Catch And Cook Giant Soft Shell Turtle Day 11 Of 30 Day Survival Challenge  Texas

Catch And Cook Giant Soft Shell Turtle Day 11 Of 30 Day Survival Challenge Texas

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “Catch And Cook Giant Soft Shell Turtle Day 11 Of 30 Day Survival Challenge Texas

  1. patritoic ford says:

    What ranch are you on

  2. A.J Fenix says:

    the correct and delicious way of cook the turtle is with the shell..belive me.. cook the turtle with the shell.. and u find that the turtle liver is the best in the world 😁

  3. Nathan Birdsong says:

    I live In Louisiana and I've been bit by one of those there little butts

  4. Entity Complex says:

    Pin me for no reason

  5. Entity Complex says:

    Pin me for no reason

  6. G G says:

    I know I'm late on the video but anyone catch the spider weaving itself up the camera at 29:14 through 29:19

  7. Joe and Patricia millen says:

    Wait your not married?

  8. Anthony Sbravati says:

    Jay Newton come down here to

  9. Levi says:

    i love how you pray over every meals and show you having your quiet time and just praise God every chance you have. I've been bingeing this series and its just awesome to see!

  10. DA HOBBYISTS says:

    Whats the name of the water filter bottle you have?

  11. The scooting coyote says:

    I heard the meat has 7 different tastes is that true.? Chicken, shrimp, and others.

  12. Lamp Flips says:


  13. Tyler Parriott says:

    SAVE THE TURTLES!!!!! ARE YOU WITH ME!!!!!!??????

  14. Puggbrothepug says:

    Omg save the turtles 🤣🤣

  15. Ja'nydiia Vazquez says:

    Your so mean

  16. TX Rocker USA 1st says:

    Put spit on your fingers B4 removing stickers briar&cockle burrs YOU won't get stuck

  17. Walter Shumate says:

    A terapin!! Those are fast swimming fish eating machine!
    Never tasted one, but wouldn't be adverse to it!

  18. Slurpy Jello says:

    Why u do dat? Save the turtles!😱😭😡 sksksksksksks

  19. Bryce Conson says:


  20. Valerie Brenston says:


  21. Eddie May says:

    you can fry the shoft she'll n eat it to brother

  22. the Wolfgang Wolfe says:

    What if you you catch a fish but it has eggs in it why do you do?

  23. Anaiyah Maldonado says:

    Bro come on save the turtles

  24. Adoggidraws says:

    Not the turtles the dying

  25. Sophie White says:

    All vsco girls are gonna hate this.

  26. Cheiton Sam says:

    I love your matches in your orange hat

  27. Landon The Bot says:

    Cool coffee

  28. The Evil doctor Gameing says:

    dash wash friendly ahahahahahaha

  29. Lemar Bennett says:

    Where the vsco girls at

  30. colleen atkinson says:


  31. AbsolutePanda says:

    I hope. Vsco girls don’t see this

  32. Joseph Thomas says:

    Everyone hide the VSCO girls are comming!!

  33. Mr Kalvin says:

    Good job. Follow me on Instagram kalvin.reyes460

  34. Mr Kalvin says:

    I love the stick nosie9

  35. Mr Kalvin says:


  36. Mr Kalvin says:


  37. Jessi Nichole says:

    Vsco "TRIGGERED" 😆

  38. Catslol 123 says:

    Girls going like “sksksksks and oop save the turtles!”

  39. Pride Love Pride Love says:

    vsco girls have left the chat

  40. renata vizi says:

    Have you not heard of

  41. Wrldoftanks Gaming says:

    I’m pretty sure plz correct if wrong

  42. Yaboi Naranjo says:

    Save the turtles sksksksksk

  43. Scott Risvold says:

    I'm not sure why I enjoy watching this, but I do. Maybe because I'm retired Army, I know the struggle, the struggle is real.

  44. Rodger Goddard says:

    What kind of water filter is the orange bottle?

  45. dale carpenter says:

    one of them shovels with the pick works much better !

  46. VladRaptor V says:


  47. Strictlyskateing says:

    The videos are awesome keep up the great work

  48. somebody you don't know says:

    This premiered on my birthday 😀

  49. Phil Simmonds says:

    What a wanker

  50. Cpt Slow says:

    Do you have any alcohol with you? 😀

  51. Cpt Slow says:

    You said you are bringing that turtle shell to ur gf, and then 19:40 that you are a single guy? what happened?!

  52. Ghoulplayz-YT says:

    I hate you cause i love turtles!:(🐢🔚🗡😱✖🖤😭

  53. Scott Bangart says:

    That's because you have a turtle witch is better

  54. dakota says:

    Anyone else love the fire wood breaking asmr

  55. Dave Beals says:

    Just got started on your Canadian Rockies adventure. Sorry to hear you're single. Hopefully it wasn't fame & fortune that destroyed your bond.

