here with
Finn a couple days ago, and we discovered what looks like, used to be like, a koi pond. It’s like an abandoned koi pond. If you guys have not seen
that video, I’m going to have it linked in the I Card. Go check it out, because it was very, very weird. We’ve never seen this
on our property before. I didn’t put it there.
We didn’t put it there. We just started exploring our property, and then we found it
so it was super weird. But Finn and I were
exploring and we found it, and we have not been
able to show Ollie yet. So I’m going to fill Ollie
in on what’s happening, and we’re going to see what
he wants to do about it. – [Bryan] Hey Draco,
where’s Ollie and Finn? – Here I am! – [Bryan] Hey Ollie! What’s up dude? – Good. – All you all dressed
and ready for the day? – Yeah! – [Bryan] Yeah? Hey Finn! (laughs) What do you got there dude? – We’re going to look inside. – [Bryan] Okay, we’re
going to look inside. Wow! Bugs! – [Ollie] And lizards. – [Bryan] Bugs and lizards and snakes, – And frogs. – [Bryan] are those
your favorite creatures? – And frogs. – [Bryan] Oh, frogs too? Hey Ollie, so the other
day, Finn and I were walking around our house and
our property and stuff, and we found something
really, really crazy. Do you know what we found? We found, like, an abandoned,
mystery, koi pond or something (leaves crunching and mysterious music) – [Bryan] What do you see? What’s over there Finn? Let’s go see! Come on Finn! Oh… my gosh! You guys, what did I just
find? This was never here. Do you guys remember what was over here? This was just trees and stuff, and now… Look at this, it’s like all
over grown with vines, and stuff and there is a pond here.
There’s things floating in the pond even. I have
no idea, this is crazy. – [Finn] What’s that? – [Bryan] What? Oh whoa, what are these? They’re like green, fuzzy eggs. There’s some of them in the water too. This is weird, you guys.
Where did this pond come from? Isn’t that crazy? – What? Where did you guys find it? – We found it by the trees, down by where the monster pond was,
but it’s all dried up and there’s another pond there. – When we was there, was that there? – [Bryan] I don’t think so, no. – I thought there was
nothing there before. – So Ollie, what do you say we go down and we go check out this new pond? Is that cool? – Yeah. – [Bryan] You wanna wear a GoPro and explore too a little bit? – Yes. I wonder what gonna find down there. – [Bryan] I don’t know,
we could find anything. Alright dude, do you want
to explore with daddy? – Yeah – Yeah? Okay, we are
going to do a little bit of exploring today with my buddy. We’re going to explore this new, weird pond thing on our property. Okay, so let’s hop in the Polaris. So, Ollie like I was saying.
It’s like abandoned pond. I think it used to be
like an old koi pond. Do you know what koi are? – No. – [Bryan] They’re like
giant colorful fish. Alright, hop in the Polaris buddy. Alright, we are here.
Let’s get your buckle off. Let’s climb down. Okay Ollie, I want you to be really
careful I don’t know what’s over here okay? – Okay. – [Bryan] But yeah, like I said, you gotta see what’s over here. – Oh my God! There is
a bridge right there. – [Bryan] What? Yeah
dude, isn’t that crazy? – Oh my gosh! – [Bryan] Isn’t that crazy? – [Ollie] Yeah. – [Bryan] Where did this
little pond come from? – I don’t know. – [Bryan] Look it, there’s
like, movement inside. There’s like- – Wait! There might be a
whirlpool, I hope it’s not deep. – [Bryan] Oh yeah? I
wonder how deep it is. How deep do you guys think this pond is? Comment down below. This is weird though. We got, like, rocks and water. Be careful walking across,
come over here buddy. So come around to the other side. You gotta see what’s over here. Yeah, this is that really weird pond that we just found on our property. I don’t know what’s inside. I’m
hoping there’s nothing like- What was that? (laughs nervously) Okay, the water is definitely moving. Hey Ollie, be careful okay? Come on. You gotta see from this side. Isn’t that crazy? Look at this pond, dude. – [Ollie] Yeah. – [Bryan] How did it get here? – [Ollie] I don’t know. – [Bryan] What do you think
used to live in here Ollie? – I don’t know. – [Bryan] You don’t know? – Do you think there’s
a pond monster in there? (gasps loudly) Oh my gosh, there is a sign right there! – [Bryan] Whoa! There’s a
sign. There’s, like, a statue. – [Ollie] Wait it has letters! – [Bryan] Huh? – That’s a clue, it has letters – [Bryan] Oh, try and
read it. What’s it say? Does it say something on it? – (Ollie mumbles) – [Byran] Ollie, it says
beware the pond monster. (mysterious music) – Maybe that might be a clue. – [Bryan] Yeah? So
Ollie, what should we do with this weird pond? – Let’s get my fishing
pole, and go fishing in it! – [Bryan] That’s a great
idea, you wanna to fish in it? – Yeah! – [Bryan] Alright cool, let’s
hop back in the Polaris, and go get your stuff, okay? – Okay. – [Bryan] Okay, come on. Alright you guys, we are walking back to the Polaris, but comment down below
because we are gonna go fishing in the pond.
So comment down below what do you think we’re gonna catch. And if you guys want to vote
in the I Card poll above, you can vote up there also.
What do you think we’re gonna catch in the pond? We gotta get your fishing pole right? – Yeah. – [Bryan] Alright, climb in. Alright make sure to get our
buckle on for safety right? – [Ollie] Yeah. – [Bryan] Nice and secure. Is this your fishing pole? – Yeah – [Bryan] Alright! We got a tackle box. We are gonna see what’s
in this pond, aren’t we? – Yeah. Alright, I got all my fishing
stuff and I’m ready to go. – [Bryan] Let’s go see
what’s in that pond. So you can put all your
stuff back there, kay? Ollie is so excited to
go fishing, you guys. What do you think we’re gonna
to find in the pond, Ollie? – [Ollie] I don’t know. – [Bryan] You don’t know? – [Ollie] Maybe a pond monster. – He really thinks we’re
going to find a pond monster. I don’t know about that.
So here is the pond. You got your fishing pole? – [Ollie] Yeah. – [Bryan] Alright Ollie,
cast your pole into the pond! There we go! Good job! Alright, let it sit
there for a little bit. I’m really curious. Do you think
there’s any salmon in here? – [Ollie] I don’t know. – [Bryan] You don’t know? Do
you think there any shrimp? – [Ollie] I don’t know. – [Bryan] No? What about goldfish? Do you think there’s goldfish in there? – [Ollie] No. – No? That’d be cool if
there was goldfish in there. I really think it used
to have koi fish in it. How’s it going? – [Ollie] Good. – [Bryan] You want to
reel it in and recast? – It got caught in the tree! – [Bryan] Oh, how did- You must of did a really strong cast there, huh? Alright, there, I’ll get
it untangled for you. There you go. Here, reel
it in. There you go. Reel, reel, reel, reel,
reel! Faster, faster, faster! Little bit more, right there!
Good, good, good, okay. Alright Ollie, let’s
recast inside the pond. See if we can catch anything. – [Ollie] Well, that was a good one. – [Bryan] That was a good
one, yep, let it bob there. I hope you find something. – Yeah, I hope I will catch something. – [Bryan] That’s be cool huh? – Mmm-hmm. – [Bryan] Ollie, what’s
going on with your bobber? Is it under the water? – Oh my gosh! – [Bryan] What’s happening?
You got something, Ollie? – Yeah! I got something – [Bryan] Pull it up!
Pull it up! Pull it up! There you go! Pull harder! – Come on, let’s go! I
got you now, pond monster. – [Bryan] This is crazy! Pull it up, Ollie! Try and pull it up! Okay, what is in the water
you guys? That’s crazy! Ollie, back up, back up,
buddy. Ollie, pull it up! Pull it up! Reel, reel, reel, reel, reel! Go, go, go, go, go! Whoa!
Ollie, did you drop the GoPro? – Yeah. – [Bryan] Oh no! It fell in the water. Try to get it in, Ollie. – I don’t want the pond monster to get it! Something has got it,
daddy. I can’t pull it in. – [Bryan] I know, I don’t
know what to do buddy! We lost the GoPro in the
pond, and our line is stuck. What if there’s something
on the other end, Ollie? – Oh no! – [Bryan] Let’s go! Well I wasn’t expecting
him to just drop the pole, but apparently, he may
have caught something. Come on Ollie, hurry!
Hurry! Run away, run away! Let’s go back in the Polaris. Let’s get back up to
safety. That was crazy, huh? Alright, let’s head up, okay? – Okay. – [Bryan] You can vlog on that camera, since we lost the GoPro. Such a bummer huh? – Mmhmm. Hey dad, what
about we won’t get it back? – [Bryan] Are you afraid we won’t find it? I think it’s okay. Daddy is going to search in the pond. We’re definitely going to
have to recover the GoPro, but we got to get out of here, huh? – Mmmhmm. – That was just too weird for us, huh? Why does this always happen to us? – [Ollie] I don’t know? – Weird ponds show up on our property. I wonder what you caught. It was strong. – Yeah, now that pond monster is strong. – It is very strong. – Mama, mama! I caught the pond monster! – You did? What was it?