  56. Charlzian Vegafria says:

    Man ur so talented i watched ur entire video u got the skilled of all survival u impressed me so much and inspired me thanks for all ur videos.. enjoyed it

  57. SteelTheWarrior says:

    Holy cuss! What is that song playing in the background around the 22 minute mark?! That is AMAZING and I need it in my life!!

  58. Chillen Chilla says:

    reusable tea bags with coffee
    inserted 😀

  59. Davyn MILLER says:

    No one:

    Vsco girls:sksksk and I pop how dare you

  60. Tyler Stickles (Student) says:

    This is the best survival channel ever

  61. the source of gaming says:

    What backpack does he have

  62. the source of gaming says:

    What backpack does he have

  63. Laërtu says:

    The only sad part of this video is when he tells us about the amount of refuse floating downriver…we can do better. Keep nature clean people.

  64. Deniz Infallible says:

    @24:00 the music, great choice!!!

  65. Grishnakh says:

    11:56 that moment you remember you caught a turtle not a fish 🤣

  66. Johann Schmidt says:

    Chef Pee Pee approves

  67. Daniel Cluley says:

    "I'm watching every episode" and always look forward to the next!

  68. Sccott Campbell says:

    if there was taters and cheese well…

  69. VitalyNimorov says:

    Did your kids and wife leave you because you werent around and always out camping?

  70. Chris Plays says:

    Vsco girls:SAVE THE TURTLES

    Fowler:we catch em turtles and turn them into soup m’kay

  71. Corey Lancaster says:

    In believe strongly in everyone's right to hunt and eat what they hunt but the animal of choice in this video was kinda bothersome considering that there numbers are dropping considerably in my state maybe eat something that there's no shortage of like wild hog

  72. Luid_ExoTic _ says:

    I wish I saw what happen to that turtel

  73. Travis Smith says:

    Turtle is one of my favorite meals so jealous. Are there any laws for catching soft shell turtle out in texas?

  74. Travis Smith says:

    You should so do a video just on cleaning different animals and actually show it. Just do it separate so that is that video gets demonized then it wont hurt the rest of what you got going on

  75. Wes S says:

    Velcro from hell. LMBO we just call that stuff grass around my house.

  76. Corey Partain says:

    Any of you ever fart so hard it felt like you ripped your a-hole. Yeah that just happened.

  77. Corey Partain says:

    YouTube who cares if cleaning animals offends you.

  78. JeremyZ World says:

    Watching every video!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. Prod. by MiB. says:

    It's hilarious when a YouTube has a sponsor and they low key shit on their product. I lost it when he said "a useless compass to add one more gimmick" i bet the sponsor was so pissed LOL

  80. Blake Merryman says:

    The unlisted video doesn’t work anymore, it goes to day 2, extended cut

  81. Susan Miller says:

    Vsco girls worst nightmare

  82. XxLITxASIANxX says:

    No one:

    Zachary: I’m hungry let’s make turtle soup

    Vsco girls: HEY! SAVE THE TURTLES

  83. ian ethan vloke-wurth says:

    WATCHING EVERY VIDEO…. alllllof them…. woooo

  84. Ty green says:

    Where was he camping at?

  85. Kaiden McCafferty says:

    he does a very good job gutting his animals. that takes a lot of time and energy. coodos to you fowler. And i like the sound of snapping sticks now it is very satisfying

  86. Shane Adams says:

    Thanks for the videos guys! Keep up the awesome work.

  87. Lonnie James says:

    Enjoying watching both 30 day series…hopefully there's more coming soon, and yes the sounds of the twigs snapping is relaxing some how….

  88. baz montgomery says:

    The iunio shovel won’t ship to Scotland , really liked the look of that . Cracking videos thanks

  89. Igor Bratislava says:

    fake… he sleep at home 😉

  90. mah own bunny life says:


    Turtles are my favorite animal

  91. Jahigro e says:

    Did any one else hear Gold Rush from the Cowboy Bebop OST? lol

  92. William McClain says:

    I love your orange Bennie

  93. bushcrfter791 says:

    What knife you rockin on this trip??

  94. bushcrfter791 says:

    Ill have to check out butchers box!!

  95. google inc says:

    Dislikes are from cry baby vegans

  96. Roberto’s Rules of Survival says:

    I loveeee the twig snapping!!! 😂😂😂

  97. STINGZ_EaZy says:

    Save the turtles hahahah

  98. Pete Bidgell says:

    Yumyum turtle lol

  99. Jesse Feathers says:

    U r supposed to save the turtles >.<

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