What did it look like? – I don’t know. It was really, really scary. It was very strong. – It was strong? – [Bryan] Yeah, so he
actually caught something. He decided to go fishing. – [Ollie] With my fishing pole. – [Bryan] Yeah, he decided to go fishing with the fishing pole, and
he completely lost the GoPro. The GoPro fell in the
pond. We are gonna have to go down there and get it. – Oh my gosh. – [Bryan] I reached my hand in and it was really, really
deep, so I don’t know if I’m gonna be able to get it today, so we’re going to have to find it. – That is so crazy. – [Bryan] So the GoPro fell in,
and he also caught something and he was not able to
reel it in. It was nuts. – Wow, that’s insane. – So we lost the GoPro.
So I think in order to actually see what’s in
the pond through the camera, we’re gonna have to retrieve that camera. So, if you guys think that’s
something we should do, smash that thumbs up button. Obviously it might be a little difficult, but we can definitely
try if that’s something you guys want to see; if you
want to see what’s in the pond. But yeah, as of right now
our GoPro is in that pond, way down there, and I’m
not sure how I’m gonna be able to get it out. I may
have to call Poppa for help. I know he has a big pair
of, like, rubber boots so that may come in handy. We also don’t know how
deep the pond is so we have to be a little bit careful
when we retrieve the GoPro. So yeah, if you think that’s
something we should do, smash that thumbs up button. It’d be interesting to
see if we can actually see anything in the water. If we retrieve the GoPro,
we’ll also be able to see Ollie fishing for the pond monster
from his point of view which is actually really important because it can give us some
clues as to what’s in the pond. If we can see, you know,
down Ollie’s line of sight, in the fishing pole, in the
water if there’s anything. I didn’t see anything from on
the other side of the pond, but it was a little crazy
from Ollie’s point of view. So, he could actually
have seen something too. So, I’m just going to tell
you guys all right now. Smash that thumbs up button,
because we’re definitely gonna have to go down to that
pond and retrieve that GoPro. – Alright, so we are
getting ready for bed, and we read three books every
single night. Right, Ollie? – Yeah. – Unless it’s like a super busy night, then we might just read one right? – Yeah. – Yeah so, every night Ollie picks a book, Finn picks a book, and then I pick a book. – And we’re going to show you what books we’re choosing tonight cause they are very excited about them. – Alright, Ollie. What’re you choosing? – So I choose this one. – [Missy] This one? And what is this one? – [Ollie] It’s a one where you can choose all the different figures. – [Missy] Figures? So you can
chose, like, a different story depending on who you want
to read about, right? – [Ollie] Yeah. – [Missy] Cause they’re,
like, five minute stories. – [Ollie] Like The Incredibles. – [Missy] Yeah! So which one
are we gonna read tonight? We’ve got Monsters, Bugs Life,
Cars, Incredibles, Toy Story, Finding Nemo, Ratatouille, Wall-E- – [Ollie] I want the Toy Story. – [Missy] Toy Story? Alright. So we’re gonna read a Toy Story one. Finn? Do you wanna show
me which one you chose? – [Finn] Yeah. – [Missy] Okay. – My (mumbles) – [Missy] So he’s choosing
“Sweet Dreams, Jack-Jack”. Why did you chose “Sweet
Dreams, Jack-Jack”? – I don’t know. – [Missy] You don’t know? Is
it cause Jack-Jack’s so cute? – Yeah. – [Missy] Yeah? – That’s me. – [Missy] And you’re
kinda like baby Jack-Jack? (Finn mumbles) – [Missy] Yeah. (Missy laughs) (Finn mumbles) – [Missy] You’re so cute. (Finn mumbles) – [Missy] Yes! And then we
are also gonna read this one, “What the Dinosaurs Did Last
Night: A Very Messy Adventure”. That is what we are reading tonight, and we love reading books.
It’s, like, definitely our favorite thing. As you can
see, we have tons of books on that bookshelf, and then
there’s tons of books on the kids’ bed bookshelves
and one up there. We just love books so much,
and I hate reading the same book every single time.
I get, like, so over it. I wanna though, down below in
the comments, what are some of your favorite bedtime
books because I am always looking for brand new ones
and I really would love some new suggestions because, although
I love going to Barnes and Noble, I never have time to
so I just wanna buy a bunch on Amazon. So let me know your
favorite bedtime books. Ones that you like to read your kids or ones that you like to hear at night. (Finn mumbling loudly) Anyways, I gotta get these kids to bed. It has been a long, crazy day. I still cannot believe that
you caught a pond monster. That is crazy. Alright, did you guys have such a fun day? – Yeah. – [Missy] Yeah? Are
you guys ready for bed? – Mmmm – [Missy] Yeah, it’s so late. – Give this video a big thumbs up! – [Missy] Thumbs up! And
make sure you’re subscribed to our channel. Wooo! And
we’ll see you guys in our next video. What do you say? – Bye, boop. (electronic, pop music)

Randy Schultz

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